We are told that somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 National Guard troops have been brought into the District of Columbia “for security” during the Presidential Inauguration. Great way to express trust in the American people.

And we notice that in virtually every photo of those troops distributed thus far, they are armed with rifles that have no magazines.  What are they expected to do if armed conflict did break out? Rush into the gunfire of the terrorists and butt-stroke them? Great way to express trust in your own military. Speaking of which, catch Democrat Representative Steve Cohen, on CNN, here:

One of the things most adults figure out early is that if someone distrusts you without reason, that person himself has not earned your trust.

And the man being inaugurated says he wants to bring a divided America back together…


    • These Guard troops come mainly to protect governmental proceedings from embarrassment by patriotic citizens who feel victimized and manipulated by clever, but unintelligent, and intrinsically unrepentant, politicians. The side bags should contain the usual MOPP gear for protection from chemicals or nuclear fallout, and hopefully do not contain pot, or even beer. Not a magazine bulge, flash-bang, grenade, or bayonet is in sight. No shields or big sticks. So the plan is to rely on histrionic, hopeful intimidation to maintain order. Incidentally, by being deficiently armed, our troops are left totally open to a military attack. So they need protection.

    • I don’t think so.

      When 9/11 hit, national guard troops and state police were all over the cities and airports in Mass, carrying black rifles. NONE of them were loaded.

      It’s all designed to make the sheep feel safe, even though the politicians allow the wolves free access to the pasture.

  1. Heh-heh…but, a great “photo op”, right? They must be waiting for the “LOCK & LOAD” command before inserting magazines, eh? I did note most all of them seem to be carrying side bags hanging at thigh length, theoretically holding 2-5 magazines, maybe?

    Nonetheless, it’s a very sad comment on the current political and social views of where we stand today in this once proud and glorious country….

  2. Democrats in Congress do not trust anyone who voted for Trump, looks like they might have voted for Trump, looks like they might have thought about voting for Trump (regardless of actual actions). They have shown this time and time again.

    The “unity” of Biden is kind of like the “tolerance” of the extreme Progressive. They tolerate anything they agree with. Likewise, they want unity with the half of the country that agrees with them. I truly believe their idea of unity does not include those who should be deprogrammed or reeducated.

    • This description is precisely the one we heard for decades from the So Vee Ett bosses in Europe and Asia… the bloc that imploded back about 1989 or so, suddenly, and “for no apparent reason”. Hah.. ony non-apperant for those who were not so nearsighted they could not see past their noses. To we here in the West, it was plaoinly pbvious why it imploded.
      These present clowns will do the same before long. ONly bad part is the rough ride till that happens.

    • We were warned over 75 years ago that they were coming.
      “When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the label of communism. We will not take it under the label socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable; we will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But, take it we will.” –Alexander Trachtenberg at the National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944

  3. He has a better chance of finding a three-legged ballerina than he does bridging the divide with what he has been ranting.

    • three leged ballerina. now THAT is hilarious to ponder. But Joltin’ Joe? Hilarious he AIN”T. I won;t be able to laugh at anything he does until the thing he does is leave, or otehrwise go away.

  4. Biden need not be worried about an assassination plot.

    Kamala Harris in line for President is the best life insurance he could ever have.

    • Biden should be more scared of Harris than the conservatives because Aunt Kamala has a good reason to dispose of him.

  5. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve been looking at pics of the NG in the news and I never even thought to look at the AR’s. Except when I’m cleaning it mine has a mag in it even when it is in the gun safe.
    I offer an old Chinese quote: “May you live in interesting times.” It’s actually more a threat than a benevolent wish. I’ve also noticed that over the past 18 months the reference to “our democracy” has become all to frequent in various political discussions. As Plato wrote in the Republic; ”And so tyranny naturally arises out of democracy.” (Book VIII, page 264.) It is a good time to be old (82) I think. I often wonder, fearfully, what kind of world are my grandsons going to inherit?

  6. I’m still trying to figure out why ‘they’ need up to 25,000 National Guardsmen in DC for an inauguration along with all the existing LEO folks. Is there really that much of a threat? If so, why?
    Just curious…

    • The Left is worried that President Trump may call his Russian handler and request thousands of Soviet soldiers to come to his aid and wipe out the Democrats in D.C.

      On the other hand, Biden could just as easily ask his CCP handler to send hordes of Chinese troops to guard him and his vote stealing/switching cronies.

    • 25,000 unarmed, barely trained, untrusted national guardsmen.

      They must not be that concerned about trouble.

  7. The side bags most likely hold gas masks. OTOH, some of those thigh pockets seem a bit weighty. Possibly CN/CS grenades? Non violent response, right?

    Heck, no mags used to be SOP even in riots with the cities burning.

