Déjà vu. The scene outside the convention center in Houston today reminded me of the anti-NRA protests in Denver after the Columbine atrocity in 1999, only this group apparently didn’t get a license to march. So, they just stood there yelling and waving placards.

“Shame on the NRA.” “You are responsible.” “Their blood is on your hands.” “NRA Death Dealers.” “The Real Baby Killers are Attending This Convention.” “NRA—Stop Killing Our Kids.” “NRA=Blood Money.”

I didn’t try to reason with any of them.  Trying to reason with the unreasonable is hopeless. It looked like a zombie outbreak with placards. At least they didn’t try to bite us.

How do you reason with people who seem to think people who intend to commit murder are going to be dissuaded by the thought of breaking a gun law?  Who think they can somehow make twenty million AR15s and many more millions of other semi-automatic rifles disappear by passing a bill?  

People so hateful they think the estimated 55,000 to 80,000 of us here are immune to grief over nineteen murdered children and two slain adults?

People who blame the damn RIFLE for what happened?  Had they even noticed the mass murder of 84 people in France on Bastille Day in 2016, when the killer crushed them to death with a truck? If they had, would they have asked for a ban on large trucks, and called owners of such vehicles murderers by association?  Would they demand breweries and distilleries and automobile manufacturers all be sued out of business because of drunk drivers, the way they want the same for the firearms industry over murders by monstrous criminals?  If not, they’re hypocrites; if so, their critical thinking abilities are even more in question.

The NRA is five million of their relatives, neighbors, and co-workers – liberal, conservative, and moderate alike. To tell us members that we are baby killers is to demonstrate the fallacies of their thinking in regard to this highly polarized topic.


  1. “I didn’t try to reason with any of them. Trying to reason with the unreasonable is hopeless.”

    As I have noted many times, the ideology of the Left must ALWAYS shift the blame for EVIL to an external source. To some object in the environment or to some construct in society. They are mentally BLOCKED from placing the blame where it belongs. Directly on the people who execute the evil. This mental block is rooted in the depths of their subconscious mind. Therefore, it cannot be affected or changed by reason or by logical arguments. Their minds are, literally, impervious to facts and logic. The emotions rising from their subconscious mind rules these people absolutely.

    Leftists REQUIRE a scapegoat to blame. Without it, their worldview would collapse and their entire understanding of the universe would be overthrown. Most leftists would suffer horrible torture or, even, death before allowing their worldview to collapse. We are dealing, literally, with an opposing group of fanatics that can never be brought to compromise or agreement. They cannot be bargained with. They cannot be reasoned with. They can only be utterly defeated. That is our task. Either they are utterly defeated or we shall be defeated and be crushed under their iron totalitarian boot. There is no third way.

    The firearm-prohibitionists hate and fear firearms in EXACTLY the same way that the Alcohol-prohibitionists hated and feared alcohol a century ago. They hate and revile gun-owners and the NRA in EXACTLY the same way that the alcohol-prohibitionists hated and reviled alcohol drinkers and brewers back then. The wheel turns and the same spoke comes up again. Clearly, nothing has been learned, by the Left, from the failures of Prohibition last century. The prohibitionists still LIVE. They have merely shifted their target.

    There were failures in this recent school mass-murder incident. None of the firearm-prohibition measures suggested by these fanatics would have made the slightest difference. We need to learn from the actual failures, push these prohibitionists over to the lunatic-fringe where they belong, and then take actual, effective steps to control these mass-murderers.

    This video makes the actual failures pretty clear:


    • Why do you imagine
      A: that there is an answer
      B: that if there was that it would be up to gun owners to discover it?

    • This isn’t a math question with an absolute answer it’s a human being who has made choices and decisions. The actions are indefensable but a thief will steal, a murderer will kill, an arson will burn and all will justify their evil because evil exists within them. Ask of your fellow man how do we defeat evil DESIRES and that will be your answer because there is no law on earth that can make evil desires disappear from an evil person.

      • Evil DESRIES are not the problem. We all have them. ACTING on those evil desires/fantasies/thoughts is the problem

        Consider the shift in interpersonal dealings over the past three or so decades. When I was growing up, whenever there was “an issue” between myself and someone else (whose fault/blame being irrelevant) we were taught (by words, example, coming alongside to helpwork things through) to DEAL with it, resolve it, something, so life can go on.
        The models taught in day care, public scools, and may other places, have radicall changed. If Robbie has offended/harmed me, I am now taught to avoid him. If Im mad t him for doing me wrong, take a timeout. “Be bigger than that”. stuff it down and it will disappear.
        NO. That does not work. children today are NOT taught skills of conflict resolution, they are taught skills of conflict denial. No wonder so many kids feel as though no one cares, or will listen to them. They don’t care, and don’t want to listen. But those same “adults” get all whiney and confused when some kid explodes and does things like this.

