When the right does it in DC they call it an “insurrection.” When the left does it at institutions of higher learning, the media calls it “demonstrations.”Our friend Greg Ellifretz tipped us to this article which explains the darker side of the matter.

Your thoughts?


  1. Everything is corrupt. Nothing is real.

    Fortunately, we have 50 completely different and autonomous election systems with no ability to be audited. Those are all top-notch.

  2. Following the money and connections proves the adage that “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution”.

    The silly radicals on the campuses are themselves no threat to normal people. The threat is the billionaires behind them and the coercive arms of the state where there is substantial leftist control. So, following the money, while dangerous, is absolutely essential. (Incidentally, that same network is behind the gun control movement.) Then we need to figure out what to do about the billionaires. Foreign ones are easy to exclude if there was the will. Domestic ones are more difficult but the article points the way to the IRS.

  3. OK, I had to look “doxxing” up. To save other Luddites the trouble, It’s putting personal information of opponents out on the web. I guess it’s the digital version of “swatting”.

    The article does combine a lot information and put it into one place. While it’s potentially/probably a serious threat, ANTIFA has always somewhat amused me. The name has its roots in communism, “fascists” are non-communists. However, they’re so politically ignorant that their using the uniforms of Mussolini’s Fascisti and tactics of both Adolf and Benito. Who, by the way, were socialists.

    We/re starting to look more and more like Germany in the late 1920s-early 1930s. It’s most unfortunate that the folks involved in most of this are unaware of what happens to folks like them historically. There’s always an “adjustment” once they aren’t needed. See: French Revolution, “Night of the Long Knives”, “re-education camps”, Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (China), etc.

    A change in regime early next year and a DOJ that lives up to it’s name can start a return to some sanity.

    BTW, if you want some “history light”, you might look at the book “Winter” by Len Deighton. His father was in the British Foreign Office posted in Germany during the 20s-30s and he got a first person look at Germany’s transformation. Hopefully, we can avoid a similar fate.

  4. Although I was not aware of all of the details, mentioned in the linked article, nothing in this article really surprised me.

    There has been a left-wing global movement, to push Marxism and other forms of leftist indoctrination, for over a century. Since before the days of Marx and Engels for that matter. Leftist’s thought is an inherent curse of mankind that will likely only be eradicated with the extinction of our species.

    These destabilization tactics are practiced and “well-worn”. Anyone who knows World History will know that they have been used previously in dozens of countries ranging from Algeria to Venezuela.

    Once upon a time, the American Government worked for the American People and would stomp on any efforts to use these tactics on American soil. Now, the American Government has been co-opted by the Global Leftists. It now gives a “wink-and-a-nod” to the groups using these tactics in America and to the wealthy leftists who finance them.

    As a result, these tactics are performing their designed function. They are destabilizing America, Canada, Europe, and most of the Western World. Chaos is being sown with both hands by these leftist organizations.

    The ultimate goal? To burn down the Western World. To tear it all down so that they can re-build the left-wing utopia upon the ashes. A utopia in which these big, left-wing “Elites” think that they will rule and reap never-ending profit by “shearing the sheep” and “milking the herd” in perpetuity.

    So they think. My expectation is that they will also be consumed by the flames that they ignite. Their fate will likely be similar to the fate of the elites during the French Revolution.

    That is the only “Social Justice” that I foresee arising from their actions. It is not a justice that I want to see. It will mean death and suffering on a massive scale. I just hope that I will, myself, be dead and gone and “Ashes in the Urn” before this “Future Horror” reaches full bloom.

    • Being aware of past similar “social adjustments” is a good thing. I’ve studied this somewhat. The pattern is quite similar, though the details and the “surface” elements differ, as to the methods, somewhat.
      Over the milennia the paattern was similar… any government or group eventually decided they did not have enough powr and range, so they decided to break our from their own original bondaries to assume and subdue more outside their former bounds. Lether rinse repeat. Our own nation began on very different principles, but sadly those that have had their hands on the reins and whip have decided America alone is not enough. So the old pattern, whilst forestalled for at least a solid century, is getting more and more obvious. It is, however,being complicated by interference and action from far outside our boundaries. Sometimes it almost seems as if many nations/movements are simultaneously seeking to dominate the planet. Even individuals and small “clubs” are chasing the dream of world domination..WEF’s Schwab, Gates, some mawzee kingpins. But none will survive and prevail to “get there”. That does NOT mean many of us will not be in for a rough ride.

