Déjà vu. 23 years ago, I had been teaching at the Firearms Academy of Seattle when we received word of the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.  The homicidal/suicidal duo who perpetrated it wound up on the cover of TIME magazine. The mass media and the Democratic Party blamed the National Rifle Association and American gun owners. Not long after, I was in Denver and Littleton, getting information from the police officers who had responded to the killing ground.  I was in Denver when the NRA cancelled its long-before scheduled Annual Meeting in response to the atrocity.

I am writing this shortly before 6 AM on May 25 in Houston, Texas where I arrived early for this year’s NRA Annual Meeting. We were just crossing the Louisiana line when we learned of the latest mass murder in Uvalde, which only stopped when a courageous Border Patrol agent entered the elementary school where it happened and hunted down the killer and put him down for good like the mad dog he was. That was less than 24 hours ago.

The media and politicians responded predictably. They are throwing the blame on innocent gun owners in general and the NRA in particular, and making a mad dog killer the focus of news 24/7.  They wonder why the AR15 has become the choice of mass murderers, blithely ignoring the fact that THE MEDIA ITSELF CONVINCED THE WORLD THAT SUCH GUNS WERE THE MASS MURDER TOOLS OF CHOICE. The media has told every twisted, thwarted loser in the country that they can become famous, the focus of national and even world attention, if they just get their hands on a gun and murder the innocent.

That emperor has no clothes, but just as in the fable, too much of the public fails to recognize it.


  1. The local paper (with imported from NY editor) jumped on the “too many guns” bandwagon first thing this morning. Sadly predictable.

    • I don’t know who they believe gets to decide how many is “too many”.
      I personally have always felt like have one less than “just enough”.

      • Ed,

        Right you are. There were not too many guns at Robb elementary school yesterday, there were too few. As Mas pointed out, and as Wayne LaPierre told us, the bad guy with a gun did not stop shooting innocent victims until a skillful, brave, good guy with a gun showed up and stopped the massacre.

  2. It’s horrible. I have family that live an hour away. I’m A huge 2-A supporter but I think something has to change. There appeared to be red flags with this kid that weren’t acted upon. I don’t have the answers but we need to come up with something more than doing nothing. Mental health, school security, and yes, when you buy a firearm something more needs to happen than clearing a basic background check. I don’t know what, but something else should be included in the process. If it was your 10 year-old that was murdered in his classroom, you’d want more answers.

    • No, we need to fix our culture to raise better children instead of waiting until the end of the very lengthy chain of events to try to do something about those who don’t care about 2nd Amendment tweaks.

      My background is clean. So was this Uvalde killer’s. We’ve both bought guns legally. How come I don’t go shooting up a school? How come I’m not robbing gas stations? How come I take classes to learn how to save lives instead of snuffing them out? Maybe we need to start thinking more about people instead of merely the things that people manipulate.

      All of us who take from Mas’s wisdom, and millions of other law-abiding citizens, are not the ones who need to be penalized for someone else’s evil.

    • Matthew, saying something has to “change”, you need to be a bit more specific. The guns are not the problem, the issue is why are all these people going moonbat crazy? This behavior did not exist prior to the late 90’s. What changed then?

      Fix that and you solve the problem. (Hint, stop medicating these children with mood altering drugs.)

      There is no law that will fix this. Besides, we 2A supporters *that do not use the word “but”* are very tired of the leftists coming after our rights. I shot no one. I am keeping my rights. ALL OF THEM!

      Lets not make this a bigger tragedy than it already is.

    • With all the “red flags” you noted the solution isn’t to keep this kid from buying a gun, it’s to stop him from running around loose, without treatment.
      Remember the killer who ran his SUV through a Christmas parade? And the killer in Buffalo who used a stolen gun? And the Boston marathon bomber?

    • I have a feeling that there are hundreds of thousands of “crazy” people who are on the radar of teachers, social workers, mental health professionals, and public safety folks, and engage in speech and behavior that concern us. I also bet that 99.9% of these folks never act out in any fashion. If we demand that someone heed these warnings, and do something, we risk destroying a number of people’s civil rights, because of a tiny minority. Few mentally ill people commit violence.

      The real question (which politicians seem to conveniently ingnore) is why is this happening? Back in the 50s and 60s, kids carried rifles and shotguns to school. They stored them in the coat closet (unlocked), until after school, where some kids shot them on rifle teams, and others went out plinking and hunting. There were very few if any school shootings, murders or assaults. Something in our society has changed.

      Yet our sleazy, politicians care nothing about fixing the problem. They along with the complicit media, use these tragedies to push us toward Marxism by disarming the law abiding.

      I’m an Armenian American. My grandmother was orphaned when the Turks slaughtered 1.5 million innocent Armenians. She was taken as a sex slave to a Turk. My ancestors couldn’t fight back because the Turkish government disarmed them. Every single despotic dictator in the history of the world disarmed their opponents before committing mass murder. Letting progressives disarm the American people, will lead to similar outcomes. It’s not a one time thing. Lenin / Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, and the rest murdered millions in their quest for the perfect socialist state. It can easily happen again.

      • Thanks for the family history its very important right now with all of the MEDIA dis-info that’s being spewed all the forums. I have talked with folks from other countries that have migrated to the US. and they have conveyed the same sentiment as many of you. They began to see the falsehood in everything that their media was feeding them. They saw the lies of the staged events such as the Christchurch incident, the London Tube explosions and supposed terrorist attacks. They have since moved to he USA and see the same old tricks being played out with the phony DHS shooter drills, and sadly this Uvalde, and the previous Buffalo store. No blood, phony crisis actors, and lying media. Its very sad but we have to expect it with the hearings going on for BATF director’s position. The saddest thing of all is the sell-outs that will lie and take the filthy lucre. They don’t care they are the grandest of all loser’s and our govt alphabet agencies are full of them.

      • “Something in our society has changed.”

        We used to be a country of stable homes where mothers was married to fathers before kids arrived; a country of God-fearing church going folk (white and black) who frowned upon divorce kids out of wedlock. That’s what has changed.

      • “Every single despotic dictator in the history of the world disarmed their opponents before committing mass murder.”

        Yes. Nothing to add to that accept maybe;

        “The Texas Department of Public Safety said Friday that responding authorities didn’t immediately engage the shooter because the police commander on scene believed the attack had transitioned to a barricaded suspect situation.

        A school district police officer was not inside Robb Elementary School when suspected shooter Salvador Ramos arrived and unknowingly drove past him at one point.

        Nearly 20 officers stood in a school hallway for 45 minutes before authorities were able to breach a classroom door to confront and kill the gunman, authorities said.”


        The adult teacher(s) inside the school were disarmed/rendered defenseless by the state which failed to protect them. Death by government (in)action.


    • TX doesn’t have a Red Flag law but NY does and it did zero good. Not to mention the potential for abuse.

    • Good Matthew, attention-getting and nutrition are handmaidens to the newborn infant. Nutrition is basic to continued existence, making attention-getting a standard habit of later life as well. The Media Mob and the entertainment industry have become increasingly adept at encouraging senseless violence by focusing on the attention-getting misbehavior of a violent few, giving violence a false sense of virtue through the quantity of raw attention that it gets. Our Second Amendment is our most important tool for defending our free existence (Liberty), a tool of which we must never lose our grip. Basic security of our schools and society in general is fully attainable when applied with intelligence, adequate resources, and foresight. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, such as the Media Mob, some of the film industry, certain politicians, etc., will always try to divide and conquer us to subvert our liberty, and we must not give up the struggle for security under the flag of our unique constitutional Republic that was founded within the Judeo-Christian ethic, which was even largely the basis for those of our Deist founding Fathers who knew that you do not throw the baby of Liberty out with the bath water.

