BOBCAT — No Comments

  1. Bobcat could become a good friend if you grow a garden. A family of hawks has kept my garden pretty much varmint-free!

    Of course, extra attention needs to be paid when the grandkids or other children are around (think I read something you wrote about being a grandfather?).

    Oh, and if I were your barber – I think I’d be relieved 🙂

  2. This is indeed funny!! Kinda sounds like a conversation that “might” happen between Sparky and Ruby!!!

  3. Wildcats are so beautiful…

    BTW, Mr. Ayoob, I was reading your combat handgun training and was in one of the chapters on safety. And I realized there was a gap of knowledge. I was reading on how not to eject a bad round into your hand. And I thought to myself, okay, what do I do next? How do I dispose of a bad round?

    Please consider adding this to your next version of the book. Thank you!

    – Jason