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As we wait through the predicted clustercoitus of the election results, it is somewhat reassuring to know that the gun owners’ civil rights movement was already prepared for the worst.  I can say with some authority that the Second Amendment Foundation, the same group that brought you the Heller v. District of Columbia and McDonald v. Chicago decisions, stands ready to return to that same Supreme Court of the United States if necessary to fight the Draconian and unconstitutional legislation the Democrats have repeatedly promised. ( I have no doubts that the other such groups will join in the fight.

Stay tuned. This roller coaster hasn’t come to a stop yet.

As always, your commentary is invited.


  1. In Chicago, they actually had us vote yes or no on if magazine cap and gun sales should be limited to citizens of origin Cook county. That’s absurd.

  2. At the moment, if the early returns on the Michigan Senate race hold-the Republican candidate had a massive lead, far beyond what Trump had (30+ percent)- and Susan Collins prevails, the Senate will remain in Republican hands. By the same margin IIRC.

    Having seen big city politics up close decades ago, I remain deeply suspicious of voting that doesn’t take place in booths under supervision and with ID required. More suspicious of vote counting that doesn’t take place without supervision-and possible searches of those handling ballots for items that can be used to invalidate “wrong” ballots. Joe Stalin got credit for a quote about “Who votes doesn’t matter. What matters is who counts the votes.”

    • Insightful observation and great ending quote. Unfortunately, voting corruption isn’t limited to the big cities. One example of this occurred in the late 1930’s or very early 1940’s in Logan County, WV. A group of high school boys–my father among them–broke into a cinder block storage shed maintained by the Democratic (imagine that) party. The shed housed cases of half-pint bottles of cheap whiskey–for use as “voter appreciation” gifts. They took what they could carry (breaking a few bottles against the inside walls and on the floor; I suppose to prove that they were legitimate vandals) and trekked up the side of a mountain, where they consumed their ill-gotten, illegal beverages while they watched the sheriff, local constable, and even two state troopers investigate the crime scene below. To this day that crime has not been solved, and no mention of it ever appeared in the hometown newspaper (go figure).

    • Past time to efficiently scrutinize recount, runoff, and funding rules in the different states. Likewise the SCOTUS for opinions and cooperative action. Big thanks to some of our esteemed Democrats for using Marxist tactics in falsely accusing some Republicans of misdeeds that some Democrats have already been doing, and further intend to do. Much like a boxer leading with the chin. The mail-in election mess is so bad that a new, complete-ballot election should probably be held IN MAY under multi-partisan supervision, with combined state and federal security and enforcement, generally giving weather most conducive to safe movement throughout all of our states’ election districts. Gives more time and outdoor space-availability for airborne communicable diseases to be dealt with, too. Away with faulty “probability”-based election polls and unqualified, bias-suspect media estimates. We might also consider hanging all the lawyers, only if necessary. legal, and appropriate, of course, as proposed at least once by a certain English king.

    • The Associated Press opinion of a Joe Biden victory over President Trump looks like a “projection” mostly in the sense of a “promotion.” One is reminded of Dewey’s falsely reported “victory” over Truman. An election verdict based on fraudulent ballots is possibly the worst thing that can happen to a democratic Republic. All three of our national governmental branches can cooperate under law to efficiently insure a fair and impartial outcome from the 2020 elections. The wages of an unjust solution would be alarmingly unsettling. If radicals really wish to promote peace and justice, they need to learn to practice what they preach. If not, they will inevitably discover the hard way that unscrupulous action stimulates harsh reaction.

  3. We now have some clue as to why Fox News was running with CNN and MSNBC in pushing a Biden Victory on Election night. They used the same “Never Trump” people who run the Fox News polls to also run the “Decision Desk” to report on the Election. Just imagine this conflict of interest. The same people who were rigging the polls to predict a Biden Win (prior to the Election) were also picked to report the results (on the Night of the Election)! Naturally they were favoring a Biden Win! It was in their self-interest to do so. See this link:

    Yes, the political corruption in the media and in the swamp is WIDE and DEEP in today’s United States. How did our political and media class ever become so corrupt? Of course, Washington D.C. has never been known for its moral purity. Still, in recent years, it has become clear that lying, corruption and moral depravity has reached levels in Washington D.C. not seen since the days when God rained fire down upon Sodom and Gomorrah. Indeed, it looks like the Leftist strongholds of Washington D.C. and New York are trying to displace Sodom and Gomorrah as the most depraved cities in history. Quick, someone give Guinness a call! We have some new entries for the Book of World Records!

