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  1. Excellent Video. The man is sending out a solid message to everyone. I’m am so ashamed of all this corporate virtue signaling. It’s total BS and all it makes me want to do is Boycott those companies that are so clueless.

  2. Economic demand #2:
    We demand the people of Seattle seek out and proudly support Black-owned businesses. Your money is our power and sustainability.
    Does that include the Black-owned businesses they looted and burned?

  3. Big companies are pandering to the mob, hoping for what I’ve not been able to figure out. Also for the life of me cannot understand why the the city has not taken the streets back from the mob. The longer it goes on the harder and worse it will get.

    • the big companies are delusioinal, thinking tney are scoring “value points” by supporting what they dem a noble cause. Too thick headed to realise they are supporting two organisations bent on destroying this nantion. THose organisatioins settled upon the Minneapolis incident, whithout examing it much more closely than white man kills black man, and used it as a handy ignitor for what we’ve witnessed these past few weeks.
      As to the City of Seattle, I live close enough to that debacle to see pretty clearly how its been ging these past twenty years and more. The currrent Lord High Mayoress is a raving socilaist, thinks this situation is all hunky dory, and ORDErD the Cheif of Police, a black woman, to stand dow and surrender the precinct station to the mob. Thankfully she is smart, and dedicated enough to have ordered it to be cleared of weapons, sensitive equipment, recoreds, evidence, and high value items.

      Worse yet, the governor of this state also has taken a public sstand suporting the occupation. He orderd the Washington Guard to muster out, DISARMED (not even spray or non-lthal weaons. I think batons was all) they took a line behind Seattle Police, “items” ere flying thick and fast, many both Guard and SPD, were injured, some pretty seriously. The Guard were, in general angry that thjey’d been sorely used, put in danger woutout sufficient protection/security, and ordered to let them have theier way.

      I’ve also seen credible information that that Raz chareacter, using his AK 47 rather illegally (threateging, brandishing, bad enough to get any of US tossed into the local CrowBar Hotel and our Mother May I Cards lifted. The realy interresting thing is that he is reported by=o have multiple felony convictions, and is thus “disabled” frm firearms. Where is a Federal ATF agent when we need one? I think it would be just ducky were FBI or ATF to take him out of action, busing him for felon in possession, along with at leat a handfull of the rnadishing incidents. Seattle are SO paranoid about guns in private hands (as opposed to the “Only Ones”) and here is a very public example of egregious gun law violation. If we were using his weapons intellligently and reasonably I’d say carry on, But he’s not. I KNOW he does not have a Mother May I Card, this is not legally carrying tha thandgun in his pocket, concealed. Shoud be cause for a second indictment of felon inn possession, too.

      I know there are three separate facions inside that “wall”, the three are mutually exclusive, no one is interested in compromise, the factions are near to being equal in size.
      My prediction: the hot tempers of the very immature wanna be “adults” in the room will explode in open violence amongst the various “I gotta be in control” factions, resulting in a serious thinning of the herd in that paddock. At that point probably the best thing for law enforcement to do would be to take a position of cover from a safe distance and let them have at it. Their Utopia will melt because of their overstuffed egoes, immaturity, and utter lack of real life experience (you know, things like WORK, actions have conseqeunces, as do inactions, food does not grow inside the Safeway….

      • As you say, this “Raz character” can wave guns around and threaten people all he wants. That is because he is “Left-Wing” (and currently useful to the Left) and he has been issued his “Get Out of Jail Free” card by the Anti-American Media and the Democrat-Left. He does not need a “Carry Permit”. His Left-Wing “Get Out of Jail Free” card is 100 times better then any Government-Issued carry permit!

        Meanwhile, this is what happens to an ordinary citizen (non-Leftist) who uses a gun for self-defense:

        As I noted in a previous comment, this Nation does not need anymore “Social Justice”. Instead, what it badly needs is good, old-fashioned “Justice-Justice”.

        Will we ever find “True Justice” again? How much longer must we wait for it?

