The “town meeting” on CNN that was supposed to be a debate was, as many of us suspected it would be, a monstrously one-sided setup for the prohibitionist viewpoint. It should go down in history as one of the great sandbag jobs of all time.

The young man from the victimized school who has become the poster child for the anti-gun movement that grew out of the Valentine’s Day atrocity in Florida didn’t like hearing that President Trump had come out in favor of the very logical approach of arming school personnel who volunteered for that duty and were appropriately trained for the task. .  The young man said he didn’t think there was time or money for training the teachers to be guardians.  (One wonders where he thinks the nation will find the time and the money to confiscate expensive firearms from millions of law-abiding gun owners.)

The Israelis figured out the right answer decades ago: .

And, ignoring the spectacular success of teachers and trained volunteers being armed in Israeli schools in the wake of the Ma’alot massacre, there were knee-jerk reactions like this: .

The “town meeting” was rife with hypocrisy.  The anti-gun Broward County sheriff did not have the best answers when NRA’s Dana Loesch asked him why some 39 complaints against the soon-to-be mass murderer did not lead to the creature being taken off the streets.  The sheriff declared that AR15s were useful only for killing large numbers of people … and then announced that he would instruct his deputies to sling up and carry their AR15s when proactively patrolling schools.

But, such self-contradiction should not have come as a surprise to CNN, which has done so much to glamorize mass murderers this time and long before with 24/7 news coverage that made them rock stars to be emulated by every other sicko watching at home and planning his own evil “blaze of glory.”


  1. I believe these attacks are politically motivated by MK-Ultra brainwashed individuals. Ever notice that almost all of them are on psychotropic drugs? That is one of the methods Mk-Ultra uses to weaponize these individuals. I believe the NWO is firmly behind these attacks for the purpose of disarming the American public and the overthrow of our Republic.

  2. I would like to see Col Dave Grossman give his lecture to the president showing we lost school children to fire and said no more and have not lost a single child to school fires. He goes into detail about alarms,drills,non flammable drapes and constructions that include sprinklers. Unproven armed guards often fail to react as revealed in Broward County Sheriffs department.
    We need to put in securiy not to give false sense of safety but real security that can and would stop these shootings.

    In the 60’s we had riots and complete sections of towns ruined. Then we put in the National guard with a ROE that allowed them to shoot. Two bursts of rounds ended one of the worst riots and brought them to a more peaceful action in the future.

    I wish it wasn’t predictable beat goes on.

  3. SOMEBODY better tell that wienie of a “sheriff” about Ohio’s FASTER programme… volunteer adults already AT the schools on a daily basis receive specialised training in addition to Ohio’s mandated training to get the state Mother May I Caard to carry…… then they carry their own weapons in the carry rig they prefer, at schol just ike they already do everywhere else they go every day. Cost to taxpayers? ABSOLUTEY NOTHING. All paid for with volunteer time, corporate sponsors, use of private ranges and facilities for training, and private volunteers who believe in the programme. The organisation even convinced the Ohio egislature and governor to pass laws needed to allow this to happen. ALL on volunteer time and stuff. Since implemented a few years ago, there has not been ONE incident in any Ohio school. No one really knows who will be carrying any given day or where they are. thus no way of targetting them or finding out whether they are in the taretted building or elsewhere on campus. this has, apparently, elevated the risk to the putative perps to an unacceptible level, This is to the good of Ohio. Other states are looking into this programme, most notably Colorado.

  4. I’ll agree with their gun bans when they ban the federal LEO and state and local LEO and not carve out a loop hole for them! As long as they have AR15’s we should have them!

    • @ Sharpshooter – That is not a solution. We cannot pick and choose which citizens receive their Constitutional Rights and which do not. We cannot pick and choose which parts of the Constitution that we accept and which we will discard. That is EXACTLY what the Leftists are doing with their disdain for the 2nd Amendment.

      What Congress can do is greatly tighten up the libel laws and increase the penalties for libel. That way, when these propagandists (masquerading as journalists) hit the airwaves with their personal attacks, distortions and fake news, they can be dragged into court and their pocketbooks bled dry!

  5. Massad –
    So what is the solution to the school shooting issue ? It has just come out in our local (Florida) news that the ‘School Resource Officer’ – who was at the school -never even entered the school as the shooting was in process !! He’s on video outside !
    He was suspended today pending investigation, but then resigned/retired shortly thereafter !
    This whole incident was a poor comedy of errors, between the school, local sherif, community, and the FBI. But the focus is – as usual – directed against us as the bad guys/gals. We will never get out of this argument unless something is done -and I don’t see anyone (including the NRA) proactively preparing or ‘educating’ for the next incident.
    If the local police, school, FBI, and community can’t secure the schools, do we need to get the local ‘red necks’ to secure them ??

