I’ve known Alan Korwin for decades, and he has long been one of our most powerful voices for gun owner’s civil rights.  He has a lot of material you can appreciate at his site, Gunlaws.com, and regularly writes for Jews For Preservation of Firearms Ownership (jpfo.org). I thought his latest was worth sharing here.


  1. It’s not just Beto. Virginia gun owners will be in real trouble if the Democrats take over the General Assembly with our current Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam. Mikey Bloomberg is throwing lots of dollars into our election.

    • Here in Virginia, Tuesday is a huge day for firearms owners! New York money from Bloomberg sponsored anti-firearms orgs have been in a full court press to flip the house and senate to an anti-gun majority. This is a test bed for the rest of the country.

  2. Alan is spot-on! Words mean things, and it does not matter in what order they appear. If it is xxxx for one ethnic group, then it is also xxxx for another group! This is why I do not subscribe to PC speech.

    I work for a black owned company with scarce amount of white people in my direct charge. Yet, the race-baiting continues. One of my black coworkers stated to me their culture is that it is “ok to lie about white people”. Really.

    Now I am the white, racist, gun- toting conservative. Except the Ownership, God Bless his 90 years, not only gave me permission to carry at work but also put me over the group because he “knows what they are all about”. His words, not mine.Ha!

    Sport rifle, hunting rifle, weapon of mass destruction. Whatever. Bottom line is they are all just tools and in the wrong hands of the wrong-minded, give the wrong results.

  3. In colonial times, the men saved and worked hard, each to purchase the finest most reliable and accurate arms they could afford. Many had the military weapons they had been issued when they served in the British Army. They trained withtese weapons for service, of course, but the main reason they were such superior marksmen is that the vast majoirty of them HAD to be excellent marksmen in order to feed their families. The New World abounded wiht many types of game… deer, rabbit, turkey, pheasant, grouse, in some areas feral pigs. Beaver pelts provided cash. Then there were also the two legged predators, which at times had to be taken out of action as they came against the colonists with their own weapons. Being a crack shot was a life-giving/preserving skill.

    They trained as militia, each town, village, crosssroads, settlement, and marksmanship was one of the critical skills.

    In contrast, the Britoch Regular Armu had a uniformly poor quality long gun for their infantry. They lacked front sights, were bored to .75 calibre, but they used a .69 calibre ball… a six thousandths of an inch clearance. That resulted in two characteristics of the British solider: first, they really could not aim well, and second they had to maintain the barrel in an up-tilted orientation, else the ball would roll right out the end of the muzzle!!! Part of why they consistently shot high of their mark. The volley the Regulars fired at the North Bridge at Concord almost all went high.. of perhaps a hudnred rounds only two makde a difference. In contrast, when Isaac Davis’ company of Militia returned that volley with two of their own, half the officers and a third of the regulars were taken out of action.

    The better quality weapons, and training to use them well, is what carried the day. And the war.

    As the Constitutionwas being developed, the Framers well remembered the difference those two things meant to their success.. superior weapons, and superior skill. There is NO QUESTION that when they drafted that Second Article of Ammendment they fully intended to include weapons of war, and the means to obtain and maintain the superior skills necessary to maintain “the security of a free state”. They KNEW General Gage had sent his 800 men to Lexington and COncord for the express purpose and mission of disarming the men of those two towns. That day was a day of division: will we bow to the demands of the lawbreaking tyrant king in england who sent his minions to disarm us, or will we stand and make use of the tools and skill with which we have been blessed, and force that tyrant king to leave us alone to live the way WE want to live? They had endured the “long train of abuses” for decades, but the “line in the sand” past which they WOULD NOT be pushed was disarmament. They knew their dreams of life on a new continent free of tyrannical opporession would end the moment they heeded Jesse Adair’s command “lay down your arms and disperse ye damned rebels”. They did disperse… WITH their weapons. Many of those men went back out, after burying their dead, reloaded their arms, marched back out and waited in ambush for the Regulars to return…. and settled a score they had with them. Once more, superior arms and skill at their use had their toll against their new enemy that afternoon.

    If there was any “crossover” between tools of sport and tools of offensive battle, it was that the tools of battle were employed in the getting of food for their families. In their view, the tools were not just able to be impressed into the “other” service, they were kept precisely because they had universal application to life as they knew it. Nothing has changed in the interim.

  4. I recall an article that Ben Stein wrote several years ago in the American Spectator where he recounted all the millions in the last century who were killed by their own governments. The holocaust is obvious, but he also pointed out all the millions killed in other incidents by other governments. Seems whenever some government wants heaven on earth, they start by murdering whole classes of citizens.

    So if people want to talk about mass killings, fine. Ever hear about the one over in China where some wacked out dude named Mao killed 45,000,000 people? Or some moody guy named Pol Pot–he went on a rampage too sometime later. Or how about that cult leader Lennon who starved 6,000,000 farmers to death by confiscating their food at gun point. I could go on page after page. The common denominator: they could enforce their heaven on earth on an unarmed populace.

