Word has reached us that Bart Skelton has passed. The son of the great gun writer Charles “Skeeter” Skelton, Bart followed his dad’s path in law enforcement and writing.  Beginning as a New Mexico state trooper, he transitioned into US Customs.  He shared his father’s love of fine guns and good shooting.  He wrote several excellent articles and at least one book.

I first met him the same day I first met his dad, whose work I had followed in the gun magazines since I was a little kid.  I visited Charlie at his home in Deming, NM in the 1970s.  Bart was still in high school, I believe, the kind of clean cut kid you’d expect a man like Skelton and his lovely wife Sally to raise.

Bart grew up to be a barrel-chested man who embraced his father’s values. I’m told he was only in his 60s when he died.  Like his father, we lost him way too soon. I had the good fortune to spend some time with him at the FTW Ranch in Texas a few years ago. Wonderful man.

You can find his book here.

Bart was only 60-something years old.  Like Tiger McKee, who left us just a week or so ago, gone far too early and greatly to be missed.


  1. Wow, it doesn’t seem that long ago that Skeeter left us. We never know when the Good Lord may take us home. Don’t wait to tell your family & friends that you love them. Do all that you can to put any old grudges aside and reconnect with those you may be estranged from. Appreciate each new day and take care of your physical & mental health. RIP Bart.

  2. i sincerely apologize if I am way off base by what I say here. The recent spate of apparently healthy individuals dying before their time, and other individuals suffering serious harm to their health, is most alarming; it all follows the evil, reckless, irresponsible, criminal government mandates surrounding the COVID-19, mRNA, EUA, clot shot/death shot. I hope and pray that the lives of Bart Skelton and Tiger McKee were not lost as a result of the evil, cruel fascistic mandates pushed – with grossly insufficient scientific research regarding safety – by “medical experts” leading the charge at the NIAID, the CDC, and the NIH, and unquestioningly echoed, enforced, and implemented by many evil, cruel, grossly irresponsible elected government representatives and hospital employees. AHRP.ORG is the Alliance For Human Research Protection. Nuremberg75.com celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code and offers a free PDF copy of the Nuremberg Code. The silence is deafening regarding the cause of death of virtually all of the apparently healthy people dying before their time, following implementation of the mRNA jab and booster mandates.

  3. RIP Bart…Although we never met, my memories evolve around you dad. In my early days involving firearms I remember reading Shooting Times magazine which your dad wrote for. I admired his writings and his straightforward advice. But, the several characters he wrote about that have stuck in my mind were Jug Johnson, “Me & Joe” and I can’t leave Dobe Grant out. I’ve read Good Friends, Good Guns, and Good Whiskey several times and never get tired of reading it. Now, it’s your turn; I’ll find a copy of your book and enjoy it as I did your dads.
    Again RIP Bart you left at too early an age!

  4. Hate to hear that. Prayers for his family and friends. As I age, a lot of those that I
    admired and looked up to are passing. I hope I have been able in some small way
    to pass on to others what they have inspired in me. In that way, they live on.

  5. I’m sure sorry to hear about Bart Skelton. I previously had met him at a Writer’s group at I think a Shot Show. Or Maybe NRA annual meeting. I believe he was with customs living in Deming.. I used to be able to keep track of him. but my contacts retired.

  6. Damn – I liked reading his musings on various gun related topics…carried on his father’s legacy quite well I thought… we are diminished

  7. Another good one gone, but never to be forgotten. In addition to his book he had many decent articles in Shooting Times. When he had his column in the back of the magazine it was always the first place I turned. While sad at his early loss, I’m also thankful for the positive impact Bart Skelton had on our shooting community. Condolences to his friends and family.

  8. A really good guy gone much too soon.

    I will always remember your help and advice. May the grass be belly high to a tall horse on the other side mi amigo.

    I’ll lift a glass of tequila and have a cigar in your honor. See you over the divide.


  9. As someone close to the situation, all I will say is that he had been experiencing some health issues for a little while. His cause of death is nothing vax related. Honestly, not sure he ever even got it.

  10. Hey Bart, thanks for all of those fine stories and fond memories! Vaya con Dios!

  11. So, it hasn’t been stated what he died from, but I’m already seeing “the gussers”. They don’t know what happened – but they can guess! As for me, I will miss his writing. I just read a review of his on the CZ P10C. It was spot on.

    As for more people dying early, it isn’t that hard to trace. We have gone from a manufacturing and agrian work base to sit-on-our-butts workers. There are still people who do jobs that require physical labor, but those have declined dramatically over the last 30 years. That, combined with the our terrible diets just about covers it all, including the voodoo floating around. I know I’m about Bart’s age and I need to lose 20 lbs. And vaccinations haven’t caused me one issue.


  12. Well Hell………What a sad surprise. I enjoyed his dad’s writings as well as his and greatly admired both of them. I sort of lost track of him when he stopped writing for the gun magazines and missed his contributions. Being a fellow retired lawman and from Texas I felt a special kinship to Bart and his dad. Adios mi amigo….you did well.

  13. There has been a great diminution of The Force with his return to the Earth. He and his dad comprised a rare duo of entertaining, informative and authentic talent. Long may his legend remain!

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