I could also title this “what I did during my COVID vacation.”  From the first week in March to the first week in June, the COVID shutdown left me unable to teach anywhere, and that’s my primary “day job.” In August, shutdowns eliminated three of the four 40-hour classes I’d had scheduled, too.  2020 has been a bummer for us all.

That first three months off was when I finished the seventh edition of “Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery,” which came out this past September and is available now through Gun Digest.

There are several new chapters, the rest being updated.  Ammo, sights – especially “carry optics” – holsters and of course, guns have all moved ahead since the previous edition, and other chapters are updated accordingly.  Tactics, techniques, and mindset are all given due attention.

The Evil Princess wants me to remind you that there’s still time to order for Christmas.


  1. Another thought is merchandise from Warriors Heart Foundation. They treat military, LEO’s and Fire Department (all first responders) suffering from PTSD who have fallen into self medication addictions and such. A great cause here in Texas, land of the free.

      • You never know what good thing is going to happen, even out of a plague. Just ask Moses, I guess. Glad you have made productive use of your time. Have you ever chosen to wear a double, opposing shoulder holster, one with a revolver and the other with a semiauto? My plan now. Carrying a revolver to lend to someone else is a central idea, of course. Just by accident, I also have five kinds of belt holsters and one pocket holster that are interchangeable with these handguns. Totally convenient.

      • Not a bad idea, actually.
        On the rare occasions where I’ve worn a double shoulder holster, it was always two of the same, just for balance.

  2. Good news for Christmas. Increasingly one hears that the American people are not going to allow theft of the 2020 election, or otherwise permit irreparable damage to the Constitution. January 20, 2021 is the only constitutional default date for the definitive electoral decision, so adequate rescue time still obtains. Millions are flocking to search engine DuckDuckGo, channels like Rumble, and chat Parler. OAN and Epoch Times are great sources of news, opinion, and organizational info. Certain questionable behavior by some of our judiciaries is being illuminated by other, trustworthy judges. The cream of our legal intelligentsia is rising to eclipse dishonesty and replace it with truth. The divide-and-conquer promoters of clashes of civilizations become more obvious, while inevitably hoisted higher by their own petard.

  3. Good idea. Just gave your book “Deadly Force” to a new shooter who wants her CCW. Have probably gifted 5 copies of “In the Gravest Extreme” over the years.

  4. Bridge Index
    Lots of good information in Massad Ayoob’s books. I’m cross dominant, right hand and left eye. To get my left eye into alignment with the pistol iron sights in my right hand, I use the Bridge Index. My jaw presses into the same spot of my right arm and creates a repeatable ‘stock weld’ helping with consistency. This works really well for me with a noticeable improvement in accuracy. I was doing this before I read about the Bridge Index in ‘Combat Handgunnery.’ I’m just glad Massad Ayoob put a name to this technique so I can better describe it to others.
    Everybody shoot straight and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

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