1. Dammit, Mas! Now I have to relegate another holster to the BBoH* in the closet while I try this out.

    *Big Box of Holsters

  2. I’m curious to hear what you think of the LTT Beretta. I’ve never owned a DA/SA gun, but this one has been very interesting to me.

    • Very cool so far. Will be teaching a class with it this week in Indiana. Article will appear, down the road, in American Handgunner magazine.

  3. I don’t have one of the LFI Rigs, but I bought a Mitch Rosen ARG many years ago, and it remains my go-to IWB holster when carrying a 1911. Very comfortable (as much as can be expected with a 1911) and concealable. Guess the fact that both designs are still made and popular speak well for the design and the maker!

  4. Around the same time, I constructed a homemade version similar to yours with one important difference. My belt was a thicker softer version with rounded edges and buckle which allowed me to wear it as a gunbelt under my dress clothing. Sounds silly but I carried an Officers Model 45 for 25 years that way behind my hip under a tucked in white dress shirt without a jacket (living in the deep south.) It did require a two handed draw but concealment was superb with the fabric bloused and it had the added bonus of not allowing your firearm to drop when your pants did! When you get older, everyone starts hugging you so I had to retire that method along with my youth.

  5. Wow, where has 30 years gone ? I remember eagerly awaiting my American Handgunner magazine to show up every other month in the mail. Lots of memories come flooding back: a Ruger Security-Six with Packy Presentation grips, a nickel plated Chiefs Special as my off duty gun, a Lee turret press “c” clamped to my small apartment kitchen table where I churned out hot .357 load using Blue Dot, all my holsters made of leather, etc…Thanks for the memories!!

  6. I’ve got at least 3 of those LFI holsters that I bought from your mail-order business in the early 90’s. I’ve worn out several belts over the years with them. Holsters are still good to go.
    The only real problem I encountered was the black holster and business belt for my S&W 442 didn’t have enough engagement when worn at the necessary angle for concealment. Came off the belt a couple times, even when used with the full size belt. Tab was too short. I’ve thought that those tabs should have an up-angled addition (wings?) front and back to add more gripping surface with more Velcro \_/ . The angle to keep the corners from hanging below the belt when using the FBI Cant for concealment. That holster got retired. [442-0 was due to your write-up/recommend in AH. I pot small cans on the 40 yd tin-can range with it:D ]

    Loved the ARG and belt I got shortly after for another of your recommendations, a LtWt .45 Officers Model. (Lets not talk about the Pocket Nine from Colt, what a POS that turned out to be.)