    • About the use of the M4 as an impact weapon. It’s very badly designed for such usage. How much sturdier they might be than the original version is questionable. Operationally, the troops would be far better off with the old fashioned 36 inch oak riot baton. However, the choice of gear is primarily for political optics. Operationally, it does blur the number of folks who actually might have live ammunition.

      If that happens to be Speaker Pelosi in the picture, the only reason she’d associate with the others is the photo op.

  8. It’s hard to say for certain, but I doubt that most of those troops, besides those deputized, have been issued ammo. None that I have seen have any traditional mag pouches.

  9. The Democrats have turned the inauguration into a three-ring circus just wondering as Mas stated if the guard did have magazines with ammunition in them and discord did break out would the national guard actually open fire on American citizens? Question yet to be answered. We know they did it at Kent State some years ago. From what we are seeing so far and to put it just bluntly this is going to be a four-year shit show with the folks in charge. we need to stand ready cuz the onslaught for our guns is going to be coming or they’re going to make it virtually impossible to purchase ammunition or re-loading supplies

  10. Notice that Congress Jack*ss question the loyalty of servicemen? They take an Oath to defend the Constitution just like he does.

    It just shows you that he doesn’t take his Oath seriously, so he projects his failing on them too.

    • Ackshully I am convniced ol’ SHottie Joe DOES indeed trust the military to abide by their oath. From what Im told most all of them are Marines, and state Guard. The last thingJoeyBOy wants is for his soliders to act in full faith to their oath as servicement. “.. against AL enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC……”
      JoeyBoy doan like that one bit.

  11. I got a text from “We the People” holster company and they said facebook has taken down their ads………..and so it begins!

    • I called Koreans “nasty mo-foes” for their bravery and ruthlessness in battle. I heard that even the NVA were afraid of them.

      Facebook censored the comment, suggesting that I was insulting Koreans. Threatened to shut down my account.

      Maybe I should have called them “really super fellas”. If I did, I’d probably be skinned alive by justly offended Korean vets.


  12. We take an oath to “… protect and defend The Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” NOT the President nor Congress. During outprocessing, no one released me from that oath and I know of no one else who was released. For too many in government, the oath they take are just words with no meaning.

  13. It has been and continues to be political theater.

    Now people must decide on their own what the ultimate purpose of this political theater is because there’s always a reason.

  14. Read the AP article copied and pasted below and then ponder just what, in fact, are “extremist views”, what precisely are “security liabilities”, what exactly is “previous criminal activity”, what exactly are “inappropriate comments or texts” related to the inauguration?

    Not knowing the relevant facts surrounding this important matter, any fair minded, objective reader of this AP article might be impelled to think of this infamous quotation of Soviet tyrant Stalin’s ruthless Chief of Secret Police (NKVD), Lavrentiy Beria:

    “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

    Are the incoming Biden Administration and crazed, hand wringing, wild-eyed Democrats in Congress hysterically pressing both the DoD and the FBI to engage in “criminal creation” for craven political purposes, by cheering loudly for the expansion of classified, massive, so-called “watch lists” that will include the names and “thought crimes” of American dissenters of all forms, shapes and sizes?

    Associated Press 3:15 p.m. 19 January 2021

    Pentagon officials say 12 Army National Guard members have been removed from securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration after vetting by the FBI, including two who posted and texted extremist views about Wednesday’s event.

    There was no specific threat to Biden.

    Two U.S. officials told The Associated Press that all 12 were found to have ties to right-wing militia groups or posted extremist views online. The officials, a senior intelligence official and an Army official briefed on the matter, did not say which fringe group the Guard members belonged to or what unit they served in. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

    Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard, confirmed Tuesday that the Guard members had been removed and sent home but said only two were for inappropriate comments or texts related to the inauguration. The other 10 were for other potential issues that may involve previous criminal activity, but not directly related to the inaugural event.

    The officials told the AP they had all been removed because of “security liabilities.”

    It’s unclear whether they will face discipline when they return home.

    — By AP writers Lolita Baldor and James LaPorta

  15. You misunderstand, Mas. You must always remember that every single thing that the American Left does is a diversion or projection designed to misdirect the American People.

    Do you really think that the Leftists fear swarms of Trump supporters will storm the capitol looking to “gun down” every member of the Left-wing coup-plotters? No, such violence falls within the playbook of Antifa and BLM, not the law-abiding, good people of the USA.

    This is nothing but political theater, Mas. It is propaganda designed to plant the idea, in the minds of the uninformed masses that have been brainwashed into supporting the Democrats, that gun-owners and Trump supporters are soooo dangerous that tens of thousands of troops are needed to protect the State. It is another propaganda foundation stone being laid to ultimately justify taking tyrannical measures against gun-owners, down the line, in “defense” of the State and “the Constitution”. Yes, the leftists will tell that lie. The bigger the lie, the more the Left likes to tell it!

