In the 7/13/16 edition of the Alaska Dispatch News, the Sports & Outdoor section had a column by Alli Harvey titled “Outdoors serves as an elixir to stressful news.”  Amen to that!

In Alaska to teach, the Evil Princess and I spent Tuesday with friends on Prince William Sound doing a glacier tour.  The majesty of The Last Frontier is breath-taking in the depths of winter, as I learned my first three frozen-butt times in the 49th state, but last year and this I’ve learned to love it in the summer.  I’m looking forward to very pleasant days on the range.

It gets your mind off a strong sense that there are people who would like to see a race war in this country, and seem to be doing their damndest to ignite it.  It gets your mind off the DOJ saying Hillary Clinton is not culpable because she didn’t have the necessary intent (known as mens rea, which translates to “the guilty mind”) because while she was extremely careless she did not have intent to commit a crime.  This sticks in the throat of those of us who were taught by the criminal justice system that mens rea can be created by specific intent or by culpable negligence, of which “extreme carelessness” is a classic example. My favorite Chicago columnist, John Kass, makes some good points here.

In hopes of getting your mind off the news too, let me share some soothing sights:

Whittier, Alaska
Bald Eagle
Blackstone Glacier
Baskin’ Alaskan


  1. Bring some ice back. Heat index to be 110 in Louisiana tomorrow. Been there 5 times May-July; one time early March. Much prefer summer.

    Getting bad in Baton Rouge. Safe travels to you both.

  2. Right wing propaganda. Everyone knows all the glaciers have melted and the wildlife has died from heatstroke. These photos were obviously bought from an antique shop.

    Just kidding. Enjoy!

  3. The lawlessness is this country is appalling! The Clinton’s and all the elite are in a separate class…..we have lost our principles!!! Who could vote for someone like this!! There are two issues; the elite getting away with illegal activity and those willing to put them in office!!!
    I’m so sad for the thin blue line! We are afraid for all our LEO’s, but it also hits close to home. Our oldest is a DNR officer in Cass County MI and every 3 weeks he pulls 2 shifts at Belle Island in Detroit. God protect him!
    Now for something lighter. Alaska is beautiful. I was stationed at King Salmon AK. It was an isolated radar site 300 miles from the nearest road that went anywhere. I loved the summer with 22 hours of day light!! The bears and other wildlife were cool, and the tundra was unpredictable. You could step into what looked like a puddle and sink down 2 inches or 2 feet! Unfortunately, I only got to fish 3 times the year that I was there… job kept me close to operations and a hand held radio. However, during one of those fishing trips I did get to see Beluga
    wales swimming up the Naknak river. When the smelt run the Beluga wales swim up the river with their mouths open and enjoy and easy meal.
    I didn’t see much of the state that year, but I did go back with my husband during the summer of 2011 and hand an amazing time see wild life and scenery that was unbelievable.
    God Bless

  4. Looks like Whittier has come a long way from the original 10′ x 10′ Alaskan trapper cabin.

    Talking about the long, moral arc of the universe, the consciousness of God is said to transcend the speed of light. If I were Hillary, I would be wearing a name-brand lightning arrestor, in that Judgement may still be building up. The same may go for our whole country if we elect her.

    Mary Beth Robinette: King Salmon used to exclude WAF assignments, people were told. Glad you saw that wilderness. An important experience, aye?

  5. The Founding Fathers based the Constitution on a belief in God. This country no longer has that and we are now reaping the ‘fruits’ of that loss. IF we can get back our moral standards, it might be saved. When I was growing up, Law Enforcement Officers were treated with the up most respect-NOT shot at and killed! How far we have fallen.

  6. I just spent 10 days (first half of June) in Alaska. It’s a delightful state and a great diversion from the heat wave I came back to here in Virginia! I have several close friends in Law Enforcement & I’m going to redouble my efforts to let them know that the “silent majority” still have their backs !!!

  7. Steve, when I was in King Salmon (6/81 until 6/82) there were a total of 6 women at the radar site. Now everything is done remotely from Anchorage, and the only radar personnel are the maintenance folks.
    Oh, and by the way, when it’s 50 below zero spit does freeze before it hits the ground. Of course we all had to try it!!

  8. Off thread update-

    4th officer acquitted in Baltimore’s Freddie Gray officer lynching attempt.
    score stands at:

    0- convictions for the prosecution (persecution?)
    4- for wrongfully accused officers

  9. My issue with HRC and the emails is not the law that was broken. That information is sensitive and could hurt the American people. She was instructed on what to do and chose not to do it, putting America ( our policy, the office of the president and the people the intelligence touch in jeopardy). In is not just a legal wrong, it is a moral wrong.

    Please done wake up at 11pm and mow the lawn in Alaska. That bothers the neighbors. 😉

  10. It has long been a policy, of more unscrupulous politicians, to “never let a good crisis go to waste”. I suppose almost any politician will try to make “lemonade out of lemons” and spin a crisis to his or her own benefit.

    However, the Obama Administration has carried this concept to the “next level”. Rather than passively wait for a crisis to occur which can then be exploited, his Administration has actively created them in order to exploit them.

    In this effort, he has been greatly aided by the slavish support of his sycophants in the main stream media. Many of them are directly acting now as Obama propagandists.

    We see this in Obama’s foreign policy. His policies, with the willing aid and support of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have totally destabilized the Middle East. The result is the rise of ISIS and an international crisis of terrorism.

    Having manufactured this crisis, the Obama Administration is exploiting it to grab power and suppress the civil rights of the American People. In a previous post, I have already detailed how the Obama Administration is using this crisis to suppress the rights of privacy and due process under the law.

    Obama and his propagandists then turned to domestic policy. They have stirred racial hatred and directed it at the Police. The result is that the more lunatic-fringe police haters now think it is “open season” on the police (Obama’s News Media has told them so!) and are ambushing police officers almost weekly.

    The Obama Administration is now moving rapidly to exploit this new crisis that they manufactured. Just this morning, I listened to stories from the Obama Propagandists who work for National Public Radio (NPR). They carefully explained that we Americans cannot afford our 2nd Amendment Rights anymore in light of this new crisis. You see, the police are under attack and cannot tell the wolves from the sheep dogs. All Americans who exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights to “Bear Arms” are going to have to give them up! No more concealed or open carry please! Otherwise, incidents in which an armed citizen comes into conflict with touchy police officers are bound to happen. It is all for the greater good you see.

    Once again, the pattern repeats. A crisis is manufactured and the “solution” is to suppress the Constitutional Rights of the American People.

    This is really important people. We cannot continue to reward the left-wing fanatics who are using the technique of “crisis creation and exploitation” combined with “main-stream media propaganda” to attack our liberties. It is vitally important that the American People use the power of the ballot box in 2016 to rip these fanatics from the levers of power. Only a stinging defeat will reverse the direction we are going. Our Freedoms and the U.S. Constitution are under direct attack by this technique of “crisis creation and exploitation”.

  11. tdgrafton:

    The story I heard is that Hillary used unsecure servers in order to allow access to sensitive information for Russia, China and maybe Iran. Donations could be made to the Clinton Foundation, and then she would get them the information they wanted.

    Back when Bill Clinton was President in the 1990s, I remember China’s rockets would fall over when they tried to blast off. Bill Clinton forced Lucent Technologies to sell gyroscopes to China to stabilize their rockets. Now Chinese rockets fly well.

    It’s the old story, “follow the money.”

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