1. Better ask the wife about that one. Us keyboard commandos can get ya in a lot of trouble giving advice.

  2. Your question about husbands and Independence Day is the perfect example of a non sequitur.

    In Latin, non sequitur literally means “it does not follow.” A statement that is labeled a non sequitur is one that is illogical.

  3. Mas, remember the operative phrase: “She who must be obeyed” is now fully, and legally in effect…

    I could tell you stories after 45 years with Mare…:-)

  4. Happy Independence Day

    Those guys wearing powdered wigs had balls . In writing they told the head of the worlds greatest super Power since Rome: “. Butt a stump and leave. You are fired; if you don’t leave we will kick you out”.

    As Benjamin Franklin observed : “Gentlemen , we must all hang together or we will assuredly all hang together.”

    I hope we live up to their example.

  5. Happy 4th! And sorry I’m late, but congrats to you and the Princess sir!

  6. Gunfire is most definitely the sound of 🗽! So you and Gail stay safe uncle Mas, gonna be a scorcher out here for sure 🔥

  7. Yes, you may celebrate, together, at a new and higher level of joy in life: we call it interdependence! Enjoy every moment!

  8. Aye Rabbi, celebrate.

    And remember, now that you’re married it all goes into the ‘general fund’.

    And she’s the general!

  9. 1.Can you grill? (Preparing the meal is always allowed.)
    2. Did you celebrate it by getting her a new gun?
    If you answered yes to both of the above you’re good to go.
    Happy 4th Mas!

  10. Congrats to you and Gail !!
    Has for celebrating today…Yes.
    I often find it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for
    permission. 😉
    Happy Fourth of July everyone. God Bless the U.S.A.

  11. “Are husbands allowed to celebrate Independence Day?”

    Yes, but only with the express permission of SWAMBO.

    Happy Independence Day to one and all.


    John Mohan
    Chicago, Illinois

  12. As someone who is still on his first wife then i have to say that yes you are allowed to celebrate Independence Day as long as you get prior permission.

  13. Congratulations on your wedding. My wife’s and my anniversary is July 3. If I want to provoke her, I refer to it as Loss of Independence Day.