1. Some things change, some things stay the same. Chicago is still a battleground.

  2. Always enjoy the comments of Mas. The endless experiences and related events are forever educational.

  3. One of the reasons Capone’s defense team did such a bad job is, they didn’t think they had to do anything to win. They had the original jury in their pocket, and when the judge switched jury panels, they were caught flat-footed.
    There’s another good book, now out of print, called The Man Who Got Capone, by Frank Spiering (1976). It’s about Frank Wilson, the Internal Revenue agent who made the tax case. If you can find it,it’s worth a read, too.

  4. I was able to check out a copy from my public library. I agree that Collins and Schwartz did exhaustive research. Enough to fill 550 pages not including the introduction, acknowledgments, abbreviations, source notes, bibliography and index. We are moving to Arizona at the end of the month. I may have to return the book by mail.