I am home from my favorite match, The Pin Shoot in Central Lake, Michigan.  A good time was had by all, methinks, because in seven days I didn’t hear a single complaint. We had a hundred seventy-some men and women (and kids!) in attendance. In addition to the .22 events, some of the younglings turned in some awesome scores in the PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) matches. There are two of those, a main event with only five bowling pins to shoot off the table and another with more.

A giant pile of guns was on the prize table, mostly courtesy of the shoot’s main sponsor Springfield Armory.  A several-thousand-dollar deluxe AR15 donated by JP Enterprises was up for grabs too.  Also sponsoring was a new company, WarBird, which makes excellent body armor, active hearing protectors, and state of the art eye protection.  Rounding out the sponsor list was the all-veterans-owned Freedom Hill Coffee Roasters.

Next year’s shoot is around the second week in June. Three readers of this blog are in the video on three-person team, Jeff Sourbeer and first-timer Bruce Barlow on the shotguns and me with a Springfield .45 pistol. It’s visual, and there are always spectators in the ample bleachers. Founder Richard Davis plays trivia quiz for prizes with the audience while the “pinsetters” replace the targets after each shooting run.  It’s held in scenic Central Lake, Michigan and makes for a great family vacation.  You can find more info at www.pinshoot.com

Or watch video here.


  1. I live downstate in Muskegon, MI. I always want to go up to the shoot, but it seems like there is always something that interferes with that plan.
    Hopefully I can make it up next year to watch. Thanks for this post, it is a great promotion for what seems like a fun time.

  2. That looks like great fun‼️ Randy Harris also posted some really good extensive coverage of the event on Rangemaster Instructors page. I’ll try to find a link, and get his permission to share here.

  3. It was nice to meet you between matches! First time attending this year for me and what an experience!
    Would definitely recommend people try it!

    • Mike, next time just cut me out of the herd and say hi anytime I’m not actually shooting. We’re all easily identifiable by the name tags on the backs of our hats. I would have been happy to meet and chat with you.

  4. I really enjoy this match and the week goes by way too fast. The match continues to grow and it’s great to see the youth numbers increase. Watching this match is just as fun as shooting it! If you haven’t been to The Pin Shoot, you are really missing out!

  5. Fun game indeed. I used to shoot pin matches in my native country and found that a .357 or larger revolver was often faster than all others at those stages.

    • Thanks, David.

      Pay attention to Randy Harris’ comments. He’s a Master in both teaching shooting and competition shooting, and it’s from that perspective that he’s telling you what he learned his first time at bat in this particular game.


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