We’ve been inundated lately with a gazillion versions of the meme of the screaming, finger-pointing blonde lady and a white pussycat.  Here’s an example:

Some aren’t funny. A couple that I thought were absolutely hilarious are, unfortunately, not suitable for publication in a family-oriented venue.

Here’s where it all comes from.

I want to thank Taylor Armstrong, Smudge the Cat, and those who brought them together for the entertainment they’ve provided in recent weeks.

This whole meme gives me a sense of déjà vu…

…but I can’t quite put my finger on why.


  1. Just my luck.I’m married to the state female Rock,Paper,Scissors Champion and she doesn’t let me forget it.

  2. Our culture is getting weirder by the day. Once, in an older and more orderly world,lunatics were confined to mental hospitals or the State of California. Now, they are loosed upon the internet and Pandora’s Box has been opened. (sigh!)

  3. Blonde screaming at cat to eat his vegetables in first photos.

    Blonde screaming at old geezer to eat his cake in second photo.

    Mas, watch out for that deadly apple slicer. At least you didn’t marry Lorena Bobbitt.

  4. Mas, that last photo is pretty hilarious. I have a strange sense of deja vú as well, but can’t place from where. Nobody I recognise in that pic…. it can’t be you two, as I”ve been with you before in a setting somewhat similar (though quite a bit larger) than that one, and never saw anything like that happen…….

    Maybe the cause of the tension in that photo is that there ain’t no cup of good coffee on the table. That fixes a WHOLE LOT of stuff.

    • Your concern is appreciated, David. I can’t help but notice, however, that while we all support shelters for battered women, we never see any for battered men.

      My theory is that it’s because battered men find their shelter in saloons.

      My reasoning is, if we’re gonna get battered, we might as well get fried.

  5. The other day I ran across a Tee shirt you tried to buy off me during a long ago Kubaton Instructor class. I vaguely thought of mailing it to you. After seeing the picture, I think I’ll keep it. Might end up being your epitaph.

    Possibly with a sufficient load on board one either doesn’t care if you’re battered or can’t recall how you got battered.

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