1. Mas,

    I am blessed to live in Texas. All ranges are open here. Indoor ranges are using some restrictions VOLUNTARILY and out door ranges are using good sense but have few limits other than the recommendation of Social Distancing and keeping your hand clean.

    Face masks are optional out doors.

    God. Bless Texas and Fod Bless America!


    • Jerry Adams,

      Texas has citizens who are knowledgeable about politics and economics, Ron Paul and other decent politicians, energy, and its own independent electrical grid. Definitely one of the few bright spots on this planet.

  2. Thank you for the kind words about EOC. We try to be a asset to the community always, and make all members and guest fill welcome.

  3. The Washington state governor declared the Second Amendment nonessential so we have to wait it out. November can’t come soon enough.

    • Yet, there is some positive movement, further South, on the Second Amendment in the Socialist Republic of California (of all places!). See this story:

      This clearly shows the importance of President Trump’s appointments to the Federal Courts. Imagine where we would be with a President Hillary in-office. In November 2016, we “dodged a bullet” that has allowed us to continue to buy bullets! 🙂

      • TN_MAN,

        Good 2A news from CA? Hell must be experiencing temps below freezing.

    • As of a couple weeks ago, the guv of Washington State had not “declared the Second Ammndment nonessential”. He DID fail to include firearms, gun stores, ranges, etc, in the”Essential” list, byt many gun stores are remaining open. I’ve received word directly from the folks at SecondAmmendment Foundation that they have a lawsuit and at lest half a dozeon plaintiffs with standing ready to file on a moment’s notice, and that Jay Inslee is aware of that. So it seems there is a “de facto” inclusion onto the “essential” list. I am not sure the status of gun ranges, I know of one event in a couple weeks that remains on the calendar.

  4. That bulletin was well-written and clear. Citizens of New Hampshire, do not let the communists take over your state! Enjoy your liberty and hang on to it. “Live free or die.”

  5. Mas,
    Thank you for singling out this club for doing things right. It encourages others to do the same thing, and shows just how reasonable gun owners really are. I live in Michigan, and saw that our governor,Gretchen Whitmer, came out today with new modified regulations. So I will have to look online and see just what they include. I doubt that she will change her rules on gun stores, but you never know.
    Since Michigan passed recreational marijuana in 2018, the BATFE made a new rule, that made it so that holders of CCW’s now have to undergo a background check to purchase a gun from an FFL dealer. Before, you only had to show your CCW and they could take the numbers down, and it was good, since you have already undergone an extensive background check to get your CCW. I think that the BATFE is just punishing the gun owners in Michigan because of the marijuana vote.

  6. Our gun club here in NC is doing a similar thing to Enfield. No club meetings or training courses that require indoor association, but the ranges are still open. We’ve just been asked to follow social distancing and clean up after ourselves. The indoor range where I work has closed, but that was voluntary, not mandatory, and there are plans afoot to reopen soon with some additional provisions made for distancing.
    The blog Legal Insurrection has a nice blurb about the judge’s decision in CA – makes for great reading! go to legalinsurrectioncom and scroll down a few entries