        We are made to live in peace with each other, and there are ways to do that, make it happen. Today’s kids with their “devices”, lack of social skills, constant pressure to get into “fun” things like drugs, free sex. fast cars/motorcycles, “devices”, and left to stumble along in life and “figure it out” are the ones who can’t don’t. Selfies, “likes”, various meangless memes, and few functional interpersonal skills have set the stage for this sort of response. See? We are talking about this perp right now, dead as he is. And in these past few weeks I’ve seen much more discussion on similar kilers.. Columbine, Aurora Theatre, Fort Hood, West Frreeway Baptist, various Walmart shooters, the Texas Church shooting a few years back San Bernardino Christmas Party massacre, Sandy Hook, .. those living see this and at times figure that’s how I can become famous. They have never learned how to “become famous” by being kind, helpful, giving, supportive, because they’ve been trained to be isolated, self-sufficient, have need ot no one. and certainly never taught how to deal with conflict, offenses, not getting their way. The vast majority of these brutal killers were also raised in homes with no father figure ACTIVE in their lives, and a decades long hisotry what any life that poses an “inconvenience” to someone else can simply be aborted, “taking care of” an unwanted burden. Tens of millions of them so far. Think today’s kids are not aware of that value being so firmly established in our culture? Life is cheap, or maybe even worthless. Why value or preserve it?

    • By insisting that firearms-prohibition is THE ONLY APPROACH acceptable to the leftist faction that dominates the democrat party, the democrats (with the aid of their propagandists in the media) have effectively blocked all serious efforts to develop practical solutions to these mass-murders.

      That is why they continue. The democrats want them to continue. They believe that the mounting death toll, combined with their indoctrination and propaganda efforts, will eventually break down the resistance of the American People to their efforts to disarm us. They believe that we will eventually follow the examples set in Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand wherein mass-murders led directly to broad-scale firearm confiscation efforts.

      The American Citizen must be disarmed for them to secure their hold on political power and tax-wealth permanently. Therefore, they have blocked (and will continue to block) any approach that varies from their plans for expanded prohibition laws and firearm confiscation.

      If the American People sincerely want to reduce the number of these incidents and reduce this bloodshed by criminals and madmen, then the road-blocks established by the democrat party must be removed. This cannot be done with the democrat party in power or even in a close minority. The only way to remove these roadblocks is to SMASH the power of the democrat party and their infernal propaganda/indoctrination machine.

      So, what IS the answer?

      Vote the democrats out of power. Smash their political power. Turn them into a minority party that only controls a small voting block. Given the propaganda machine of the Left, the Republicans need a large majority of at least 60%, in both the House and the Senate, to force a real change in direction. A majority of 2/3 (66%) would be even better.

      With the democrats taking that big of a hit, the direction of the county could be shifted assuming that the Republican Party has the willpower to do it and is not betrayed by a bunch of RINOs within their own ranks. Believe me, I have no illusions that the Republican Party is full of Saints! It is also contaminated by establishment-class traitors. Still, the Republican Party is not actively TRYING to destroy America as are the democrats! So, in that limited sense, a Republican is 100 times better than a Marxist-democrat.

      As long as the democrat party has a significant hold on political power, they will continue to drive this county down the drain.

      So, what IS the answer?

      Never cast a vote for a member of the democrat party ever again. If enough Americans took the “Red Pill” and took a pledge (as I do!) to do this ONE THING, our country could still be saved. Our “Progressive” collapse could be slowed then stopped.

      However, as long as “low information” voters blindly watch CNN and MSNBC, allow themselves to be brainwashed by the constant flood of propaganda, and then march to the polls to cast votes for their own destruction (which is what a vote for a democrat actually is!), then the fall of America will continue apace.

    • nicholas kane,

      Evil cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed. Want proof? When David Dinkins was the mayor of New York City, there was a year which had 2,000 murders there. Rudy Giuliani eventually had a year in which there were “only” 700 murders in NYC. Mayor Giuliani did not eliminate murder from NYC, but he reduced it, and that is the best we can hope for.

    • One significant answer is to restore the rights of all teachers and other school staff to possess the best means of protection available — a gun. In some states, teachers carry — but only with special permission. They are designated as carriers and known to other staff. They typically are tasked with going to the sound of gunfire which is extremely dangerous for someone with appropriate armor.

      I like the Utah model where teachers, staff, and parents with a Utah concealed carry permit may take advantage to an exemption to the federal “gun-free” school zone — Utah permit holders are authorized by state and federal law to carry in the schools. (The Utah permit requires training.) Further, is is nobody’s business who the armed staff are which gives armed staff a tactical advantage. Armed teachers in Utah are not expected to assume the role of a SWAT team. Instead, they are expected to simply lock the door to their classroom and to perforate the eardrum of anyone who breaches the door.

      There is no report of students taking possession of a teacher’s gun. No Utah teachers have shot students for failing grades.

  2. Why won’t ANYONE from the LEFT answer my two questions…

    Last week these people from the left were marching to kill children through abortion, today they’re marching to take guns away from law abiding citizens to save children. A month ago, they were marching to arm citizens of Ukraine to fight Russia. Finally, a year ago they were marching to de-fund Law Enforcement officials. Can you make up your mind!!??

    Where’s the REPORTING of the news that another Mass Shooting was STOPPED last night at a Graduation Party in Charleston, West Virginia, by a Private Citizen carrying her Concealed Carry Pistol!!?? The shooter was killed, with no other injuries. Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t fit the NARRATIVE!!

    • “Where’s the REPORTING of the news that another Mass Shooting was STOPPED last night at a Graduation Party in Charleston, West Virginia, by a Private Citizen carrying her Concealed Carry Pistol!!??”


      “Dennis Butler, a 37-year-old with an extensive criminal history, was killed after he targeted a group of around 40 people attending a birthday party.