        I’ll say it again, do not cast a single, solitary vote for ANY Democrat running for ANY office when you vote in the November 2020 Election. The only path to MAGE and to reclaiming “True Justice” is to take the POWER away from the Left. Remove their ability to continue to issue “Get Out of Jail Free” cards to themselves. Then, once they are no longer a member of their special “Protected Class”, bring their many and manifest crimes HOME to them by means of the LAW. A fair and balance law that no longer plays favorites. A system of “Justice” that is no longer “Two-Tiered”!

    • @Do P:


      Short version: Race does not have inherent value, so investing and defining yourself by it gets you nowhere. Big companies don’t actually give two s#@%s about the mob or the mob’s stated issue. Nike (for example) doesn’t care about racial police brutality; they signed Colin Kaepernik as a spokesperson to sell overpriced, eyesore-ugly shoes to kids who do. Even if Nike does “care”, they’re not letting their concern prevent them from cashing in on the “movement” — at over $150/pair (which sold out in a day).

      Personally, as a capitalist I usually don’t see much problem with companies doing this; a corporation must keep revenue coming in to maintain itself. As a pragmatist I’m all for encouraging members of the aggrieved mob to self-identify with hideous footwear.

      But W. C. Fields (“It’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.”) notwithstanding, as an ethical human I question situations in which a company like Nike easily plays both sides, marketing shoes and other apparel to both the racially-aggrieved AND the “oppressors” who allegedly aggrieve them. That simple fact puts the lie to the whole Nike/Kaepernik arrangement; they don’t care, and speaking for myself, the “moral ambiguity” of playing both sides means they don’t deserve my money.

  4. I think Seattle should proudly institute every one of these proposals…except eliminating police pensions. Then the entire world could see the peace and beauty which would result from re-segregating health care, and eliminating prisons, because as we all know, there are no violent predators, only oppressed members of an unjust society.

    I expect the result would be at least as wonderful as Caracas, if colder and without the capitalist oppression of oil revenue. It might eventually be as nice as Detroit in the 1980s..

    • Oops. Posted this in the wrong place: it was a response to the demands of the Noble Seattle Protesters! Apologies. So it goes.

  5. I don’t know how to agree with this man without being labeled racist.

    “We are not wrestling against flesh and blood. We are not wrestling against racism in this country. We’re wrestling against good and evil.” — Brandon Tatum, former Tucson police officer

  6. The answer to why there has been no response is because the mayor & gov are supporters of the global movement. They are also directly or indirectly in Soros’s pocket.

  7. Thank you, Massad, for what you do. I have been reading your work for decades. Your depth of knowledge and rational approach have always impressed me and I hope to attend one of your trainings (eventually…)

  8. Thanks Mas from Pullman, WA. Makes me so proud to be a life-long Washington resident. What can you expect from our ultra-liberal environment on the west side of the state. The talk about wanting to make eastern Washington a separate state sounds better all the time.

    • And the Olympic Peninsula as well, please… The I-5 corridor (Everett to Olympia) is were most of the votes are, so usually determines what happens in the state.

      • Actually, metro King and SNohomish COunties rule the rest of us. Eve get into Eastern King COunty and its more like Pullman, They’ve been trying to split off from the Seattle /Bellevue part but they won’t have it. i think Seattle should becoe its own county, maybe toss in Bellevue, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace and maybe Edmonds but friends live there who would be forced to move.

  9. “Burning down buildings in your own community, as has happened in many places, is the very definition of pyrrhic victory.”

    Actually burning down your own neighborhood and getting nothing is not the definition of a Pyrrhic or any kind of victory at all. It is adding self-injury to insulting behavior. It is self-destructive and stupid.
    The excuse that “the police wouldn’t provide us with transportation to the ‘better’ parts of town so we had to destroy what we could get at,” doesn’t really cut it.

    • Well then whatever happened to the two fine legs God put under you? DId He take them back? Many of the rioters, if this “event” is typical of the others, have been bussed in from far away to even GET to Seattle. I guess theyr sponsors are cheapskates. They didn’t even provide bus passes for them go get about Seattle once they got dropped on their heads, er, squeeze me, dropped off. Next time sign up for the limo tour. Much more accm=omodating. Is it wanting its nappies changed as well?

