In the polarized debate over gun owners’ civil rights, we’ve been so constantly on the defensive that is has become easy to forget our long-term victories. Some of us can remember when the thrust of the Prohibitionists was to ban possession of handguns entirely.

From California to Massachusetts, we faced referendums that could have voted to criminalize handgun ownership – the right to keep, let alone the right to bear.

I am married to a woman who was born in Chicago and loved her home city then and now. When I met her she had moved to the neighboring suburb of Rosemont, IL for one simple reason: Chicago itself had banned handgun possession to its residents.

That was then. This is now. GunsAmerica recently published this excellent perspective.

It is very much worth a read.


  1. From the linked article – “Support for a handgun ban has not cracked 30% since 2007.”

    The drop in public support, for banning handguns, goes a long ways toward explaining the current appetite, of the Firearms Prohibitionists, for banning semi-automatic rifles, ghost guns, arm braces, Red Flag laws, etc.

    The Prohibitionists are constantly looking for any opportunity to “chip away” at the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership. Their technique is to launch a broad attack all along the entire firearm’s front. Where resistance is strong (as it is against a handgun ban), they back off on that sector of the front. Where resistance is weak and they gain traction (as it is for their restrictions on AR style rifles), they push hard.

    They always dream, one day, of fracturing the entire 2nd Amendment front. Of crashing through some holes, in a Blitzkrieg fashion, and then collapsing the entire front line. Once they do, then it will only be a series of “mopping up” actions to achieve effective disarmament of the American People.

    That is the ultimate dream of the American Left. To reduce the American People from Armed Citizens to unarmed Subjects. To exercise the full totalitarian POWER of their model State: Communist China.

    China has a population of almost 1.5 Billion Subjects. Yet, the ChiCom leadership can sit on their thrones of POWER with relative ease. Why? Because the Chinese People are disarmed. The ChiCom State and their subservient armed forces have all of the guns. As Chairman Mao noted: “Political Power flows from the barrel of a gun.”

    It is as simple as this equation: Unarmed Subjects = Abject Slaves to the State

    Thus we see the true purpose of the Firearms Prohibition movement in America.

  2. I get the feeling that the easy bail and no prosecution in Chicago is a way to drive the last “normies” and businesses out of town probably to make the area ripe for “colonization” by all the Illegals that they have been recruiting. That is how they “fixed” Compton, California. Looks like “they” have given up on the African American urban population and have opted for getting a “replacement” population. The urban cores (“downtown”) are doomed relics of 19th Century transportation (railroads) and primitive early communications. The “downtowns” are no longer needed or used. The jobs, employees, the support, and even the airports are out in the “surround”. The abandoned cores make fine locations for colonization.

    The Chicago firearm laws just disarm the victims and are not enforced against the criminals. Leaving the city was a smart move.

  3. Judging by the number of violent deaths, Chicago was a much safer place when Alfonse Capone and the mobs ran it back in the 1920’s.

    • Tom606,

      If I’m not mistaken, the well-dressed gangsters of a hundred years ago, and the well-tattooed gangsters of today, mostly kill other gangsters. They mostly left non-gangsters unharmed. I don’t know which decade it was, but I heard a mob-controlled area of NYC had less crime in it than other areas. This was because the Mob didn’t want petty criminals harming the customers of mob-controlled businesses in that area. So, it was safer to walk the mob-controlled streets than it was to walk in other areas, if you were trying to keep from being mugged.

      I hear that in Central America the gangsters harm innocent people. MS-13 probably does that in this country, too. The governments of Central America are on the take, so they are no help to average citizens. The men of Central America should arm up and drive the gangsters out, but I doubt they are allowed to own guns. It may be hard, or even impossible, to break the power of the drug cartels.

      I may be wrong in what I have written, but this is what I have read in the past. When it comes to crime, it can be hard to determine who is lying.

      • If our federal government was really for freedom around the world, it should have taken all the small arms and ammunition we got in Iraq and secretly smuggled them into places like Iran and various central and south American countries to arm resistance groups so they can liberate themselves. Unfortunately, I don’t think this tactic would work in China and North Korea as their people are too obedient and scared of their regimes to fight.

  4. Gun owners have many victories to celebrate. Forty-two states have “shall issue” concealed carry laws, and twenty-one states have Constitutional Carry. It is estimated there are now about one and a third guns for every person in America. Gun owners are becoming more diverse, with women and so-called minorities (isn’t everyone who is not Chinese a minority on this planet?) buying guns more than they used to. Even liberals like the McCloskeys are buying guns, as they watch crime rise in the cities.