      Police spokesman Tony Hazelett said the woman’s quick reaction saved lives and may have prevented a mass shooting.

      It comes amid a national debate over guns after a school shooting in Texas.

      Butler had driven by the area earlier on Wednesday evening when he was warned to slow down because children were playing.

      He returned armed with an AR-15-type rifle and opened fire from his vehicle on the birthday-graduation party outside the apartment complex in the city.”

      Mr Hazelett told a news conference that the woman who fired back did not have any law enforcement background. She has not been identified.

      “She’s just a member of the community who was carrying her weapon lawfully,” he said. “And instead of running from the threat she engaged with the threat and saved several lives.”

      The woman remained at the scene after the shooting, and is co-operating with investigators.

      Charges will not be filed against her, police added.


      • we who are concerned about such things have our “ears” open to find reports such as this one. But nowhere on any of the “legacy madia” was this story reported.

        Fishy? Yup. Part of the plot to demonise firearms and we who have them.

    • One inexpensive and effective solution to school security is to install sensors on all exterior doors and maybe windows too, so when any of them are opened, a school employee is notified and can take immediate action to close it.

  3. Many facilities in this country are very secure. It just takes money, a lot of it, and the commitment to do it.

    • It doesn’t take much money to fit an exterior door with a lock that requires a key to be opened from the outside. However, such a lock does no good if an irresponsible person blocks the door open to save a few steps.

      Permitting trained volunteers among school staff, who supply their own equipment, to carry concealed on school grounds would cost nothing yet be very effective at discouraging would be mass murderers. I’m thinking of Buckeye Firearms’ FASTER program in Ohio.

      • whicih programme has a ten or so year record of NOT ONE gun related incident in ANY school district where any of the staff have taken this training and can carry in their schools. Anyone pondering becoming (in)famous by staging an “incident” has so far been deterred by the knowledge that at least SOME staff MIGHT be armed, so, just like the Aurora Theater killer, they look for a school in a district where thisprogramme is not active. And since that might be hard to figure out, that may explain the lack of any gun related incidents in the entire state of Ohio.

  4. On the bright side Mas, look at all the free entertainment from peanut gallery. As they say if ignorance is bliss, then the crowd is overwhelmingly in a blissful state.

    • Apparently the phrase isn’t quite true, or the left would be the happiest people in the history of civilization!

  5. There is no answer that a person could give them, most of those yahoo’s have never read the 2nd Amendment and wouldn’t in all likelihood understand it.

    • And they NEVER lay blame where it belongs: At the feet of the monsters who commit such atrocities.

      Criminals are held up as victims and or ill, never prosecuted, 10s of thousands released from jail in 2020, 2021, dems release always to commit more murders and other crimes. “..oh poor man had mental issues…your fault for not helping..” “…jail doesn’t work, they need hugs and understanding…”

      It’s absolutely infuriating. Stay strapped and safe.

      God bless our fallen and keep all who serve safe.

  6. I went to school in the old days. We learned of the Bill of Rights, Free Enterprise System and Individual Responsibility all in Elementary School and Jr. High. Oldestson, Eagle Scout former Marine and Phd and a school administrator heard a parent chastise a n elementary teacher because she had not taught her first grader how to tie their shoes yet. “Individual Responsibility” The mother of the assailant by all reports was in denial about her son, but Mom’s boyfriend said “there was something wrong with him.”

  7. Willy and Bob. Since you are the only ones making suggestions and not simply insulting democrats.
    How do you think schools could be made secure?
    Gun bans never made sense to me, but I must admit I’m finding it hard to answer ‘The Onions’ satirical headline.
    ”No way to prevent this’ says only nation where this regularily happens.’

    • “Willy and Bob. Since you are the only ones making suggestions and not simply insulting democrats.”

      This is clearly a reference to your first comment above and the responses to it. In that context, it can only be taken that you have viewed my comment as “simply insulting democrats”. I am sorry that you view my previous comment in that negative light. From my perspective, I was giving you a practical, political solution to the problem.

      I know that many people as still stuck in the past and have a favorable, nostalgic view of the Democrat Party. I, myself, have a good friend who developed a democrat-positive / republican-negative view back in his youth (in the 1960’s) and his mind is still stuck there. When I point out that the Democrat Party of today is not the Democrat Party of JFK, that it has moved “to the Left of Lenin”, he becomes emotional and shouts that I am “wrong”. That there is still a moderate-conservative wing of the Democrat Party.

      I can only conclude that he has his “head in the sand” and is in “State of Denial”.

      The Left-Wing policies of our current Democrat Party are hyper-destructive to our American Republic, to the American Family, and to our Nation as a whole. I am sorry if you are one of the many who cannot see this truth. It is blindingly obvious to me.

      Indeed, are you blind to what has happened just since Biden and the Democrats assumed control of the Executive and Legislative Branches in January 2021? Do the bare shelves, climbing inflation, foreign wars, broken borders and $5 per gallon of gas prices mean noshing to you? Or are you one of those that sit back and excuse the democrats by saying that “it is all Trump’s fault”? If so, then I am not the one who is blinded by partisanship!

      So, from my perspective, I was simply “stating the facts” about the root cause of our problems. I was not leveling insults or making a partisan, ad hominem attack on the democrats. Truth may be unpleasant to hear but it is still the truth!

