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  1. Allen West is a great man. I’m glad he is on the patriots’ side.

    I was surprised when I first learned the two following facts about the Old West. The period Hollywood movies are made about, the period of the cattle drives, was basically 1870-1890. Just twenty years. In truth, about one third of all cowboys were black men, because they had just recently been freed from slavery, it was a job open to them. It was hard, long, dirty, dusty work. Not glamorous.

    The legendary lawman, The Lone Ranger, was based on the real lawman, Bass Reeves. Google him.

    And yes, I would hate to see Texas go purple, like Virginia, but demographics make it look unavoidable. Oh well. America was a great, hopeful place while it lasted. All things must pass; trees, animals, people, music styles, fads, nations and empires. Here today, gone tomorrow. Easy come, easy go. Que sera, sera.

      • Spectacular article! “He wore two pistols, handle butts forward for a quick draw.” That tells me he used a cross draw technique. Same-side drawing with butts forward would be pretty awkward. I like cross draw. It seems to be better when drawing while seated, which is how most of us spend our time now-a-days.

        I don’t believe in that 500-yard rifle shot. Probably a 50-yard shot. That would explain how the adversary shot close to Reeves but missed, and how Reeves had such a small group size. Believable at 50 yards, not 500. Old West newspaper writers were known to exaggerate.

        I especially like the remark about him as a 70-something-year-old lawman on patrol with his cane. “According to legend, he was so feared by then no crime was ever committed on his beat in Muskogee.”

    • Great article by Mas. I had heard of Bass Reeves, but only via the medium of SF on TV. He featured in an episode of the series ‘Timeless.’ One of the better episodes as I recall.

      Was he really the inspiration for ‘The Lone Ranger?’ Only the writers of that show would know for certain, and they’re long dead. But frankly Marshall Reeves sounds like a real-life American legend.

  2. Mas – This is a bit off-topic but certainly connected to racial and media relationships in the USA today. I know that you have written extensively about the Zimmerman / Martin shooting incident. It appears that some new material may be coming to light.

    I have not yet had a chance to review this new documentary and book combo myself but I plan to do so. Here is a link to a story that describes this material in more detail:

    Anyway, I thought that you, and the other readers of this blog, may be interested.

  3. Neat article. A not, perhaps , unrelated anecdote, but years ago I was on a board where one of the members described herself as a liberal. Even being charitable I think the term “loon” would have suited her better. (And yes I am one of those who believe that loon and liberal are not automatic synonyms.)

    Anyway, I once pointed out that the Party of Abraham Lincoln was the party that freed the slaves. She explained in great detail how the party of Abraham Lincoln was nothing to do with the current Republican Party. Anyhow time rolls on and it emerges that there is the, possibility, the Abraham Lincoln was gay . . . suddenly the loon is expounding that there is an unbroken link between then and now. Ah well.

    But anecdote aside, I would say LTC West sounds like a good man.

    • Fruitbat44,

      I have been wondering if I’m simply frustrated with Left/Right dialog, or if we have really reached an impasse, a point at which further discussion is fruitless. To say it plainly, I think discussing issues with many Leftists is a waste of time. Our arguments don’t work because their minds are made up, their minds are closed. Dennis Prager told Glenn Beck that we listen to the other side’s arguments, but they don’t listen to us. In their eyes, we are wrong, evil, and not a part of their “religion.” We are heretics.

      Maybe what has happened is that we have reached the point on issues, where compromise is no longer possible. Certain issues do appear to be mostly black and white (not speaking of race, just saying that for some of us, compromising with something we consider wrong puts us in the “wrong” as well, and we don’t want to be there). When dialog stops, does fighting have to be next? If we keep quiet, or if we avoid them, can we keep the peace?

      It seems the biggest change from the past is that the Left no longer believes in the freedom of speech, even on political matters. When I was young, the Left applied freedom of speech to all matters, not just political ones.

      • @ Roger Willco – You are correct. As they say: “You cannot fill a cup that is already full”.

        Many of those on the Left are so indoctrinated with Left-Wing, Marxist ideology and with identity politics that they can see nothing else. Their zeal approaches that of religious mania. Indeed, their “Climate Change” doctrine is already a religion with heretics named as “deniers” and with damnation, literally “hell on Earth”, promised for those who do not believe. They are following the same path as those who ran the Inquisition during the Middle Ages except with a different religion.

        With their cups full of socialism, Marxism, Identity Politics, Firearms Prohibition, Abortion and Political Correctness, there is no room for any form of common-sense. Which, of course, is EXACTLY the mindset that their teachers and the propagandists in the Media intended to create.

        So it is pointless to talk to the ones with closed minds. We can only hope to reach those who are not yet completely brainwashed and try to “deprogram” them before they are gone too!

      • Just ‘cos someone’s “wrong” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad person or insincere in their beliefs. Course sometimes they are, but one can but try.