    These troops are just for show. Therefore, giving them AR’s without magazines works just fine. If the leftists truly understood guns and gun-people better, they would have provided empty magazines to go along with the AR’s. Then again, there might have been a little fear that some trooper would sneak in a loaded magazine instead of the empty one he was issued!

    In any event, all these National Guard members and all their guns are just “Actors and Props” in the Political Propaganda Play which the Leftists are staging.

    Do not make the mistake of taking the Leftists at their word or at face value. Everything that the American Left does is a lie that is told to help them keep and expand their political power. Their Master is Satan, the Father of Lies, and so telling lies and using deceit comes as natural as breathing to a leftist.

    As for showing trust in the American People, please do not make me laugh. Name me one tyrant in human history that had any trust in the people that he or she oppressed?

    The Leftists are using time-tested methods of oppression and tyranny to seize and hold power in America. They know full well that they are oppressing the American People. At least, that large portion of the American People who they have not yet brainwashed. They know that the American People are still armed and that many are awake and see the totalitarians for what they are. Do you really think that they are resting easy over it?

    No, the totalitarians can never rest easy as long as the American people still have arms in their hands. That is why disarming the American People, under whatever lying pretext the Left can think up, is going to be Job #1 for the tyrants over the next decade or so.

  16. Our president has one last Trump card to play before the coronation of Crooked Joe and Aunt Kamala tomorrow. Those 30K+ national guard in D.C. are actually Spetsnaz operators sent by Vladimir Putin to help his good buddy Donaldmir Trumpolev stay in power. Checkmate!

  17. If you need 30,000 troops to install your pretender president, you’ve forfeited the “consent of the governed.”

  18. And they call us paranoid?

    Political Science 101, Rule One: Never ever pi** on your praetorians.

    And why do I keep remembering all those articles about “If you don’t turn in your guns, we’ll send the Army after you?”

  19. Hmm . . . a couple of weeks back the authorities, particularly the Capitol Police showed “trust” in a pro-Trump demonstration by having only minimal security present during said demonstration. It didn’t work out too well.

    I suspect, I don’t know, but I suspect that the National Guard patrolling without magazines is a desire not to appear “provocative” rather than anything else. To suggest that the authorities have trust in the vast majority of the populace, and that the National Guard will not actually need to use their weapons.

    Mas, IIRC, during the Obama inauguration you voiced concerns that if there an attempt on Obama’s life there would be an outbreak of rioting. Similar concerns would seem to prevail this time; though who these, hopefully, theoretical rioters might be is a matter for debate.

    • @ Fruitbat44 – Please don’t be so naïve! The Capitol Police “showed ‘trust’ in a pro-Trump demonstration by having minimal security”? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha (wipes tears from eyes!).

      The Capitol Police had minimal security because they were ordered to do so. This was on purpose. The Left had inserted “Agent Provocateur’s” into the crowd and the minimal security was put in-place to allow them to do their work. Once they provoked the so-call “insurgency and riot”, the Anti-American Media-propaganda machine stepped in to “set the narrative”. The pro-Trump supporters were 99.9 % peaceful but they were “played” by the Left to set the narrative that Trump supporters are dangerous and to provide justification for yet another impeachment push against Trump.

      As for your idea that the National Guard is patrolling without magazines so as to not appear “provocative”! Boy, that is also good for another “Belly Laugh”. See my post above for the real reason for that!

      It is just political theater to set the tone for yet another Media “narrative”.

      Holy Smoke! How many million lies must the Left tell before people wake up and understand that they are all “natural-born liars”?

      • Happy to have brought laughter to your day.

        As to The Capitol Police, well I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories from the other side of the isle that they were “co-operating” with the rioters. Hmm . .

        Never attribute to a conspiracy theory that which can attributed to incompetence.

        So the whole Capitol riot was organised by the “Left?” Well that theory is good for a laugh, or a good cry, I don’t know which.

        As for your post above . . . so, the Left are all servants of Satan? Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        And in my opinion, I think I’ll go out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

      • Fruitbat44,

        You wrote, “So the whole Capitol riot was organised by the ‘Left?'” Yes, in order to make the Right look bad. My guess is some Antifa members showed up with tools, and acted as leaders onto the Capitol grounds. They were hoping that, in their emotionally-charged state, some Trump supporters would follow them. They did. They took the bait.

        Before this riot, those of us on the Right possessed the high moral ground. No one on the Right that I can think of ever engaged in violent behavior during the 2009-2010 Tea Parties or since then. Now our reputation is tarnished. Some of us have fallen into the mud with the Left. I did hear one credible report that the first breachers arrived on the Capitol grounds and confronted the police before Trump had finished his speech. Bringing tools to a speech and starting a riot, before Trump even spoke his supposedly inflammatory words about marching on the Capitol building, show pre-meditation.