    • First, this isn’t “the only nation…” Per-capita the U.S. isn’t in the top half, worldwide.
      Second, according to the Texas Association of School Boards, one in five Texas school districts have faculty carry. Unfortunately, Uvalde isn’t one of them. Instead, they had a school police force with four school resource officers for eight schools, and they’re usually concentrated at the junior high and high school.
      Third, the killer was Red Flag Central, everything from cutting his face to driving around shooting at random people with a BB gun. But apparently no one did anything about it. I’m pretty sure that a conviction for the latter or a psychiatric commitment for the former would have kept him from passing the NICS check. If they were properly reported, which is another big problem.

      • Could you cite your source for
        ‘Per-capita the U.S. isn’t in the top half, worldwide.’ please?

  8. What worries me the most is that the left, the Democratic Party, and gun grabbers are blaming people like me who had nothing to do with the killings. They blame Republicans and NRA members and responsible gun owners for this tragedy.
    Yet they ignore the real culprit which is mental illness. We in this country have no policy or programs that deal with mental illness.
    The real culprit is the man who pulled the trigger. If you want a solution to this, strengthen law enforcement and deal with mental illness.

  9. Anyone lulled into the idea that there is ever a ‘safe’ place follows blindly. Those that would have you believe it are showing their desperate anemic attempt to manage the human condition.
    I offer this basic guideline to the lawman, the lawmaker, the parent and dog trainer- good behavior as well as bad behavior should realize their appropriate and adequate consequences. Behavior without consequences will erode any civil society. Assault is an action not an object.

  10. ” At least they didn’t try to bite us.”

    This made me laugh.
    What a bunch of messed up people we have in this country. Glad you’re a sane voice, Mas.

  11. Mas, I know of at least one officer of the law (Europe) who is one of these individuals and there is absolutely no hope for talking any kind of logic to this otherwise very intelligent lady in her late 20s. When she brought this up the other day to take a swipe at our gun laws, I just simply ignored her. It’s really sick how hoplophobic individuals twist these tragedies around for their own ends but we must not retreat under their assaults (a word I chose deliberately)

  12. The tactic they (the left) are using against gun rights groups (especially the NRA) are nuisance lawsuit(s); same as they are against gun manufacturer like Remington with success. Just keep suing the NRA over and over again for pretty much anything their lawyers can devise. It almost doesn’t matter if they win said suits the tactic is to distract/bleed white the NRA of its financial resources defending itself from such suits. As long as the trial judges don’t dismiss said lawsuits for being “nuisance” lawsuits, a state attorney can simply use the resources of the tax payers to go after the NRA.

  13. If the NRA and other gun rights groups are constantly on the defensive because of said suits (similar to suits going after ammunition manufacturers for environmental “lead pollution”) they can’t be very activist as far as political goals. Basically treading water. It doesn’t matter if ammunition is specifically exempted by statute from such regulations; only thing that matters is whether the judge dismisses the suit. If he/she doesn’t, you force them to bleed their financial resources in court until they capitulate or our bankrupt.

    • Watching the new Top Gun movie may provide temporary relief from overdosing on the news of these recent mass murders with AR-15 type rifles. However, it’s possible that one day in the near future, some deranged liberal who can fly a F-18 would steal one and now that evil guy/gal will have a M61 cannon with several hundred rounds of 20mm explosive ammunition which dwarfs what an AR-15 could do.

      • Tom606,

        On January 5th, 2002 there was a fifteen-year-old kamikaze pilot who could fulfill your prediction, except that he successfully attacked a building with a plane, and died doing it. Just wanted to show that such “deranged liberals” really do exist. Here’s the link;


        The report does not state that the “pilot” was imitating the September 11th, 2001, hi-jackers, but I believe he was.

        Even though our media does not report this, there are still plenty of beheadings conducted with dull knives taking place in the Middle East, Africa and Central America. Lots of evil people out there. Too many. Too bad “the good guys” only win in the movies.

  14. Trying to reason and compromise with the ant-freedom crowd has never worked and will never work. They are never satisfied and always seek more ways to eliminate our rights. The only answer is to fight them ruthlessly always. As for the establishment Republicans, when Trump was elected with a majority in both House and Senate, exactly nothing was done to pay back our support. No legislation about nationwide reciprocity, nothing about silencer de-regulation, NOTHING.

  15. I understand that Daniel Defense pulled out of the NRA Meeting to show respect for the victims. This was perceived as weakness and retreat by the bullies of the American Left. They have rewarded Daniel Defense with a “Hit Piece” from NBC News. See this story:


    Let this be a lesson to you, boys and girls. Never show weakness to the Left. Never attempt to reach an accommodation or be contrite in an effort to appear reasonable. Your reasonableness WILL be seen as weakness and the sharks of the Left, smelling blood in the water, will rush in for a “feeding frenzy” and tear you apart.

    Don’t think that you can “Plea Bargain” with the fanatics of the Left. As I noted in a comment above, you cannot bargain with these people. All you can do is defeat them. If the Daniel Defense management team had any brains, they would have boldly kept their commitment and show up at the NRA meeting. The time to be “reasonable” with the American Left is long since past. Now is the time for US to match their unreasonableness with bold actions of our our own.