  4. Looks like the GOP will hold the Senate so If Dementia Joe wins he’ll have trouble doing much of anything thank God.

    • RetDet,

      The Senate can block Biden if the Democrats play by the rules. I’m sure Obama will loan Joe his pen and his phone, so Joe can push things through like they did Obamacare. Obama was somewhat restrained because he had to appear to be pro-America. At some point I expect the Left to remove their Uncle Sam masks and try to drag us into their Marxist utopia or Worker’s Paradise. The national anthem will be replaced by John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Hopefully I will be proven wrong. One thing I know for sure is that President Trump will fight them all the way.

    • But, without control of the Senate, Harris/Biden can’t stack SCOTUS. Conservatives now have a true majority on the court to shut down those EOs, if necessary. My conservative state, especially our newly elected AG, will not hesitate to take draconian unconstitutional EOs all the way to SCOTUS.

  5. Looking into my “Crystal Ball”, the view is not pretty. Consider that Joe Biden is a 47 year politician with a lackluster record of accomplishment. Consider his documented mental decline in recent years. Consider the very creditable charges of corruption that taint him and his whole family. Yet, for all his flaws, he looks to have got about 50% of the popular vote across America. In OR, he got more than 60%. In CA, it was more than 65%. In the swamp itself (Washington, D.C.), he got 93.5% of the vote! Of course, Washington, D.C. is his true “Home State”.

    The American Left has been employing a strategy of incrementalism for more than a century now. Going back to, at least, the Administration of Woodrow Wilson. They have used a series of “Left-Wing” Presidents and “Left-Wing” Legislatures to slowly, but surely, remove power from the American People and transfer it to the power-centers of Washington, D.C., New York and other left-wing controlled cities.

    With the tools of media propaganda, Big Tech internet controls, and left-wing Education / Indoctrination all firmly in the hands of the American Left, this century-long powerplay is probably too powerful to stop. At least, by Democratic means. I fear that it would take another American Revolution to stop the left-wing power-grab at this point.

    This is possible, of course. The American Left might get to “feeling their oats” and go full-bore totalitarian on us. They might ramp up the oppression to the point where they spark a revolution. However, given their slow “incrementalism” approach, I doubt it. The Left is a parasite. Like the “Love Vine”. They slowly suck the juice from their host. See this link:

    Thomas Jefferson wrote, in the Declaration of Independence, that: “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

    Therefore, as long as the Left sticks with incrementalism, and given the population controls afforded by their complete control of education, indoctrination and propaganda, I doubt that a revolution will occur.

    So, what does my “Crystal Ball” tell me? It tells me to expect the continued dominance of the Left. Look at CA and you will look at our future. America will become a “One Party” State with the Left in total control of all policy-making. Given their parasitic nature, this will continue the decline of America as a Super-Power and as a Nation. China, which the American Left admires and uses as a model, will become the World’s new Super-Power.

    How long will this take? I would say at least another 50 years. It took 60 years (from 1960 to 2020) to reduce CA to its current State of left-wing servitude. I expect it will take at least 50 years to reduce the remaining “Red States” to an equal level of servitude. There is still a good deal of resistance in the Red States and, because Americans are armed to the teeth, the Left dares not move too fast to implement their totalitarian plans. They must first reduce America’s gun ownership before going full-bore totalitarian.

    This is why the Left targets so-called “Assault Weapons”. It is not because they look scary. it is not because they can be used in mass shootings. It is not because of their use in crime (they are seldom used in crime). No, it is because (to the leftist mind) they are “weapons of war” that are only “good for killing people”. This makes them effective weapons to oppose a totalitarian left-wing Government. Therefore, these “Assault Weapons” have got to go.

    I would expect increasing anti-gun measures combined with anti-gun indoctrination in schools. These would target “Assault Weapons” and degrade gun-ownership in general. Also expect the Left to go after ammunition and reloading supplies. After all, the best way to render a firearm ineffective is to make sure that there is no ammo with which to load it.

    I am past middle age. On average, I can expect about 20 more years of life. Perhaps even 40 years if I really beat the averages. The American Left will not have completed their takeover of America before then. It is upsetting to know, however, that in my own “declining years”, I will also be watching the decline of our once-great Nation.

    It is our children and our grandchildren, however, who will truly suffer the consequences of living under a Marxist Regime.

    Note, I am not counselling despair here. God rules this World. God, even more than the Leftists, takes the long view. It may be His Will to run several generations of Americans through a period of trial and suffering so as to strengthen us and direct us back upon His Path. We cannot see his Ultimate Plan. Looking with the eyes of Man, I can only see a lot of trouble for our poor Nation over the short term. The long term is beyond the range of my “Crystal Ball”.