  3. Just as the liberals have moved the definition of ‘moderate’ – either democrat or republican, they have moved the acceptance level of firearm ownership. Over my last 50+ years of ownership, we have now become the bad guys, and the politicians, who we supposedly elect, are turning on us. This has put us on the defensive side, as they have been allowed to take over the offense. Each one of these incidences puts us closer to losing. Security of our schools should be as tight as an airport or a courthouse.

  4. When is America as a whole, including the media, going to come out of denial and acknowledge that evil exists and monsters exist. There are monsters living out there right now in our great country and we must understand who they are and deal with them appropriately and legally. As we continue to talk about “defund the police” I’m willing to be a guardian at our local public school to disperse and end the threat of monsters killing our children. God help us.

    • The Gaffer,

      That article contains the answer to this problem, and it has been scientifically proven in Israel. Mass shootings cannot be prevented, but they can be shortened. If, when that killer began to kill, the good people had immediately shot back, maybe there would be three dead innocents, instead of nineteen.

      • We have to learn to question what we are being told coming from the media. People are easily duped and led around like sheep. When a human being takes off the blind fold, and looks around, its much like the young boy seeing the King with no cloths on, and he refutes what the crowd was told to believe. It wasn’t a beautiful wardrobe that the King was wearing, the clown of a king was friggin stark/butt naked. It’s a lot to ask of the john Q Public but people have to refuse to believe the media hype and so-called news, and demand proof of said event. Corpus Delicti, bring the body forward. They like to use kids as the supposed victims to exhilarate the emotions and gain crowd/herd mentality to demand “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE” won’t some please do something to stop these horrific acts of “MASS CASUALTY SHOOTER” drills that always seemed to GO LIVE. When we look back at Sandy Hook, Newtown Ct. There hasn’t been any confirmed deaths of any kids there till this day. No one shred of evidence to show a BIO-Hazard clean up team. NONE. The AR-15 is a defensive weapon, we should see that the system in power wants all of them, for themselves. Mainly they simply want NO U.S. citizen to own one. There plans have been exposed, we know what those plans are, sustainable planet AGENDA 2030.

  5. And our fearless leader, the Man of Dementia, also wasted no time in blaming the gun manufacturers.

    • Roger in NC,

      Joe verbally ATTACKED the gun lobby, gun manufacturers, and by extension, us. It reminds me of when Trump said the Left attacks him, but they are ultimately after us, we the people.

  6. Columbine High School is in unincorporated Jefferson County. The dateline was Littleton in Arapahoe County but the place wasn’t and isn’t “Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado”.

    This may be significant because while Littleton High School was an established community; Columbine was all new students from many different places and backgrounds thrown together.

  7. The only one who should be famous is the Border Patrol agent who stopped the bastard: ditto any law-abiding citizen who ends a murderous attack. After the Texas bell tower shooting those law enforcement officers and armed citizens who stopped the shooter (name withheld) were celebrated. The incident prompted enhanced campus security as should be the case here.

    I will be very interested to see the reaction from the Governor and the Texas legislature. Will they cave like too many weak-kneed RINOS?

    I’m not sure if schools in Texas are sanctuaries for psychopathic mass murderers- but if so- I would be impressed if the law changed to allow local school communities (districts, parishes, counties, etc) to have armed personnel on school grounds. Hell- make it a requirement.

    • Texas (and every other state that does not yet have it) need what was put together in Ohio in the wake of Sandy Hook. Adult eployees already AT the schools on a daily basis, and who already are arme and carry everywhere they to EXCEPT the schools where they work, took carefully called out training in a week long course where they learned many tnings needful in defending their schools and the children they are already involved with daily. Donations, often in kind, training time and facilities, etc, were all secured at NO COST, the week long courses were goven all accross the state. No one knows who is/is not carrying at any given time, but the criminals all know that in any given school anywhere in the State of Ohio SOMEONE inside there is armed, skilled, trained, and ready to do what must be done to stop any violent attacks.
      Dontions of time and goods and facilities made it cost nothing for the school districts. The taxpayers did not spend one dime. Track record? In the fifteen or so years since it started there has been NOT ONE gun-involved incident at ANY school where the programme has been in place. The programme is called FASTER Saves Lives. It does, because it works.

      The ONLY thing that reliably stops a bd guy with a gun is a GOOD guy with a gun.

  8. Welcome to Houston! Sadly the Bolshevik media and their tyrannical government is, again, blaming everyone but that dead mutt. Of course the media regurgitate’s all of it own made up numbers and statistics while ignoring the fact that it’s the evil monster that pulled the trigger however I have no doubt this , IMO false flag, will disappear faster than the Brooklyn subway shooter and the last DC sniper stories because this mutt doesn’t fit their racist anti-white narrative but even more important is they can’t, won’t, make too much of a monster out of this dead mutt because he/she/it was a tranny and they are the new protected class on the leftist plantation.

  9. Mas,

    You know that, I know that, and every reader of your blog knows that. The problem is that the rest of country does not know that. We are loosing the PR battle, and make no mistake, something written on a 200 year old piece of paper will not keep our right to keep and bear arms safe. Too many people are not familiar with the famous quote of those who sacrifice freedom for safety in the end achieve neither. They will gladly give away their freedom for the impression of safety, especially when their young children are involved.

    Time to turn the tables on the media and those who advocate tighter gun control. The gun does not magically jump up and shoot someone. If it did, we’d all be dead a long time ago. As you note above and at the end of your MAG40 course, it takes a sick mind to point the gun and pull the trigger. What makes a mind that sick? Your Time magazine cover speaks volumes in that regard.

    Time to put the desire for gun control alongside the requirement that Hollywood cease all move and TV depictions of gun violence, of any gun use whatsoever. Sorry “Saving Private Ryan” fans, but it has to go, too. No more display of existing movies and TV shows with gun violence on any media or in the movies. No more Marvel. Removal of these programs from rental on all existing media. Let’s go further. We ask the recording industry to remove and destroy all existing recordings containing passages or inferences to gun violence and the removal of said recordings from any source available to the public. We demand that the computer and media gaming industry remove any and all games involving gun violence, i.e., no “first person” shooter games anymore, no more “Grand Theft Auto”. It doesn’t matter your age. Shooting human in a “game” should equate to shooting another human in real life.

    Today, Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey called for immediate action to stop gun violence. (https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/matthew-mcconaughey-school-shooting-texas-hometown). Fine! Every one of the things I asked above could be accomplished voluntarily by the Entertaiment industry. It could be done today, without passing any new laws, enacting any new legislation, or seeking any legal remedies through the courts. Mr. McConaughey is really interested in immediate action, he needs to look first at cleaning his own house before he looks at other’s houses.

    We need to make these points to the public and make these demands to the industries that glorifies gun violence and to Congress. We need to make the discussion about what causes the sick mind, and not the instrument they use. There is plenty of evidence supporting that constant bombardment to this type of violence can adversely affect a young mind that is devoid of effective parental guidance, as appears is the case again with this recent shooting.

    We need to take the offense on this subject. Defense of the 2nd Amendment will no longer cut it. If we do not, we will lose.

    Thanks for letting me on my soapbox to vent.


  10. I have really tried to avoid the news and commentary on this event, but it is nearly impossible as every two bit politician, athlete, and commentator expresses their totally worthless opinion on what happened and why. We know that 19 children and two adults were killed. I assume one of the dead adults was the shooter. Other than that nothing about it is generally known, and no one should be shooting off their mouth about the causes. AR-15s are certainly not a cause. I taught for more than 40 years in the public schools. I always believed that the most dangerous place I spent any time in was my school building, because it was the only place I could not exercise my right to carry. So long and politicians and do-gooders insist on keeping schools gun-free zones they will be the killing ground of choice for bent and damaged individuals.