  5. It seems to me that if these organizations and operatives are not stopped by those legally authorized to do so, they may be stopped by those not legally unauthorized to do when they call 811 instead of 911.

  6. This began with the progressive education movement of John Dewey in the 1930s and continues with several generations of teachers now believing capitalism is evil and that they are the instruments of social “justice”. Coupled with the usual monkey wrenchers using IRA tactics and the BLM adopting the Black Panther operational mode, we have an amalgamated axis of socialism and plain criminal activity. Supportive prosecutors and judges carry the water as well. Keep your powder dry and antenna up, this will likely get worse before it gets better.

  7. Just what we need another radical, pro-Israeli genocide mouthpiece, Ellefritz, making excuses and spreading propaganda for Israel. As an Orthodox Christian who attends a church that’s overwhelmingly Palestinian, so are the four other churches that have opened because our Palestinian population has grew incredibly fast over the last 30-40 years, the amount of false information by the pro-Israel genocide movement on the right is disingenuous and repeating flat out lies. Israel was founded in 1948 when they invented modern terrorism and began murdering innocent Palestinians and stealing their land, Deir Yassin was one of the earliest Zionist terrorist attacks! Before Israel began it’s genocide of Palestinians, especially Orthodox Christians, Ramallah is a Palestinian city established by Orthodox Christians in honor of God, everyone from different religious backgrounds got along very well with rare, and very little problems…until the terrorist state of Israel was forced upon the Palestinians. Since then more land has been stolen and innocent people murdered by Israel in the name of Zionism and the world has stood by ignorantly supporting Israel vs Islam, the false narrative. Long before Israel stole the land, farms, churches and lives of the Palestinian troubles we see today the indigenous, Palestinian Orthodox Christian communities were vibrant and strong, a few years ago a documentary titled “The Stones Cry” was produced by the Orthodox Christian victims , Bishops, Priests, Monastics and lay people who lost everything because the Zionists said the land they’ve lived on for generations was not theirs anymore. Yes the movement has now been co-opted by the radical left because the Palestinian, Orthodox Christians have mostly been wiped out and has lost everything…hence the huge growth of Palestinian Christians in the US. Israel is the aggressor and is, in fact, committing genocide against what’s left of the Palestinian people and the supporters of Israel are guilty of supporting that genocide.

    • O dear. Another anti Israel, probably antisemitic, rabble rouser operating at about 180˚ from the historical truth. Just one instance: in 1967, when Israel (re)occupied Gaza, Judea and Samaria, the population was estimated at 1 million. It is now about 5.2 million (UN figures). That’s a pretty piss-poor showing for would-be genociders, mmm?

      Incidentally, I write as a fan of the Orthodox church, Greek flavor

      • You are literally ignoring Palestinian history of suffering genocide by the Israelis starting in 1947…and then you throw around “anti-semetic”, a buzzword most Americans are completely ignorant of its meaning, ignoring the fact that Palestinians are semetic people and the, overwhelming majority of Jewish people in Israel are not, Jewish occupiers are Ashkenazi Jews and not semetic Jews. You’ll have to try that disingenuous ploy elsewhere.

    • I don’t know who is right in this conflict. The Jews need a homeland, and the Palestinians had their land stolen out from under them. Both want the same piece of land, and hate the other side. I liken it to the American Indians getting money and arms from China, and taking back the northeast, throwing us out of our houses, and taking our property. Both sides have a valid claim to the land.

      If however, Palestinians elect Hamas, and Hamas attacks innocent men, women, children and seniors in a vicious manner, Israel has the right to do what is necessary to stop the threat to their people.

      The whole thing is a first class shit show.

      My concern is that since we are funding one side, we are going to end up getting hit to pay us back for this support.