    Speaking of Daniel Defense, does anybody think it strange that a Latino youth, 18 years old, has the money to rush out and buy a $2,000 top-shelf AR rifle for a self-birthday present? Not just that, but he apparently purchased a bunch of ammo (not cheap as we all know!), a second AR, and a tactical vest. An estimated $4,000 of firearms, ammo, and gear. Where did he get the money?

    According to the Sun:


    He saved every dollar necessary by working a job flipping burgers at Wendy’s.

    Given that most 18 year-olds are “slackers” and could not save $100 if their live depended upon it, I find this explanation a bit hard to swallow. Was this Ramos youth really THAT dedicated to his own personal path of self-destruction and public mayhem? And if he was really THAT dedicated of a psycho, why did no one notice and “drop a dime” on him?

    Or did someone drop that dime and the warnings went unheeded? Curious minds would like to know! 🙂

    • TN-MAN:

      You mean “Inquiring minds want to know?”

      “Where did he get the money?”

      Maybe the killer had a good sense for business and invested wisely.

      I remember reading about a ‘gun buy back’ event in some big city many moons ago where a guy turned in a bunch of junk .22 rifles he had bought at garage sales for $10 apiece and he got $50 each for them from the local police department running the program. When the reporter who wrote this article asked the man what he was going to do with all the money he received, his answer was “I’m going to buy me an AR-15”.

      No wonder that mass murderer didn’t have a girlfriend. No self respecting young lady nowadays would even consider going out with a cheap dude who won’t drop at least several hundred bucks on a date with her.

    • TN_MAN,

      You mentioned that Daniel Defense should not show weakness. The whole world learned this lesson with Donald Trump. He went into the Presidency swinging hard, and won a lot of battles. Remember his great line, “Fake News.” Trump stood up to the Left, and prevailed somewhat against them. They only defeated Trump by having China release a virus onto the world, which hurt Trump’s economy. Even then, Trump won the 2020 election, but the Left prevailed because they cheated.

      Trump is an amazing man. I can him “The Magic Man.” Que the song by Heart. He showed what can be accomplished by standing up to evil.

  16. Behold the Leftist-Democrat-Media Complex Propaganda Machine in action.

    President Trump, defying the Left, keeps his commitment to the NRA. He attends the Annual meeting in Houston and delivers an excellent speech in favor of the 2nd Amendment. Here it is (when I watched this, YouTube inserted an Anti-Gun ad (imagine the gall!) at the very start of the speech. If YouTube does the same to you, it is just more of their propaganda, folks!)


    The Propaganda Machine, at once, goes to work to try to drive a wedge between President Trump and NRA members. Here is their “Hit Piece” to do the job:


    You see the slant? They are trying to paint President Trump as “Secretly Anti-Gun”. Yes Sir, Folks! President Trump was a member of the Commie, Globalist Left all along!

    Who knew! I guess all those investigations, smears, plus years of constant attacks, on President Trump and his Administration, was just clever camouflage. He was their buddy all along!

    These propagandists must truly think we are all just stupid idiots! One would have to be to swallow this horse manure!

  17. Not all GOP congressman are gun friendly.
    GOP Congressman Claims He’ll Back Assault Weapons Ban After Mass Shootings
    Ben Blanchet
    Sat, May 28, 2022, 8:12 PM
    A GOP congressman in the Buffalo area has said he’d back an assault weapons ban just two years after receiving a National Rifle Association endorsement.

    Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-NY), who is set for a GOP primary battle in August, told reporters he would get behind gun control efforts in Congress including an assault weapons ban and setting 21 as the minimum age to buy guns, WKBW reported.

    A majority of Americans favor an assault weapons ban, with 67% of people surveyed in a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll saying they’d support one.

    A raise on the minimum age for firearms purchases was also supported by 72% of those surveyed in a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

    “If an assault weapons ban bill came to the floor that would ban something like an AR-15, I would vote for it,” Jacobs said.

    “Individuals can not buy beer, they can not get cigarettes at 21, I think it’s perfectly reasonable that the age limit – at least for these highly lethal, high-capacity, semi-automatic weapons – should be 21.”

    Jacobs’ new support for gun control measures comes days after the deadly shootings in Texas and Buffalo this month.

    Congressman Chris Jacobs goes on the record saying he would support a series of gun control measures, including banning access to semiautomatic rifles like AR-15s, restricting magazine capacity to 10 round, & raising minimum age to 21 for firearm purchase. (1/3) pic.twitter.com/9uMFYsb1jZ

    — Ashley Rowe (@AshleyroweWKBW) May 27, 2022

    Congressman Jacobs also supports raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21. He acknowledges he’s pro 2nd Amendment, but says “no constitutional right is unlimited.” Here he is explaining why he believes 21 is an appropriate minimum age. (2/3) pic.twitter.com/k2EiubpIug

    — Ashley Rowe (@AshleyroweWKBW) May 27, 2022

    The congressman, in an interview with The Buffalo News, said the recent tragedies had an impact on his views.

    “I hope I’ve been compassionate when I read and heard about previous incidents like this that have happened over the years, but I guess there’s just something markedly different when it happens in your city, to people you know,” Jacobs said.

    “Being a father and having young children and visualizing what those parents are going through and, I guess, being able to feel it more personally certainly has had an impact as well.”

