1. Bill Maher should remember the LA riots. Homeowners in the Hollywood Hills barricaded their streets with their own cars and guns. They would only let fellow neighbors drive through their neighborhoods. My brother knows a man who claims to have fired a gun at looters during the LA riots.

    Trials usually make people wiser. I guess there is no hope for Leftists. Let’s see. They’ve been trying to find a version of Marxism which is better than even a corrupted form of capitalism since 1848. Not one success to show for it. And yet they are determined to force Marxism onthe USA. I guess it would be good for them if they are in the ruling party. Not good for the proletariat.

    The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs is suing Gov Murphy for closing gun shops, ranges and shutting down NICS.

    • A good friend of mine was a college student at UCLA back in the 1960’s when the Watts riots took place. He lived in the Watts area because the rent was cheap, but not being black, stood out like a sore thumb. For several days, he and his roommate huddled in fear as vicious thugs rioted, pillaged, and burned everything in sight. My friend was fairly liberal, but after that incident, moved to a better neighborhood and bought his first gun, a Smith & Wesson model 28 with 4″ barrel which he still has. Now the guy has several dozen firearms consisting of handguns, rifles, and shotguns with lots of ammo and shoots them often for fun and practice in case dark times are once again in our futures.

  2. Con artists pushing snake-oil cures for coronavirus, increased attempts at identity theft against vulnerable individuals, and price-gouging for food staples and sanitary supplies, are occurring faster and in greater numbers than the authorities can control. Taken in context, these are low-level crimes, and by no means are they a serious threat to our nation.

    But as the global economy continues to implode and leaves more and more people out of work and running out of savings, expect a huge uptick in crimes such as burglaries, home invasions, car-jackings, robberies, muggings, and domestic violence.

    Many American cities’ police departments were badly understaffed before the coronavirus shutdowns, and should more police officers fall ill from the disease there will be much less public safety enforcement. (In a similar vein, this applies to all medical first responders and health care professionals, who could be overwhelmed and sickened through exposure to coronavirus patients. Italy and Spain are revolting examples of this.)

    Take a guess what will happen then.

  3. He’s already admitted gun culpability to Colion Noir several times; his remark is just like something Trump would say…off the cuff, no thought at all, and hoping he’s funny. Does anybody take him seriously anymore? DID they? I know I didn’t…don’t…won’t. I’m a Libertarian gun owner / 2A advocate, btw…

  4. Shooting the virus is a great prescription for stress management. It lowers heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol. Ki t raises endorphins.

    Wish I could step out back and have at it. Alas, my wife won’t live in the “country”. Too far from a supermarket, etc for her. I have to rely on various forms of dry fire as best I can.

    • Get a pellet gun. You can hang a moving blanket as a backstop and have loads of fun.

  5. I need guns and ammo to keep Bill Maher from stealing my toilet paper.

    I’m actually glad that there are a lot of new gun owners. I just hope they will get some training and also vote for people that support human rights. One of those is the right to defend yourself with whatever tool that will do the job.

  6. Easy Big Boy! We all know the dimocrates, liberals, and the rest of the anti-American, domestic terrorists are simply looking out for our welfare.
    That’s why Nutsy proposed so many additions to the C-19 legislation that had no relation to the problem.
    The term “A Pox On Them” has certainly gained a new relevance.

  7. I don’t know why “entertainers” are held to ANY authoritative view on ANY subject. I suppose it showed how badly people want to feel good about any given subject rather than take responsibility for their part. That’s likely the reason these “game show host” are getting voted into office.

  8. As always on point Mas. The very same people who were going to take OUR guns are now buying their very own firearms. As usual hypocrisy at its finest stay safe keep the house locked up and the guns handy

  9. While there may be a shortage of toilet paper, Jack Young’s comment makes it clear that there is no shortage of stupid in this country.

    But who’s more stupid, Mr. Young or the people that elected him?

  10. After hurricane Katrina, Civilian security contractors in Lousiana were fired on by gang members. The contractors were recently returned from the middle east, the outcome was predictable. This from a close friend & former SEAL who was there.
    There are a lot of us that are prepared, and would hate, to need to act on very hard choices! My family and my ability to protect them are paramount!

