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  2. As saddened as I am to hear of Jim’s passing, I am glad that his pain is over. It was always fun to go up even though I had the same luck as you Mas in motels. Everybody was family to Jim and his wife, and the various rascals at the range.

  3. To my knowledge I never met Jim. I’m sorry, we cannot afford to lose men like him.

    Mas, I have a question; I received my S&W Performance Center 625 and just cannot get it to shoot like I feel it should. This is the same one you wrote up in GUNS a few months back that had the laminated red,white and blue grips. I even ordered a box of Black Hills 230 hp that you said shoot about 2″ at 25 yds. I have tried 185, 200, 225, 230, and 240 gr hp bullets. the best was 185gr Rem swc jacketed with a target load of bullseye. Better, but not great. I sent the gun back to S&W (they were very nice and they paid the shipping both ways) and they put another barrel on it, but the results haven’t changed. In searching the internet I found a GUNS artical by you from 2002. You stated that it seems to you that stainless guns don’t seem to shoot as accurately as the older steel guns. Also that you checked with S&W and they put one on a ransom rest and got 3″-4″ and that if they got a group like that with a model 945 they would throw the barrel away. You found out that the Performance Center considers a minimum acceptable group with this gun at 4 inches. I know that my eyes aren’t what they used to be, but I can get pretty close to 2″ with my Ed Brown Ayoob Signature model. I see that the 625 has had the top strap drilled and tapped for a scope so I have ordered a base and rings and will eliminate my eyes as a possible source. Also a set of Hogue grips. I know, I know I’m long winded. Anyway, where do you stand now on stainless guns, have they fixed the problem? Years ago I had an Automag in .44 mag, all stainless and very accurate when it functioned.

    Best Regards,

  4. Randy, the stainless .45 ACP revolvers never did give me the gilt-edged accuracy I got from the old blue 1955 Target and Model 25-2, at least with jacketed bullets. Oddly enough, I have a 1988 Model 5″ 625 out of the first batch, which is like throwing rocks with jacketed bullets but tears one-hole groups at 25 yards with lead 200 grain Hensley & Gibbs #68 bullets. Might want to check out a lead bullet load.

    Failing that, call S&W customer service at 800 331 0852, and ask for Jim Ray at the Performance Center. He’s the guy I’d call with any S&W revolver accuracy problem.


  5. Jim was one of those few small town people that was a great
    person. He will be sadley missed by all his friends.

    Howard W. Wentz
    one if the “Wild Bunch”

  6. Mas,

    Thank you for your kind words and flowers. Dad was an interesting and colorful person. I, amongst many, learned so much from him. He was always fighting for our firearm rights and promoting the industry. He enjoyed your company when you were teaching at our range. He was my Hero and Yes he will be missed.

    Rankin Reinholt

  7. Good to hear from you, Rankin. I’m glad I was able to visit your dad when I was in Indiana this past summer. Please give my best to the family, and don’t be a stranger here.