      • Points taken, but this current conflict isn’t about land: Hamas’ ambition (see its 1988 charter, not rescinded by its later update) is to wipe Israel off the map, “from the river to the sea”, and after that wipe Jews from the face of the Earth. Charm-free, or wot?

        Indeed it is a shitshow, and seems to be an intractable one. That said, the repeated claims that it is Israel is pursuing a genocidal policy, is deliberately targeting civilians, is an apartheid society, &c., &c., are baseless bullshit, and it’s infuriating when they’re ostensibly supported by ahistorical fictions. An instance is ‘Nytmmstr”s reference to Deir Yassin, as if it were typical, when it (a) wasn’t a massacre, and (b) was a unique event in the War of Independence. It was a strategic objective, and the Israeli forces gave warning of their impending attack *and* left open an escape route for the villagers…

        Quite why ‘Nytmstr’ (who I suspect may well be a one-time troll) has concentrated on the alleged misfortunes of Orthodox Christans, I don’t know. Unless it’s a strange appeal for sympathy because that’s Mas’s background? In any case ?his account is ferociously tendentious and inaccurate.

      • Read Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad. He was with a group touring the Holy Land immediately before Zionism. Basically no one lived there. A few Arab peasants scratching our a living on land owned by absentee Turk landlords, a few Bedouin wandering around the desert, a few hyper-religious Jews studying Torah in the towns and a Christian presence in Jerusalem and some towns.

        Then the Zionists came and created an economy. Originally agriculturists, they later wound up in the cities especially Jaffa (now Tel Aviv) to the chagrin of the original Zionists. The economic opportunity drew in not only more Jews but large numbers of Arabs also, mostly from the surrounding countries.

        British machinations surrounding WW1 promised the same land to both Jew and Arab and then double crossed both of them. They illegally hived off Trans-Jordan which was the majority of the land area of the Mandate and presented it to their pet Arab dynasty who still rule there. The British tried direct rule of the rest and were faced with periodic revolt by the Arabs which turned increasingly anti-Jewish culminating in the big revolt in 1939 when the Arabs were cozying up to the Nazis. This provoked the Jews into helping the British. But then the British tilted back toward the Arabs, provoking a Jewish revolt that eventually led to the establishment of Israel. Up until that time the term “Palestinian” meant the Jews. The Arabs were called Arabs. It wasn’t until 1966 that the local Arabs started calling themselves Palestinians.

      • Thanks, Richard. I have read the Koran (Quran) twice, and have tried to understand the Middle East. Once Islam conquers a territory, it is not allowed to lose it, or give it to infidels. Islam used to rule in the area now called Israel. Now, Jews rule there. The Muslims could allow Jews to live there, IF THEY WERE RULED BY MUSLIMS.

        Also, it is OK for a Muslim to lie to infidels.

  8. There are those people who measure themselves not by how much good they do, but by how much effect they have. George Soros, for instance. I have tried to figure out what are his core values, and I have concluded he has none. He is a Jew who, albeit as a youngster, collaborated with the Nazis. He is a socialist who gained enormous wealth by very underhanded means, exploiting the worst aspects of capitalism. Now that he is fabulously wealthy, he doesn’t want anyone else to become wealthy. I have concluded that he is simply on a massive power trip in which right, wrong, good, or bad are irrelevant.

  9. Just a few years ago the Left was overly concerned about what terms we used for things. They claimed to be against “hate speech.” I guess hate speech is OK if it is against Israel. And, I guess Jews are the only people who aren’t allowed to have “safe spaces.” Leftists are colossal hypocrites. They are the new Nazis, or neo-Nazis. Hitler, Jihadists, and American Leftists are united in their hatred for the Jews.

  10. “Is all of this legal?”

    It’s irrelevant, if the people in charge of enforcing the laws are in on the “change”.

    IMHO, that’s banana republic, tin pot dictator stuff.

    If you read Saul Alinski, Cloward and Piven, Herbert Marcuse, Lisa Fithian, and a few others, you’ll completely understand what they are doing.

