1. Of course, that is also the age group that anti-gunners use when they are talking about “children” getting killed by guns.

    It’s a tangled web we weave…….

  2. Wouldn’t want to try to “Hold my breath” until I’ll ever see that published via the “Lame Stream Media”!

  3. I’m betting this story will never see the light of day in the MSM, much less any comments from Sharpton et al…

  4. I am absolutely certain polar bears and penguins will have a shoot out for the Stanley Cup in Brazil before the LSM reports anything that might detract from the NARRATIVE. Gary

  5. This quote is beyond the pale, yet unfortunately does not surprise…

    There is simply no sane/Law Abiding citizen whom thinks it is a joke to discharge a firearm in the manner implied by Bloomberg. That shyster is clearly in an entirely different realm, that being a fantasy world of is own making.

    Not since the last time (Canadian privileged child of a former P.M/former wannabe actor turned politician) Justin Trudeau opened his mouth to a media outlet have I heard such absurd drivel.

    By the looks of things, such a lot shall create their own undoing. There’s no credibility to be had amongst their ilk.

  6. The younger half of the age range is already prohibited from owning handguns. That isn’t working now and another stupid law won’t either. He must say that crap to hear himself talk.

  7. It’ll be interesting to hear Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Eric Holder comment on this, too…

    Ayoob Launches Comedy Career

    The worst part is that Bloomberg would rather disarm “minority males” and “keep them alive” than improve education.

    “education isn’t going to help uneducated adults”


  8. Just like ” Climate Change ” junk / fake science , anti- gunners and dinosaur media rely heavily on a never ending supply of – Expert Studies – to ‘ prove ‘
    just how right , smart , and superior they are to everyone else. Credibility and facts matter. So lets study the source of these reports.

  9. 1. One can give intellectual, moral, and social instruction until one is blue in the face, without achieving effective learning, if one doesn’t first find out from learners what is actually on their minds. Many young people may not currently see the difference between reality and fantasy. Using violence to gain survival, profit, satisfaction, and respect, while hoping to avoid negative consequences, may dominate young folks’ imagination and guide their conduct. Moral firearms instruction, with its emphasis on hands-on safety and real consequences, dramatically encourages respect for life and well-being far better than can any amount of negative propaganda or unconstitutional weapons confiscation. Appropriate and alert firearms supervision is obviously essential. Also, much can be learned thus about learners, through teaching.

    2. Reasonable people of legal age have the right to effective self-defense as part of their overall security. Everyone can’t have an armed bodyguard handy to protect them from aggressors.

    3. Anti-social people currently make up a small percentage of the U.S. population, but present a disproportionate threat to the general well-being. Appropriate application of professional psychology is essential. Again, only a good guy or girl with a gun can stop a bad guy or girl who presents a disproportionate threat. Also, the more guns, the less crime. Hopefully, much less crime.

    4. Poverty is historical and present, but crime is not likely necessary for survival by the poor in the U.S. today. Out-of-work folks need to be looking for work, creating formal economy, or volunteering at something, not robbing somebody. The traditional attitude that everything comes from God, and that He rewards busy folk, seems to have benefited a lot of people. Crime is inherently bad. Above all, addiction is a disease that is often fatal, and the addicts who have gotten spiritually well have survived the best.

  10. 95%. eh?
    Where exactly does he get any of his statistics from?
    Oh yes.
    They come off the top of his head.
    Exactly how did he get so rich, anyway?

  11. Mas – I’m sure you had your tongue firmly planted in cheek with your Jackson/Sharpton/Holder remark. Alas, I must agree with the majority here because this site (and others like it) will be the only place this sees the light of day. How I wish it were different, as I’m sure you do as well. I must say, however, Bloomberg IS consistent – he never fails to nauseate, whether it be by his choice of words (the ones above may be the worst he has ever uttered), deed – or just a photo.

  12. Whoa, time out!
    George, the story actually surfaced in the “mainstream” press…which is what the Aspen newspaper could be called. The AP picked it up and the marijuana part of the story was actually used by WCBS in New York.
    I’ll be detailing this in Tuesday, and I suspect Mas will confirm.
    The news coverage of this has admittedly been selective. Ah, well!

  13. As usual, Bloomie’s “solution” will not affect him. His few armed black bodyguards are all over 25.

  14. We must ban everyone from owning firearms, not just young black men. If the American people will listen to our wise Dear Leader and set this example, dastardly criminals and other evildoers around the world will disarm too and then we can all work together peacefully to combat the greatest threat to our existence – Global Warming!

  15. As long as we have people like Bloomberg in the world we’re stuck with spoiled brats with guns killing each other. Race as an excuse is the safe harbor for racists.

  16. Education is great, but for making money, only certain subjects are profitable. Do the public schools teach the work ethic, capitalism, socialism, saving, customer service, supply & demand, showing up for work on time, being professional, and doing a good job? Even with a good education there must be job opportunities. A lot of jobs are being done by machines or foreigners, I mean the jobs have left the USA. Also, if you have a job, but the money system is not backed up by gold, but by “the full faith and credit of the USA,” then inflation eats away at your fiat money anyway. We are wage slaves, and the government itself is deeply in debt.

    Think about the irony of Michael Bloomberg, a Jew, being against citizen ownership of guns for defense. You would think some of his relatives perished in the Holocaust. Jews should love guns. Israelis probably do love guns. Think about Jews voting for Obama twice. Think about the Europeans kicking out the Jews, and inviting the Muslims in. (I know, not all Muslims are intolerant.) Like Michael Savage says, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”