    Jacobs scored a 92% rating with gun rights group Gun Owners of America last year, according to nonprofit Vote Smart, and voted against bills that would have enhanced background checks in last year.

    Jacobs was endorsed by former President Donald Trump during his successful congressional bid in 2020. He won in “one of the most conservative” congressional districts in New York, The Buffalo News said, and won “in part” with his support for gun rights.

    The congressman was also endorsed by the NRA back in 2020, according to a statement, and he called the endorsement a “testament” to his battle for the Second Amendment.

    “I have always stood with law-abiding gun owners,” he said in 2020. “I promise to uphold this commitment to protecting our rights, and Western New York gun owners can rest assured they have an ally and a fighter for them in Congress with me.”

    This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

    • Chris Jacobs is the US Rep. for my District, he is a notorious RINO and virtue signaling shill from a fairly wealthy Buffalo, NY family and business (Delaware North). Mr. Jacobs can afford armed private protection. Most likely he has it.

      About 1 week before the Buffalo tragedy, NY political districts were redrawn (NY 23). Mr. Jacobs new geographic district includes that part of the State that lies along the PA border. Its a good sized geographic area. I know the area and the people fairly well. It’s not an area where Law Enforcement enthusiastically or willingly enforces the NY SAFE act that effectively ‘banned’ MSR’s.

      He will be primaried. He immediately lost support from local pro-2A groups, that’s very important for a Republican in WNY. It’s hard to win, even in a Republican district without it.

      Much more can, maybe should be said, about the tragic events on Jefferson Ave. in Buffalo on 5/14 on a beautiful early summer Saturday; I have respect for those who lost their lives at the hand of an evil monster. Including the security guard, a retired Buffalo Police Officer who went in harm’s way and paid the ultimate price.

      Much more than the virtue signaling politicritter poltroons looking to disarm law abiding middle class citizens and deprive us of passive protection. Tyrants enjoy ruling serfs.

  18. Kendhal wrote:
    ‘Permitting trained volunteers among school staff, who supply their own equipment, to carry concealed on school grounds would cost nothing yet be very effective at discouraging would be mass murderers. I’m thinking of Buckeye Firearms’ FASTER program in Ohio’

    William Brown wrote:
    ‘strengthen law enforcement and deal with mental illness.’

    Thanks. At last some constructive suggestions.
    Locking doors isn’t going to achieve anything unless the school has no windows.
    Why not simply arm the teachers?

    • nicholas kane,

      “Why not simply arm the teachers?” Isn’t that what they do in Israel?

    • The perp who murdered his Mum then stole her weapons to go whoot up his foirmer school got to the school with his stolen guns and was stiopped by a locked entry door. Simole solution? He sot out the glass and opened it up himself.

  19. Actually, the answer is in part a math question. Getting to zero murders, is going to be about as successful as China’s Zero COVID polity. But the toll can be markedly reduced by a simple application of math. Average police response time is about 6 minutes even when they don’t screw things up. An unopposed gunman will shoot someone about every 10 seconds, more at the beginning of the attack. So get the opposition in place RIGHT NOW. While SROs may be part of the solution, they are too thin on the ground and too easily identifiable. What is needed is armed and trained staff.


    • Richard,

      So what you are saying is that mass shootings cannot be prevented, but they can be shortened, right? Shortening the time the killer has to shoot = fewer victims. Lengthening the time the shooter has to shoot = more victims.

      Maybe we could call this math equation, “Gilligan’s Law,” or “Barney Fife’s Law.” ; )

      • West freeway Baptisc CHurch shooting a couple years back. Two victims, then one dead perp. Armed members present stopped this in record time.. something like six seconds from first shot by perp to dead perp.

        grad party in I think it was North Carolina, day after this Uvalde shooting. One grazing injury from perp’s fire, one dead perpwith one round fired from armed skilled willing citizen. Something like five or six seconds from game on to game over.

        That’s how its done.

        Can’t help but wonder how differently this one would have torned out had the techer in thar first room been part of a FASTER or similar programme. Instead of nineteen dead chidlren and two dead staff, it would have been maybe one or two dead children and one dead perp. We would not have been banging all those keys on our confusers to prattle on about it. The solution IS known, it has, so far, siply not been an “acceptible” solution by those presently in political control.

    • Richard,

      Good article. Let’s see if I can make this real simple.

      Mass shootings cannot be prevented, but they can be shortened.

      Allowing a killer a longer time to shoot victims = more victims

      Allowing a killer a shorter time to shoot victims = fewer victims

  20. Anything society really values it allows people to protect with guns: pallets of paper at the Federal Reserve, the gold at Fort Knox, Hollywood celebrities, high-up politicians, expensive art museums, weapons of mass destruction, etc.

    For public school kids, they are so important, they are often to be protected with a sign declaring that no guns are present.