      • Roger Wilco.

        No Antifa members or lefty/liberal types have been identified amongst those participating in the riot. Let alone leading it.

      • @ Fruitbat44 – “No Antifa members or lefty/liberal types have been identified amongst those participating in the riot. Let alone leading it.”

        As if the FBI would target an Antifa member or any other servant of the American Left. Don’t you know that the modern FBI only goes after people who hold conservative or right-wing opinions? Those folks will targeted with a glad heart. Like the way that they set up a perjury trap for General Flynn so that they could get him fired and then prosecute him on a manufactured charge. Or the way that they went after Roger Stone and made sure that the CNN reporters were on hand as they smashed down the front door of his house.

        But target a Leftist? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha (wipes tears from his eyes!).

        Hey, Fruitbat44, you are “on a roll’ with your funny jokes! Keep them coming, Man!

      • Humour is highly subjective.

        But here’s another little rib-tickler for you:

        Many years in the future two “conservative” conspiracy theorists pass away and at the Pearly Gates they are greeted by God who says, “Welcome, if you have any questions you may ask them and will receive the truth.”

        And one of conspiracy theorists askes, “So how did the Antifa plan the Capitol riot?”

        And God replies, “There was no Antifa involvement in the Capitol Riot.”

        And the conspiracy theorist turns to his buddy and says, “I told you this went right to the top.”

        Have a nice day.

      • @ Fruitbat44 – “And the conspiracy theorist turns to his buddy and says, ‘I told you this went right to the top’.”

        Ah, Yes! The “Conspiracy Theory” defense. A favorite and (recently) often used tool of the American Left. It has almost replaced playing the “Race Card” as a standard move.

        You have to give it credit. It is certainly smarter than something silly like the “Twinkie Defense”.

        The Left uses their Media Propagandists to continually project and spread false stories about Donald Trump, non-Establishment Republicans and Conservatives in general. They can accuse Republicans of almost anything. Like when they accused Donald Trump of being a traitor and a tool of Vladimir Putin.

        Such smears are never denounced as a “Conspiracy Theory” even though the so-called “Steele Dossier” was manufactured “out of whole cloth” by operatives of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. This “Conspiracy Theory” was given so much credence that multiple congressional and special council investigations were launched to confirm it. All of them failing because it was, indeed, just a “Conspiracy Theory” with nothing behind it.

        The same was true for the Ukraine Conspiracy Theory that underpinned the first Democrat impeachment of Donald Trump. Likewise, there is nothing behind the current “Conspiracy Theory” that Donald Trump “incited insurrection and a riot” in Washington, D.C. The one behind the latest impeachment effort.

        Yet, whenever someone points out criminal activities committed by Democrats, the Democrats immediately use their media attack dogs to “denounce” it all as just another Right-Wing “Conspiracy Theory”.

        For example, the idea that the FBI worked “hand-in-glove” with the Democrats to set up and spy on the Trump Administration before and immediately after his inauguration. Despite a mountain of evidence that confirms this to be true, the Democrats cry that it is just a “Conspiracy Theory”. Nothing to see here. Move along.

        The charges of corruption against Joe Biden and his family? Just a “Conspiracy Theory”. Nothing to see here. Move along.

        The charges that fraud occurred during the 2020 Presidential Election? Just a “Conspiracy Theory”. Nothing to see here. Move along.

        Let me give you a tip. If you use a move too often, such as playing the race card every day of the week and twice on Sunday, then that move eventually loses it effectiveness.

        In my book, the “Conspiracy Theory” defense / attack is wearing thin. Maybe some people still buy into it. Clearly, you think it still has some value since you have repeatedly referenced it as a defense of the Marxist Left.

        However, I have seen it used too many times, and with too much one-sided application, for it to sway me.

        Maybe you should give some thought to a fresher argument. That one is becoming threadbare.

      • @TN-Man

        I am not using “Conspiracy Theory” to defend the Marxist Left, I am using it to point out, hopefully in a polite & humorous fashion that your arguments seem to based on somewhat circular logic.

        No Antifa arrested/identified in Capitol Riot – it’s because the FBI’s on their side. The possibility of any other reason, like there weren’t any, can’t be true because it doesn’t fit the theory. Hmm . . .

        Widespread election fraud in 2020? Well it all looks pretty darn convincing, but . . . well like I pointed out, all Court challenges to it haven’t stood up. Including SCOTUS with three recent Trump appointees on the bench. I know a lot of otherwise intelligent and reason people believe it, but if the “evidence” doesn’t stand up to scrutiny it’s not really evidence.

        Thanks for the tip – but really . . .

