Old gunnies will remember the great Second Chance bowling pin match, with events for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, that ran from the mid-1970s to 1998.  It’s back this week, at its old location in the quaint resort town of Central Lake, Michigan.Pin Shoot

It’s good to drive into a town under a banner that sweeps across the street saying, “WELCOME SHOOTERS.”

The match was founded by Richard Davis, the inventor of concealable soft body armor, who started the Second Chance company. He long since sold Second Chance and retired, but his son Matt is the CEO of Armor Express, also located in Central Lake.  It’s the brand I wear, and the brand that saved guest speaker Brian Murphy, who survived being shot fifteen times during the Sikh Temple massacre in Wisconsin a few years ago.

Lots of old friends here, kind of an “old home day.”  More to come as we share the fun with ya.

Wish you were here.

Pin Shoot Range


  1. Mas, it has been hot this week in Lower Michigan. Hopefully everyone up there in the northern parts of Michigan are drinking plenty of fluids! I can attest to the dangers of not saying well hydrated on warm Midwest days while shooting. Hope you all have fun and stay safe!

  2. Funny, I bought your “Hit the White Part” book at a recent gun show and I’m currently reading it. Good to know the pon (nacle) event is back!

  3. It is off topic but we have multiple shootings in the news today.

    As far as I can see, these events show the failure of the Left’s “Gun Control” concept.

    The VA shooting clearly illustrates the validity of Wayne LaPierre’s famous statement that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. The Left continuously decries this idea but, time after time (like today), it is proved correct.

    The CA shooting (in San Francisco, no less) was not prevented by the multiple layers of gun control statutes that the Left-Coast Leftists have put in place. Another clear failure of this approach.

    And what is the result? As I noted in a recent blog comment, the Left loves to “Dance in the Blood” of violence victims. The dancing on the Left is already underway as shown by this link:


    All this makes good what I said before. Gun Control is not about establishing a reasonable policy regarding crime or violence. It is all about Leftist ideology. That is why the facts don’t matter. Ideology (like religion) is driven by belief only. Logic, reason and facts are meaningless if they are contrary to the views of a “True Believer”.

  4. TN_MAN,

    Right on. Wayne LaPierre was prophetically right. I suspect the VA shooting did not occur in a “gun free zone,” while the CA shooting did occur in a “gun free zone.”

    I suppose I could be hyperbolic like the Left, and shout “NEW JERSEY WANTS YOU TO DIE!” When asked how, I would explain that New Jersey doesn’t permit its citizens to defend themselves with firearms when they are outside their homes. Disarmed people make good victims, so NJ must want their citizens to die! And guess what? We can’t sue NJ when we are attacked. Infringing on the Second Amendment could be considered an act of tyranny. Imprisoning and prosecuting citizens from other states, who get caught with their legal firearms while passing through NJ, is definitely tyranny.

  5. Most of these comments are kinda off topic. Davis would also bring “saves” to the BBQ (which was always delicious). Met several officers that had been shot, some with their own weapons, at the meet. Bowling pins are still a good target, tho’ now hard to find. They take a beating and keep holding together.
    And any practice is good practice. Seem I remember a young, early teens maybe,
    giving everyone a severe whipping in clearing the table.
    Safe safe.

  6. The shooter, in VA, was clear on committing murder. He followed his state regulations to own firearms. Clear and simple, no amount of regulations would’ve changed his mind.

    How about the play held in NY, Central Park? You, want to talk treason? The extreme left is creating this mess. I wonder if those of us on the right would of gotten away with any of this? Not at all.

  7. @ David S. Keough:

    You are entirely correct. The extreme political Left, in America, is spreading hatred, lies and innuendo with both hands. They pretend to “victim-hood” and claim to stand for tolerance all the while they show themselves to be utterly intolerant of anyone who’s views differ, even minutely, from their narrow, PC-based Leftism.

    And they are allowed to get away with it because the Left utterly dominates the mainstream media (MSM) in America. The MSM acts as their propaganda arm and continuously provides cover for them. The MSM suppresses or explains away the crimes committed by the Left while exaggerating any crimes (real or imaginary) committed on the Right.

    You are absolutely correct. No one on the Right-side of the political spectrum would be allowed to get away with even 1/10th the stuff that the Left is currently pulling.

    The Left should be wary of spewing all this hatred. Those who sow hatred will end up reaping hatred. World history clearly shows this to be true. The fanatic haters of America, both domestic and foreign, would do well to reflect on the following verse:

    Galatians 6:7 – Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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