Armed teacher stops attempted kidnapping in Utah, police say

… and with no blood shed on either side. 

Kudos to the rescuing teacher, the enlightened and practical school officials who implemented the policy, and the parents who raised their little girl to not meekly submit to evil.


  1. Sadly, there are a majority of school administrators who would not view the incident in a positive light, much less consider allowing any of their personnel to have the wherewithal to do the same.

  2. I’m of two minds on this. 1. YES! It’s the best idea since creamy peanut
    butter. In fact, I have a niece who is one of 5 teachers in her elementary
    school who is armed. She is prior LEO andknows the value of training.
    2. I look around at the liberal indoctrination centers our Public School
    Systems have become and I cringe at the idea of one of those liberal
    carrying a gun period much less trust them to use it correctly if the
    need ever arose.
    I’d trust my niece with my life and the lives of my family. 99% of my
    university professors, NO!

    • With respect to the shought of “liberals” being armed.. I’ve no problem wiht tha,t as long as they get rock solid and comrehensive training.

      I’m familiar with the FASTER Saves Lives programme developed in Ohio in the wake of the Scammy Crooks school “incident”. Voluntters for the programme have to alread have their Mother May I caard to carry, and their own personal protective device. That right there would vet out most “liberals” considering this.

      Next is a solid week of intense hands on live fire training, with YOUR handgun, Tjis includes a lot of “situational” and scenario training. learning how to make wis decisioins quicl=kly. Not everyone who signs up can hack that training. It would appear the vetting and training process would weed out any “liberals’ wanting to game the system, misuse their priviledge, etc. Oh and part of the system is NO ONE but the chief school administrator knows who has taken the course and certificatioin. And that one oly nows who is qualified to carry at school. Whether any given teacher is/is not at any specific tie is not known. The last report I read was that in something like two thousand schools (or was it districts? Can’t rmember for certain) where this programme is in place there has not been ONE INCIDENT involving any attempt against any staff or student at any of the schools that are part of the programme.

      Just the possibility that even one adult at a particular school MIGHT be armed and trained has served as a totally successful deterrent. No Beslan incident will happen in any of those schools. Nor a Parkland.

  3. Had a similar incident at the front gate of a small private school one one early morning, while I was still the only one inside the school fence, with a tall, male, deranged drug addict who was threatening to use a knife and tried to climb the front gate at me. I was able to deter the threat without counter-attacking, and I called 911. A great K-9 cop arrived, unfortunately after the perp left, telling me that the police were looking for the guy, but didn’t know his name. I was already licensed to carry, just unnecessarily complacent until then. I made sure henceforth that I had every discrete personal weapon imaginable close at hand to trump any other similar event. Never had any interference from any authorities, anytime.

  4. What is it the gun banners say? Oh, yeah: ‘If it saves just one life.’

    I expect they’ll agree. Uh huh.

  5. Had a courageous female teacher friend who unfortunately drowned with her husband in a recreational raft trip on the Arkansas River. She had taught in Houston, Texas, a city with something of a tough reputation. My friend once told me that a lot of teachers there sensibly had quick access to handguns in their classrooms. No mention of interference from authorities. Beware, stupid prospective “active shooters,” and other criminals. No “gun-free schools” are really guaranteed anywhere now for dip-wads to try to bring down to their own miserable level. Wayne LaPierre for President, and druggies back to bed with the CCP!

    • One more #$%&! thing today, please. You don’t need an elephant gun to defend a schoolroom, unless maybe you really do teach in a zoo. A favorite book is “The American Rifle for Hunting and Target Shooting”, by C.E Hagie, 1944. Mr. Hagie had a Savage 99 rifle, probably in .300 Savage. He used a Marbles adapter in .25 ACP, for use in trapping. He stopped an attacking mountain lion with one shot using the small-but-reliable, halfway-quiet .25 ACP round. An injured grizzly bear in Anchorage, AK, was dispatched by a .25 ACP pistol, as well as was a teacher in Oregon, murdered by a miffed eight-grader. Deadmeat-the-morgue-worker even gives the .25 ACP honorable mention. Just get a quality pistol.

