1. Mas,
    Santa brought me a shiny new S&W 649 to use for your MAG-20 Live Fire in Hot Springs. ‘Til then, lots of dry fire to break it (and me) in, monthly Sunday fun matches @ Ultimate Defense in StPeteMo, re-reading your new book, and Grant C’s classics… and warily watching the continuing craziness over in STL, from a (hopefully) safe distance.

    Arkansas is just ascoss the border from “Midwest”, and a pleasant spring day’s drive down from Iowa… Hint 8)

  2. 1 Train at the Douglas County Sherriff’s(Castle Rock, Colorado). My buddy won the bid for 6 passes at the K9 fund raiser.
    2 Finish my gun room and begin reloading and shooting related activities.
    3 Seek additional personal safety and security training to further my abilities to serve on our church safety team and protect my loved ones.
    4 Aquire a Walther PPQ 9 mm
    5 Research and purchase what components may be out there that will help accurize my Spfld XD 9 Subcompact
    6 Support Blue Cor Shooting Center to the best of my ability.

    BTW we lost a Jeffco Sherrif this past weekend. Off duty, stopped to direct traffic at an accident up a busy canyon road in very bad weather. Car from opposite direction lost control and killed him. I have a good friend on that force and am feeling their pain. Prayers for the dept and the family’s involved would be appreciated.

  3. Tobywan, BluCor is a great range. We did some filming for the Modern Shooter TV show (Sportsman Channel) there a few months ago.

  4. @ randy,
    The henry big boy will be mostly used for deer in dense woods and for fun target shooting. In our little hunt club everyone has a lever action… Marlin 30/30, marlin 45/70, couple henry big boys. Loved shooting friends bog boy and it is a beauty… Yup… Brass but plate packs a punch but will live with it.

  5. With the safe full and the wife’s eye on new living room furniture I’ll be limiting my gun purchases in 2015 to a Kel Tec Sub-2000. A good,compact carbine for the backpack or the car? To be determined… But, what a cool concept!

  6. Just put a SR 40c on layaway today, planning on shooting my first IDPA match this coming Sunday in a brand new indoor range, and I am going to register for a MAG 40 class being held this summer in Wichita, KS at Thunderbird Tactical. Hoping to shake your hand there Mas!

  7. Congratulations on your IDPA achievement Mr. Ayoob and I feel for ya on the getting around part or as Jeff Foxworthy would say ustacould get around better than you can now (we were both born the same year). Would like to be able to participate more in IDPA shooting at our gun club to keep up to speed.
    As for myself I wish to thank you sincerely for the fantastic work you did in the book “Deadly Force” which I received from Marty Hayes. I will be continuing on with reading more of your works and incorporating the information in the CCW and firearms classes which I teach. Wish I could get you out here to speak or do a class. Anyway time and money willing I will continue to work on my shooting skills and increase in my knowledge of concealed carry law. Best wishes to you, keep up the excellent work that you are doing.

  8. Went the AR-platform route for hogs and white tails here in the Piney Woods. Built a 16″ flat-top in .300 Blackout with Bushnell red-dot & Surefire tac light.
    PSA lower/ Radical FA (Houston) upper, DPMS b-c-g. Got it together too late for serious deer time, but waiting on the hogs to come back around 🙂