My favorite Chicago Tribune columnist, John Kass, asks why President Biden has gone longer in the White House without taking questions from the press than any Chief Executive in recent memory.

As Kass notes, there’s a lot to answer for.

Not the least of which is why the President is pushing legislation which would take effective self-defense weaponry away from law-abiding citizens, who by definition are the only ones who would obey such laws?

It has been my experience that leaders who won’t take questions generally don’t have much in the way of answers.

Readers, what’s your take on why Biden would be hidin’?


  1. Fear. Not so much fear of the people. With the power of the Deep State Government, Secret Police (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.), Anti-American Media, Education/Indoctrination System, and Big Business/Big Tech at their beck and call, the Leftists think that they have The People well under their thumb.

    No, it is because they fear that they cannot control/rely upon Biden himself. Biden has been in mental decline for a long time now. Even with prompting and extensive preparation, they fear that he will freeze up, fade out, drift incoherently or say something really wrong and embarrassing anytime that he speaks.

    The deal that the Leftist Powers have with the Biden Crime Family is that Old Joe can fill the role of figurehead as long as he is able. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that he is not able to effectively act even in the role of figurehead much less as “Leader of the Free World” (Boy, that title sure does not fit the 21st Century. It is a relic of the 20th).

    You are starting to see occasional negative stories in the Anti-American Media now. These are probably “Trial Balloons” being sent up prior to the effort to push Biden out and put Harris in.

    • The unfortunate Mr. Biden showing instability while in custody of the “nuclear codes” reminds me somewhat of President Reagan and the “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” ditty that may nearly have ignited the Middle East. Our present leadership is not just playing with dynamite, but with decidedly un-green NUCLEAR destruction. The need for Vice President Harris to accompany the President puts her in too much proximity to him in the event of a herewith unmentionable incapacitating aggression by hostile agents. The Presidential line of succession needs at least one more thoroughly qualified member right now.

      • A reminder that idiots, lunatics, insane persons, and probably anybody else judged mentally incompetent, are incapable of committing crimes. Sort of a kind of automatic pardon in certain circumstances?

  2. 1. Biden is in such a deteriorated state that he is unable to form coherent responses to live questions.

    2. Biden cut a deal with the radical left-wing power brokers in which he was allowed to run as their “moderate” presidential candidate but was not allowed any input on their legislative wish list.

    It will be interesting to hear tonight what further indignities he will ask of the American people in order to fight the COVID menace. I doubt that he will be able to complete a 20 minute scripted telepromptered speech without looking like a frail pathetic fool.

  3. When 81,000,000 people voted for you. When you have control of the house and senate and 20 to 25 “Republicans” who will side with you when you need them. When you have the media in your pocket and unlimited political campaign funding you don’t have to answer for anything.

    • correction: when you have 81 million votes COUNTED toward your total, then the remainder holds true.

      Remember, per I believe it was Stalin.. it ain’t how many votes you get,its about WHO counts those votes.

      The jury has not yet been called up to weigh the evidence on THAT question. And Biden KNOWS IT. I believe that is at the root of his shadowboxing.

      • Exactly my thoughts. There are A LOT of pathetically stupid people, but I, in no way believe there 81,000,000 that really are THAT stupid!

  4. What Mark said. Senility and/or dementia are setting in, and so he’s not allowed in any situation where he might go “off-script”.

    He does give appearances and speeches, but his aides intervene and direct him out as soon as live questions start.

    Really, I believe it’s only a matter of time — and small time at that — before V.P. Kamala asks Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment and declare Ol’ Joe unfit for the office and he’s quietly retired. I’ll be surprised if he makes it to Christmas, honestly.

    Our first Woman of Color President won’t be elected to the post. Joe was elected as a “moderate”, but in one of the most high-profile “bait-and-switches” in history we’ll be getting a radical Leftist.

  5. Today, the House passed HR 8 & HR 1446, which would criminalize the private transfer of firearms & extend the time period for background checks from 3 to 10 days. Please contact your Senators, especially those of you with Democrat Senators, and urge them to vote against the Senate versions of these bills. Just more bites out of the Second Amendment.

  6. As an observer from north of the border, it seems quite obvious why he’s hiding, as well stated above. As to the firearm question, we here are under the same pressure of disarmament from our government as you are in the US. The bottom line is, you cannot control an armed population without their consent. The attacks on our ability to defend ourselves will never end until their demands are achieved, or they are permanently defeated. Allowing criminals to continue being armed helps them keep the public fearful, and fools the low info voters into joining their demands to disarm America and Canada. The future for us all is dark indeed. There are hidden long term reasons for their demands, and our safety is not one of them, but our surrender is!