    • I’m not quite as pessimistic. With a hamstrung Harris/Biden WH, little of substance will change over at least the next 2 years. GOP made big gains in the House.

      Without Trump as the distraction that he tends to be, there’s a change for the GOP to clean house and realign with what’s important.

      For his positive policy gains and attempting to clean the swamp, Trump still has negative qualities. As long as he’s in the WH, the radical fascist Marxists with their Antifa foot soldiers will have some feigned legitimacy. With Biden in the WH, the narrative changes somewhat.

      Typically mid-year elections favor the opposing party. Could mean more gains for true conservatives (which Trump really isn’t). Maybe even more in 2024.

      Sure, I’d rather Trump be in the WH with a strong Senate majority and a weak Dem leadership in the House, but there are benefits to Trump no longer being that lightning rod at the top of the ticket. The Senate stays opposing means that Harris will have to present more moderate judges and cabinet members. SCOTUS won’t be re-organized. Leaves us to focus on improving relationships with all those Dem-voting new gun owners who just haven’t quite seen the error of their voting ways yet.

      • @JG:

        “Distraction”? Perhaps. Please provide examples of the entities you consider to be “true conservatives.” “. . .a change (chance?) for the GOP to clean house an realign with what’s important.” From my POV, as an outsider Trump brought the GOP face-to-face with “what’s important” in several significant areas. By realigning with “what’s important,” do you mean getting back to swamp business as usual? If so, yes, I agree that they are capable of doing that. And exactly which Pied Piper from the GOP huddle is capable of leading such reform, assuming (considering the huge assumption that a significant number of their membership shares your sentiments)? A McCain? A Romney? I honestly don’t believe that any GOP candidate other than Trump could have defeated Hillary in 2016.

        The same rational argument used in opposition to Uncle Joe Biden–“You’ve had 47 years in office and what have you accomplished?”–can be broadly used for the GOP, so if they wanted to “realign with what’s important,” they were taking their time in doing it, considering the times (most recently under GW Bush, I believe) they had control both sides of Congress and the White House. (And I’m still waiting for that term limits legislation promised under Gingrich’s “Contract with America” to become reality.) Like Reagan, another “outsider” in some ways, Trump did stir things up, but I would argue that what you see as “distractions” (tweets and abrasive language aside) were part of what it took to get the GOP off their collective buttocks. What other GOP member was ever able to get crowds from the grassroots so motivated by hope and a feeling that they (their day-to-day interests) were acknowledged and truly represented by someone in D.C.?

        Ironically, the best thing that may (a long shot) get the GOP to gel as a meaningful representative unit set on representing the people’s true interests (forget about “draining the swamp”) may be the Dems overextension with their progressive left platform planks.

        If given the chance in a political climate without Trump, the GOP will hopefully move towards meaningful change, but I simply don’t share your optimism for that occurring. And if a few more chips fall in the Dems favor, the opportunity for the GOP to do so may have passed, perhaps forever.

      • Well, in the short term, there is certainly some water in the glass. However, it may dry up over the long term given the “Long Game” that the Leftists play.

        If the Democrats do succeed in stealing this election from Donald Trump, it will enrage the Republican base that now firmly supports Trump. Come the 2022 midterms, they will be looking for some “Payback”. Combine that with redistricting (as a result of the 2020 census) and the fact that the party in power typically loses seats, and things look very bad for the Dims. There is an excellent chance that the Republicans can take back control of the U.S. House and expand their seats in the U.S. Senate. Especially since more Democrat Senate seats are up for re-election in 2022.

        Also, we can expect the Covid-19 fear-mongering to fade out. This is especially true given a Biden steal. The Dims will not want Covid-19 to taint the Biden-Harris Administration in the manner that they used it to taint the Trump Administration. So, since they have total control of the Media, it will soon be gone. It is already fading from the news. Check any news site and you will see that this is true.

        Even with a Biden steal, the Democrats will be deathly afraid of Donald Trump. What if Donald Trump runs for President, again, in 2024? Legally, he can do so and, given that his base will see him as the victim of an illegal steal rather than as a loser who was legitimately defeated, I expect that Donald Trump would pull his base back together and win the Republican Nomination easily despite all of the efforts of the “Never Trumpers” and RINO’s who oppose him.

        If the Dims do end up stealing the 2020 Presidential Election, it will have (literally) taken every resource that they could muster to do so. The thought of facing Trump again, in 2024, would strike fear in them. Especially since “Good Old Joe” will likely be long gone by then and Trump will probably be running against Harris. Harris has as many negatives as Hillary did. She would be a terrible candidate to run against Donald Trump.