  6. We find ourselves now in a state of transition where reason and logic are tabled in favor of distortion, propaganda and outright lying and use of victims to promote an anti-American cause. Many people that I talk to seem to think that the 2nd Amendment conveys the right to arms rather than its intended purpose of protecting a God given right. I’m in my 79th year soon to be 80 and I remember my teenage years where we would have shotguns in the trunk of our cars in the fall so that we could go hunting on the way home from school. Those days now, in memory, seem idyllic and free. I regret that my grandchildren will never experience that freedom.
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” —John Adams (1798)
    We need those moral and religious people now more than ever before.

    • Buzz,

      I heard Dr. Michael Savage say that in the 1950s the schools in New York City had shooting ranges in the basements, and rifle teams. He was on one of the rifle teams. I heard another man say he remembers carrying his rifle on the bus to school in NYC. I am sure the rifle was cased, and I bet those rifles fired .22 Long Rifle ammo, but still it is amazing to hear about those days, in NEW YORK CITY!

      In the 1600s, in Massachusetts, you were required to bring your musket or blunderbuss to church. If you didn’t bring it, they would make you go home and get it. Fear of Injun attacks, don’t you know.

  7. Certainly, the so-called “Townhall” meeting was an ambush. There are reports that CNN coached the students with their questions. At least one student “bailed-out” because of it. See this link:

    We are seeing a very dangerous thing happening with the DNC, the media and the Leftists (in general) here in America. They have convinced themselves that their political opponents (President Trump, the Republicans, the NRA and the “deplorables” in “fly-over” country) are pure evil. That they are all racist, sexist, homophobic, greedy, capitalistic, child-murdering devils. They are sub-human filth, all of them.

    Since their political opponents are such scum, they feel no obligation toward legal, constitutional fair-play regarding them. We saw this in the 2016 Presidential campaign when Hillary (along with her allies in the DNC and the Obama Administration) pulled every dirty trick under the sun to try to get herself elected.

    Then, when Trump surprised them and won anyway, they launched a “dirty tricks” campaign to try to undermine his Presidency. These dirty tricks included questionable wire-taps, unmasking of Trump supporters, illegal leaks of classified information to allies in the news media, fake news and false charges of every description. It also included having their allies in the Leftist news media hit President Trump with news coverage that has been 90%+ negative. As a result, President Trump is probably the only U.S. President, in history, that did not get a 100-day “honey-moon” period at the start of his Presidency. The attacks on him started the day after his election and there were marches and protests on his inauguration day.

    An extremely dangerous and destructive idea has seized the American Left. They believe that their cause is so holy and that their opponents are so evil that they (the Leftists and their media allies) are JUSTIFIED in using any and all tactics in their attacks. They believe that they are JUSTIFED in lying to the American People. They are JUSTIFIED in spreading disinformation and leaks about their enemies. They are JUSTIFIED in using personal attacks to destroy the lives and careers of anyone who stands in their way. They are JUSTIFIED in violating the Constitution. They believe that the holiness of their cause places them ABOVE THE LAW and beyond any counter-criticism of their tactics.

    They believe that when they do get caught doing wrong, it does not matter because their friends in the news media will hush it up or whitewash it.
    Such an attitude cannot be allowed to stand. I have come to believe that President Trump must (1) purge his administration of disloyal elements that are aiding and abetting such illegal behavior, then he must (2) bring charges against a bunch of these leftists in cases where it can be shown that laws were broken. Otherwise, the American Left will continue to use illegal and underhanded tactics for as long as they can get away with it. Indeed, if no punishment is forthcoming, they will continue to escalate.

    For the good of the Country and the protection of our Republic, such wrongdoing must be HAMMERED and it will not be PLAYING POLITICS if President Trump does so. It will be upholding the PRINCIPLE that NO ONE is ABOVE THE LAW!

    • TN_MAN,

      Amen. The Constitution, and those who want to follow it, the folks you listed, are standing in the way of the Leftists’ vision of utopia, which they want to impose on us. They are religious, but their “god” is mankind itself. They do not believe in an afterlife, so they must seek their “heaven” here and now on earth. When they rule, and we obey, then all will be right with the world. With their ingenuity, they can fix every problem facing mankind, except death. Their egos are massive, ginormous.