        Okay, your theory is that the Capitol Riot was brought about by a few left wing agitators persuading a crowd of peaceful Trump supporters to engage in violent, near insurrection.

        Is that a fair enough summation of your views?

        But, if you think about it, this would only work if Trump supporters were stupid enough to be swayed by a handful of complete strangers.

        So, in effect, your argument about the Capitol riot depends on Trump supporters being dumb and easily lead.

        Sounds suspiciously like the sort of thing a certain sort of “liberal” might say . . .

      • @ Fruitbat44 – “But, if you think about it, this would only work if Trump supporters were stupid enough to be swayed by a handful of complete strangers.”

        Excellent, Fruitbat44, you are making a much better debate. Especially when you accuse me of the fallacy of making a circular argument.

        However, you are committing a couple of logical fallacies yourself. Perhaps the most common one being “Appeal to Ignorance (argumentum ad ignorantiam)”. For example:

        1) No antifa agitators were ever arrested during the Washington Protest, therefore, there were none there. This ignores that a small number of antifa agitators could easily mix into a crowd of thousands and, even if the authorities were even-handed, statistically the odds of arresting one would be small. The Fed’s have been going after the rioters with gusto and have charged 80 or 90 so far. Nevertheless, that is a tiny fraction of a crowd that numbered in the thousands. In addition, the fact that the Fed’s are being so aggressive at prosecuting this one protest, after standing by and doing nothing about all the Antifa and BLM riots over the last Summer, shows that the Fed’s are not even-handed. If you look, you can easily find witness statements, from people at this protest, who say that they spotted Antifa operatives dressing as Trump Supporters just before things began to turn violent. These statements are being ignored by the Fed’s and the media but they exist if you care to hunt them up.

        2) No court has found that election fraud occurred, therefore, it does not exist. Another prime example of Appeal to Ignorance. In fact, most of the cases brought to court by President Trump, and his supporters, were struck down for legal and technical reasons. Basically, the Courts did not want to wade into a political mess so they all found technical reasons to “bow out” of taking the case. I am not aware of any Court that actually held a full judicial hearing on the election fraud issue. Tell me, without a full hearing into the matter, what did the Courts truly decide? Did they decide that fraud did not occur? Or did they decide that they did not want to tackle what is essentially a political question?

        Another fallacy that you commit is “Hasty Generalization”. Specifically, when you extrapolated that my argument means that all Trump supporters are dumb and easily lead. That is making too broad (hasty) of a generalization. Out of a crowd of thousands, perhaps only a couple of hundred were foolish enough to actually enter the buildings and bring Federal charges down upon themselves. Let me quote Owen Wister as follows: “In any crowd of six or more, there is likely to be at least one fool.”

        So, while I grant you the above portion of “dumb supporters” at this protest, you cannot smear all Trump supporters with your broad brush nor validly claim that I am doing so.

        Fruitbat44, I sense that you are a decent and honest person. You need to open your eyes as to the true situation in this country. We have a political elite class (composed of Democrats and Establishment Republicans) that wants to rule over us and rob us in perpetuity. Their methods for doing this involve a mix of (A) keeping Americans divided and fighting among themselves, (B) using corrupt methods continuously and (C) using propaganda and indoctrination to continually feed the American People disinformation.

        They use destructive social policies to create a permanent underclass. They then set this underclass to continually fight with the middle-class. Note that it was the middle-class that suffered in the riots and shutdowns instigated by these elites. It was middle-class business that were mostly burned in last Summer’s riots or who have had their doors closed by the Covid-19 shutdowns.

        Besides class warfare, they also divide Americans in many other ways. They divide us by race, by setting female against male, by setting gay against straight, and by setting Liberal against Conservative.

        It is long since time for the American People to wake up and recognize the face of our true enemy. It is not our fellow, regular Americans. It is our political elite class who divide us so that they can stay in power and, corruptly, reap trillions of tax dollars and corporate bribes.

        While we cut our own throats, the elites sip champagne, check the balance of their Swiss bank accounts and smile.

        Fruitbat44, don’t let yourself be the one who is “dumb and easily lead”. Open your eyes to the total corruption of these political hacks and withdraw your support from their corrupt system of vote and money harvesting.

        If enough of the American People wake up and recognize our true enemy, we could root out these criminals within a year. However, as long as we hate each other and stay divided, we will continue to play their game.

    • @TH_Man

      Thank you for the compliments, I guessing I’m learning to fake it better than I thought possible. 😉

      I wasn’t smearing Trump supporters, I am perfectly aware there are perfectly decent people who support Trump and, frankly, those yobbos who rioted in the Capitol don’t need smearing, they have smeared themselves perfectly adequately. But I was pointing out for the Antifa instigator theory to work they would have to be dumb and easily lead.