  11. Sad to say that these senseless violent actions are not going to stop unless something changes. Any deranged person who wants to become famous knows the easiest and quickest way is to do something outrageous, and the more illegal and outrageous the more famous the person becomes. The solution is obvious and simple, not by ‘controlling’ guns or any other weapon, but will not be used because ‘if it bleeds, it leads’.

  12. Frankly, it’s easier to blame inanimate objects that can [in the imaginary world] be controlled or banned that to look at things realistically.

  13. I wonder what firearm(s) the Border Patrol agent used to end the slaughter?? Would the surviving kids in that school still be alive if his elite unit had been defunded and eliminated in pursuit of “racial justice?” After “Beto” showed his ass yet again, I hope that Texans are smart enough not to vote for that vile excuse for a human being.

    • He had 40+ minutes to prep, because swat princesses weren’t done putting on their makeup. Going into a fight with anything less than a carbine and armor is lunacy.
      This was a huge failure of police response in an era where established active shooter procedure is “Fight with what you have, immediately.”

      • Sian,

        True. I even fault the parents who were screaming at the cops to go in and end the attack. If the cops won’t enter and shoot the perp, the parents should just go in and do it themselves. They are Texans! Don’t they have their own guns?

        Americans don’t need the police to protect them from criminals. We can do that ourselves. The criminals need the police and the prisons to protect them from vigilante Americans.

        In the past, we all agreed to let the justice system handle the crime problem. I know that if vigilantes handled the crime problem, things would get out of hand, and there would be injustice. But, the criminal justice system (not the cops) are doing such a bad job now, I think vigilantes could do a better job at protecting the populace. Of course, that situation would eventually devolve into warlord versus warlord and Mafia boss versus Mafia boss. Kind of like the drug gangs of today.

        In the past, we agreed to have one Mafia boss, the government, prosecute and incarcerate criminals. The government is doing such a bad job, we could do better ourselves.

        In the same way, the public schools have become so bad, even a stupid woman could do a better job homeschooling her children, through the sixth grade, than the schools we have today.

        What does the government do well? The Post Office and NASA are the only things I can think of.

  14. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) was one of the first to make this a political issue. She has to go and we have that chance in November.

    • Too bad that the Seattle Machine already has the fix in for her… I will of course be voting for her opponent no matter who.

  15. In my experience I have noted, that there is no tragedy in America, that the anti-gun media and politicians, won’t hesitate to Emotionally Exploit. As Mr. Moore said, “Sadly predictable”.

  16. Same old story. They print their pictures and speak only of the tool employed. They make certain the killers get their 15 minutes of fame they so greatly desire above all else, ensuring more tragedies. They call the killers “gunman” and “shooter”. As both, I am of course highly offended, as I would never use my skill at arms for any such evil purpose and neither would any of the other 90+ million gun owners in America. This isn’t about news, but rather about advancing an agenda. They stand on the coffins of the innocent to get their way.

    • PHenry,

      I agree the media use language to brainwash us. I object to the terms “gunman” and “shooter” as well. They are criminals and monsters, killers and murderers. Some people call them “animals,” but animals kill to eat. They are not as bad as humans, and we should not insult animals. ; )

      This wasn’t an “active shooter situation.” This was a massacre, a slaughter, a criminal attack. AR-15s are carbines or varmint rifles. There is no such thing as a “high-capacity” magazine.

  17. I just watched Beto O’Rourke jump up in the middle of a Joint Press Conference and start spouting off about his the Governor and Law Enforcement were doing nothing at all. The cameras followed him as he was being escorted out of the room. All the while he was most likely spewing about the evil AR15’s and how we would all be so much safer if the government just took all of our guns away, and that if elected he would do exactly just that.
    I’ve heard him push this idea over and over again. Just think, he has had the answer to mass shootings all along. Just imaging, if we had elected him instead of Biden, this shooting would of never happened, or so he thinks.
    Our prayers go out to all the families whose lives will never be the same after this senseless tragedy.

  18. The Bible says (Roman 8:28) that “…We know that all things work together for good to those who love God…”.

    Our problem today, as a Nation and as a People, is that we have turned away from God. We no longer love God. Instead, we have turned to Satan instead. This is especially true for the American Left with their ideology rooted in self-worship and pleasure-seeking. As a result, all things are working together for the Satan-loving American Left.

    Their motto is to never let a crisis go to waste. However, they still need a crisis to exploit in the first place. Have you noticed how each new crisis just pops-up (on-time) as they need it? Consider recent history:

    1) 23 years ago, the gun control movement was failing. Something was needed to revive it. The Left prayed to their master (Satan) for his help. Satan sent two of his servants to start the modern era of mass-shootings. It happened just 10 days before the NRA meeting scheduled in Denver. Success! Gun control was revived and the NRA was forced to cancel its annual meeting and retreat in defeat!

    2) Obama did not push gun control during his first term. He wanted that second term. Once he was re-elected, everyone expected the “gloves to come off”. The Left prayed to Satan for his help again. Satan delivered the “Sandy Hook Shooting” just six weeks after Obama was re-elected thereby allowing him to start his second term with a gun-control “Bang”!

    3) President Trump surprised the Left and won in 2016. The Left turned to their Master, Satan, again with their prayers. Satan delivered: (a) The Russian Hoax, (b) A rabid, anti-Trump Media, (c) multiple investigations, and (d) a bunch of RINO’s in Congress. Trumps term as POTUS was crippled.

    4) Nevertheless, Trumps supporters were still flying high. The Left prayed to Satan to bring them low. Satan delivered the Las Vegas Mass-Shooting wherein the majority of victims were Trump supporters. No real motive, beyond doing Satan’s Will, was ever found for this mass-murderer.

    5) This still did not bring Trump (or his supporters) down. Trumps polices were working. The economy was good. The war on terror was going good. Trumps foreign policy was working. It looked that Trump would have a certain 2nd Term as POTUS. In terror, the Left fell on its knees again and prayed to their Master, Satan, to please deliver them from the “Orange Man”. Satan answered their prayers with two (2) mighty gifts. The first was COVID-19. This shut down the economy, shut down more NRA meetings, and created a climate wherein the Left could weaken voting standards thereby setting the stage for the most corrupt Presidential Election in American History in 2020. Satan also sacrificed one of his servants, Anti-Saint George Floyd, to create a Summer of riots and burnings. Between the vote-rigging and fear-mongering, the Left (with Satan’s Grace) ejected the Orange Man from Office and replaced his with another long-term and devoted servant of the Dark Master.

    6) Move forward to today. Gun sales are up to the moon. Support for gun control is failing (again). The SCOTUS may be about to deliver a decision that hurts the gun control movement across the board. What to do? Why, they fall on their knees and pray, once again, for the help of their Master, Satan. Again, Satan has delivered! First, he prepared a racist, nut-job leftist to target African-Americans in a supermarket in NY. Still not enough. The NRA Annual Meeting was still scheduled to go forward in Houston. So, Satan prepared another one of his servants, in this case, a transgender nut-job, to do a repeat of Columbine except in Texas. Both shootings were timed (what a surprise) to occur just days before the NRA Annual Meeting in Texas.

    Result, Gun Control is flying high again. Do you think that the NRA will “tuck-tail” and cancel out again?

    My only conclusion is that, with the people of the World turning away from God and adopting humanistic beliefs inspired by Satan instead, the above verse can now be read as:

    “We know that all things work together to advance the agenda of those who love Satan…”


    • “Our problem today, as a Nation and as a People, is that we have turned away from God. We no longer love God. Instead, we have turned to Satan instead. This is especially true for the American Left with their ideology rooted in self-worship and pleasure-seeking. As a result, all things are working together for the Satan-loving American Left.”

