Early voting is already underway in states like Florida. We’re getting down to the wire.

Newspapers around the nation have noted that gun sales are up, everywhere. Semiautomatic rifles, the kind Barack Obama and Joe Biden have incorrectly called “assault weapons,” are flying out the doors of gun shops. So are full capacity magazines for pistols and rifles alike. Current Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden was a prime mover behind the onerous, decade-long Assault Weapons Ban fostered by the Clinton administration that limited magazine cartridge capacity to ten rounds. Folks are stocking up on ammo, too – not just serious collectors and hard-core gun enthusiasts, but ordinary firearms owners of every race and gender.

Both sides desperately continue to throw mud at each other, but none of the mud-balls have a rock in them solid enough to score a knockout. Maddeningly, the McCain side – the “lesser of two evils” in my view – has failed to fire its strongest ammunition: proof that Obama and Biden have provably, demonstrably lied when they said publicly that they supported citizens’ rights under the Second Amendment.

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed about my new book (Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry) on the middle hour of Tom Gresham’s terrific radio program, “GunTalk.” Catch it if ya want – hey, I can use the book royalties – but you really need to hear the first hour of that show.

That hour is an in-depth, pull-no-punches interview with my old friend Rich Pearson, president of the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA), that state’s grass-roots political action group fighting for gun owners’ civil rights. Rich has been fighting Obama on this issue for years, and he has the documented truth on Obama’s positions on Second Amendment issues. Obama does not seem to believe in the concept of self-defense, opposes any private citizen being licensed to carry a concealed weapon in public, and is insistent that you have no right to own the sort of firearms that you and your parents and your grandparents used in military service to defend this great nation.

Listen to it HERE. Send it along to friends, acquaintances, relatives, and everyone else with a vote. They have a right to know that some people who want the White House have flat-out lied to them.


  1. My wife is not a “shooter” or “gun person” but even she is voting for McCain due to the crap on Obama and Biden and their support of “common sense gun laws”.

    This will be her first time voting, she is a Naturalized US Citizen. I didn’t push her in to voting and she wasn’t planning on voting when she got Naturalized earlier this year, but made up her own mind and decided to cast a vote “To keep the Bastards honest”.


  2. Here’s something for every American voter in general and gun owners in particular to consider going into the polls. On July 2nd, Barack Obama proposed the creation of a “civilian national security force” that is “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our traditional military. There are several video clips of this speech on YouTube but I’m quite confident there was never a single mention in the mainstream media.

    Sounds a lot like the Nazi SS to me. It’s the perfect way to get around the Posse Comitatus Act and have a force in place to do the Messiah’s bidding.