    There are multiple facets to this case, including lax school security. But a couple of points, the media all but makes these things a self-fulling prophecy by constantly warning how dangerous AR’s are. If a person clubs four people to death it is local news. If a person shoots four others with an AR it is headline news coast to coast. The one sure way the media will make anyone famous is for them to use an AR to shoot people. The perp gives the media what they want, and the media gives the perp what he wants. This needs a solution.
    Second point, this country used to sell surplus M1 Carbines (semi auto, high capacity magazine and all that) in Woolworth stores. But, while that went on, there were enough psychiatric beds in this country for 1% of the population. As the great experiment of de institutionalization started in the 1960’s and finished in the 1990’s, it directly correlated with homelessness and increased crime rates. Not everyone, not even nearly all, of those who would have formerly been institutionalized would have committed mass violence, but some surely would have and mass murder was not much of a thing when state hospitals were open despite what anyone just about anywhere could buy. That de institutionalization and gun bans are pushed by the same sort of people, well, it makes one wonder. Is putting paranoid schizophrenics on the street a clever means to then regulate all of society and to take away rights and usher in the nanny state?
    A disgusting irony of the Newtown massacre was that a shuttered metal hospital was in the same town, and forty or fifty years earlier that was exactly where the perp would have lived out his days before he hurt anyone. But now, everyone is to be treated as a mental patient by our supposed protectors in the ruling class.

  21. Editorial Rebuttal
    In an editorial published in the Detroit news @ 11:00 PM 26 may 2002, William French opines on the Uvalde tragedy with the assertion that, “{our} national priorities are wrong”:
    While I agree with his choice of words and their linguistic meaning, I strongly disagree with his means of argumentation and his contortions of logic to arrive at his intended conclusion.
    French is an Associate Professor of Theology at Loyola, would that he remain within the theological traditions like discussing : “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” where reality doesn’t enter into the premise and the conclusion can’t be compared to observable and palpable outcomes.
    French uses a “Straw Man” tactic wherein he creates a hypothetical “NRA Member” to whom he ascribes many demeaning simpleton characteristics and throws in several imagined “gun” statistics, along with an unfounded suggestion of alcohol use, to conclude that: The NRA organizational principles, its members, and gun owners in general, are a threat to our civilization; circular reasoning at its best.
    Historical reasoning be damned, French ignores the fact that “armed Patriots” fought the Revolutionary War to secure the freedoms and traditions { of an armed citizenry} that he, now, so easily dismisses and wishes to eliminate. Recall also that it has been reported that the World War 2 Japanese General Yamamoto had stated that, “{he} wouldn’t attempt to invade the continental United States since behind every blade of grass was a rifle {manned by a patriotic Marksman}”.
    The US won WW2; the volunteers, and conscripted, soldiers returned home to profess a peaceful “societal contract” despite the fact that they had lived the “Fight” necessity of the innate “Fight or Flight” duality. Not surprisingly, upon return to the US, THEY WERE PEACEFUL !
    As Soldiers they were respectful of layered authority , trained and pledged to follow lawful orders and appreciated the societal strength of a “well Regulated” assemblage of combatants or citizens. Later retrospective studies suggested that despite orders to fire during enemy soldier’s attack, only as few as 24% actually sighted their weapon on the attackers, the others seeing that attacking soldier as a human being , fired an un-aimed weapon only in the direction of the enemy; those American Soldiers having been inhibited by their overwhelming social morality and Christian admonition against taking a human life.
    Realizing that fact, in the Viet Nam War Epoch, the Army had begun simulation exercises to improve the “hit ratio” per shot fired, essentially the first “Video Game(s)’” with tallies of shots actually directed towards the target.
    Now teenagers simulate killing 18,000, or more, humanoid targets per year.
    A commercial for a TV series, ”Hawaii 5-0” has a female actress portray a competitive surfer who was injured who then “re-invents herself” {video of her brutal take-down of a “suspect”} and then finds her competitive edge { video as she uses a sniper rifle to kill a “suspect”, an extra-judicial execution for which she is casually praised with the comment, “nice shot ! “ } .
    Brought to a pinnacle by the Obama administration, The politicization and militarization of City Police forces, County Sheriff Departments and State Police Forces as well as, un-necessarily funding and outfitting SWAT Teams , harbored within every government agency: the DEA, the Dept. of Education, the IRS, the dept. of Treasury, the CMS [ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ] has set an abhorrent example of armed assault, often against non-violent “White Collar” criminals or, indefensibly, against unarmed citizens .
    Simultaneously our society has welcomed, even championed, the right to near fatal { anything short of fatal overdose} drug abuse and an ongoing debate on assisted suicide, even Euthanasia.
    The last moral bulwark, a parent defending their children, has been rendered a moot concern as women proclaim the “Right” to kill an otherwise healthy baby in the womb or even within minutes of its live birth, because of the “inconvenience that it represents to its birth human {mother}.
    Exactly what is the societal morality which, on average over the last 50 years, has allowed > 1.2 million babies to be killed, each year, while in their mothers wombs or shortly thereafter [ see: Kernit Gosnell ], 62 million total; more than any other nation in the world, except, perhaps, China [ actual numbers unknown for its one child policy or for gender selection reasons ] .
    What in the 1970’s was proscribed as “gratuitous violence” is now the advertising attraction for new cinematic “top earners”, and any tragedy like Uvalde gets non-stop on-site TV News Anchor coverage until one of the anchors gets his/her Pulitzer prize for reporting or some other headline event arises, like the WNBA finals or the Augusta Master’s Tournament.
    As with the Columbine Colorado massacre, Time magazine or another medium will display the full scale image of the deranged monster who kills [ while dwarfing the images of those who were killed ] and will suggest that society is at fault by straining to understand the ‘motive’ of the killer. [He is a psychopath, Duh` !] all the while inspiring the next seeker of ignominious fame.
    Question: how does a middle-eastern suicide bomber pass on the knowledge of what techniques were successful for them ?
    Answer: [ I know one can’t use this word, but,,] It’s the Groomer, the handler, the ideologue who identifies, radicalizes, brainwashes, en-vests the bomb carrier, targets the location and times the detonation of the “participant [ the bomb carrier is outfitted with a bomb with a “dead man’s switch” so that they can’t de-vest themselves, neither can they be disabled and disarmed then interrogated ], in addition, the explosive vest has a remote cell phone detonator to ensure that a bomb carrier’s hesitation doesn’t amount to a missed opportunity to indiscriminately kill for whatever irrational intentions.
    Not to propose any conspiracy theories, but it seems too coincidental that these events { Columbine, Aurora, Parkland, Pulse nightclub, San Bernadino, Buffalo ‘Tops Mkt.’, Uvalde } occurred in election years which have had similar projected voting outcomes.
    When the conjoined police force response in Uvalde is taken into account it seems the only rational response is not to disarm law abiding citizens rather to encourage them to participate in the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) and encourage self-defense training.
    The two Teachers were indescribably courageous and self-sacrificing but needed more than chalk, erasers and children’s school chairs to throw, in vain, at the assailant.
    Train and arm the damned [ by the official policies ] Teachers; they got into the battle more than twelve minutes before the police woke-up and more than an hour before the police engaged !
    Last question: What did the ten year “assault weapons ban” accomplish ?
    Answer: it had no effect and the ban came to a reasonably justified end when the research of scholars like John Lott disproved its hypothesis and, in fact, irrefutably proved the opposite to be true: more lawful people armed led to less violent assaultive / fatal crimes [ although a few more criminals may have died ].
    Also see: 28 may MSN report : ‘a good gal with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun’
    What needs to change?
    Not What but WHO; WE ALL Do!
    Turn off the grandstanding reportage; give the assailants [and broadcasters] ZERO viewership ratings.
    Stop watching gratuitously violent “entertainment” and impede video-gaming selection of future terrorists .
    Despite the risk of being Doxed and Censured, stand up openly for the return to a rational shared morality and the Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence .
    Take the risk to testify in the prosecution of those committing crimes in your neighborhood.
    Actively Protect: yourself; your family; your neighbors; your community; your culture and way of life; Commit to protect your country and its constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic!
    Like the Swiss, profess pacifism, when possible demonstrate Neutrality, but arm all capable citizens, and practice marksmanship annually { at a minimum} at a Schützenfest !
    Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears;
    let the weak say, “I am a warrior.”
    Joel 3:10 English