  7. Because Biden is not in charge, and everyone knows that.
    He was pushed through as a talking head for Peloci, Schumer and the left to take control, by telling him exactly what to say. If it’s on a teleprompter, he can handle it. If not – he’s quickly whisked off to the shelter, or the cameras are shut down.
    Anybody see the latest opinion by the Secret Service Agents covering him ?
    Does anyone really believe he’s mentally competent ?
    Peloci knows she can take on Harris, and ‘step in’ when it’s decided to Amendment 25 Biden. Harris is a lightweight, Peloci knows that. (Anyone taking bets on when they remove Biden?)
    And as far as left wing ‘gun confiscation’ efforts go – how many of you are going to comply when they push through bans on YOUR law abiding, legally owned firearms or require you to be additionally taxed and regulated ?? The People are smarter than that now.
    Remember why the 2nd Amendment exists in the first place.
    Trump was an idiot, and couldn’t control his mouth, but by the end of these next four years, even those who voted Against him, will really be wondering what they voted FOR.
    The media is starting to turn now, and are surprisingly reporting on their prior coverups, and is only day 49 of 1460.

  8. What “Hidin Joe” really shows is their utter disregard for human life and how they do not treat people with dignity and respect. At this time in his life, Mr Biden needs to get extra care and spend the precious time he has left with the people he loves. It actually tells much about their true nature and what they think they have planned for the rest of us. We will continually live our lives without fear, control or manipulation, trusting always in the Almighty.

  9. They’re leaving him in long enough to get the most unpopular stuff through. Then, when he’s out they’ll deflect all criticism to him.

    • You make an excellent point! One principle espoused by Machiavelli in his book, The Prince, is that a wise ruler will farm out unpopular tasks to some minister, who can then take the blame for enraging the People. On the other hand, pleasant tasks (like handing our honors, rewards or benefits) should be reserved for the ruler’s own hand. In other words, the wise ruler keeps those tasks that will make him popular, for himself, but farms out the bad stuff to some flunky who can then take the blame.

      It should be clear that, although he holds the title of POTUS, Joe Biden is not the actual ruler of America. America is ruled by the Deep State / American Left. Biden is (actually) just their minister or, more accurately, a figurehead.

      A smart move would be to use Old Joe one last time. They used him as a moderate face for the Election. Now they can still use him to push the unpopular parts of their agenda. Basically, it would be a three-step process.

      1) While Joe is still figurehead, push through all the unpopular stuff (Gun Control, Pork, Federalized Voting, Open Borders, Green New Deal, etc.).

      2) Then blame the resulting backlash on Old Joe. Let him take the blame for these unpopular steps. This is easily done since they control the Anti-American Media. Just launch a bunch of stories that blame Old Joe for many missteps. They question his mental fitness. They use the popular backlash to support the push to remove him via the 25th Amendment.

      3) Have a “Benefits” package waiting in the wings. A package filled with all kinds of candy to make the Low Information Voters happy. Once Old Joe is sent off to pasture, move rapidly to pass the Candy Bill and hold a big Photo Op showing Harris signing the bill (handing out the candy).

      4) So, Old Joe departs under a cloud and takes a lot of the blame with him. Harris appears as the “Savior” who bears the gifts to hand out to the people so as to calm their unhappiness.

      Thus, the American Left gets all of their dirty work done early with Old Joe to take the blame. Then Harris rides in on a “White Horse” to save the day and keep the Democrats popular among the “Unwashed Masses” who are too stupid to see the “Man behind the Curtain”.

      These Leftists know every trick in the book. Not just in Machiavelli’s book but in Saul Alinsky’s too. They are all highly skilled in the arts of deceit and misdirection. They know well how to rape the low information voter in such a way that they will end up thanking them for the privilege.

  10. I don’t believe Biden has much to do with any of what he is “doing”. Now Kamala Harris on the other hand is now in the perfect position to push her radical agenda by eing the “guiding” hand behind Biden’s actions.

  11. What a coincidence! Mexico, the failed, violence wracked narco-state to our south, whose citizens are pouring across our southern border daily and nightly in an Oklahoma Land Rush-style all out invasion (minus horses and Conestoga wagons), employs a veteran reporter at Univision’s Los Angeles CA office and high level Mexican government officials to lecture the USA with dripping arrogance, condescension and pomposity about the inadequacy of America’s gun control laws … and this direct written assault by Mexicans on Americans’ 2A freedoms occurs at the very same time that giddy Democrats in the U.S. Congress are attempting to ram through multiple gun control bills and also a gun and magazine ban and to place those bills on the desk of the leader of the USA for his signature. Again, what a coincidence … NOT!