      It is time to change and cleanse our nation of the of the perversions that are in control. where we have open perverts in high positions. Homosexuals as state attorneys drag queens in place by the guy in the White House, Pelosi telling her church what they need to be, congress openly liars, ect. ect. Time to take a clue from the satan loving lefties.
      Turn back to GOD and Fall on knees and ask GOD to hear Our prayers and Heal our Land.

      • @ Steve – “…ask GOD to hear Our prayers and Heal our Land.”

        Every day I say this prayer. I ask God to heal our land, to lead our People back to his path, and to deliver us from EVIL. The evils of today plus the even worse evils which, if no change is made, I foresee falling upon our heads tomorrow.

  19. Great commentaries, I feel we need to be on the offensive. Living in San Antonio, and personally knowing a border patrol agent living in the town where this all took place, Ive known him to carry every where. We need to allow our teachers to be armed.

  20. ‘Cowards’: Gun company locks down social media after being linked to Texas school massacre
    Claire Goforth – 5h ago

    The company where the Uvalde mass shooter suspect procured the AR-15 he used to kill 19 children and two adults locked their Twitter account after being linked to the shooting. Its recent social media history includes a post quoting the Bible to justify training kids to use guns.

    Daniel Defense locked Twitter page
    © Provided by Daily Dot
    Daniel Defense locked Twitter page
    It also appears to be limiting comments on its Instagram.

    On Tuesday, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos killed 21 people inside a fourth-grade classroom in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. It’s one of the deadliest mass school shootings to date.

    As the Daily Dot first reported, Ramos recently bought an AR-15 from Daniel Defense. It appears this is the weapon he used in the murders.

    State police have confirmed that they found a Daniel Defense rifle beside Ramos’ body inside the classroom. Law enforcement responding to the shooting fatally shot him.

    Daniel Defense didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. Daniel Defense is a privately held gun manufacturer based in Georgia.

    “At Daniel Defense, we celebrate the liberty of our country, the enthusiasm of our customers and employees, and the quality and accuracy of our products,” the company’s website states.

    On Wednesday morning, social media users dug up one of the company’s tweets from May 16, the day Ramos turned 18 and purchased one of his weapons.

    “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” the tweet on its verified account read, a quote from the Bible. It included a photo of a small child holding an AR-15-style assault rifle.

    Daniel Defense posted the same image and text on its Instagram account that day. The Instagram post includes the hashtag #childrenarethefuture.

    ‘Cowards’: Gun company locks down social media after being linked to Texas school massacre
    © Provided by Daily Dot
    ‘Cowards’: Gun company locks down social media after being linked to Texas school massacre
    Daniel Defense locked comments on all its Instagram posts sometime before Wednesday.

    Twitter users attacked the company in comments on the tweet after it surfaced Wednesday morning.

    Some commented with screenshots of rifles Ramos posted in an Instagram story shortly before the shooting.

    “A family-owned firm must be delighted that their products can so efficiently destroy the organs of the child in this photo,” wrote @getyrtrouserson.

    Daniel Defense responded to these criticisms by locking its Twitter account, so users who do not already follow it can’t respond to or see its posts. It also deleted the tweet and the identical Instagram post that included a child and a gun.

    It has not publicly responded to any posts calling it out.

    The post ‘Cowards’: Gun company locks down social media after being linked to Texas school massacre appeared first on The Daily Dot.

  21. Someone said it on Twitter, in Brazil and other countries they are armed police patrol guards walking and talking with the people, kids, everyday at public places. These shooter events have to be proven as factual hard data deaths. We still haven’t seen any FBI death list for the supposed Sandy Hook Shooter Drill, that “WENT LIVE”. Why do you ask, cuz they cant prove what did not happen. Why do we buy into these poorly scripted armateur hour crises actor events without even one question? Some of these shooter drills are a feeble attempt at mandating gun confiscation in America, plain and simple. If the Feds and the Media tell us that there was collusion involved in the Trump campaign with Russia do we jump on board and believe this story, or do we say, “show me the proof”. If we do not, then we are nothing more than useful idiots. We already have enough of those. We have folks still walking around with a mask on their faces scared to death someone will sneeze near them. Do you plan on giving up your weapons to anyone or agency? Me neither, from my cold dead hands.

  22. More bad news come out New York.

    Law & Crime
    Day After Texas School Shooting, New York State Defeats Gunmakers’ Legal Challenge of New Gun Law
    Elura Nanos – 41m ago
    A federal judge in Albany on Wednesday threw out a 2021 lawsuit filed by 14 gun industry members against New York State, just one day following the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left 19 children and 2 teachers dead. The challenged law gives the state and individuals affected by gun violence the right to sue gun companies for contributing to “public nuisance.”
    U.S. District Judge Mae D’Agostino, a Barack Obama appointee, refused to enjoin enforcement of the statute and dismissed the gun company plaintiffs’ lawsuit that alleged the statute was unconstitutional.

    The plaintiffs, which included the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. (NSSF) (a gun trade group), Beretta U.S.A., Glock, Inc., Smith & Wesson, Inc., and Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., sought to challenge N.Y. Gen. Bus. Law §§ 898-a–e. The statute was enacted in 2021 and would make members of the gun industry civilly liable for a “public nuisance” created by the manufacture, marketing, importing, or sale of guns — regardless of whether the harm was intended by the defendant.

    In their complaint, plaintiffs argued that § 898 is unlawful in that it exposes gun companies to constant risk of liability for lawful behavior. They argued that “[t]here is, in effect, no way for them to comply with New York’s law.”

    The complaint asserted that New York’s restriction against gunmaker marketing efforts amounted to a First Amendment violation, that federal law already preempts § 898, that the statute is too vague, and that it violates their Second Amendment rights.

    The plaintiffs offered the hypothetical of a Texas resident who lawfully buys a gun in Texas, then transports that gun to New York where it is used to commit a crime, perhaps by a third party. The gun companies “have no way to even attempt to lessen their potential liability,” they argued. Rather, “[t]he only way to prevent liability under the Act would be to cease operations altogether,” they claimed.

    Judge D’Agostino rejected the argument that New York’s statute conflicted with the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which gives gunmakers protection from certain lawsuits. The judge reasoned that § 898’s parameters were specific enough to carve out liability in New York State. She wrote:

    Because § 898 establishes liability exclusively on gun industry members for certain actions—such as the failure to institute “screening, security, inventory and other business practices to prevent thefts of qualified products as well as sales of qualified products to straw purchasers, traffickers, persons prohibited from possessing firearms under state or federal law, or persons at risk of injuring themselves or others,” § 898-a(1) — the Court holds that § 898 expressly regulates firearms. Therefore, Plaintiffs’ express preemption claim is dismissed.

    D’Agostino was similarly unconvinced by plaintiffs’ argument that §898 violated the dormant commerce clause in that it unconstitutionally discriminates against out of state interests. The court explained that because the statute applies equally to out of state and in-state gun companies, no discrimination is afoot.

    The judge also made short work of plaintiffs’ void-for-vagueness claim. She ruled that any allegation of vagueness was too speculative to sustain a ruling on that basis. D’Agostino also threw out the Second Amendment challenge and held that limitation on “sale, manufacturing, importing or marketing” of guns “does not directly regulate the right of people to keep and bear arms.”

    The court dismissed the lawsuit in its entirety, thus rendering the motion for a preliminary injunction moot.

    “These have been a dark two weeks. Black people slain while shopping in Buffalo, a commuter shot dead on the train I take every week in Brooklyn, and children mercilessly massacred in Texas,” said New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie (D), who sponsored New York’s bill in the Senate. “We’ve needed some good news in the fight to end gun violence and the court’s decision today is just that.”

