At a recent gathering at the Big Daddy gun shop in Gainesville, Florida I was introduced to FRCC, the First Responder Coffee Company.  Founded by a decorated, Purple Heart-bearing veteran of Special Forces, the company’s mission statement reads: “First Responder’s Coffee Company (FRCC) is a purpose driven, high quality coffee company that serves our nation’s heroes as well as their friends and families. Portions of our sales go directly back to the first responder community and provide equipment, training, and mental health treatment.”

They sell damn good coffee, too.


  1. Sorry but Black Rifle Coffee ruined it for you. What’s up with all this “Hero” coffee bullshit anyway?

    • Actually, BRCC ruined it for BRCC. If they had stuck to their stated core principles and not betrayed same by making statements in opposition to them and political contributions to organizations in direct conflict with them, vets and FR’s wouldn’t have walked away.
      Let’s hope FRCC stays true to their roots…

    • I’ve got no issue whatever with “cause coffee”. Many of the targeted groups are well deserving of the help. This seems to be a good “target” and I ope they make lots of profit after spending some in these ways. This cause is FAR more worthy and noble than so many of them out there. If their coffee is amazingly good, more power to them and “well done” on TWO counts.

  2. We can never have too many institutions supporting strong wholesome values and the backbone of every town made up of first responders.

  3. Well, true, some of the First Responders (FRs) that I know spend a fair amount of time drinking coffee, shooting the breeze, and even consuming donuts. When the wet wash hits the fan, though, the FRs typically put the pedal to the medal, wasting no time getting to a variety of disaster scenes. FRs bring upon themselves uniquely a penalty for taking such risks, often offering the ultimate sacrifice. Casualties’ families regularly pay a financial and emotional price stemming from the misfortunes befallen injured or fallen family members. So the more compensation received, the better. I will try some FRCC at the first opportunity, and provide it where I can, as well.,

  4. There are a lot of deserving and patriotic folks out there who have and presently serve(d) their families, communities, states and country.

    Despite how well it worked before, from 1776 to recent, the Gov’mint decided that:individual charity contributions, plain old community involvement, or {God Forbid } Religious Rescue Societies were interfering with a socialist plan to Tax the society in order to centralize charity under manipulative administration policies with an intent to eradicate any biblical references and neutralize any religious cultural influences on the recovery of the “in need”, disadvantaged citizenry.

    From the Forward deployed Echelons, to the National Guard and Coast Guard, to the Police and Fire brigades, to the First Responders, to the front liners of health care EMTs/ParaMedics/Nurses/Physicians, to the Volunteers on the Crisis Helplines, to the Clerical Counselors, and to the Spiritual Leaders: All deserve their brand of Coffee from Black Rifle and First responder to the Holy Roller Heavenly Roasters.

    Just make certain that the Beans, Blends, Roasts and Grinds are Strong and Eye Opening !

    There a lot of Passive Watchers and “Arm-Chair Quarter-Backs” who need to be awakened to the threat of Socialism and the loss of our American Self-Sufficient and steadfastly Patriotic Culture !

    • Italian Roast means burned, and K cups? Toss ’em and learn any of several other real brew methods. The two working in tandem? Nah. I’ll take tea instead if I can’t have GOOD coffee.

    • K Cups is the most expensive method of packaging/preparation ouit there. That brew method is so substandard I’m surprised they are even doing it. Probably toward the high end of flavour quality from them, but still……. sorta like trying to use .22 WRF at five hundred yards.

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