    • For many decades now, radical liberals have believed that America ‘stole’ our southwestern states from Mexico. They are of the opinion that California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma still belongs to Mexico and should be returned to that country. The really crazy liberals want us to dissolve the United States and give the land back to the Indians who they considered the only “true” Americans. Folks, we are dealing with insane people here who proudly call themselves Demoncrats. We are fighting for our way of life and we need to win.

  12. 1) jojothemonkeyboy isn’t holding press conferences because he is incomoetent to answer questions off the cuff.
    2) The “hidin’biden” administration’s agenda is the undermining of the United States, its Constitution, its economy, its military, its borders, its culture.
    3) The agenda is not jojo’s but that of the people behind him and really running the show. jojo is ‘non compis mentis’ and just does as he is told, as best he can.
    4) All the ‘executive orders’ are written by his haandlers and simply set before him to sign.
    5) Anyone who thinks that these are “bad choices” is fooling themselves. These are all purposeful and considered parts of a policy meant to destroy the nation. No more. No less.

  13. When the Speaker spoke of “removing a sitting president due to incapacity” everybody thought she was talking about Pres. Trump. I believe she was setting the stage to remove Pres. Biden. and put Ms. Harris at the Resolute Desk. That’s why she (Harris) was picked as VP, even though she was no friend of Joe during the debates. And, I suspect, why Joe zoomed to the top to take the nomination. Joe himself said that “he might develope some mysterious illness and have to step down.” What other presidential candidate has ever said something like that?
    Nope…this whole deal was set up from the get go. Joe does what he’s told and stays quiet when he’s told.

  14. The Democrats do not are about people who commit suicide by firearm or murders committed by firearms. Otherwise they would support legislation that might actually have an effect on suicide or murder; although I am not sure what such legislation would look like.

    Today the unarmed people of Hong Kong, Myanmar and Uganda are being oppressed by the governments that have all of the guns. You don’t hear or read or see much about this in American media, but fortunately the BBC is still reporting on those places.

    The Democrats want to disarm the American people so the American people can not, as enunciated in the Declaration of Independence, alter or abolish a government that becomes destructive of the inalienable rights. As Jefferson wrote in the Declaration: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide the Guards for their future security.”

    The Founding Fathers put a radical idea in the Declaration, that is, that sovereignty was vested in the people and the government’s power or authority was derived from the consent of the governed. They doubled down on this in the Preamble to the Constitution when they stated “We the people in order to form a more perfect Union,………, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    Over time government has gained more power; it craves even more.

  15. Aunt Kamala’s custom made crown has been ordered months ago and will be ready for her coronation when Crooked Joe is booted from the White House in the coming weeks or sooner. Liberal leaders have long known Biden is a bumbling idiot, but being a former VP for two terms under their beloved Messiah, he’s seen by the ignorant American masses as a moderate statesman and not some radical fanatic like Sanders or Warren. I had opined that Biden made a deal with the Demoncratic Party where he is their face until after the election, then Harris will assume the throne and rule wisely over her obedient subjects. Those not willing to obey better watch out or they will end up in a re-education facility or worse.

    Welcome to the New Socialist American Order presided over by Aunt Kamala. Hillary is very envious as it was her turn to rule. Long live the Queen/Empress!

  16. In the past, when Biden was of a sound mind, he used to frequently put his foot in his mouth. Now, with his mind impaired, he is in even more danger of saying something incoherent or stupid.

    Tonight he gave an excellent speech, in my opinion. My guess is that the speech was written by a team of excellent writers, and then Joe practiced reading the speech on the teleprompter several times before he delivered the speech live. That is how actors rehearse their parts. They then speak their lines, in the presence of a director, and several “takes” are recorded. The best “take” is the one you will see because that is the one the video editor put into the final version of the show.

    I believe Biden delivered the speech live, not recorded, but he rehearsed it several times, in the presence of coaches, and read the speech from a teleprompter. That way he would be in the least danger of messing up. Obama did the same thing. Trump shot from the hip and spoke his mind. Not a very wise thing to do when you have the most important job on earth, but Trump told the truth, loved America, and made good decisions for the country. Another way to put it would be that Trump had a bad style, but good substance. Biden, Obama and all the Democrats have a pleasant style, but their substance is destructive for the nation.

    • Roger, before Thursday night’s televised speech, Crooked Joe has taken so much of that memory enhancing drug Prevagen, constantly advertised on TV that he’s on the verge of overdosing and turning into a jellyfish, which is appropriate since he has no spine anyway.