    “We passed this first-in-the-nation law for one reason: to protect New Yorkers from gun violence and hold bad actors in the gun industry who help facilitate that violence accountable,” the lawmaker continued.

    Myrie commended New York State Attorney General Letitia James for her vigorous defense of the constitutionality of § 898, and said that “[t]he gun industry has put their profits over our lives for too long.”

    Myrie concluded with a call to action:

    New Yorkers are tired of bending to their will, and the Court’s decision today is another step in the direction of justice for all who have been impacted by gun violence. I hope every state in the nation is paying attention — federal inaction is not an excuse. This is your moment to step up.

    New York State Assemblymember Patricia Fahy, who sponsored New York’s bill in the Assembly said that the Empire State’s legislation was the start of repealing protections for gun manufacturers under the “disastrous federal law known as the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).” Fahy said that under PLCAA, the gun company has the unique privilege of enjoying special protection from civil liability. Fahy said that Tuesday’s ruling “will allow gun manufacturers who are knowingly utilizing bad actors and dealers to market their products, to be held civilly liable for the damage they cause on our streets.”

    “New York has led the nation on gun legislation — and in the face of more devastating mass shootings in recent weeks, we must be more vigilant than ever in helping to keep New Yorkers safe from the scourge of gun violence,” she also said.

    New York State Attorney General Letitia James (D) issued the following statement in response to the ruling:

    As we mourn the deaths of 19 innocent children lost to gun violence in Uvalde and the countless more in Buffalo and across America every day, this is a moment of light and hope. New York is proud to defend the right to impose reasonable gun restrictions that protect all of us. As public officials, we were elected to solve problems and address the needs of the people. Prayers alone will no longer do, and cowardliness is not part of the job description. New York will always lead, and I urge others with a backbone to follow.

    “For nearly two decades, members of the gun industry have been able to profit from dangerous business practices, arguing that PLCAA – the federal law shielding the gun industry – protects them from any liability,” said Alla Lefkowitz, Senior Director of Affirmative Litigation at Everytown Law, one of the organizations that filed an amicus brief in the case. “No longer. New York’s landmark legislation will bring much-needed accountability to the industry and pathway to justice for survivors of the gun violence epidemic in New York.”

    “As we’ve said all along, the law is constitutional and instead of running to the courthouse to avoid accountability, the industry should be taking action to reform their business practices and make the products that endanger the New York public safer,” Lefkowitz continued.

    “NSSF is disappointed by today’s ruling,” said Lawrence G. Keane, the group’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel, in an email to Law&Crime on Wednesday. “We respectfully disagree with the court’s decision and plan to appeal this decision.”

    [image via Karen Bleier/AFP via Getty Images]

    The post Day After Texas School Shooting, New York Sta

    • Patrick,

      So, New York state wants to get rid of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens at a time when the government is encouraging criminals to steal. Also, we are, even now, watching a small country get invaded by a big country. The small country used to have nuclear weapons, but it gave them to the big country. When the big country invaded, the small country hastily handed out Avtomat Kalashnikovs to everyone, and conscripted the men.

      I think the mood in this country today is probably similar to what it was in 1860. We don’t need a war to solve our differences, but we do need a separation.

  23. Most comments are just “preaching to the choir”, law abiding citizens know where the problems are and we all have an opinion of what could or would change things. Even though there are millions of us doing the right thing every day, we are constantly ridiculed and blamed for the lunatics that don’t give a damn about laws or anything else for that matter, especially human life. I’m seriously sick and tired of the knee jerk reactions to blame a majority of decent human beings for the actions of a few deranged individuals. This is, unfortunately, the society we live in. While most will think the killing of innocent children or anyone for that matter is a travesty, enemies to our way of thinking are just that, enemies. Just my honest opinion.

    • TD,

      In addition to demonizing gun owners, the America-hating, communist Left demonizes white people. Without the technological contributions of white men, we would live in wigwams.


    • Al Murphy,

      In my dreams, I would like to give police officers a license to kill. Afterwards, they would have to prove that the goblin they killed needed killing, but that would be the only requirement.

      In my dreams, citizens could purchase a hunting permit for prisons. They could only shoot criminals who deserved to be shot, but the culling effect would be a real benefit to society.

      • Roger, I have a better idea of what to do with criminals on death row. Use them for medical experiments as they give better results than using animals which may be similar to humans, but not as accurately. Those scumbags have a debt to pay to society for their heinous crimes and sitting in an air conditioned cell getting three nutritionally balanced meals a day doesn’t quite cut it. Make good use of them for the benefit of society.

      • Excellent idea, Tom606. Criminals could benefit the medical field in two ways. 1) They could be used to develop new vaccines and medical procedures, and 2) Surgical students could practice surgery, first on corpses, then on criminals, and then on live patients.

        Here’s another application; we are always wondering how different types of ammunition will perform in human tissue. Using live criminals, we could finally solve the 9mm versus .45 cal debate, and see the effects of other rounds as they impact various parts of the body at various distances.

        Ahh, it’s so nice to dream. Sadly, dreaming only works for Walt Disney and a few other lucky artists.

  25. Okay, the New York state law that allows the suing of gun manufacturers has been upheld by the State Supreme Court. So, if someone buys a gun in Oregon, takes it to New York and misuses it and harms someone else, the manufacturer of the firearm is liable. HUH? How the hell does that make sense? Same thought chain: A guy driving a Buick, gets drunk, drives onto a sidewalk and kills a pedestrian. The pedestrian’s family then sues Buick because they “should have known” someone drunk could use their product to harm someone else. Same thought process. Same stupid.

    • James M Pritchett,

      New Yorkers are the people who voted for the Cuomos, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Bill de Blasio and Sandy Cortez. New Yorker City dwellers could have had Curtis Sliwa the Great as their mayor, but “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  26. I’m not surprised at the ruling, all these school shootings, of lately, its getting harder for me to believe less that groups of people are conspiring against us.

  27. Not just New York.

    By Tom Hals

    People react after a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde
    (Reuters) – An 18-year-old gunman stormed a Texas elementary school on Tuesday and killed 19 children and two teachers, reigniting a debate in the United States over gun control and the potential legal liability for manufacturers of firearms.

    Below is a look at attempts to use the courts to hold manufacturers liable for mass shootings.


    Since 2005, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) has provided near blanket immunity for gun makers and dealers from liability for crimes committed with their products. The law was passed after lawsuits by several cities tried to hold companies liable for gun violence.


    Yes. The PLCAA has several provisions that allow a company to be sued, including for claims a company has knowingly violated laws related to the marketing of the product related to the shooting.

    The Connecticut Supreme Court said in 2019 that the federal law permitted a lawsuit by some of the families of the victims of a 2012 shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The families sued Remington for violating the state’s marketing law by allegedly promoting its Bushmaster rifle for criminal use.

    Remington, which twice filed for bankruptcy during the case, agreed in February to pay the families $73 million, the first settlement of its kind.

    Also in 2019, the Indiana Court of Appeals said PLCAA did not prevent the city of Gary from pursuing a 1999 lawsuit against firearms manufacturers under the state’s public nuisance laws. Nuisance laws can be used to hold a defendant liable for damage done to a public good, like community safety, and the city alleged the manufacturers knew of illegal handgun sales and failed to prevent them.

    Two federal appeals courts, however, have ruled that public nuisance lawsuits are barred by PLCAA because they don’t apply to the sale or marketing of firearms.


    Following the Connecticut Supreme Court ruling, other cases were launched that are working their way through the courts, seeking to seize on exemptions in PLCAA.

    Victims of a 2019 mass shooting at a California synagogue sued Smith & Wesson, saying the company negligently marketed the AR-15 style rife used by the shooter. A state court judge rejected last year the company’s argument the lawsuit was barred under PLCAA.

