The economic meltdown, the election in general…a lot of folks won’t have much to be grateful for this coming Thursday. Damn, I’m glad I just have the gun corner here at the Backwoods Home blogs. The gun stuff is enough to be worried about.

Some, on both political sides, are predicting that the new President will be too busy with real problems to bother with illusory solutions like “gun control.” If I believed that, I’d be giving thanks for it before Thanksgiving.

However, appointments announced thus far by the President-elect don’t bode well for gun owners’ civil rights. Eric Holder for US Attorney General? The guy is “anti” in the extreme.

At this writing, it has not yet been confirmed that Hillary Clinton will be our next Secretary of State, but it’s darn sure lookin’ that way. Until she tried to reinvent herself as a supporter of the Second Amendment during her failed primary campaign, Senator Clinton was extremely “anti,” indeed, the most vocally anti-gun First Lady in history.

It’ll be interesting to have a Secretary of State whose husband has received so many millions of dollars from assorted foreign countries, as donations to his library and such…

Good that the new Prez is gonna bring us change…J

For the moment, though, I give thanks that my family and friends are together and well and still have their freedoms.

A most pleasant Thanksgiving to you all!


  1. Mas,

    Where is all this “change” that was promised?

    All I’m seeing is the Second Coming of the Clinton Administration. I will give thanks that I have the family and friends I do, and if I make it home after shift with no injuries that day, for that too I will give thanks.

    As far as who the new CINC is going to be, it will be a cold day in hell before I give thanks for him.


  2. Yeah, I’m seeing the Clinton Retread Factory adding shifts and ramping up production.

    Not looking too good for 2A rights, from my point of view.

    We’ve got almost two months to buy what we want. Make good use of it. Once the Obamamessiah and the new Congresscritters are running things, all bets are off.

    Unlike new welfare programs, or universal healthcare, or creating jobs for everybody out of thin air (aka gov’t subsidies), gun control isn’t expensive – so it’ll be fairly easy to pass. Get ready.

  3. Mas happy Turkey Day to you and yours. Hope that your not a vegan !

    As a side bar. I am following the story around H-S Precision with some interest. I would be like to hear your perspective on this in a post. What is going on with these gun manufacturers? Are they so detached from the gun community? I would think that maybe the NSSF (as the industry org) might want to put on a seminar for the manufacturers in how to deal with their public. Quite sad a situation actually.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Although it may be the last “happy” one for quite a while.

    I am very “thankful” for having moved out of Jersey to PA. Now I can buy back my AR-15 without being considered a criminal for owning one. Lots of folks here carry concealed with no western shootouts, despite what the anti-gun community thinks of concealed carry.

    I also believe time is running out before the 2nd ammendment is “damaged” beyond repair. I am “thankful” I bought my new 9mm Glock 19 with nightsites and laser. I figured Obama will make the buying of a laser illegal, so I bought one just in case.

    I also am “thankful” for Mas advising of the 9mm 124 grain HP +p ammo for self defense just in case. Maybe a semi .22 S&W pistol is next for cheap practice.

    My conceal carry permit is also “in the works” which I’ll also be “thankful” for. I should be good for 5 years which will get my past the first Presidential term.

    I am also “thankful” for the NRA which will be protecting the 2nd amendment for all of us. Please join if you haven’t already done so.