  17. He’s hiding all the hard truths because he is playing to the vote algorithms. Biden is only as good a politician as his handlers display him at a time when what the country needs is a strong sharp leader.

  18. He is not in charge. He is not really necessary. You can guess what’s coming. Ol’ Joe is nothing more than a mask, just like the check-the-appropriate-box V.P. what’s her name who will take over for Ol’ Joe when the time comes, and the only question that remains is when. Interesting thing about consequences is that you can’t poof! wish them away like the government can poof! create and spend obscene amounts of money. And comsequences, intended and otherwise, are coming. They must be scared, though. Why else keep 5000+ troops as a body guard.

    • The National Guard presence is not all bad. Hopefully the NG is protecting everybody. The huge weakness of Capitol Security was well demonstrated on January 6, deliberate or not. Any genuine special ops force from anywhere could have liquidated people virtually at will. Patriotic, well regulated militia would be the last ones I would expect to threaten innocent lives, though.

  19. I think it’s obvious he’s in early dementia. Harris and others are actually running the show. Notice how she’s always with him when he does stuff. And like today, led him out of the office without taking questions. Hiden’ Biden’s mental acuity appears hit and miss. I firmly believe he was “juiced” by a doctor before each debate. And, he had help via electronics. I know everyone said he was just well practiced, but in the last debate he kept looking up as if he’s reading something.

    It won’t be long until the White House Physician is forced to admit that Biden is not fit enough to be President. The Dems in the House know it as they tried to get the nuclear codes away from him.

    I agree with many other commenters here that the Democrat playbook is to install whatever it takes to make us a single party nation under them. That’s what HR 1 is all about and the many other bills now being considered and voted on will change the landscape of the “home of the brave and land of the free”. Ann Rand and Atlas Shrugged had it right. When the government takes it all, the nation collapses.

  20. As a person that voted for Biden 4 times. I think he’s doing a great job, heard but not seen is always been the American motto.

      • TN_MAN:

        Mr. Right’s liberal voting record may be canceled out by his brother Wilbur’s who may be a founding member of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. 😉

      • @ Tom606

        Yes, “Orville” is obviously a troll who wants to get a “rise” from the people who comment on this blog. His name tells us that if nothing else.

        Nevertheless, there are millions of voters who have repeatedly “pulled the voting lever” for Biden just as he indicates. Biden did not steal every single one of the 81 million votes that he is claimed to have received. The election was close enough so that, by targeting a handful of swing States with fraud, Biden (or, more accurately, his Deep State Puppeteers) were able to flip the results.

        Mr. Right may be a troll but he still speaks for millions of Low Information Voters who have been deceived by years of indoctrination and left-wing Media Propaganda.

        I thought it was better to provide some information as to why this view is wrong and dangerous rather than just stand mute and let this troll’s comment go unchallenged.

  21. Not surprised that Biden was incapable of giving anyone else credit for the absolutely incredible creation and distribution of the COVID vaccines. This was one of the most remarkable achievements in history & old Joe acts like it popped out of his butt in 2 months.

    Better be ready for Biden’s “number 4” where he said he will let us know in several weeks what we can and cannot do. All these clueless coastal elites don’t realize that people in the poor “flyover states” have been pretty much doing what they want to for months. May God help us.

  22. Why would Biden wish to disarm the law abiding citizens? As a motive force for this assault on our freedoms I offer the following comment by a tyrant from an earlier era.
    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms. History shows all conquerors who have allowed the subjected people to carry arms have prepared their own fall.” Adolf Hitler
    I don’t for a minute believe that Biden is in charge of anything he is nothing more than a puppet who only does what he is told by others. Call me a conspiracy whacko if you will, but I believe that our country is under siege from organized forces beyond our direct control. We were warned long ago that they were coming.
    “When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the label of communism. We will not take it under the label socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable; we will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But, take it we will.” –Alexander Trachtenberg at the National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944
    Have you noticed how many people now refer to our system of government as a “democracy”. It is in fact a Republic not a Democracy. Maybe I’m dead
    wrong. But who knows??

  23. If they keep pre-selecting those who “question” him to feed T-ball like questions, doesn’t matter if he holds press conferences or not.

    I kind of think that those who believe that the trolls behind the curtain are trying to keep him in office a decent amount of time before they shuffle him off stage (left). I expect they’re trying to get him to 2022 and possible absolute control of both houses. Should they lose the house and/or current split in the Senate, all bets are off. I’d expect a full blown socialist campaign in 2024 if that happens.

  24. When they want him to answer questions from us commoners they will provide us with the questions to ask. Those who wish to be king do not like it when people question their leadership decisions.

