Happy birthday to…me.  73 times around the sun for the old guy here.  Been a fun ride for the most part, and a productive one.  I hope to stay on this merry-go-round for the foreseeable future.

There are days when I feel every one of those years: arthritis, sciatica, and the assorted vicissitudes of olditude.  Yet there are days when I feel 37.  Not sure whether those are dyslexic days or self-deluding ones, but I enjoy them when they come along.

Thanks to all of you who participate here. You’re part of the momentum that keeps this old fart going.


  1. You’re just a baby, with many years to go.
    Take care, stay safe and stylish out there,
    and have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy 73rd you young whippersnapper.
    I was a gandy dancer on the Western Pacific R.R. The day you were born.
    Buenos Dias and Buenos Tardes mucho

  3. Happy Birthday! (You’re 9 days older than me.)
    Saw a sign the other day that fits:
    My mind thinks I’m 25.
    My body thinks my mind is an idiot.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    It is said that “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

    By this definition, your works have been revolutionary! Here is hoping that you have many more years to fight for the revolution because sunshine and truth-telling is desperately needed in today”s America. No nation, not even Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Communist China, has ever lived in a time-period that better represents “Universal Deceit”then today’s America IMHO.

  5. Happy birthday to a really, really old but very good wise man. Just 27 more years to the century mark, so keep blasting away, Mas!

  6. Congratulations, & Happppppppy Birthday!!!!
    I am 9 behind and you give me hope for the future with all that you do.
    Keep busting those caps. Maybe it keeps us feeling young !!

  7. Happy Birthday Mas. Here’s to many more. May they all be as fruitful
    and productive as those of the past and a lot more fun.

  8. Happy Birthday, Mas!!!!!
    Working keeps you physically fit & mentally alert so avoid retirement for as long as you can & you will see many more moons to come also.

  9. Happy birthday, Mas. Thank you for your decades of service and friendship.

    May God grant you comfort in the painful days, strength on the days you’re not strong, and peace in every day.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MASSAD!!!!! Thank God he gifted you and gave you to us, in this country, at this time. Sadly, the people of other countries just don’t have the opportunities we have. Does Japan have a gun writer like Massad Ayoob? We really are blessed!

  11. Happy 37,. Uncle Mas! I actually read my first article by you at around that time, something concerning 3 digit S&W double stack “wondernines” and 20 rd mags being carried on a duty belt.
    Many happy returns, you have taught me so much since then!

  12. Happy birthday, Mass. Keep fighting the good fight. I took LFI-I, which was my very first firearms course, in 2009. I was blessed that I just happened to randomly pick your course.

  13. It’s not the years, but the miles. That said every ache or scar is a testament to all that we have fought for every day and pain and I will fight father time till the last. Happy 73rd.

  14. This is off-topic but is still interesting:


    As usual with media reports, the firearms information is seriously lacking. It would really be interesting to know:

    1) The actual caliber and model of handgun used by this man.
    2) The number of rounds he fired. According to the report, he was down to his last two rounds. However, did he start out with a large number of rounds (5 boxes @ 50 ea. = 250) or did he only start out with six (6) in the gun? It makes a difference!
    3) Did he actually shoot at the bear? Or did he merely fire into the air or the ground in order to try to scare it off? Again, it makes a difference.

    Clearly, his efforts were not 100% effective since the bear kept coming back for more. Lucky for this man, a helicopter chanced over before the bear could make a final visit. As they say: “It is better to be lucky then good”!

    Because of his luck, this man will probably live to see HIS next Birthday! 🙂

    • TN_MAN, reporting on this incident does seem an incomplete narrative of an interesting, existential brown bear encounter. Maybe some details were just not made available. People have been known to make all kinds of mistakes regarding protection from bears in Alaska. Some additional questions regarding this particular case are whether the animal was wounded, were the man’s priorities affected by fear of AK Fish and Game, and why exactly did this (yet another!) Alaskan sourdough really end up treed on top of his cabin? At least we were spared mention of pepper spray. More details will probably emerge.

  15. Happy Birthday Mas! I hear you on the few aches and pains. I’ve got 3 yrs. on you. I just consider them potholes on a road well traveled. Enjoy your day.

  16. Well, I’m 37 with all those same ailments so I feel 73 most days. I’ll have to bring you a belated gift in Bridgeville. Best of health to you and yours!


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