    • @ Fruitbat44 – “Just ‘cos someone’s “wrong” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad person or insincere in their beliefs.”

      There is a vast amount of truth in the old saying that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I submit that it is the sincerity of the American Left, their firm belief in Marxist ideology, that makes them so dangerous.

      I am sure that the faithful Nazis, who read Mein Kampt and then herded the Jews into the Gas Chambers, were sincere in their beliefs too. I am sure that the followers of Chairman Mao, who read his writings alongside those of Karl Marx, were sincere in their beliefs as they spawned the Cultural Revolution and sent millions to their graves.

      Yes, I have no doubt that many of the brainwashed people in the American Left are sincere in their beliefs. I have no doubt that they believe in the tenants of their leftist religion. Many have been so indoctrinated that they believe in everything the propagandists sell: Climate change, American as a Racist, sexist, homophobic nation, White Nationalism, Trump-Russia collusion, etc., etc., etc.

      Their sincere belief in these things is what makes them so dangerous. We can argue all day as to whether they are “bad people” or not. All I know is that their ideology, if not stopped, will do very, very, very bad things to America. Their sincerity does not excuse them any more then it excused the many mass-murders, all carried out by sincere believers, in Europe, China, Russia or the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

      Frankly, good intentions are usually more dangerous then deliberate evil actions. The reason why this is true is because the disasters coming from good intentions are all carried out with the enthusiasm of true sincerity whereas the regular evildoer will sometimes “get his fill” and stop for a while. The regular evildoer does not have the fanatic idealism and the enthusiasm that drives the nutjob “True Believer”.

      So, whether they are, individually, evil or not is beside the point. Their ACTIONS cause hideous evils and that is enough to condemn them!

      • I put wrong in ” ” to differentiate between stuff which is wrong because it’s wrong e.g. slavery, and wrong because I disagree with it. (Though of course I disagree with slavery.) I did mention sincere in their beliefs because one of the things you all too often come across is the idea that people who are wrong are not just wrong, but wrong for selfish, and not altruistic, reasons.

        And FWIW I think there is a long way from “Liberal” to the Gulag. (In the main, there are indeed lefties who are genuine nutjobs.) Just as it’s a long way from thinking of oneself as ‘Conservative’ to thinking that ‘The Turner Dairies’ was an instruction manual. (Though, of course, the right has a few nutters knocking about too.)

      • I agree with both TN_MAN and Fruitbat44. They both realize that it is the extremists who are dangerous. TN_MAN even states that liberals are not evil now, but if they continue following the doctrines they are following, they may end up at the same destination previous generations of Marxists have landed in.

        Think about this; imagine an American liberal, who right now, abhors violence, and enjoys the peaceful, easy, push-button existence that all healthy Americans enjoy right now. But he keeps hearing about how Trump is a dictator who wants to shut down the press, take away women’s rights to privacy, and keep brown people out of America, by imprisoning them at the border.

        Now this liberal also believes in man-made, catastrophic climate change. He believes we rich Americans, with our selfish, cushy, hyper-consuming, predatorial capitalist, big business/industry, environmental-destroying ways are endangering the future of planet earth. The earth’s resources, while vast, are not infinite. Heck, there are 7.7 BILLION PEOPLE on this planet right now!!! Wouldn’t earth’s resources last longer if there were fewer people on earth? And Trump and the conservatives aren’t doing anything to reverse climate change. Why, they are going to destroy the planet in 12 years! The Second Amendment allows criminals to walk into any Wal-Mart, and buy a crowd-killing assault rifle, and the NRA is OK with this! Trump and these conservatives must be stopped! They will kill all life on earth if they don’t change their ways!

        If the liberal comes to the conclusion described above, then eliminating Trump, and his supporters, would result in the preservation of the earth, its plant and animal species, and the human race. Trump and his supporters will be viewed as evil, and eliminating them will be seen as a necessary………dare I say it………..crusade. The liberal who saves the earth will view himself as a Super-Savior, the hero who will be remembered throughout all future time as the Savior of Mankind.

        If this scenario seems far-fetched, well, flying passenger aircraft into buildings seemed extremely far-fetched on September 10th, 2001. I submit that if an American liberal came to the above conclusion, the only thing which would dissuade them from acting out the logical steps they need to take to save the earth would be because they can’t bear to upset their comfort zone. In other words, taking up arms against conservatives would result in discomfort, so they won’t do that, they’ll just shout at us.

  4. Ltc. West is a brilliant spokesman for the conservative movement. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Along with Walter Williams and Ben Carson.

  5. Coincidentally, just finished West’s wonderful autobiography, Guardian of the Republic. I agree with Democrats he’s awesome. Glad he has time now to mentor and lead us.

  6. I have voted foe Col West in a couple of Republican surveys.ProspectorPaul The Young Marines is an excellent group. Our Marine Corps League Det. Sponsors one.