        What do the Dims do about Donald Trump if Biden steals the White House in 2020? Do they have him killed (arrange an “accident” for him)? That would be very risky. Do they manufacture charges against him and try to put him in prison, post election? That would guarantee their slaughter in the 2022 mid-terms.

        No, I expect that the Deep State will simply keep a constant surveillance on Donald Trump and his family for the next four (4) years. They may try to bait him, or his children, into some kind of compromising situation so as to have dirt, ready to go, against him. If they can manufacture any such dirt, then they will use it to pressure Donald Trump to not run again in 2024. Like with Michael Flynn, they will threaten to go after his family so as to make him comply with their demands. They will try to scare him off.

        How effective this would be, I can’t say. Donald Trump does not scare easily. Well, we will see what the future brings.

        The Battle for the Soul of America continues. The problem we have is that our opponents have neither souls nor scruples. They are true minions of their Master, Satan.

    • Not to worry TN_MAN. If your crystal ball ever fails, you can still rely on Miss Cleo to accurately predict our fuzzy futures.

    • TN_MAN, don’t rule out Aunt Kamala because she has as much or more baggage than Hillary. Democrats do not care about what’s right or wrong as long as they get who they want. I remember watching a TV reporter interviewing people waiting in line at a Hillary book signing and one woman saying that she knew Hillary did bad things but she still liked her anyway. With bizarre attitudes like that, idiots would vote for the worst politicians no matter what criminal activities those scumbags did, including strangling the Pope as long as the Pontiff wasn’t a liberal Democrat.

  6. What this (stolen) election has proved to me is what I have been saying for a long time now. We need a divorce. Half the country hates the other half to its core. Theres no recovering from that kind of hate, no reconciliation, and no quarter given.All that’s offered is complete unreserved capitulation by those that want to roll out guillotines for any that opposes them. That’s not a functional Republic anymore. Time for secession or at least a serious discussion. We are clearly headed for unCivil War in this country otherwise. That’s my take.

    • Agreed. The only question remaining is whether “reds” are any more tolerant than “blues”. Fortunately, the national guard isn’t a bunch of independent armies whose primary loyalty is to their respective states. That’s what made the Civil Was feasible. What we are more likely to see is terrorist action by rogue groups on both sides. Think the likes of Quantrill’s raiders but on both sides. (I can’t think of a pro-Union equivalent to Quantrill.)

      A look at the election results map suggests that one mostly autonomous region might be the middle of the country with the the other being the northeast and the west coast. However, at the level of counties, the country is red with blue islands. The islands are major urban population centers. For example, it looks like “red” Arizona is turning “blue”. Actually, it’s mostly the “valley” (aka Phoenix) that’s changing color. I can’t think of a practical way to accommodate both sides.

    • @ Mike in a Truck

      Have you read any of the novels written by Kurt Schlichter? His novels are based exactly upon what you propose. They are set in the immediate future (the next 20 years or so) and are based upon America splitting into two Nations in the early 2020’s. The Red States retain the name “United States of America”. They continue to use the Constitution and the American flag but with a lot fewer stars on the flag.

      The Blue States form a new Nation which they name the “People’s Republic”. That is also the name for the first novel in the series (i.e. the first novel is named “People’s Republic”).

      I find these novels make good reading and Mr. Schlichter really does capture the PC mindset. If you have not read them yet, I strongly recommend that you buy a copy of “People’s Republic” and start reading. It may make you think about your idea of splitting us up into two or more Nations.

    • Troiuble is, there is no magical “dotted line” on which the nation can be cut up to maintai any political integrity. My own state has vast rural areas that are solidly in line with Trump ahd others of that mind, whilst a small handful of cities aare rabidly in the Biden camp, so much so that the freedom loving population is signficatnly outvoted at every turn. Whcih “side” would this, and so many other states fall to? I know which side I’d be on… but its not that side would carry the major population centres here. Thus I’d have to move.. which I really don’t want to do.

      Not like in the mid-19th century when, say, Virgina went almost copletely with the secessinoists and formed a strong part of theconfederacy. Nor is it like the days when English control ruled the colonies politically and economically, but those who loved liberty and autnomoy banded to gether and simply tossed the tyrant overlords off the continent. To divide this nation up i any way at this point would but a HUGE hurt on vast terirotiroes and populationis of like minded who would often be forced to either leave or stand and fight for what is rightfuly theirs. No simple matter, to split this nation. You may recall the incredible mess left in the devastated South as the carpetbaggers invaded, finished off what may have been left standing, and tried to impose their ways on the still unwilling of the South.