    Ever since the 1920s, city slickers have made fun of country hicks. Now, it appears that cities are for losers. Look at the people of NYC. They voted twice for Bill DeBlasio (also known as Warren Wilhelm), but they rejected Curtis Sliwa for mayor on November 2nd.

    I hear about all the problems facing America on the radio, TV, newspapers and Internet, but life around me is still pretty close to normal. As long as we have electricity and food, we are still living in “good times.” In my view, America has been experiencing good times since the end of WWII. How much longer can the good times last?

    Here’s an interesting fact; the twentieth century was America’s century. Many amazing things were invented here, and living standards rose astronomically. Queen Victoria never rode in a car or felt air conditioning. Nevertheless, the twentieth century was actually the worst, bloodiest century in the history of the world. More people were murdered by governments, even their own governments, in the twentieth century, than in any previous century. The fancy Greek word for death by government is “democide.” To put it simply, in the twentieth century, life was terrible everywhere, except in America, where it was better than ever. What a blessing it is to live in a country where we have more freedom than other countries, more wealth than other countries, and more guns than other countries. Unfortunately, what goes up, must come down.

  5. Here is another small victory:

    I think that this is a significant action by this Judge. Andrew Blanca has said, multiple times, that this weapons charge should have been (as a matter of law) dismissed. Perhaps this is a wily action of this Judge. To dismiss the weapons charge JUST BEFORE the remaining (felony) charges are being handed to the jury.

    Could this be a subtle, but unspoken, hint (from this Judge to the jury) as to what he thinks of the prosecution’s overall case? Is the timing significant?

    I guess we will find out when the jury returns their verdict.

  6. This is off-topic (here) but is related to a previous topic. See this news article:

    The argument being made in this lawsuit supports the argument that I made in the earlier blog on this topic.

    Irrespective of how a live round got into the revolver or who is at fault with respect to loading a live round, there still would not have been any death or injury if Baldwin had simply followed normal firearm rules and:

    1) Treated the revolver as if it was loaded and refrained from cocking it.

    2) Controlled the direction of the muzzle and not pointed it at anything (or anyone) that he did not want to destroy.

    3) Kept his finger off of the trigger.

    Baldwin failed to do these things and, as this lawsuit notes, there was no excuse for failing to do so since the rehearsal, being staged, did not call for any shots to be fired nor for the revolver to be dryfired.

    So, all those “Baldwin is only an actor and is clear of all blame because he did not load the revolver” excuse-makers are wrong, wrong and WRONG!

    Indeed, Baldwin bears no blame, as far as we know, for loading or checking the revolver. However, he bears HUGE BLAME for his dangerous, reckless and negligent handling of the revolver and, furthermore, he probably has a share of the blame, as one of the Producers, for the sloppy and unsafe work environment that prevailed on this movie set.

    Sadly, as a member of the protected “Left-Wing” class, he will be shielded from justice. A Conservative Republican would have been charged and arrested already. Perhaps, he would have even been held for months without bail. Baldwin, however, will not even receive a “wrist-slap” from the law.

    His only punishment may be by means of these Civil Lawsuits. Who knows, Baldwin may be able to settle them out-of-court at a reasonable price.

    How sweet it must be to have a left-wing “Get out of Jail Free” card in your pocket! Contrast that to the “railroad” treatment that Rittenhouse and the January 6th Political Prisoners are receiving.

    Equal Justice under the law! I would laugh if it was not for my tears!

    • TN_MAN, save some of those tears for later. The worst is yet to come with those liberal and Marxist fools in charge of our country. Over three more years of Crooked Joe and Aunt Kamala occupying the White House. Crazy Nancy may lose her big hammer next year, but could do a lot of damage in the interim.

      If Alec Baldwin loses his place in the Follywood hierarchy, maybe Crooked Joe could appoint him to be ambassador to Nauru. I don’t believe the Pope wants Alec in the Vatican, nor does the Prince of Monaco want him there either, shooting up the casinos.

    • TN_MAN,

      Right you are. January 6th Viking man “QAnon Shaman,” Jacob Anthony Chansley, age 33 just got sentenced to 41 months in prison for walking around the Capitol. I think they call it “trespassing.”

      As Bob Grant used to say, “It’s sick out there, and getting sicker!”

      • It’s not right to charge some of the January 6th protesters with trespassing when the U.S Capitol police opened the doors to let them inside, but then we’re talking about a Marxist influenced government in D.C. right now that does not care about the law and just does what it wants.

        Even if sane people regain control of the government in 2022 and 2024, those currently in charge won’t face any punishment for their illegal actions and will continue to lurk in the shadows waiting for their next opportunity to destroy our nation while making lots of money making derogatory speeches and writing inflammatory books.

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