      Proving a negative is always tricky. Because no Antifa supporters have been arrested etc . . . but it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s because the Feds are slack. (Btw, the BLM riots did not involve a direct assault on Federal property.) But it does mean there’s no proof of Antifa involvement.

      And of course if there were no Antifa instigators, then it does rather look as if it was Mr Trump’s rhetoric that inflamed the rioters . . .

      And as said all, NB all, court challenges have been thrown out. In some cases this is because those mounting those challenges couldn’t be bothered to submit them correctly, or have any evidence to back them up, but when they have been looked at, no merit in the allegations have been found. And fraud is not a political matter, it’s a criminal matter. FYI Federal investigations have found no evidence that the election was “stolen.”

      And frankly at this point I’ve got go and cook dinner.

      I’m not going to make any difference to your conclusions. But I’ll try and keep an open mind that world may not work in the way I think it does.

      But, as always, when keeping an open mind I will be careful that my brain doesn’t fall out.

      Have a nice day.

      Btw & FWIW, I am cooking goulash

      • @ Fruitbat44 – “But I’ll try and keep an open mind that world may not work in the way I think it does.”

        If you do keep an open mind about the issues that I raised above, then I will count that as a victory. 🙂 It is more than 99.8% of the people, who lean to the Left, are ever willing to do.

        Especially in this day and age when the Left has created a Media/Big Tech/Academia/Hollywood/Government echo-chamber that continually reinforces the “correctness” of left-wing ideas and the total “evil” of any opposing ideas.

        All one has to do is to turn on CNN or MSNBC, and see the slavish praise and hero worship of Biden and his new Administration, to realize the fawning nature of these media sycophants. One also gets a sense of just how much they lack any speck of honesty or truth.

      • Fruitbat44,

        You wrote the BLM riots did not involve any assault on a federal building. That MAY be true, but earlier this summer one or two police stations were taken over by Leftists, perhaps Antifa. Also, at least one federal building was defaced. This happened in either Minneapolis, Portland Oregon, or Seattle. (There is a Portland Maine also, that’s why I specified Portland, OR). Since I am getting ready to go to work soon, the above comments are simply from memory, I’m too lazy to look them up right now.

        Think about all the rallies held by Donald Trump since 2016, or maybe even 2015. Do you remember even one instance of violence at any Trump rally? So the Capitol Hill Riot was an outlier. Are we to believe that Trump supporters were peaceful for years, then broke that pattern one time? That is possible, but does tend to make one suspicious of why that one rally was different.

        Trump fought the swamp, and the swamp won.

  20. Read and ponder what a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Four Star General thinks of Trump supporters. He offers his opinion that Trump supporters who are “extremists” bear worrisome similarities to radical Islamic jihadi groups that were and are active both in Iraq and also in Afghanistan. (This General ran a sophisticated intelligence analysis operation for the Democrats during the 2020 election campaign.) He appears to want dangerous American “dissenters” to be identified, categorized, listed, tracked, hunted down and brought to justice by domestic intelligence agencies (Homeland Security) and LE agencies (FBI.) For the record, this same General is a life member of the “Guns for Me, But Not for Thee” Club. No great surprise.


  21. Many people (here on this blog) are probably puzzled over one aspect of the Democrat Party assumption of power today. What puzzles them is this: Why did so many Republicans just stand around, with their hands in their pockets, while serious questions over the validity of the 2020 Presidential Election were raised and then, ignored, by everyone? Why did they just stand around as the two Georgia Senate seats were harvested by the Democrats to gain control of the Senate? In other words, why didn’t the Republican Party kick up more of a fuss as the Democrats employed many underhanded and questionable tactics in these elections?

    Was it just fear of the Democrat’s Media attack dogs?

    Partly it was fear. However, it was more than that. There is a symbiotic relationship between the Establishment Republicans and the Totalitarian Democrats that is the real root cause of Republican compliancy.

    To help understand this symbiotic relationship, I strongly suggest that everyone read the linked article below. Perhaps it will “open your eyes” as to how business is really conducted in Mordor.


  22. I posted your blog on my FB page, and most of the comments were along the lines of “they don’t need ammo”, to references to Kent State, and they’ll get ammo when it’s needed.

    I then asked if they were too untrained and incompetent to handle loaded guns, did it make sense to suddenly issue them ammo in an extreme stress situation when the poop has hit the fan?

    No wonder why Biden brought in private security to augment all of this. He probably knows that the guardsmen are nothing more than window dressing.

    The real question is why anyone with half a brain would sign up to serve in the Guard with such incompetent, careless leadership?

  23. I expect in the near future all subjects of the Communist States of America will have to swear loyalty to our Dear Leader II. Those submissive subjects will be issued papers which will allow them to travel freely while others will be searched and detained at checkpoints and roadblocks set up to arrest members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and confiscate banned weapons and ammunition, and of course, money and valuables which will be used to supply their many supporters with Free Stuff in exchange for votes.

