ALPHA FEMALE! — 12 Comments

  1. My sister, an old girlfriend and other young ladies were on small bore rifle teams with me in the 60’s and 70’s. It was just a natural part of life and competition to me back in my pre-teen and teen years. I have always seen women who could handle a firearm as normal. Even mom, though I never saw her out shooting, was in a CC class in he late 70’s with a competent friend. He reported she handled a pistol better than everyone in the class.

    Sis was not happy the day she come off the line having stopped our best scores saying “Beat that!”. I did. She is still annoyed with that result as I headed to college and she never got the chance to one up me after that.

    Women are excellent marksman. opps (lol) … shooters.

    • Auto correct really didn’t like “topped”. It kept inserting “stopped” despite my attempts to undo it’s mayhem. Some times you (win/loose) …
      Ahh, cellphone screens and old eyes.

      • Paul S,

        Yeah, machines think they know more than we do. Not yet.

        The more people we have in the shooting sports, the better. Most of the trends during my lifetime have been negative, but women in the shooting sports is a positive trend.

  2. A hearty congratulations to you Mandy! Glad to see some young women taking part in the shooting sports!