    Meanwhile, the Texas Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that an online seller of ammunition, Luckygunner.com, was not protected by PLCAA from a lawsuit on behalf of victims of a 2018 shooting at a Santa Fe, Texas, high school. The company is accused of knowingly violating a law that makes it illegal to sell ammunition to minors.

    Mexico last year sued Smith & Wesson Brands Inc and Sturm, Ruger & Co and other firearm makers for the flood of weapons across the border from the United States. The lawsuit alleges the companies designed, marketed and distributed military-style assault weapons in ways they knew would arm drug cartels, fueling murders and kidnappings.

    The companies have argued they cannot be held liable for crimes in Mexico stemming from legal sales of their products in the United States.

    The judge overseeing the case in Boston has questioned whether allowing the case to proceed could undermine PLCAA.


    In July, New York’s governor signed into law a measure that allows firearm sellers, manufacturers and distributors to be sued by the state, cities or individuals for creating a public nuisance.

    A U.S. judge on Wednesday ruled against the firearms industry which sued to block the law and argued it was barred by PLCAA.

    On Tuesday, California senators approved a bill hours after the Texas shooting that would allow private citizens to sue anyone who manufactures, distributes, transports, imports, or sells assault weapons and untraceable ghost guns.

    The bill, which is supported by Governor Gavin Newsom, is styled on a Texas anti-abortion “vigilante” law that is meant to skirt conflicting federal law. It will now be considered by the state’s assembly.


    Guns rights advocates have also used the courts to challenge firearms restrictions and the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to rule on a case over New York’s limits on carrying concealed handguns in public.

    The conservative court appeared at arguments in November ready to strike down the law.

    Other lawsuits against restrictions include cases against bans on assault-style weapons in California and Maryland, which challengers say violates the constitutional right to bear to arms.

  28. A number of school districts permit concealed carry, at least by trained staff, on school grounds. I’m thinking of Ohio and Buckeye Firearms’ FASTER program in particular. How many mass murders have been committed in schools protected by armed staff? As far as I know, it’s zero.

    It’s past time to stop thinking of the mass murderers who shoot up schools as poor, demented souls deserving of our sympathy and help. They are terrorists and need to be fought against as terrorists. A terrorist’s worst fear is failure especially at the hands of his intended victims who are the people he most hates and against whom he seeks revenge. Armed, well trained people (not necessarily staff) at school are the best way to make the terrorists fail.

  29. I grew up in the rural southwest. Each fall, Basque shepherds would bring truck loads of sheep to graze the last growth off the hay fields before winter. The shepherds would erect a simple single strand electric fence to keep the sheep in.

    These shepherds didn’t even try to fence predators out. Rather, each flock had a resident sheepdog or two (mostly Anatolian and Pyrenees types). These dogs made sure no stray dog or hungry coyote ever made it to their charges – even if it required risking their own life to do so.

    When I read about this school shooting, I can’t help but think of the sheepdogs. Maybe we should provide human versions of sheepdogs for each of our schools? Maybe we should train and equip men to protect our vulnerable children. Rather than wringing our hands and trying to blame each other, maybe we should just figure out a better way to kill the coyotes when they present themselves before they can reach our sheep?

    • Cactus Dave, you simply cannot beat a team of 2 or more sheepdogs for protecting a flock against predators. Good sheepdogs are highly proactive. They recognize the coyotes instantly, and the coyotes darned well recognize the sheepdogs, feeling instantly the immanence of painful consequences, and hightail it. I like the Arizona laws, at least regarding my experience in a private school, where staff with concealed weapons permits are encouraged to carry. The success of Faster Saves Lives in Ohio as mentioned above needs to be recognized and imitated. Such a competent team approach to school security will help head the predators off at the pass and actually preserve the innocent.

    • I have always wondered about using Anatolians to protect against coyotes. Wolves yes but my border collie/lab mix routinely terrorizes coyotes, even packs of them. Something like a GSD or a Rhodesian would be even better.

  30. Watch for the Dark Side to try banning the sale of body armor. Both the latest mass murderers in Buffalo, NY and Texas wore ballistic vests and the guy in NY had on a helmet also. The loony left will claim there is no sporting use for body armor and there’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights which protects the right to own such equipment. The way liberals see it, Americans only have the right to own flintlock weapons, until they decide those should be banned too.

    I saw on TV that the grossly obese Follywood slug Michael Moore has called for the Second Amendment to be repealed and slimy soul sister Whoopi Goldberg is urging folks to call the police on neighbors who own AR-15 rifles. Donations will be pouring in for those heavyweight scumbags from evil criminals in America who will benefit greatly by such actions.

  31. In my dreams, I have come up with a new name for “assault weapons.” I would call them “tyrant killers.”

    • I would call them “Liberators” as those guns free their owners from fear, despair, being victimized, and from the tyrannical rule of wannabe dictators.

  32. From a Canadian’s perspective who is a trained IPSC competitor and licensed firearm owner, I have to ask the question: Is there not something that can be done to introduce safety training and mental qualification to own a firearm?

    In IPSC we are never (almost never) worried about anyone walking around with a handgun on their hip as they have passed the Black Badge course which demonstrates they have met the minimum safety training to compete with a loaded handgun in a move and shoot sport.

    Can there not be something at the local level using a national or state level standard that would see a structured test to prove proficiency with a firearm before being able to purchase one? Would the local police or sheriff be able to confirm an individual would be in good standing with the community and have a means to show this to a prospective gun shop?

    I understand registration leads to confiscation. We are seeing plenty of that up here, and licensing can also be abused in the same way.

    From our perspective, we see too many unqualified people possessing firearms using them to hurt others. I agree the numbers of good people defending themselves outweigh this, but can there not be something more that can be done to minimize or eliminate those who should not be able to purchase firearms?

    • “Is there not something that can be done to introduce safety training and mental qualification to own a firearm? Can there not be something at the local level using a national or state level standard that would see a structured test to prove proficiency with a firearm before being able to purchase one? can there not be something more that can be done to minimize or eliminate those who should not be able to purchase firearms?”

      It is so tempting to seek solutions external to the people involved. To try to control humans by regulating the external environment or by regulating access to something in the environment. Indeed, this is the foundational basis of left-wing thought. Leftists believe in the “natural goodness” of mankind. Their ideology is based upon the concept that it is man’s external environment that leads him down the path of evil. A pattern of thought that gives rise to the “Left-wing Utopia”. The idea than humanity can create a “heaven-on-earth of peace and plenty” if only they can create the perfect social environment in which it can grow.

      It is all a blue-sky pipe-dream! The source of EVIL in the World is the human heart. No network of laws, controls, regulations or external restrictions will change that. To build a “Better World”, the focus must be on training, discipline, education, and moral development of PEOPLE. To let the human heart “run free” to do “its own thing” is the path to chaos, disorder and crime. Indeed, that is the root of the “sickness” that has invaded our World here in the 21st Century.

      Your questions, as quoted above, show that you are slipping into a Left-Wing thought pattern. You seek solutions external to the human heart. You ask questions that indicate that you hope that some system of external controls, regulations and laws will do the trick. That, somehow, the flood of evil in today’s World can be regulated without going to the source which is the human heart.

      The answer to all of your questions is NO. There is no magic gun control law. There is no magic system of external checks that will regulate the human heart. Change must come from within. It cannot be imposed from without.

      If you doubt the truth of what I wrote above, then I invite you to look at the history of the World, The left-wing approach has been tried time and time and time again. Here, in America, we tried to create a better World by banning alcohol a century ago. Alcohol was blamed for evil like some blame firearms for evil today. It failed of course. Not only failed, it backfired and increased crime.