  22. Now for some good news. Before 1968, the NRA was largely an organization for hunters, white men in their 50s and 60s who did not want to bother with politics. Since then, the number of guns and gun owners has risen dramatically. While there are still a lot of white, male gun owners (nothing wrong, and everything is right, with that), since 1968 we have seen the NRA get into politics, arguably saving the Second Amendment from extinction, and women and minorities have joined the ranks of the enlightened gun owners. This is a very good thing! We need all the help we can get to fight against the tyrants who want to disarm us, then enslave us.

    Not long ago, only Vermont had Constitutional Carry. Today, 25 states have Constitutional Carry. This is amazing progress in the face of overwhelming opposition.

  23. I was recently fascinated by a series of videos where Ed Monk discussed his research. In a nut shell, if a good person with the tools and courage to intervene in a mass killing during the first 30 seconds of the start of such an incident, casualties are most often a single digit number. This is logic, math and time. Our legislator’s need to empower all schools, churches, and public gatherings be allowed to have good people available to respond to such horrific events. Politics and emotions will fail every time.

    • no legislators MUST end their practice of DISARMING the common citizen thus renering him powerless to intervene and stand agasint danger. No new laws need be enacted. Siply repeal the unconstitutional prohbitions put in place that DENY us our God-given right to arms.

  24. If you examine the prelude to a variety of communist revolutions in Russia, China, Yugoslavia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Cambodia, you’ll see a plethora of similarities to what’s going on in the US right now. If you think that these similarities are statistically significant, then the irrational push for gun control is indeed very rational.

    Leftists know that guns are dangerous in the hands of anyone who opposes their push for Marxism, so they attempt to use any and every situation to chip away at gun rights. If they could, they would outlaw all of them, and vacuum up every last one of them. They have admitted as much. Since that is not palatable yet (unlike the citizenry of Canada, Austraila, Europe and New Zealand), they slowly make gun ownership too expensive, too bureaucratic, too risky, and too dangerous. Clueless Republicans are as much a part of these efforts. They bleat that it’s just a “tiny, bipartisan bit of common sense gun safety legislation”, and no sooner is the ink dried on the paper, the next erosion is laid on the table.

    Just look at Canada (whose gun control efforts started out with assault-style rifles, and has now moved to a complete handgun ban) to see where the US is headed.

    The typical street-level Democrat is nothing more than what Ludwig Von Mises once referred to as “useful fools”, but the leaders are indeed evil, calculating, and very skilled at undermining a democracy.

    I’m not privy to what goes on in the offices of the DNC, prominent Democrat politicians, or their lobbying organizations, but if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it’s likely a real, honest-to-goodness duck.

    No matter what anyone else tells you.

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