1. @ Mas – “I’ve found adult males can remember Eddie Eagle’s advice easily by channeling what their lady loves tell them when they catch them eyeing another woman: ‘Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.’

    Come to think of it, that should work with Boonie’s advice, too.”

    I don’t know about the applicability of Boonie’s advice to adult males! “Sniff out an adult” is most problematic. Some males would take it as an invitation to sniff the women and we don’t want to start following the path of “Shotgun Joe” Biden and become a touchy, woman-sniffer! 🙂

    At least, not in these “Me Too” days and times! After all, Harvey Weinstein just got 23 years in the slammer for getting “carried away” with such behavior. Even powerful Democrats who are normally “above the law” are getting hammered for it. So, better “Keep your Nose Clean!” 🙂

  2. One of the wonderful, positive things that can happen when living where firearms and the people who carry are respected, not feared and hated.

  3. Love the creativity of having the Boonie Dog! Kids still remember the McGruff Crime Dog. I am thinking an animated Boonie Dog psa series is in order…