      We also tried to create a better World by means of a “War on Drugs”. Same result. Massive failure. A “War on Guns” will also fail. In the UK (except for the WW II period), the British have waged a “War on Guns” for a full century now. They had the advantages of (1) few firearms to begin with, and (2) an island nation with good border controls. They have still failed. Violence continues and so do illegal firearms. See this link:


      In America, there are more firearms than people. Plus we have never had good border controls and the Democrats have smashed what few controls we did have. There is NO CHANCE of keeping firearms out of dangerous hands with schemes and regulations. It is a fool’s hope.

      Again, the solution must come from within the human heart. It cannot be regulated externally. Societal controls are not the answer. The answer must come from a moral improvement of the human heart.

      • I understand what you are saying here. Please don’t mistake my question for a prohibitionists (left) view on firearms ownership. In my opinion if you can be trusted with a Iver Johnson break open single shot 12 gauge, you can be trusted with an M134. Both can cause mass casualty incidents if misused.

        I know all too well (being overly regulated here in the north) how regulatory bodies can be quickly abused. Our system (for lack of a better term) is not designed to regulate firearms. It is designed to slowly diminish firearms use and ownership. I agree you can’t control those who would misuse firearms. We had a case in Alberta where a machinist made six Mac-11s and sold four of them on the streets before being caught, we have kids running around with Glock switches on their 25rnd G19s in Toronto. Those who are bad, gona bad.

        What I was asking was for something of a system that cannot be abused by authorities (yes a tall order) but that would help make sure the guy next to you at the gun shop isn’t of a bad heart and wouldn’t want to turn their weapon on you. Does this guarantee anything? No.

        If we are to be the good guys with guns, can we simply have something to make sure those ranks are kept clear of those seeking to do harm? I know many of your states have (correct me if I am wrong) concealed carry classes that must be successfully completed in order to have your permit. I think this is a good thing, not because I think access should be discouraged, but that access is in hands that can, well handle it.

        If the answer to this is a no, even a no based on the historical misuse of regulatory bodies by the state, then I would have to agree in the end people need to be left to their own devices. We have stacks of laws regulating what people can and cannot do here, I have yet to see any evidence that it made for a better society from those laws alone.

        I often say to prohibitionists that it isn’t laws that make society civilized, it is civilized people, even if they happen to own an M134.

    • “Is there not something that can be done to introduce safety training and mental qualification to own a firearm?”

      You have it backwards. The government should need to have cause to prove you insane. Not you to pre-emptively prove your sanity.

      “Would the local police or sheriff be able to confirm an individual would be in good standing with the community and have a means to show this to a prospective gun shop?”

      In other words, you would demand that citizens grant the state absolute discretion of “suitability”? How well did that work for Martin Luther King when the sheriff was Bull Connor?

  33. I am sure the government that gives BILLIONS to other countries, millions to ‘undocumented aliens’ pouring in, and payraises for themselves every few years could…

    Fund security cameras at each door, auto locking security doors, and security system screen in the Administration office. If they see a nutjob coming toward any door one push of a button and all the doors would lock and police called. There are some real good security doors made that are very hard to break. And this would really help if all the school children wore easily recognizable uniforms.

    Add to that Congress could give LEOs blanket protection if they intervene in a school shooting and kill the mass murderer. And police could give a shoot-to-kill order… no waiting for them to surrender.. move in and eliminate the threat.


  34. All kinds of reports are coming in now including reports that the police failed to respond rapidly enough to what was going on. See this link:


    It looks like we are reaching a point where each mass-murder event is just a repeat of what has gone on before. This new one in Texas looks to be a double repeat.

    1) It occurs just days before the NRA Annual meeting and in the same State as the meeting. This is a repeat of Columbine.

    2) The police just stood by and secured the perimeter while the killer was given a free hand to rack up a good body count (as reported by the NY Post above). If this is true (with our lying press, who knows?), then it is a repeat of what happened at Parkland.

    I guess that, by now, it has all been done before and the psycho mass-murderers are running out of fresh ideas. There is nothing new under the sun!

    Certainly, the media is repeating their SOP and giving each of these killers their 15-minutes of infamy. Naturally, the Anti-American media will not let up on that! These killings all support the “narrative” of disarming the American Citizen. The Left wants that above all things. It is a necessary step to complete their tyranny and make us all their serfs. So, the media and the Leftists politicians will continue to “Dance in the Blood” and “scream and shout” as the body count of murdered children rises. As I pointed out in an earlier blog comment, between Covid-19, suicides, drug overdose deaths, burning cities, and the climbing body count due to criminal killers, the American People are being led, by the American Left, into a slow-motion genocide. Had enough yet? If not, the left will gladly provide more:


    Besides, “if it bleeds, it leads!” Oh Yeah!

    • TN_MAN:

      Maybe some well funded genius like Elon Musk could create an electric powered armored robot which could patrol the halls of schools and businesses to stop anyone intent on harming the people inside. This robot is always active and has no fear or hesitation to immediately engage any criminal(s) on the premises. A potential school shooter, mass murderer, or anyone displaying a firearm would be quickly terminated by accurate gunfire. As a bonus, this robot requires no coffee or bathroom breaks, doesn’t get sick, and being battery operated, is a green machine.

      • @ Tom606 – Sadly, despite all the advances in computer science and robotics, we still lack the technology to create a “Terminator Unit”. No cyborg named “Arnold” can be created to respond, hunt down, and “terminate” an invasive school shooter.

        Heck, we lack the technology to even build a reliable “Smart Gun”. How can we build a “Terminator”. Even old “Musky” is not that much of a genius!

        The best we might build is some kind of drone-based active alarm system. This system might include drones armed with a mix of pepper spray and tear gas. These drones would be linked to a central control office (not even on-site at the school) over the internet.

        In the event of the school being invaded, the alarm would pass to the central office and the drones would be deployed. Operators, in the central office, would control them in much the same way that the air force flies a drone, remotely, in the middle east.

        The drones would be directed attack the school invader with jets of pepper spray and tear gas seeking to disrupt his attack on the children. The drones would also pass along the criminals location to responding law-enforcement.

        The police would have the final job of taking down the criminal either dead or alive as the criminal would have it.

        Seriously, it is not beyond our technology to put a drone-based security system in every school with each State having a central office to control them in the event of a crisis. It would cost a few billions to deploy nationwide but, since we currently waste trillions, the resources could be found, if our “Ruling Class” truly wanted to deploy a technological solution.

        There’s the rub! Our leftist leaders don’t want to solve this problem! It is too useful for them to have the killing continue. It stokes their narrative that the American Citizen must be disarmed “for our own good”.

        Our ruling class is not interested in solving the problems of the citizens of America. They are too busy using “chaos as a ladder” to climb to ultimate power, wealth and control over us!

    • Here is a further report on the police response:


      This report puts the police response in a (somewhat) better light. Not quite as bad as Parkland. Still, the police cannot take an hour to neutralize one of these school mass-murderers. They cannot sit back and wait for armor, special equipment, and SWAT to show up. My view is that they need to go in with what they have available. If they take fire, don’t retreat. Instead, pin him down and outflank him.

      It is WAR when taking on one of these killers. Not a police action. The responding police need to have a warrior mindset. Not the standard, law-enforcement mindset. If they can’t make the jump from Cop to Warrior, then step aside and let someone else do the job!

      I know! Easy for me to say this sitting at home typing on my computer. Maybe that is a valid point. Certainly, I am not the man for this kind of work. Nevertheless, responders cannot wait around until things are “ready” while children are being slaughtered.

      General George Patton said (and I quote): “A good plan, executed immediately, is better than the perfect plan executed next week.”

      This kind of thinking is what is needed when responding to a school mass-murder event!