    Ironically some of survivors of the Holocaust who lived under tyranny and moved to the U.S.A. and their descendants, have voted to install another dictator here and they may experience that horror again in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, the rest of us good Americans who voted for freedom and even fought for it will suffer the same fate as those fools.

    • President Biden acts like someone who was put through electroshock. He can barely focus on reading, let alone seem to think for himself. It looks too much like Alzheimer’s dementia, or maybe he has been the victim of a mild stroke. His demeanor hardly bodes well, especially considering his demonizing rhetoric. Disinterested medical specialists need to give a public Biden health report. The Congress needs to be willing to suggest rest for Mr. Biden. Whom do they think they are fooling, besides themselves? Kamala Harris has hopefully become more aware that flippantly suggesting violence against someone is stupid, more so because it can trigger a first-strike impulse from victims.

      • It’s a good thing Crooked Joe has Doctor Biden to take care of him by wiping the drool from his mouth, helping him change his diapers, and make sure his fly is zipped up when in public. Oh yeah, and she allows children to stroke Crooked Joe’s long blonde legs hairs until they stand up and then jump on his lap. Doctor Biden also makes sure her husband’s record player is on all night long and keeps his double barreled shotgun loaded in case any lying dog faced pony soldiers or one horse ponies show up at the White House speaking with a slight Indian accent.

  24. Here’s an instance of the mainstream media’s effort to lump all 75 million Trump voters in with the criminals who committed a wide range of felonies outside and inside the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and to define Americans who should dare to dissent from the current Democrat Party line as “domestic insurgents.” IMHO, this is no way to to heal a divided nation.

    Opinion | Joe Biden’s fundamental challenge is to root out the domestic insurgency – The Washington Post


  25. Unity with the modern democrats doesn’t have anything to do with equal standing. If your not one of “them” you MUST bow down to your lords snd masters.
    Unity has a new definition, capitulation, “do as we say, not as we do”
    I cannot and WILL NOT “unify” with someone who wishes to rule over me!

    • Ed.

      When did America suddenly become about unity. I thought America was about diversity. Remember, “Diversity is our Strength?” 😉

  26. The Army has never trusted soldiers with ammo. I can’t recall any case of ARNG being deployed domestically where they carried loaded guns… Hurricane Katrina being a possible exception for some units.

    I was in the Fulda Gap for three years. We patrolled the inter-German border every day, and we had five rounds in one magazine, and that magazine was duct-taped into a mag pouch. We weren’t allowed to even have empty magazines in our rifles, and muzzles had to point away from East Germany at all times.

    • KBCraig,

      What you describe is really pathetic. I believe you. John Farnam calls our troops “Unarmed Forces.” What is the best defense against the American military? Give them incompetent civilian leadership.

      When the US military has incompetent leadership, it can lose wars to rag tag armies of civilians whose only weapons are rifles, grenades, mortars, artillery, snipers and improvised explosive devices. No tanks, no helicopters, no planes, no ships, no night vision goggles nor body armor. Our military looks really pathetic. Their only victory is they kept us safe here at home. Our foreign enemies are not defeated.

      Smedley Butler was right, “War is a racket.”

  27. I sure hope nothing happens to Jill or there will be no one around to hold old Joe’s hand and help him walk, point him in the right direction, or tell when to wave. Scary to think that this man just declared war on half of the US population.

  28. The endless, left-wing-manufactured cycle of creating a crisis and exploiting it while pointing fingers at other people is getting old. Time for a daily message of politely expressed personal opinion addressed to the actual culprits that are making a mess of one of the the most fundamentally peaceful countries on earth. The blaming and shaming legislators that negligently allowed the Capitol to be overwhelmed on January 6 need to confess their pivotal role in creating the homicidal disaster. The security force was needlessly denied their decisive allotment of National Guard security troops called up on January 4 by President Trump.

  29. What does the inauguration of Joe Biden really mean for America?

    In a nutshell, it means that the Trump Storm is over (for the moment) and the harvest can begin again. What harvest, you ask? Why, it is the harvest of power and money for the Uni-Party (The Democrats and the Establishment Republicans).

    You see, our modern-day Mordor is all about the harvest. It is a multi-part harvest, in fact, because the Uni-Party has many crops.

    It starts with the sowing and tending of the American underclass. Typically composed of minorities such as African Americans and Hispanic (legal or illegal) immigrants. The Uni-Party needs a permanent underclass upon which to apply their racial and class-based divisive tactics. By using these tactics, and by using social policies that create a state of dependency in the underclass, the Uni-Party can harvest votes from the underclass in perpetuity. This is independent from their election tactic of actual vote harvesting as it normally applies. This first harvest, of votes, is to keep the Uni-Party in power.