      • Don’t think states, think counties then the lines get a lot clearer.

        Btw, Virginia did NOT go completely secessionist. That is why we have West Virginia. Bunch of counties split off and got Congress to recognize them as a new state. E. Tennessee tried but were successfully repressed by Confederate forces. Missouri was split between a Unionist St. Louis and a Confederate hinterland. Lots of Union troops from outside allowed St. Louis to prevail. Missouri ended up being the terrorist nightmare that is probably our future if we don’t have the National Divorce.

    • Disagree. We the unelected need to exercise our 2A duty until the politicians and their media are scared shitless. Those left will be as gentle as lambs. If we had any moral courage and a Nathan Hale perspective, this would take only a day.

    • I agree with Mike in a Truck and Kendahl. Looks like we are headed for a peaceful divorce or gang assassination-style Bosnian civil war. One solution may be to allow Trump to be the President of the red states and Biden to be the President of the blue states. Of course the blue states are already broke so they will try to be like locusts on the people of the red states.

      One thing seems fairly certain. Because of demographics and cheating, Trump will probably be the last Republican President. Republicans are quickly becoming a minority of the population.

      • You’re right Roger. There are now more stupid Americans than smart ones and our liberal controlled schools and universities are turning out many thousands more each year, swelling the ranks of the “Useful Idiots” so aptly termed by evil Commie Vladimir Lenin.

        America is now at the point of no return where there is two party political system. If the Democrats do what they have promised, the United States will become a Socialist country and they will change our current laws to allow them to attain and retain total control over it’s subjects. Their goal is to have all three branches of government under their power, giving them legal authority to dictate whatever they wish and make it law. Americans will soon know how the Russian people and those in other dictator ruled countries felt under the tyranny of Communism.

  7. Just became a Life Member of the SAF Masaad. Been a Benefactor Life Member of the
    NRA for 20 years and felt that was enough but not anymore. This fiasco of an “election”
    has convinced me of that.

  8. In the increasingly likely event that Biden named president, I suggest that all those who own MAGA hats donate them to the Dems, who can proudly wear them as “Make America Go Away” headgear.

  9. Our Supreme Court is like a queen held in reserve on a chessboard. Quiet, apparently immobile. but ready to take charge of the whole board in one powerful move. The entire election system is ripe for inspection, overhaul, and recount. All SCOTUS has to do is ordain justice here, and justice can be served, no matter how long it takes. PATIENCE RULES! We must have an accurate count of legal votes. Unplug the fake media that is pushing haste and render them honest.
    President Trump has made strides in cleaning up Justice, the FBI, and maybe the CIA and other cloak-and-dagger acronyms. Our Marine Corps is 100% ready to aggressively safeguard SCOTUS and the President if he moves to arrest everyone legally proven indictable for treasonable misdeeds. Let the traitors and other crooks fear and feel justice. A large group of honest citizens is ready to reinforce our legally staffed government with whatever is appropriate. No more giving in to tiny numbers of gullible street thugs and their rabble-rousing charlatans. Talking about freedom, let’s keep all our routes open and peaceful.

  10. The crazy Left has destroyed any remaining semblance of integrity in our electoral process. Their corruption by the Soros world order was planned and put in place while we were distracted by impeachment, BLM, Antifa violence etc. They’ve shown their real colors. Now we have to fight. This shall and cannot! Stand!!!!

  11. Thank goodness we held the Senate and have three new Supreme Court Justices appointed by President Trump. As long as we are vigilant we’ll be okay.

  12. Of passing interest is Arizona. A state that elected a Republican Governor, state legislature and senate, many lesser officials… all Republican… and chose to vote demokkkrat for the top of the ticket and the senate. A very unique situation, that.

    • The Arizona senate results shouldn’t surprise anyone who is familiar with the state. Mark Kelly is admired as an astronaut and had the sympathy vote for what was done to his wife. His opponent, Martha McSally, was a weak candidate who had already lost an election.

    • Interestingly, Arizona was determined to be the most gun friendly state according to a recent survey based on numerous criteria. It’s a good thing the late Mike Dillon, the founder of Dillon Precision in Arizona is not around to see his beloved state turning so blue as to elect an evil scumbag like Mark Kelly, the husband of rabidly anti-gun Democrat politician Gabby Giffords to the U.S. Senate.