  10. Compare that diarrhea of demands with the eloquence of the founders: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  11. As the proud inhabitants of a new nation, the Chazians should immediately begin building a navy to defend it’s peaceful shores from invading hordes of evil capitalists and their sadistic, donut munching stormtroopers. I’m sure the idiotic politicians of that liberal state will gladly supply unlimited American tax dollars for such a noble cause.

  12. I live just north of Seattle. I work down town from time to time. I see the crazy attitudes that have prospered over the last ten years and the results. I just heard about a shooting in the chaz. One dead one injured. The “security“ transported them to a hospital from what I read. I refuse to work from Seattle south at night. It’s insane. Yes abdicated or just opened the doors to the east precinct building. Now they think they are going to change the world. But with patients running out and the shooting. It might end badly quickly.
    If you live there. Stay safe. If you don’t. It’s a real eye opener to what could happen in your town.

    • Not just Seattle. I’m hearing that Chicago, Atlanta and many more have turned into 3rd world war zones.

      Check out John Farnam’s quip.

      22 June 20 “NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, LA, SF, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit, Seattle, et al were at one time known among savvy travelers as ‘gilded sewers.’ Now, they’re all just ‘sewers!’ ‘Gilding,’ along with the balance of pretenses, is long-gone!” Feldman Chicago is, once again, “setting records,” but not the kind they wanted! 102 people were shot in Chicago over this Father’s Day weekend, 14 fatally! Of course that’s just “shooting incidents” that actually produced GSWs (gunshot wounds), and of those, only the ones that made their way into a police report. Actual “shooting incidents” within the City (mostly unreported and un-responded to by police) were at least five-times that number! Embarrassed Chicago officials, like those of most Democrat-controlled metro areas, deliberately water-down crime statistics, so that true levels of lawlessness remain at least passably concealed. My advice: Don’t go there! Particularly, don’t go downtown! Between now and at least the end of this election year, it is only going to get worse, much worse! Democrats will see to it! “In the long-run, there is no such thing as ‘luck.’ However, the short-run is longer than many individual lifetimes!” Anon /John

  13. We can all agree that police are human and make mistakes. The public demanded 25 years ago to get criminals off the streets. They did and that lowered the murder rate in half. Aggressive police work has fallout. We have to agree to accept the fallout in exchange for safety or accept anarchy. The problem is that the poor neighborhoods are the ones that suffer and the ones that complain. It’s time for the police to step back away and show them what happens when you let dangerous people loose. As bad a the Floyd issue is you cant ignore that he’s a 5 time violent felon.

  14. This is not an original thought- but what we are witnessing with respect to the violence and tearing down of statues is about the socialists and communists trying to destroy the country. They have the full support of the media and Democrat Party. The race issue is being hijacked by these radical leftists- used to provide cover for them. They are using, perhaps manipulating, the “woke generation” to help them achieve their goal. All of those woke people better wake up if they really are not communists or have any idea what it means (likely not).

    The statue destruction was never going to stop with depictions of the Confederacy and its leaders. It has morphed to the founding fathers, Christopher Columbus, and even Teddy Roosevelt in NYC (American Museum of Natural History is now taking his statue down). And don’t forget the denigrating or erasing of famous works of literature and film (e.g., Gone With The Wind), and the likeness of folks on commercial products (e.g., Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben).

    The erasing of American history and culture and the country’s uniqueness (dare I say, “exceptionalism”) must be completed for the radical left to succeed. This is something a Soviet dissident recently labeled “demoralization,” a tactic for which Marxists and Leninists are famous.

    Well, what’s next woke people- you ever so (un)enlightened, (poorly) educated, (un)sophisticated, seers of truth (myth) and advocates of (in)justice? How about renaming or tearing down the George Washington Bridge? Maybe they can call it Trayvon Martin Memorial Bridge. Or, the Black Lives Matter Bridge. How about renaming New York State? It was named for James, Duke of York, who eventually became King James II, who was involved in the slave trade. Hell, why not sell Manhattan back to the Native American tribes that the Dutch ripped off? That’s assuming they would want it back.

    How about dismantling NYU- founded by someone with a mixed record on race relations? How about renaming Rochester, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Rochester?
    Their namesake, Nathaniel Rochester, was a slave trader.