  8. Watching this ludicrous debacle, it came to me that these children need to have it pointed out to them that it isn’t random people attacking their schools. It isn’t adults. It is them. They are attacking themselves. They are being attacked by their peers and the fault may very well lie with how the youth of today treat their classmates. Just a little insight from an old geezer.

    • Amen to that…I hope every other frequent visitor to this site sees your comment, Mike, because it’s exactly right!

  9. There seems to be two common predictors of crazy ass mass killers
    in recent years.
    1. Male
    2. On Prescription Psychotropic drugs.

    Unless of course they are just terrorist scum.

    The solution is the same in both instances…..ARMED GOOD GUYS.
    BTW It looks like a handgun is no longer going to cut it for
    protecting people at a school. The best choice would be the AR 10.
    ….And furthermore,
    Why doesn’t Nancy P just get herself embalmed ?

  10. Usually the perp commits suicide at the end of the rampage so people look to vent their rage on something and the media says why not vent it on the gun. In this case, they caught the perp. But this time, I have the feeling that if the perp wandered out of his jail cell, would anyone notice? It seems to be all about the AR15. The outrage this time…seems to have been waiting in ambush and would not be distracted by a captured perp.

    It is odd that the focus is on the AR15. It was a target rich environment, and a defenseless one at that. A British soldier from 70 years ago was supposed to get off dozens of aimed shots a minute with a bolt action Lee-Enfield. I would propose that anything other than a single shot muzzle loader could have inflicted that amount of death, in that amount of time, against that many helpless victims. A Civil War era percussion revolver with extra cylinders would have done as much damage, if not more. Even Joe Biden’s shotgun would have done more damage if the shooter had any idea what he was doing. It comes down not to the 1950’s plastic and aluminum space age gun, or the poodle shooter as the late Col Cooper liked to call it, but to guns, period. The AR15 is just the poster boy of the movement.

    • @ Jacob Morgan – You are very correct. Any modern firearm is deadly when used against defenseless people. In 1974, in the State of NY, a man named Ronald Defeo, Jr. murdered six (6) members of his own family while they were sleeping in bed. The murders happened so fast that none of the victims were even able to get out of their bed before being killed. The weapon used was not a AR-15, semi-auto pistol or any other type of semi-automatic firearm. It was a Marlin lever-action deer rifle.

      The AR-15 is just a target (forgive the pun) of opportunity for the Leftists and their friends in the media. They believe that their propaganda has so “blackened” the reputation of the “Black Rifles” that they have a shot at pulling off a semi-auto rifle ban.

      It is all part of the long-term strategy of the American Left. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of Gun Rights and the 2nd Amendment leading to what would be (effectively) Firearms Prohibition for the American Citizen. I say “effectively” because they might leave a few crumbs on the table so as to allow them to disclaim that they implemented a total ban. They admire the success of their Leftist counter-parts in the United Kingdom (UK) where over 95% of the households are disarmed and the only guns allowed (and these all come with heavy restrictions, licenses and other burdens) would be non-semi .22 rifles, double-barrel hunting shotguns and airguns.

      The American Left knows that if they came right out and stated their ultimate goal (near universal disarmament for the American citizen) that it would be rejected immediately. So, they have adopted a tactic of “divide and conquer”. They hope to chip, chip, chip away at gun rights until they (eventually) arrive at their end goal. The AR-15 and other semi-auto rifles are simply the current “chip” that they are targeting.

      I say it again, there can be no compromise with the gun-grabber fanatics. If we toss them a chip, they will simply start on the next one. We must DRAW THE LINE and HOLD IT!

    • Jacob Morgan,

      We all know the truth. The AR-15 is demonized because it looks WICKED!!!

      I know how to talk to anti-gun folks. I know how to speak their language. Here is what I say to them, “Baaaaaaaah, Baaaaaaah, Baaaaaah, Baaaaaaah.”

  11. I’m waiting for California’s backwards response. A few years ago, a CCW holder could carry on school grounds. Then a school shooting occurred in a neighboring state, and California response was banning CCW on school grounds. What will be banned now? We all know how taking something away from law abiding citizens will protect society from law breaking criminals works out.