    Once in power, the Uni-Party can proceed with the main harvest. First, there are the tax dollars to be harvested from middle-class Americans. Since taxes are required, by Federal Law, the Uni-Party can use the force of Law to extract this harvest from the middle class. There is no need to compensate the middle class for these tax dollars, so it is “taxation without representation” as far as the middle class goes.

    A portion of these tax dollars gets redistributed to the underclasses to perpetuate the state of dependency and “sow the seeds” for the future harvest of votes. Some gets skimmed off and, by various means, gets redirected back into the pockets of the Uni-Party.

    Finally, the Uni-Party leverages its power to harvest money from global big business. Generally, in exchange for passing legislation favorable to the globalists. Certainly, Joe Biden (and his family) knows well how to reap this harvest.

    So, you see it is all about the harvest. The Uni-Party continually harvests votes with one hand and then money with the other. Is it any wonder that so many members of the Uni-Party come to Washington, D.C. (Mordor) as paupers and leave as multi-millionaires?

    Donald Trump somewhat disrupted the harvest for a while. Is it any wonder that the Farmers were so enraged by his election? However, today they are happy. A senior farmer, Joe Biden, has taken over and the harvest can resume anew.

    I do not know what hymn was sung at Joe Biden’s inauguration, but I know which hymn should have been sung:

    “Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves.
    We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.”


    • Satan is harvesting millions of souls with the help of Demoncrats. These would be the souls of the stupid liberals, as the souls of the evil ones have already been pledged to the Dark Side.

    • Just an addendum to my comment above.

      The unrelenting harvest of the Uni-Party cannot continue forever. No doubt this is sad news to the members of the Uni-Party. They do enjoy the harvest so much! However, the time is coming when the crops will fail.

      The clever harvest system of the Uni-Party is destructive to the American Middle-class. They are the one who must “foot the bill” for this continuing harvest. This current Uni-Party harvest system has been in place for several decades now and is not just in America. It exists in any Western Country in which the Left has significant power. See this article:


      In any society, the Middle-Class is the stabilizing sector. They play the same role that control rods play in a nuclear reactor. They keep the society humming along and stable. Once the Middle-class diminishes from a society, that society becomes unstable. It is like removing the control rods and letting the reactor run wild and melt-down.

      So, as the Uni-Party destroys the Middle-class, they destroy their own fields. Like Farmers who destroy the fertility of their soil by means of poor crop rotation and over-harvesting. Indeed, the Uni-Party’s use of Covid-19 to remove Donald Trump, to renew their harvest, did great damage to the Middle-class. The Covid-19 shutdowns greatly hurt many small businesses across America and across the Western World. Many small businesses closed their doors and will never re-open them.

      I can not say when the Uni-Party harvest will end. It could last for years or even decades into the future. However, at some point, the Middle-class will be mostly wiped out. American society will devolve into a huge, impoverished underclass living under their wealthy Uni-Party rulers. At that point, with little or no Middle-class to provide stability, the reactor will go super-critical.

      We have seen this before. Look at the French Revolution. Look at the Russian Revolution that removed the Czar and his family from power. That is what will happen in America when the unrelenting Uni-Party harvest destroys the Middle-class. Leaders will arise in the underclass and the Uni-Party will lose control. Meltdown will follow.

      We already see the seeds of this in the deep Blue States like California and New York. The impoverishment of those States combined with the destruction of their Middle-classes. As the greedy Uni-Party continues their unrelenting harvest, the impoverishment will spread to the remaining Red States. The shrinkage of the Middle-class will accelerate. Then, somewhere, someone will strike a match and the entire Country will go up in flames.

      The historical trends are there for those who have their eyes open and can see.

      • TN_MAN,

        You correctly point out that, through taxes, the middle class is paying for its own destruction.

        I have been thinking that this lockdown is the perfect time for parents to get their children out of the public schools and homeschool them. I am sure homeschooling is not easy, but I am also sure public education is child abuse.

        Wouldn’t it be nice if those of us on the Right could have our own culture, and exclude any Leftists from our lives? The Amish have successfully been doing that since the 1700s.

      • @ Roger Wilco,

        Here is another link supporting the points that I made above:


        The end of the Uni-Party’s greedy harvest system is coming. It is just a matter of time. The elites will fight to postpone the day of reckoning for as long as possible. However, the longer it takes to finally break the harvest system, the more terrible and bloody the final “breakage” will be.

        The elites can dam the stream but, when their dam finally breaks, they will be totally washed away in the mighty flood that follows its breakage.

  30. They had to come up with some sort of excuse for the place being empty… Then they rebacked ground check for racist… 2 out of 25,000 1/12,000! Now you are hearing about racism in the military, the most color blind part of America! It’s an excuse to purge!

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