    How about renaming Stanford, Brown, and Yale Universities? All of those were named after people that owned or traded in slaves. I guess that law degree from Yale University would not be as impressive if it was instead granted by the Board of Trustees at Al Sharpton University.

    How can all of these woke little know-it-all faculty and students, in good conscience, possibly continue to work and study at such places with racist roots? The money used to found and build these institutions was earned on the backs of slaves. And you all want free tuition? OK- so the taxpayers can pay your tuition- and you can pay an equal amount to reparations. Sound good?

    There is no compromise to be made. These people need to be defeated- and the woke generation folks who can be saved need to be made to realize that- by applying the standards THEY CREATED OR SUPPORT- they too are guilty of the same sins that they accuse many of us of committing. And their own downfall will be all of their own making. Sweet irony.

  15. The old argument: “you don’t need a gun because the police will protect you” has been blown out of the water these past few weeks. Hundreds of videos and photographs of the cops just standing around or nowhere to be found while looters, rioters, arsonists and anarchists run wild doing whatever they want.

  16. About reparations, someone claimed that welfare, public housing and affirmative action since 1965 could be viewed as reparations.

    In the past, many black people worked for some white people. Today, can we say that many white people (tax payers) are working for some black people (welfare)?

    I realize these are inflammatory statements. If I am wrong, I will apologize for them. If these statements are truthful, I will try to muster the courage to stand behind them.

    I think one reason there is so much complaining in America is because we are all rich and spoiled. If clean water and food were in short supply no one would be arguing about statues or multiple genders. Our problems are the problems of the wealthy.

    Once an international student told me that when she came to America, she had to change her definition of “obesity.” What she used to think of as “fat” was merely “chubby” compared to some Americans she saw. America, the first country in history where a person could be poor and fat at the same time.

    • @ Roger Willco – “About reparations, someone claimed that welfare, public housing and affirmative action since 1965 could be viewed as reparations.”

      Reparations? No, it is a continuation of slavery.

      The Democrats have always only had one goal: Political Power. That is all it has EVER BEEN about. Power and the Wealth that can be gained from Power. The Democrats are a parasitical Political Party. They have always only wanted to benefit from the labor of others.

      The Democrats were the Party of Slavery. They supported slavery, prior to the Civil War, as a means of praying upon the labor of African Americans. When the Republican Party was formed and when it took an stance for the abolition of slavery, it was a threat to the parasitical system from which slaver-owners (the majority of which where Democrats) benefited. When a Republican was elected President (Abraham Lincoln) and was viewed as a threat to their exploitation system, the Democrats kicked off a Civil War in response (sound familiar?).

      The Democrats lost that war. Their parasitical system, of African-American exploitation, was disrupted. Worse yet, they feared that the newly-freed slaves would start voting for the Republican Party. After all, the Republican Party (at that time) had a lot of good-will from the former slaves because of their efforts to abolish slavery and pass the 13th Amendment.

      So, the next step that the Democrats took was to create the KKK and use terror to try to stop the former slaves from voting. One purpose of the KKK was to prevent the Republicans from benefiting from the votes of former slaves.

      Eventually, the Republicans were able to (mostly) suppress the KKK. However, the Democrat voter suppression strategy work well enough for the Democrats to resume political control of much of the South.

      With this political control, the Democrats moved on to the “Jim Crow” strategy. They wrote laws (such as the poll tax law) to continue to suppress the black vote. These laws also helped them continue with the parasitical exploitation of African-Americans. This continued into the 20th Century.

      The Republicans eventually “dropped the ball” when it came to African-Americans. Instead of standing up to “Jim Crow”, the Republicans focused on promoting business. African-Americans felt abandoned by the Party that had done so much, during the 1860-80 Period, to support their freedom.

      FDR saw the mistake that the Republicans were making. Up until his Administration, Democrat policy had been to simply suppress the black vote. FDR realized that, by pretending to be the friend of African-Americans, they might actually begin to “harvest” the black vote. Holy Cow! That would be so much better than just suppressing it. However, it would take LBJ’s Administration before the plan really succeeded.

      When the Civil Right Movement began gaining momentum, the Democrats saw it as a golden opportunity. They jumped in-front of the movement and then lead it in a direction that would benefit THEM!

