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  1. I’d be very interested in hearing what both have to say about Portland’s leniency on crime and where they think their city is headed as a result.

    • If either is still employed by that twisted city, I rather doubt they would go on record with their real thoughts on whats going on and why. That mayor is quite the piece of work, and would not take kindly to any “underlings” (for so they are in that mayor’s “sight”) speaking openly against current policy and its certain results. There are parts of Portland I will no longer go into, armed or otherwise, , and parts I will no longer enter at night, which “list’ includes some of the bikepaths that used to be useful ways of limiting risk from traffic at night. no longer, I’ll take my chances on Portland’s “wonderful” roads at night to avoid those extreme risk danger zones on the bike paths. I canno tcarry a gun big enough on my bike to deal with what could easily happen along those corridors…….. and would rather ride my bike in peace and take my shots at the range without mixing the two activities.

      • Tionico,

        What you say about Portland’s mayor is sad but true. Our form of government was erected to prevent tyrants from getting into office, staying there a long time, and doing a lot of damage to the people. As you know, kings were born into their office and held it for life. Kind of similar to Kim Jong Un in North Korea. That’s the kind of situation our Founding Fathers were trying to avoid. However, our system relies on voters who educate themselves so they can vote intelligently. Because of bad parenting, infiltration of our schools and culture by lovers of big government, laziness on the part of voters, and lies spread by politicians, media and teachers, we no longer have an informed citizenry.

        So, by being neglectful, many of our fellow citizens are tearing down the wonderful country which was built, maintained and handed off to us by those who went before.

        Reminds me of Proverbs 14:1 (NIV) “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

  2. Okay uncle Mas,on your word I will order this, and hope Sgt. Maj. Mommy will see it my way lol. Seriously, I’ve been an armed citizen for many years, in four states, have been reading you for over three decades, and have learned that the more I learn the more learning there is to be done. Kudos from us in Idaho.

  3. I’m considering getting a second copy to send to Bloomberg. Think I could get a bulk discount for the whole party?

    • Ralph,

      I handwrote a respectful letter to Bloomberg on lite-blue resume paper. Mailed it in a 9″X12″ manila envelope so I didn’t have to fold it. I basically told him he was a business genius who should stay out of politics. I underscored the need to LEAVE OUR GUNS ALONE and expressed amazement as to how two Jews like himself and Soros could be for disarming citizens.

      Please send him “Deadly Force Encounters.” Can’t hurt. How can a person be so smart in some areas of life, and so stupid in other areas? It’s like being a genius and a dunce at the same time.

      • Thanks to TN_MAN, I know that Michael Bloomberg suffers from Leftist delusion. He’s attracted to an ideology that allows him to be god-like, making his own decisions, obeying his own desires and acquiring power. He believes he’s on the road to utopia.