  12. the problem isn’t the gun, the problem starts in homes where people don’t want to admit their kid has a problem,,,all mass shooters have had mental disorders there were left untreated.. if parents took the time to watch the violence in the video games their children are playing then maybe this carnage would stop…there are good people and bad people, bad people will always find a way to do bad things,
    People don’t want metal detectors in their schools because they might find their kid with a gun, and if he makes it through the metal detector parents don’t want the kids teacher to be able to defend his class, because seeing a gun might upset the children,,,but doesn’t seeing their dead classmates upset them. If we took a step back and a deep breath we would see the problem isn’t gun control, it’s people control. Lets look at the fact that all school murders were committed by mentally deranged people. Yes they used gun, and bought them legally but on one is going to tell me the family/friends/schoolmates/teachers didn’t recognize a social problem with these individuals.
    To digress it all started in the home where parents either didn’t want to admit their kid had a problem or didn’t want to take the time to check on their kids.
    I have checked with teachers, on parent teacher night less than 10% of the parents go. And the ones that do don’t want to hear the reality or can’t handle the reality that their kid has a problem,,,,it’s always the teacher,,,
    I wish instead of people running to the President about gun control, they were asking him for armed guards in the schools, metal detectors , better mental health screening of students that are socially out casts….these are the problems not guns….you see no one cares about the 30 kids that were killed on the south side of Chicago this weekend, no one cares about the illegal immigrant deported 5 times that killed an young girl…Blame the Media for sticking microphones in the faces of the kids running out of the building before they could meet their parents,,,,blame the media for focusing on gun control and not bringing up the point of how our children are sitting ducks, unprotected,,,
    We care more about having police in our malls than in our schools…When will we learn that evil people do not read
    or care about the sign that says gun free zone,,, something has to be done about protecting our kids,,, not gun control.

  13. Not surprisingly, the airwaves in the Washington, D.C. metro area are being saturated with teachers & school officials declaring that they are opposed to the arming of teachers in schools. One school superintendent smugly stated that she didn’t want her schools to “…turn into the Wild West”, apparently unaware of what it’s like to be in a school where a mass murderer is allowed to kill as many victims as he chooses to without opposition. A teacher that I know personally wrote on social media that it would be “irresponsible” to arm teachers. I replied that nothing is more irresponsible than leaving schoolchildren unprotected & at the mercy of a mass murderer. I also pointed out that cowering in fear & pleading for your life is not a very effective survival strategy. To date, none of the liberals that I know of has offered any plan whatsoever as to how they would stop a mass murder in progress in any of their schools & this goes unquestioned by the news media. Just once, I would like to hear a reporter respond to this insane stupidity by asking, “So let me get this straight, for the record. Rather than protect students with some kind of armed security, your plan is to do nothing? In view of the death toll in previous school mass murders where that strategy has been tried & has failed every time, why do you think that doing nothing is the best course to take?”

    What I did was post the following video & ask those who are opposed to arming teachers to at least watch it to see what several school districts in Ohio have been doing to train & arm teachers for years, at no cost to themselves, thanks to The Buckeye Firearms Association. I think that all of you who are reading this should try to get as many people as you can to watch it, too. It’s very interesting.

    • I always like to ask “So you think that your typical public school teacher is an intelligent, sensible, and dedicated individual who you can trust to educate your children…but they’re too stupid and irresponsible to safely handle a firearm? On what basis did you decide that?”

      Needless to say this is usually not well received.

  14. I find it disgusting that the Broward County Sheriff wants to take away AR15s, but had a deputy show up and NOT GO IN. Since he has been forced to resign, I do not think they have the pre-Virginia Tech planning of wait to cordon of the area, gather team, go in (after 2 hours of death and destruction.)

    Does law enforcement have something close to a Court Martial or, at least, Article 13 like the military? If someone were to deserve it, this deputy does.

  15. Many parents go to work in locations with security that far exceeds the level of security provided to their own flesh and blood. The children should ask their parents why they get protection at work but as children they do not deserve similar protection in school.

  16. The whole issue is a cultural one. The modern left despise the rural and working class. They especially hate rural and working class whites. But they soon will turn their ire on the black, Latin and other rural and working class people’s, too.
    The main reason is that the rural and working class men and women strive to be self sufficient and not depend as much on government. The modern left uses government to ensure their wealth and position.
    But I should point out, this really applies to the leftist elites. They use the non leftist elites as a tool for their own ends.
    The possession of firearms, regardless of type, allows you to be self sufficient to a degree in your personal security.
    I would much rather have someone else have that responsibility, but that is not the case. I am working class and can’t afford it.
    Also, I realize that when my safety depends on seconds; the police are minutes away.
    We cannot bridge that gap. The reason is that personal safety of an individual is not their concern. They care about amassing power for their own gain.
    The key is to fight them in the arena of ideas. When people realize the truth. The second amendment advocates will win out.
    The final point is the real reason why the second amendment was put in was for citizens to hold their government to account and to insure the political liberty of all citizens.