  13. MAS: During one of your training events in 2016, I remember you saying something to the effect of ‘If we can survive 8 Years of Bill, we can survive 8 years of Hillary. The thing is the supreme court.’

    Some may me skeptical of a Biden win(I could be one of them), but with a Republican Senate and his history of not getting much done, he might not get much done.

    Wait for the romantic transfer of power to Kamala when the Democratic party turns off Joe and turns on Kamala.

    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” – Hunter S. Thompson

  14. In this time of widespread street disturbances, a reminder to peace officers and others about offenders carrying weapons other than firearms. Obviously, but sometimes forgotten, edged weapons like knives or hatchets, tools like hammers, or objects like bricks or rocks can be dangerous when thrown. The Tueller Drill distance of 21 feet is just a general rule regarding a crisis of available reaction time. Apparent intent to cause injury with any weapon from any practical distance should be a greater consideration than just the proximity of the offender.

  15. It has long been known that, in the United States, voting for a third party candidate is, at best, just throwing your vote away. At worse, it is helping the Democrats to victory.

    In this election, you saw a number of people (who favor conservative principles) but who have said (online and in this very blog) that (while they strongly oppose the polices of Biden and the left-wing Democrats), they dislike President Trump’s abrasive manner and in-your-face personality. He is just not “Presidential” enough for them. So, they are going to show their independence by voting for the Libertarian Party candidate. They are going to cast their vote for Jo Jorgensen for President in 2020.

    If you care to look at the election results, you will see that the votes lost to Jo Jorgensen were enough, in this close election, to make Biden/Harris the WINNER in NV, MN and probably GA. I have not looked at all the States (there may be others) but there are at least three (3) States where the votes drained away from Trump to Jo Jorgensen DIRECTLY made the difference in throwing that State to Biden/Harris.

    So, to all the people who voted by personality, rather than policy, and who showed us your independency by voting for Jo Jorgensen, let me say CONGRADULATIONS! You have likely just ELECTED Joe Biden as POTUS and put Harris into the Office of Vice-President (at least temporarily) . Way to go!

  16. Anticipating automatic or requested recounts in several states. State recount laws are posted on the Web. Laws should be verifiable and enforced? Deadlines not far off. Funding rules vary. Wondering about the recount procedures. Also wondering about “garbage in, garbage out” computer-based factors.
    Liking the statement quoted in Wiki credited to Texas Ranger Captain Bill McDonald relating to the physical defense in 1948 of former Texas governor and candidate-for-U.S.-Senate Coke Stevenson by the famous Frank Hamer, former Texas Ranger and Highway Patrol Inspector (“Highwayman”), in a dispute over allegedly fraudulent ballots involving Stevenson’s opponent, then-state-representative Lyndon Johnson, who apparently was represented at a bank in the town of Alice by TWO GROUPS OF ARMED MEN: “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a-coming.” Keep courage, President Trump! Please note that no female Rangers or Highwaywomen were known to obtain in those days. (Public Enemy Bonnie Parker, killer of peace officers, and tracked down by Inspector Hamer, might have been a “highwaywoman,” with the small “h”).
    I am looking for the U.S Supreme Court to support a strong presence of armed U.S. Marshals, likely both male and female, at the very soon-upcoming election recounts. A national issue like the Presidential election can use a Federal police presence. Political pressure on the Marshals from one source or the other is always a possible factor in tasking, but the Marshals have proven to be a good tool for this kind of job, and they can shoot.

  17. I was going to cast my vote for Howie Hawkins because I thought having a President Howie would be so catchy, but finally decided to throw in my lot with the other Dark Side candidate and replace Uncle Sam with Aunt Kamala.

    Besides, if we don’t like her, we can easily replace Aunt Kamala in 2024, just as the Russians could have done in 1922 by voting Valdimir Lenin out of the Kremlin after putting him there back in 1918 😉 However since Lenin remained in power, the Russians were obviously satisfied with Communism, as we will be too, especially after Aunt Kamala and The Squad solves America’s numerous problems, eliminates global warming, and achieves world peace. Utopia at last!

    • @ Tom606 – “Utopia at last!”

      I know that you really enjoy your sarcasm. However, the continued growth of oppression and Marxism (in the United States) combined with our steady decay leading (ultimately) to the death of the American Republic and the death of our Constitutional form of government, hardly seems to be the best subject for “biting humor”. Maybe now is not the best time to be auditioning for “Saturday Night Live”?