      The Democrats, who had spent more than a century exploiting and suppressing African-Americans were now SUDDENLY their champion! The Democrats harvested every DROP of good will that they could gain from their “Civil Rights” strategy.

      Then, the Democrats set up a welfare system that would ENSURE that African-Americans would remain a permanent underclass. This created dependency and helped demolished the structure of the black family. This made them dependent upon government aid (which the Democrats largely controlled).

      The Democrats also recruited a set of “Race Hustlers” from within the black community. People like Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump, etc. The Democrats let these people share in the wealth to be gained by exploiting African-Americans. All they had to do was be the “Judas Goats” to lead the African-Americans onto (and keep them on) the path of Democrat exploitation.

      So, do you think that the Democrats were doing favors to African-Americans when they fought to set up public housing, welfare, affirmative action, etc.? That it is “reparation”? Don’t make me laugh!

      It was just another link in the Democrat chain of exploitation of African-Americans.

      Link 1 – Actual Slavery
      Link 2 – KKK terror to prevent African-Americans from exercising their rights (especially to vote).
      Link 3 – “Jim Crow” laws which used legalistic methods to continue the policy of voter suppression and to keep blacks as an underclass.
      Link 4 – Civil Rights. The most brilliant Democrat strategy yet! It gained the good will of African-Americans by ending “Jim Crow”. However, “Jim Crow” was promptly replaced by a welfare state that accomplishes the same goal. Even better, when African-Americans were slaves or were terrorized by the KKK, they knew the Democrats were to blame and did not support them. However, the “Civil Rights” strategy portrays Democrats as the friend to the black man. That, along with the aid of the Democrat’s “Judas Goats” helps keep the black vote firmly in the Democrat’s pocket.

      Hell, the Democrats “welfare state” is almost as good as the direct slavery that the Democrats started out with!

      African-Americans will never truly stand on their own feet until they realize that the Democrat Party has been playing them for “Suckers” and has been exploiting them for more than 150 years!

      Believe me, when a Democrat hands ANYONE a government welfare payment, they are not doing it to help that person out. No, the only people who truly “benefit” from government welfare programs are the Democrat elites. They benefit by keeping POWER and by milking their positions for more Wealth.

      Power and Wealth. That’s what it was about before the Civil War. That’s what it was about during reconstruction and the “Jim Crow” period and that what it is about now. As they say, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”!

    • Roger, no need to apologize as you are absolutely right. White folks are now the slaves and it’s our government who has done this. Taxes are necessary to support our country, but when Uncle Sam extorts an unfair amount of money from hard working Americans under threat of prison sentences for failure to pay, then waste those valuable dollars on social welfare programs so certain people won’t need to work, we have a major problem. Unfortunately it’s now too late to change any of this as tens of millions of people are totally dependent on welfare, food stamps, free/low income housing, no cost health care, etc. and soon free college for many who should not even attend higher education as their mental capabilities does not justify it. Any attempt to eliminate or even reduce those Socialist benefits will result in mass demonstrations, violent protests, and outright revolution. Many welfare parasites are too lazy to work, but not too lazy to fight energetically for free stuff and don’t care about breaking any laws to do so, especially when sleazy liberal politicians and their obedient media henchmen, plus hordes of bleeding heart left wing idiots help them.

  17. Protest is an enshrined right. However, the “protest” ends when the first brickbat, rock or firebomb flies. The label for that can vary depending upon your source, “riot” works for me.

    I kinda wonder if the inaction by the Seattle Mayor is due to political conniving/conviction (if there’s a difference) or fear of the mob. I recall a comment about someone wondering if the person at the head of the mob is leading it or running from it.

    If the various city …..ah, titular heads (they couldn’t lead a starving wolf to a meat market)had read any history, they’d realize they’re on the soon to be liquidated list of those mobs. That might inspire some sense of the need for action based upon self preservation. Unfortunately, they don’t have any grasp of actual reality. Firm grasp on a fantasy they consider “reality”.

  18. Mas,
    Thanks for this amazing video. My hat’s off to Mr. Brandon Tatum for his analysis of this situation that we are experiencing in our country. It is unfortunate that those that really need to see this video will never see it; or, if this see it, won’t learn from it.

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