  11. The explanation is simple:

    they have wanted us dependent, unthinking, dependent upon them for everything, eagerly awaiting their instructions, and cowering in the corners waiting for them, just like the old Mighty Mouse, “Here he comes to save the day……”. The virus that brings sickness is only one of the two recently loosed upon us, The one that brings this insanity is the real killer. They pile new VERY unconstitutioinal restrictions upon us, immobilising everything, THEN add on top of that continue their sick plot to disarm us, making us not only subject to their dictates, but those of the lazy and criminal who would take advantage of our worsened situation for their own gain.
    If Trump does not get his way and have us back to work soon, things WILL circle at an increasing rate round and down the four inch vertical black pipe….. and those of us who have taken responsibiltu for our own lives and positions will be the ones most likely to survive this second disease. This two TRILLION spending spree is just one more attempt at managing us to suit their own ends. NOTHING in that bill addresses the actual viral disease OR its resulting harms. I hope Trump either refuses to sign it, or makes some very pointed criticisms of it as he does, along with the comment “your lawmakers built this, they answer to you, so the results are yours”.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  12. There are lots of articles, like the above one from Mas, that point out the insanity of the Left. However, very few explain why the Left is insane in understandable terms. Let me try.

    Back in the day, Bill Withers released a great song called “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Here is a link to a YouTube version:

    This song is about a man who is so in love with a woman that it becomes a physical addiction. The man’s whole world changes depending upon whether he is with her or not. When she is away, he is plunged into depression and, for him, there is no sunshine in the world.

    This song can serve as a metaphor for the Left. Leftists are addicts. However, instead of being addicted to alcohol, heroin, gambling, etc., they are addicted to political power. This addition causes a condition similar to bipolar (or manic / depressive) mental disease. They behave somewhat like an unstable artist such as Vincent Van Gogh. When they are in political power, they enter a manic state and burst into a frenzy of activity as they do their utmost to push their agenda while the power lasts. When they are out of power, they a plunged into a depression where they see (in the words of the song) “only darkness every day”.

    They went through a manic phase of their cycle when President Obama was in power. When Hillary lost to Donald Trump (combined with Brexit in the UK and the subsequent election of Boris Johnson), they plunged into a depression phase of their cycle. The whole world turned dark for the Left. In this depressed mental state, they are ready to believe the worst. Many believed the Russia Interference Hoax, that climate change will end the world in 12 years, that Donald Trump is conspiring with Ukraine to steal the next election, that this flu pandemic is the worst ever and will kill millions. Their depression leaves the Left vulnerable to the darkest fears and the worst imaginings.

    What will happen if Donald Trump wins a second term and the Republican’s take back the House come November? Will they go even crazier and scream into a mirror and then cut off their ear like Van Gogh?

    The Left’s manic / depression cycles are becoming worse over time. Clearly, they are headed for a major Psychotic Break even greater than the one’s we have already seen. I fear that the Left may end up sparking another World War that will leave hundreds of millions dead.

    What is the solution? We need to break their addiction. Would you put an alcoholic in charge of running a distillery? Would you put a heroin addict in charge of running a pharmaceutical factory that makes pain medications? Would you put a person with a gambling addiction in charge of running a casino? No?

    Then why on earth would we ever want to hand political power to a Leftist?

    The Left needs an intervention. The American People need to show some “Tough Love” and vote all the Left-Wing politicians out-of-office. Not just for one or two terms either. The Left needs to spend, in biblical terms, “forty years in the desert”. They need to be out of power long enough to break their addiction to power and bring them back down to earth. This is necessary not merely for the benefit of their mental health but for our own sake as well.

    Currently, American is like a family where one member is an addict and is out of control. The addition is not only destroying the life of the addict; it is also destroying the entire family.

    To heal our American Family, the power-addiction of the Left MUST BE BROKEN. Otherwise, this family will break apart itself.

  13. Wonder how much training Bill Maher has had with his gun…his “last line of defense”?
    Wonder if Maher has ever attended class taught by Massad?

  14. Spot on once again Mas. I have followed your advice and articles dor decades.

    Great too are the posts. So many “sermons in sentences.

    Deo Vindice!

  15. He hasn’t and he won’t. He, like a lot of people don’t understand, with the right comes the responsibility. Bill Maher is a total turd. King of the posers.