A hero did the right thing, and we’ll never know how many lives were saved by his skilled and decisive action.
And, of course, he was One Of Us.
From the National Review.


  1. Looking for a full story eventually from Mas on the St. Cloud knife attack vs. Jason Falconer. Good thing Mr. Falconer was on the spot and on the ball. You really have to have your radar up in the malls these days. Knives are one thing, but IEDs are another. The hey-day of the sniffer dog is likely blooming. Great that they don’t have to be attack dogs, just normal, friendly pooches.

  2. That was an interesting read. I had heard conflicting reports as to his affiliation with the police and this squares the information perfectly.

  3. What the article left out is that Mr. Falconer is a graduate of Front Sight. He was a distinguished graduate of his class, and that’s not an easy thing to achieve.

  4. I am rather bothered that Frontsite sent out emails about him. (as he is keeping low profile I doubt he gave permission) That he took course in 2009. His site says he took training from many places (I did not see it name them) As well as LEO training, training folks since at least 2003 as buinsess.
    Just sits wrong with me that place I take training at would use that to publicize themselves.

  5. I’ve read lots of stories about “regular” people successfully defending themselves with guns but most seem like plain good luck and often some dumb moves, like shooting through a door or pegging shots at a fleeing burglar, but never a trained CCW Instructor, until now. Great that he was in a position to end this attack and that he was able to act during a crisis (many people cannot no matter how good their training in “practice”).
    I researched the story a bit and it said that the knife-wielder attacked him and was shot, fell down, got up, was shot again, fell down, got up a second time and was shot fatlly the third time. I’m guessing that Falconer is re-evaluating the bullet-style used and maybe even thinking of a larger caliber…

  6. Excellent article, I’m so thankful that you bring this forward.
    This whole event/article points out how IMPORTANT training is!!!!!!!
    It parallels what you talk about in Mag40…..;”you will no longer go to the range to shoot, you will TRAIN, you will shoot with a purpose!” That FACT can never be repeated enough!

  7. Forgive me being a ray of sunshine here, but I wonder how longer before Mr. Falconer’s legitimate self-defense and LEO credentials are turned into his “pattern of training to kill” ?

    Mark my words…

  8. Whatever bullet/impact point Mr. Falconer used knocked the guy down 3 times out of 3. To me that sounds pretty good for a real-world carry handgun.

  9. Can you imagine a Terrorist, like this going through a Boston school, only the full time LEO’s won’t be armed. What’s wrong with these liberal’s.

  10. LarryA says: “Whatever bullet/impact point Mr. Falconer used knocked the guy down 3 times out of 3. To me that sounds pretty good for a real-world carry handgun.”

    Larry, I would think that “pretty good” could get you killed. What you want is at least “Excellent” if not “Perfect.” I would also like to think that the “impact point” (with Falconer’s training expertise) was the center of Center mass but apparently the bullet style or energy was lacking. I would love to know what gun and ammo he was using.

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