    • @ Jacob Morgan – You should also add Comrade Stalin to your list. He continued the policy of using famine as a weapon against political enemies even after Comrade Lenin’s death in 1924. See this link:


      Also, Comrade Stalin added his own touches in the form of purges and forced ethic cleansing. I would say that Comrade Stalin’s body count exceeded Comrade Lenin’s in the long term. After all, Comrade Stalin was in power from a long longer period of time and, therefore, had greater opportunities for this kind of work.

  5. Alan Korwin wrote a great article, and the comments above are fantastic as well. Some or perhaps many of the Founding Fathers did not trust a standing army. They wanted America to be protected by citizen militias, just like the Swiss had then and now. So, if the civilian population was tasked with defending the whole country, of course they would have access to all types of military weapons, including cannons and warships. If America had stayed with the citizen militia concept, I suppose state governments would provide county militias with the more expensive weapon systems we have today. The idea of defending a nation with a citizen militia seems unworkable today, but the Swiss are doing it still. Sun Tzu would consider the Swiss Army superior to the American military, because the Swiss keep their freedom without having to fight.

    Tools are not dangerous, there are only dangerous human minds. A good man with an atom bomb will keep it safely, and it will not harm anyone. A bad man with a hammer will be able to kill more people with that hammer than the three people killed WITH A BOMB during the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2013.

    Beto is a fool, but the Democrats should not be under-estimated. Hillary got more votes than Trump, so there are a lot of voting fools out there. They are a danger to themselves and our Republic, because they refuse to educate themselves. An informed electorate is necessary for our form of government to function well.

    We are already in Civil War II. Our politicians have been targeted, when Steve Scalise was shot on June 14th, 2017. Some assassination like that could be the trigger to turn our cold civil war into a hot one. Remember John Brown’s raid, and Gavrilo Princip. Our police are being ambushed almost daily, so the civil war has already turned hot for them. The only thing keeping the civil war cool for now is that none of us wants to give up our comfortable lives (that includes me).

    Trump didn’t tell the Democrats about the raid to get Bag-Daddy-O. For them, a failed raid, with dead American soldiers, would be a political victory, because it would make Trump look bad.

    Bob Grant used to say, “It’s sick out there, and getting sicker.”

  6. Korwin’s article is excellent and includes information that most of us 2nd Amendment supporters know well. Why don’t others “get it?” A major problem society has is the poor quality United States public education system. It is nauseating how much politics influences the content of what kids learn; and equally nauseating how poorly trained many teachers are to actually deliver effective instruction. I was NEVER taught about the 2A in public schools- that was in the 1970’s and early 80’s. Think things have changed? Maybe that’s because I live in New York. My education about the 2A happened as an adult: self-guided learning.

    As a university professor I see the crap the young people are learning. I say “crap” because so much is clearly politically biased. Every time there is a mass murder- the reactions are “we need to keep guns off the street” or “who needs a gun anyway?” I had one genius faculty member say, “I’ve seen research that says it’s more dangerous to have a gun in the house than to not have one.” (Did you critically evaluate the methodology?) There is absolutely no call for having schools be armed, or for people themselves to be responsibly armed. None.

    And yet we are free to purchase butcher’s knives, axes, nail guns, propane tanks and fertilizer without restriction- and we don’t even need a license/permission slip.

    How many here have children, or know of children that are learning facts about the 2A- in addition to our other civil rights? And I mean “school-based” learning. Not learning from you as parents or home-school learning. If that answer is, “not many” then we are in for a difficult fight for years to come.

    • VinFromNewYork,

      Notice how as the cost of education rises, the quality of education falls.

      I am against classroom instruction for K–12 students. Classroom instruction is OK for college, in my view. K–12 should be done by homeschooling and tutoring.

      Doesn’t a classroom resemble an assembly line? Don’t homeschooling and tutoring provide a custom education centered on one child at a time? Classrooms are just big distractions for teachers, who are overwhelmed.

      Whatever the solution is, it involves parents being more involved in their children’s education.

      • Roger Wilco,
        The problem is, for todays parents they both need to work full time to keep a roof over their heads, and food on the table. School is more a baby sitter for the kids during the workday, and the parents don’t have any other choice. My daughter is a school teacher (4th grade), and most of her kids parents don’t give a $#!t what the kids are being taught, just keep them occupied while we go to work. My daughter also owns several firearms, both of the long and short variety, and knows how to use them.

      • Ken Nelson,

        Sadly, you are correct. One wage earner could support a family today, if they lived in a tent like Abraham & Sarah. No wonder socialism looks so attractive. Crony capitalism with fiat currency stinks. They say inflation is under control but it adds up year after year. With a gold standard, there would be no inflation, but there would be booms and busts. Can’t win. We are doomed.

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