      Nevertheless, I understand the impulse. Sometimes you almost HAVE TO try to laugh in order to keep from crying. 🙁

      • To those who may have been offended by my remarks, I apologize. I blame it on the morbid sense of graveyard humor many cops adopted to lighten the effects of seeing very bad stuff all the time. Unfortunately, I cannot blame it on a sugar high caused by eating too many donuts as I have gone cold turkey on those delicious treats since becoming a non-LEO.

      • @ Tom606 – “….eating too many donuts as I have gone cold turkey on those delicious treats since becoming a non-LEO.”

        I feel your pain. My doctor has diagnosed me as being “Pre-Diabetic”. He has given me strict orders to avoid the sugar. Basically, if it tastes good, I am supposed to “spit it out”.

        Therefore, it is not just the political situation that is leaving a “bitter taste in my mouth”. It reminds me of the quote from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”:

        “We seem to have reached the age where life stops giving us things and starts taking them away.”

        So, no tasty donuts for me either. 🙁

      • I’m one of those fortunate people who isn’t allergic to anything and could ingest all sorts of stuff which is harmful to others. However, I try to stay away from too much sugar and things that contain corn syrup and bad chemicals. I also don’t eat anything that slithers (including liberals), crawls, or has tentacles.

        As far as Indiana Jones, my favorite movie is the first one, followed closely by the third film with 007 as Indy’s crusty old father.

  18. There is one more strange thing about the 2020 Presidential Election upon which I would like to comment. It produced a negative coattail effect.

    Most people are familiar with the “Coattail Effect” in Presidential Elections. See this link for a definition:

    It refers to the established historical pattern that a winning Presidential Candidate tends to help other “down-ballot” members of his party to also win. These down-ballot candidates are said to win by “riding the coattails” of their winning candidate at the top of the ticket. Thus, giving rise to the origin of the name for the “Coattail Effect”.

    In the 2020 Election, the Democrats started out with a numerical advantage in the U.S. Senate races. Almost twice as many Republican seats were up for re-election as Democrat seats. Therefore, the Democrats had much more opportunity to “flip” a Republican Senate seat in this particular election.

    It was expected, by many Democrat Pundits, that a Biden/Harris win would produce a significant “Coattail Effect” in the down-ballot races. Given their numerical advantage in Senate Seats, the Democrats were expected to gain control of the Senate and to expand their control of the U.S. House with a Biden/Harris win.

    However, that did not happen. The Republicans will retain control of the Senate (albeit probably with a slightly reduced majority) and they actually made significant gains in U.S. House Seats. Not enough to “flip” the U.S. House over to Republican control but good gains nevertheless.

    So, what does this mean? There are a couple of options:

    Option #1 – The 2020 Presidential Election was a historical freak. It violates typical historical norms in that it produced a “Negative Coattail Effect” for the winning Presidential Candidate. Despite winning at the top of the ticket and possessing a numerical advantage going into the Senate races, the Democrats (freakishly) lost ground in the down ballot races.

    Option #2 – The Democrats win at the top of the ticket was fraudulent. The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, actually won the Presidential Race and, as a result, he did generate a modest “Coattail Effect” for the down-ballot Republican candidates. The negative “Coattail Effect”, that we see in this election, is an illusion. It is the result of the Democrats playing games with mail-in ballots to steal the race at the top of the ticket.

    I will leave it to the readers of this blog to decide whether Option #1 or Option #2 (or something else that I can’t imagine) is the correct understanding of the non-typical results of the 2020 Election.

    • Georiga will have a run-off election in January 2021 with two Senate seats in the balance. Democrat money will pour into those two races, odds heavily favor the Democrats taking control of the Senate.

      • @ Charles Strange – “…odds heavily favor the Democrats taking control of the Senate.”

        I am not so sure that you have correctly figured the “odds”. There is room to hope otherwise for a couple of reasons:

        1) It is the Republicans that are enraged at the moment. The Democrats are all out throwing “Trump is Gone” parties and shooting off fireworks. So, it will be the Republicans that will be motivated to turn out and vote in a run-off election rather than the Democrats. The Democrats are already pleased and happy. Why should they be strongly motivated to turn out and vote for an “oddball” pair of senate run-off races?

        2) Even in politics, money is not everything. As the old says goes “Money can’t buy you Love” (of the voters). For example, consider the South Carolina Senate race that was just completed. The Democrats poured the money into the race in an effort to unseat Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. The pumped $109 million into the coffers of Democrat candidate Jaime Harrison thereby making this the most expensive senate race in U.S. History. They outspent Senator Graham by about 45%. What was the result? Harrison LOST by 12 points (Graham got 55% of the vote compared to Harrison’s 43%). So, all that big money was just flushed down the toilet as far as getting results was concerned!