  17. What bothers me most about the education establishment is that they would rather die, and let the children in their care die with them, than harm a mass murderer.

  18. The victims’ parents can’t sue the school for failing to protect their children. They can’t sue the Sheriff’s department. They can’t sue the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The perpetrator doesn’t own much, so there is no sense in suing him. The citizens who live in “May Issue” states can’t sue those states for infringing on their Second Amendment rights.

  19. I’m actually impressed with the number of folks, including at least one of the bereaved fathers, who state that the issues ISN’T gun control, it’s school safety.

    Unfortunately, they’re being swamped in the media by the usual posturing nitwits. If those folks noted above are quoted, the quote is carefully edited.

  20. CNN is among the lowest scum on the planet – I, for one, am much more likely to believe that an obvious drunk/drug addict on the corner is actually asking for 10$ for a sandwich than I am anything any of the fake news spewing lamestream mania outlets say at all on any level, about any subject. That goes ad infinum for anything pertaining to freedom (civil liberties) and firearms. The school kids words are not his own – I am certain the antis (Bloomberg et al) are paying the child generously for espousing their particular brand of bovine excrement. His words are meaningless and not his own.

    The upside is that the Israelis did indeed figure out this problem of school murder. I very much enjoyed that article and found it refreshing. Furthermore, I hope Dana Loesch was well paid for having to be exposed to that pack of lieberal stool samples! Always a fan of Dana.

  21. This may seem a bit off topic to Mas’ messaging, but I thought to share it anyway. In the last MAG40 class I attended, Mas went to great lengths in describing the WORDS in dictionaries and how the structure of words in sentences are important. Assault weapons, mass shootings, school shooters, etc., are a construct to draw a visual of disdain for the majority of law abiding citizens who enjoy the shooting sports. I found this article to be a good example of how words are important.

    Stay safe. Larry.

    • Left-wing zealots have always used language as a tool to push their agenda. They use language to label and demonize those who stand in their way. By doing so, they eventually discredit their political opponents to the point where they can be criminalized.

      The current Firearms Prohibition movement is remarkably similar to the Alcohol Prohibition movement of a century ago. The leftists twisted language back then as well. They disparaged alcohol as “The Demon Rum”. They disparaged the alcohol industry as “King Alcohol”. They belittled anyone who thought that taking an occasional drink was OK. They used names for themselves that hid their true intentions. For example, they often called themselves the “Anti-Saloon League” when, in fact, they were for alcohol prohibition. They incessantly exaggerated the bad effects of alcohol consumption so as to make it seem like the worse thing on the planet. They claimed it was the root of all violence, domestic discord, crime and caused a host of health problems. Indeed, they labeled it as a poison.

      There was a kernel of truth in these claims, of course, but the Leftists exaggerated the problems to “High Heaven” so as to convenience people of the “nobleness” of their cause.

      You see the exact same tactics employed by our modern generation of prohibitionists. They demonized firearms and ammo as “Assault Weapons”, “Saturday Night Specials” and “Cop-Killer Bullets”. They demonize the NRA and Gun-Rights supporters as being tools of the dreaded “Gun Industry”. They link the word “Gun” with “Violence” to create the term “Gun Violence”. By such linkage, they reinforce the idea that the gun is actually causing the violence. This term has become so common that you can’t see a single discussion about violence on TV without “Gun Violence” being tossed out dozens of times. Indeed, as noted in your daily caller article, they shy away from the real problem of murder and re-cast it as a problem of “mass shootings” and “gun violence”. Always you see their effort to link the problems directly to the guns.

      And like their alcohol prohibitionist ancestors, they exaggerate any firearm related problems to “High Heaven”.

      Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Who would have thought that here, almost as century after alcohol prohibition went down in flames as an abject failure, we would have a whole new generation of prohibitionists reviving the concept with the same kind of language and the same kind of mindset. Only the target has changed. Today, the target is guns and ammo instead of whiskey and beer! 🙂

    • Larry McClain,

      That article is excellent! I saw Kat Timpf on Greg Gutfeld’s TV show on FoxNews, and she also blamed the murderer for this crime. She didn’t blame anything else. Imagine that!

      Now imagine this despicable crime, and our despicable media, and……………………………………………………………………….President Hillary Clinton! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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