1. I’m a journalist.

    If someone I was interviewing said, “I have survived seven assassination attempts,” my response wouldn’t be “O.M.G.” It would be “Who-what-when-where-why?” Then I’d look for police reports. That used to be Journalism 101.

    In the comments, even Wa-Po anti-gun readers are calling this out.

  2. So, hillary came under sniper fire over in Bosnia did she? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. But…I have a former high school class mate who served as one of the peacekeepers in the region, and let me just say that if they really were zeroing in on her the headlines of the day would have been much different. As to master david hogg and his claims, the record speaks for itself.

  3. Now I must Firts state clearly that I live in South Africa. I was not aware of this story and what has been going on in the media regarding, until I read the post here. This young man have never faced fear in his life, every day we face death on the streets from gang violence or everyday mugging, going to the shop for bread, taking a taxi or public transport to work or home or even our kids just walking to school is a risk. If this boy, should spend one week here he will definitely run to the first gun shop and buy a gun! Or in his case, get on the first plane back to his neck of the woods. Now everyone has the right to life, some less than others but still a right. I own a gun “firearm” and believe that it should only be used for self defense or the intended purpose ie, hunting or sport or protection a life of another who might not be able to defend them self. You will always find a bad element in everyday life and or society. That does not mean that the good must be punished for the deeds of the bad. Bear arms and walk with your head up, be the lion not the buck! I wonder what the anti gun society would say if they find them self faced with a hungry lion? So you young man, who ever you are! You want to protest against Firarms, I challenge you, stop playing your video games and go volunteer at a hospital on a weekend and then come Monday see how you feel about not owning a gun when you see all the stabbed victims and rape victims come in! See what you say then!

    • 💔
      (Jacques, in case the above line doesn’t survive the digital interface, it is a broken heart)

      It breaks my heart that people have to deal with such at all much less daily.

      The only solace is that there are good people (sometimes referred to as independent or helpers) with the tools & courage to survive, persevere and even help others.

      Great comment Jacques. You stopped me in my tracks. Best regards and wishes to you and yours.

  4. I just read that his father is an FBI agent. Gee, that’s the sort of person _I’d_ attempt to “assassinate”. j/k Idiot.

      • It’s unfortunate, but after observing the FBI and seeing what they have done, and/or attempted to do to this country over the years, it’s my opinion they are not even close to what they once were. So, his father is probably very proud.

  5. No one paying attention to the little guy? If they weren’t so tiresome; the showboats, liars and agents provocateur would be comical. Tiresome, insulting, and wholly without merit. The weasel is still dancing in the blood of the dead.

  6. He came out against the verdict in a police shooting in my town. The “victim” was a teenager who decided to do a drive by using an Uber as a getaway vehicle. The teenager was shot by a policeman and his stolen gun had extended magazines. So while he protests gun violence and is against hi cap mags, in this case it was ok since police look bad doing their job.

    • Wow, the name finally did it. I’m reading a report in the NY times that mentions nothing about the guns that Rose had in the car, and says nothing about the drive-by shooting that video captured his friend in the car doing. It just says their car “matched the description” of the drive-by suspects. Wikipedia fortunately has better details.

      But this white-washing of blame for anyone who is shot by police by the media, it’s insane. Thanks for the info.

  7. Dintchyall read the report about the first attempt”
    As he was riding hus bicycle back to the school after he’d heard there was some shooting goingon, a notorist came within three feet of him as he passed the little wretch. Scared him so bad ha had to turn round and head back home to cure his “code brown” condition.

    Soon as I learned his Pappy is an FBI agent, and I believe Mama works for another government spook shop, I said to myself “self, this guy’s about as phoney as a Four Dollar Clinton bill”. Every word out of his maw since then has supported that inpression.

  8. Hogg is the perfect poster child for why certain women should have abortions. I blame his mother for giving birth to this little sleazy punk. He’s what Valdimir Lenin had in mind when the diabolical bearded Communist dictator coined the term “Useful Idiots” to accurately describe his ignorant Russian peasant supporters.

  9. Yes, they’re idiots and liars, but it’s a mistake not to take them seriously. They have the press and the Democratic Party in their pocket, and they’re not above using that power to destroy the Bill of Rights.

  10. I hate to admit it, but Hogg is an effective speaker for the Dark Side. I’m sure his emotional appeals resonate with the misguided hearts of the Left. Trouble is, his solution would make the problem worse. He wants to disarm the sheep, which means only the wolves will have guns.

    He says the well-off don’t care about the needs of the poor. Why don’t the poor imitate the well-off? Seems to me America is the best and most helpful place to be poor. The Chinese Communists decided to imitate American capitalism 20 years ago, and now their people no longer starve.

    I’ve struggled. I’ve learned that I can’t do what I want to do, I have to do what the Market wants me to do.

    • Foulmouthed David “Camera” Hogg is an effective propagandist (not speaker) for those on the Left who have gulped down the “Kool-Aid” of the Firearms Prohibition doctrine. No doubt, to many of the indoctrinated younger generation, who have raised “Virtue Signaling” to an Art Form, he may be persuasive. He has a symbiotic relationship with the Anti-American Media. They use him has an anti-gun tool and, as an example that by controlling the Youth of America, they own the future.
      He uses their attention and publicity to push his career and stoke his ego. Often he seems like a whinny little puppy, begging for attention, rather than a Hogg. 🙂

      However, to anybody who still retains critical thinking skills and has a mind that still works free of the Left’s brainwashing, he is just pathetic and his logic-free arguments are purely emotion-driven. He and AOC are the Left’s young “Power Couple”. If they represent the future of the USA, then we are truly lost.

  11. I find it amusing that an unhinged/wrong person on the anti-gun side makes him “the poster child of anything, it’s the nature of the anti-gun spokespeople to exaggerate and flat out lie.”

    I’m sure that any unhinged/wrong person on the gun side is just a bad apple and not representative of the majority of responsible gun owners?

    Just like in politics at the moment, everything is about polarization. we need to heal the divisions somewhat and engage in proper conversation, instead of cherry picking, and making people who you disagree with “the enemy”