  11. And then there is “WHO”!!!!!
    If Biden signs this treaty we are DONE!…….now it’s One World Order!

  12. Peter B absolutely nothing I said is inaccurate and I listed very specific events to back up the truth not Israeli propaganda, like the 40 beheaded babied Israel claimed Hamas did but then had to admit they could not verify for months after their lie. Of course anyone who you disagree with must be wrong…that’s called cognitive dissonance.

  13. The greatest weaknesses, of the remaining “normal” people in the USA, is our desire to be rescued and our desire for a return to “normalcy”. We keep standing around with our hands in our pockets waiting for some “White Knight” to ride in and save us. That is one reason that Donald Trump remains so popular with many normal people and the MAGA crowd. He is perceived as being our White Knight.

    Well, I hate to burst this bubble but, folks, no one (including Donald Trump) is going to ride in to save us. This is not the plot of an old Western where the forthright Stranger, wearing a White Hat, rides into town and (handily) defeats the crooks and bad guys.

    The American Left will do whatever it takes to hold onto power. They are already showing their hand. They will use lawfare to tie up Donald Trump to keep him off of the campaign trail. They will use bogus fines to drain him of the financial resources that he needs to campaign. They will invent some crisis (a new Covid?) and use their “Brown Shirts” to scare people into supporting them. They will use their media attack dogs to spread lies, smears, and some kind of “October Surprise” to tip the scales toward their side. They will use the Federal Treasury to bribe people into supporting them. Finally, they will cheat like crazy with the confidence that the courts and Biden’s DOJ will turn a “Blind Eye” toward it all.

    If, by some miracle, enough people are not fooled this time and Donald Trump wins by such a margin that it overcomes their cheating, then they will use lawfare, riots, and their control of Government to try to deny Trump the win.

    If, by some miracle, a transition actually occurs and President Trump is seated as POTUS again, the Left will (as in his first admiration) launch every effort to undercut and undermine him. It will be Russia, Russia, Russia all over again with a willing news media leading the charge.

    And if, by some miracle, President Trump is wise enough to counter their tricks (this time) and if, by some miracle, the Republic Party grows a set of man-parts and supports him this time, it will still be a herculean task to uproot the “Deep State” out of Washington, D.C. and the other institutions.

    If the American Left actually starts to lose power, then they will turn NASTY. You think they are nasty now? With their lies, cheats, propaganda, lawfare, character assassination, Covid, and dirty tricks? Brother, you have not seen anything yet. If the Left actually feels their grip on power starting to slip, they will fall back upon their old standby. TERROR! They will partner with their Radical Islam partners to launch riots and terror attacks all over the U.S.

    Want an idea of their terror tactics? Read this book: Modern Warfare: A French View of Counterinsurgency by Col. Roger Trinquier.

    No, folks. We are too deep in “The Swamp” for any “White Knight” to ride to our rescue. It will take an American Revolution/Civil War level of commitment by the American People, themselves, to save our bacon. If it can be saved at all!

    So, pull your head out of the sand and set it straight on your shoulders. No “White Knight” is riding in to our rescue. No “Hero” in a “White Hat” is coming to save us. Our fate is in OUR HANDS.

    Put your faith in God and in the American People. Donald Trump is just ONE MAN. Against the POWER of the American Left, that is nothing. The Left will run over, and crush, Donald Trump (if he stands alone) like a garbage truck running over an ice-crème cone.

    They are already measuring him for a New York prison cell. If you listen, the news media is already letting the “Cat-out-of-the-Bag”. Soon now, he will join the other Political Prisoners of the Left. The only difference? It will be a New York Gulag instead of the Washington, DC Gulag used for the January 6th Political Prisoners.

  14. The left kicked our asses in siezing control of the narrative. They have spent many decades building an impeccable propaganda machine by gaining control of all media, Hollywood, mainstream news, print, social media and worst of all every leval of education institutions including public schools.

  15. “Is all of this legal?”

    Revolutions don’t happen on the floor of Congress or in a courtroom. They are decided by “The winner makes the rules.”
    The U.S. is no longer part of Britain because Cornwallis surrendered to Washington at Yorktown. The Confederacy is still part of the U.S. because Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox.


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