        Therefore, don’t count on the Democrats taking control of the Senate. They would have to win BOTH of those Georgia seats to do so. If the Republicans win even one, then they retain control although it would be BEST to win both.

      • Our good buddy Chuck Schumer has just given all good Americans the perfect motivation to keep both Georgia senators when he was caught on camera saying about the election scheduled for January 2021, “We’ll change the world!” then corrected to “We’ll change America!” when he was asked to clarify/repeat his first answer mumbled through his black mask. Say, don’t evil villains wear black masks?

  19. Just watched an investigative documentary on Prime Video called “The Plot Against the President” that apparently was released a month ago. Based on a book by Lee Smith that came out in October 2019. An important video review of real news largely about Devin Nunes’ battle against the shady political gang attack on President Trump going back several years. Informative, but we need to learn more about the heads of the snake, i.e. source and management of the gang’s funds. DNC heavily involved, surely more is yet to reveal. Keep your tails down and your powder dry.

  20. Videos of CNN on election night that inadvertantly show the Hammer software decreasing votes for the Republican candidate, and increasing votes for the Democratic candidate, by the exact same number

    This is a very dangerous time. The evidence is rapidly mounting against the Left and the Democrats, which may force them to move faster and harder

    • The Leftists like to talk about using “Science” but they don’t really mean it. What they actually mean is to rely upon the opinion of left-wing scientists and doctors. Especially, left-wing scientists/doctors involved in the topics of climate change or responding to Covid-19. IMO, the term “Scientific Opinion” is an oxymoron. Real science is based upon facts and mathematics. It is not based upon anyone’s “Opinion” no matter how “Educated” it purports to be. The opinion of any man (or woman) is subject to bias and emotion. It cannot be called “Science”.

      So, let us apply actual science to the 2020 Election. Let us apply the mathematical principle of “Benford’s Law”. See this link:

      Benford’s Law is useful because it can be used to spot false distributions. For example, suppose an accountant is auditing the books of a large company with multiple business divisions. One initial step, that the accountant can take, is to pull the companies accounts into a spreadsheet and then check to see if they match up with a typical Benford curve. If they do, it is an indication that they are real numbers. If they vary sharply, then it is an indication that someone is “cooking the books”. If “cooking” is being done, the accountant can then check each individual Division to spot the one’s where the chef’s have been most busy. This then tells him where to audit.

      Benford’s Law also applies to vote tallies in Elections. It can be used to spot Election fraud. A number of people have already been applying Benford’s Law to the 2020 Election. See this link:

      As you can see, Benford’s Law is indicating largescale fraud in the Biden Votes.

      So, what can be done about it? Can we fight it out in the courts? Maybe, but the courts are slow and tend to not want to jump directly into politics. Dealing with this fraud is really a political question. So, maybe we should consider a political option such as the one suggest in this article:

      As you can see, the author of this article notes that several “swing” states, where heavy fraud is suspected, are actually controlled by Republican Legislatures. The author recommends that these Legislatures REFUSE TO CERTIFY the election in their State if heavy fraud is suspected. Checks with such things as Benford’s Law could be used to justify the refusal to certify the election for Biden/Harris.

      If several such States do this, it would prevent Biden/Harris from reaching the magic number of 270 Electors. They could not win in the Electoral College.

      So, what happens then? Well, according to the Constitution, it goes to the House of Representatives to settle. The vote in the House is not by individual Representative. Rather, each State gets a single vote (total of 50). The vote for each State is directed by that State’s Legislature. Since Republicans currently control 26 State Legislatures versus 24 controlled by the Democrats, the Republicans could (in theory) force a 26 to 24 vote in the U.S. House in favor of Donald J. Trump for POTUS.

      Ah, the joy of it! 🙂 Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi being FORCED to declare that Donald J. Trump is re-elected as POTUS?

      Will any of this happen? Frankly, I doubt it. The Republican Party is infested with RINO’s, Never-Trumper’s and Cowards of every description. Few of them have the guts to go “toe to toe” and really fight the Democrats. Even in the case of massive voter fraud.

      They REALLY should fight because this may be their last chance. If the Democrats get away with massive fraud in the 2020 Election, then there will not be another “Free and Fair” election held in the United States during my remaining lifespan. The Democrats will rig EACH and EVERY National Election going forward.

      • Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and many other evil monsters are smiling up from the fiery depths of Hell at what’s happening in America today. They are so proud of their ideological descendants, the Communists/Democrats led by Pelosi, Schumer, and the Squad.

        The insurance policy of the Democrats against Trump is working.

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