      • Like our most gracious host here is wont to say:

        ANY gun will do if YOU will do”. If you have a .454 Casull, learn how to use THAT before you start dragging it along everywhere you go. If all you have is a single shot .22 WRF Derringer, learn how to use THAT one to good advatnage, whcih would include raid reloads when appropriate.
        Nor would I attempt to fend off a charing elephant with the Derringer.. unless I were stupid enough to be caught near such with nothing more appropriate.

  6. Many “educated” people may be experts in their field but are ignorant about human nature.

    Evil people do evil things. Good people not do not do evil things. The tool doesn’t matter. Evil will find a way. “Educators” feel defensive weapons somehow turn otherwise good people into monsters when it’s really monsters that use defensive tools for evil purposes.

    Tools in good hands is about the only protection school kids have against Evil.

    • Yes.

      And figuratively.

      Unfortunately, far too many in the field of education do great harm with their tools (of the trade).

  7. Nice to hear a positive use-of-deadly-force story for a change. Even more positive that the gun did not have to be fired. And, to supersede all that good news, the teacher is being hailed as a hero even by his bosses! Notice that all this positivity comes from a “free” state, not one of the states where even Democrats are fleeing.

    Now to produce a scientific formula to try to reach Leftist professors in Ivy League Universities;

    Good people + guns = good outcomes
    Bad people + guns = bad outcomes

    Oh, it will never work. The Left has rejected science, and Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to be incurable except in rare instances. That means Leftists are left with their Marxist superstitions and will not be convinced by viewing contrary evidence. Oh well, we still have a lot of people on our side. Thank God!

  8. You assume that the gun haters care about saving lives and combating criminals. The sad fact of the matter is that they don’t give two cents about saving lives. Great outcomes like this do not sway them one bit as their irrational fear of guns trumps anything logical that we may use to counter their fears. Remember , irrational = not logical or reasonable, not based in facts.

  9. In last October’s MAG 40 class in Manhattan KS, there was a teacher from Kansas City. He scored a 300 if I recall correctly. He said his fellow teachers and administrators might not understand nor appreciate his participation in Mas’s course. Maybe this story will change minds? It darn well should!

  10. “The school district brought in counselors to help the students, including the 11-year-old girl. ‘At this time, to the best of our knowledge, the student is coping quite well considering the very traumatic experience that they endured,’ Bates said.”

    Given this is in Ogden, Utah, I suspect the students are far less “traumatized” than the administrators.
    According to the Texas Association of School Boards, one in five Texas school districts have armed faculty.

    “Next is a solid week of intense hands-on live fire training”
    I’m probably speaking heresy on Mas’ blog, but I’d think a weekend would be adequate. And I’d spend more time on situations than on shooting. The situation under consideration didn’t require squeezing the trigger, so the teacher didn’t. The shooting portion is vital, but it’s not the part many of us need to practice most.
    I doubt we have to worry about anti-gun teachers wanting to carry.

    • The description provided above indicates that scenarios and different situations are part of the “live fire training”, so that would seem to fulfill your on the mark criticism. The gent provided a general description, not a course syllabus.

      Given the need for training on the legal issues, overcoming a lifetime of fairy tales on the dynamics of violence imparted by the entertainment media, and other factors, a week is about right for an introduction to the subject. Ideally, there would be some sustainment training as well as some additional work.

  11. Armed teacher saves lives, MSM, crickets. “Mass shooting” at a hip-hop bar in FLA, crickets. 28 shot in Shitcago so far, crickets. Sez enough…

    • Common thread in all of the above: Does not support the Accepted Narrative[TM].

      The media and anti-gunners (but I repeat myself) would rather the child have been abducted (read: abducted, assaulted, murdered, and dumped in a ditch) than saved by an armed teacher. They would rather the killers at the Florida hip-hop bar and all over Chicago all have been white — white conservatives (a.k.a. “white supremacists”), specifically — and Heaven Forbid those attacks have been prevented by pro-active policing!

      But “white supremacists shooting black and brown people” isn’t what happened. The events don’t support the Accepted Narrative[TM], and so the media isn’t talking about them.

  12. The saddest thing going on in our country now isn’t just the communists in power that want our firearms but their ignorant sheep who believe their lies that once law abiding citizens are disarmed criminals, their stolen firearms and their will to commit murder will magically disappear.

  13. Quick question – how would the federal drug free / weapon free school zone law apply here? Would a teacher face charges if he or she lacked prior approval from the school board? Or can any school employee with a ccw legally carry at a school without prior disclosure?

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