  25. My guess is that many Americans who vote for Democrats will continue to do so until their lives are affected. We see the trouble brewing, but for many, the trouble is not here yet. Look away from the news, and look at your town. I see most people still working. I see them go to restaurants, which is a sign of wealth. Many liberals can work from home on their computers. How are their retirement plans doing? Well, the stock market has never been higher. Tech and transportation companies make more money than they did before the pandemic. COVID-19? It only kills those with weak immune systems, who are in danger of dying soon anyway. The Spanish Flu of 1918 killed 675,000 Americans of all ages. The population of America in 1918 was 103 million AND our draftees in the military were involved in combat that year in France during WWI.

    Bad times may be coming, but for many, they are not here yet. Yes, some Americans have had their businesses shut down, and they must be suffering. But liberals may be happy with the reduced drama we get from Hidin’ Biden. And old Joe is so compassionate, he’s a welcome relief from the ever offensive orange man bad, who embarrassed Americans by his uncouth behavior and tweets.

    I’m guessing that that is how many liberals are thinking these days. As long as you have money, life is pretty good still.

  26. How can poor Joe be of the best service to the democrats, anarchists, communists, socialists (aka DACS)? By dieing for them.
    What would happen if a government agent wearing a mask to disguise himself as a known militia member shot poor Joe?
    This would accomplish several things. 1. Poor Joe is gone. His memory and “sacrafice” will be eternal. 2. Widespread gun control enacted. 3. Widespread discredit to militia and any conservative. 4. Sympathy votes for Democrats in 2022 prevent Republicans for gaining control of House and Senate.
    The ideal time for this to happen would be late 2021 or early 2022.

    • While what you suggest is possible, I do not think that it is probable.

      To run a “False Flag” operation involving the assassination of a sitting POTUS is very, very risky. No one can really keep a secret in Washington, D.C. Witness the fact that everyone knows the truth about the Russian Hoax that the Deep State ran on Donald Trump. The Anti-American Media is a part of this hoax and can lie to The People and put out reams of disinformation, but every one knows the truth. At least half a dozen books documenting the hoax have already been written and published.

      An assassination false-flag operation would test the Anti-American Media, and their propaganda skills, to the limit. Furthermore, it would be “World News” and there is real danger that outside media sources, beyond the control of the Deep State, would reveal the truth. If the truth ever came out, and was widely known and accepted by the American People, that the Deep State assassinated their own man just to enhance their power, then it could be a setback that could cripple them for years or even decades.

      From their point-of-view, there is no need to take such a high-stakes gamble. They are already in-power and with vote-rigging, high tech control of the internet, and the Anti-American Media on their side, they have a good chance of retaining it.

      No, I think the path I suggested in one of my comments, above, is more likely. They can use Biden as a blame-scapegoat to get the unpopular parts of their agenda passed into law. Then send him “off to pasture” with Harris riding in as the “hero” to take over. There is much less risk, for them, in that kind of operation.

  27. I keep seeing humor more than anything else in all this. Not that I take the situation lightly…it’s damned desperate…but there’s a sense of helplessness. Tyler’s views on democracy seem confirmed, and we would make a great step forward if instead of saying ‘Biden this’ and ‘Biden that’. we’d say, ‘the deep state’. Like a meme said, the situation now is not worse…it’s only more clear.
    When I think of Biden, I should think of how the system wanted to get even with us by putting a complete crook, nonentity, a man with a thoroughly disputable son and who has been accused of sexual assault himself (remember that?), they’re having a good laugh in the clubrooms, aren’t they? As Howie Carr in Boston said, ‘we stole this election fair and square.’
    But the humor. I recall Woody Allen’s Sleeper, where, in the future, the ‘leader’ is shown on TV as a man in white in a wheelchair, his faithful German Shepherd beside him. And in reality, all that’s left is his nose, which Allen kidnaps, holding a pistol to a nostril: ‘watch out of the nose gets it!”
    Or in Blazing Saddles, where the addled Mel Brooks is a wild-eyed, babbling governor who signs anything the bad guys put in front of him.
    Or in I, Claudius, where Tiberius, disgusted with Rome, sees a murderous, dissipated Caligula and names him successor, and creaks a wicked smile. “Rome deserves you,’ he says.
    I also recall a saying in old Prussia: ‘Unser Koenig ist absolut/ nur wenn ehr seine Wille tut.’
    (‘Our king is absolute, it is true/ so long as he does what we tell him to do’).
    As they used to say in Austria-Hungary, ‘the situation is hopeless but not serious.’
    Are you laughing?

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