      • What would the TEXAS founders think TRAVIS and all the Alamo heroes of the police all with ARs and armor standing around that school? Oh WE Might Get Hurt! SHAME SHAME

    • TN_MAN,

      WOW! That article was excellent!!!

      Here comes Holodomor II. The earth has 7.9 billion people right now. If some die off, that means the earth’s resources will last longer for those who remain. The Left could justify their actions of reducing the earth’s population as necessary to preserve the human race. See? They are saviors, not killers. {It takes a twisted mind to see it that way}

    • McConnell is no more of a Republican than Schumer. They are both members of the traitorous “elite ruling class” here in America. Schumer is of the far-left, power-hungry variant. McConnell is of the establishment GOPe RINO subspecies.

      Neither subspecies gives a hoot about the American Citizen. We are merely rungs to be stepped on as they climb the “ladder of chaos” to more and more power, control and wealth.

      I have no doubt that this linked report is accurate. The RINOs will betray the American People just as fast as they betrayed President Trump during his term in office.

      The advice is good. Contact your non-RINO Republican senators now and let them know that any betrayal of the American People will be treated like the treason that it is. Don’t waste your time contacting Democrats or GOPe RINOs. Their record of treason is already established beyond all doubt. These tyrants will not change course. On the contrary, they are eager to exploit the “opportunity” that these recent mass-murders have created for them.

      Remember their motto: “Never let a Crisis go to Waste”. This is a “Golden Opportunity” for them to take another step toward the disarmament of the American Citizen. They view the deaths of these murdered children not with sadness but with JOY and HAPPINESS at the welcome chance it brings to them. Not just to pass more Firearms-Prohibition measures but for the midterm elections as well!

  35. Déjà vu. 23 years ago.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist but:

    Where is the video of the New Town shooting and how many shell casings were recovered? End result from that event, states implemented magazine capacity restrictions and made gun manufacturers open to liability.

    Stoneman-douglas school shooting, police response similar to this most recent event and the details went down the memory hole.

    Las Vegas shooting, how many shell casings were recovered and where is the CCTV video in the hotel? Police response similar to this recent event and the end result was the bump-stock ban. Memory holed.

    Pulse night club shooting, police response similar to this recent event and greater push to all out ban guns. Memory holed.

    There are too many incidents that can be listed here, but as a result, there was supposed to be better training for all agencies tasked with protecting people but end result is utter failure to protect BUT always room to enact more restrictions and laws that will affect the law abiding.

    And the current laws SHOULD have prevented any of the aforementioned tragedies, but didn’t. I wonder why? *spit*

    • The Las Vegas event was a great example of the lone shooter drill. This guy, manages to by-pass all security video, 24 hour a day high def and monitored security teams trained to watch for fraud, card counters, and criminals. They can speak to Clark Co. Sheriffs and Las Vegas P.D. within seconds, and check out suspicious individuals. So, this guy sneaks’ by all of this security apparatus with cases of ammo, rifles, and not be the least noticed??? No, its more than unlikely but impossible to accomplish that type of covertness, unless the Feds escorted this massive stockpile of weapons and ammo. So that’s the biggest question. Did the Feds escort this man to his perch, or did it not even happen but is truly a false flag event manufactured by the biggest loser’s in our country. The alphabet soup agencies that should be defunded and sent packing. All America really needs to is to be left alone from the tyranny of our own govt. agencies. We keep the front police and sheriffs, properly funded and supported and then close down the useless agencies of federal govt.

      • There was more than ONE shooter in Las Vegas, Mindy Robinson has the documented evidence and witness statements.

  36. When a wise man points at the moon the fool looks at the finger.

    The finger in this case is the evil gun. Treating mental illness as a disease is the moon.

  37. The story just keep changing with regard to the police response to this shooting. Here is the latest version:


    This is starting to sound, more and more, like a repeat of Parkland. As I noted above, with respect to its timing, vis-a-vis the NRA Annual meeting, it is also a repeat of Columbine.

    If the police response was a total Snafu, will anyone be held responsible? Or, as Larry McClain notes above, will it be another case where, having served it’s purpose as a propaganda tool and as a means to advance the firearm-prohibition agenda, will it will also be swept into the “Memory Hole”?

    The slow-motion genocide of the American People just keep a’rolling along, doesn’t it? Wonder which destination is set for our next stop on this train ride?

    I do so look forward to the day when the American People have enough and finally wise-up that it would be a good thing to get off this ride. Maybe by decoupling the Left-Wing engine that the democrats are using to drive this train to our collective doom!

    Quote of the Day:

    [The Train]
    by Anonymous

    It’s not my job to run the train,
    The whistle I don’t blow.
    It’s not my job to say how far
    The train’s supposed to go.
    I’m not allowed to pull the brake,
    Or even ring the bell.
    But let the damn thing jump the track
    And see who catches hell!

  38. “Above All Else: Why Officer Safety Must Be a Top Agency Priority”


    If the dominate governing philosophy behind police training is “officer safety”, not public safety then the actions (or inaction) of the police begins to make some kind of sense. The safest thing for cops to do in a situation like this is wait until they have what they deem is sufficient resources (vests, SWAT team etc.) to risk entering the school and confronting the active shooter. If that means innocent civilians even children get killed in the meantime, then are they not technically following their training? Maybe that training philosophy is the problem? Maybe public safety should trump officer safety? If I recall even in the case of Columbine and officer engaged (shots exchanged) with the killers before they entered the school but he (the officer) elected to not follow them inside until backup arrived.

    • Tim,

      I’m not an expert, but I have a few ideas about tactics that might be employed. OK, small towns won’t have SWAT teams or equipment, so it will take a while for a SWAT team to drive up in a Bearcat to some small towns. What about a ballistic, hand-held shield? Every police department could have a shield. If it must be heavy to stop .556 NATO then it could be on wheels. One officer could control the shield, and walk toward the criminal, while armed police follow him.

      If you are afraid of the criminal, what about tossing in a flash bang before you enter? What about saturating the room with tear gas? Sure, the children will get uncomfortable, but they will live through a tear gas deployment.

      Those children have their whole lives ahead of them. If we can send Marines to kill Japanese soldiers, hiding in caves, on islands of the South Pacific, then I think the police will just have to risk all, rush into a situation in which they will probably be wounded or killed, and stop the threat to those children. That’s the way I see it, and maybe I am wrong. Maybe the police who die are fathers, and it would be better to lose a fourth-grader rather than a father with multiple small children. That is a judgment call for authorities to make.

      We better figure something out, because this crime will be repeated. I have even considered making students wear body armor and helmets, but it might be too heavy for them. One thing is for sure. I am not a parent, but if I was one, my child would be home-schooled. Here’s another sure thing. If I was a principal, I would be walking around, everywhere in school, wearing a pistol on each hip, and carrying a shotgun loaded with slugs. If teachers and parents don’t like that, fine, get me fired. But, I will be ready for the next attack, if I am a principle. If I was a teacher, I would carry concealed.

      Something must be done to harden schools, because this will keep happening. I believe Israel has found a solution that works.

      • Look at that. I spelled “principal” correctly the first time, and incorrectly the second time. Weird.

  39. Something similar to this happened at the Florida night club mass shooting back in 2016:

    “To make things worse, it took three hours from the time of the attack until the police entered the building. 5 a.m. About three hours after the standoff began, Orlando police chief John Mina says the decision was made to storm the club and “rescue patrons (hiding) in a bathroom” and others still trapped inside the club in an effort to minimize loss of life.”


  40. Nailed it, Mas. The Media spends the last 20 years lying that the AR15 is the weapon of choice for mass shooters, exaggerating its myth, essentially BEGGING anyone looking to cause mayhem to use one.
    It’s a hit piece.

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