Significant Other and I found our first bobcat on the property last night. It was in the carport, of all places, and darted off into the darkness when we caught it in the headlights. We’ve had foxes on the place before, but this was our first lynx.

Looking the critter up on the Internet, the SO said, “Bobcats are kinda like you.”


“It says here, ‘The bobcat, Lynx rufus or Felis rufus, has a gray to brown coat.’ You’ve got both.”

“Uh, honey…”

“And it says, a Lynx rufus ‘black tufted ears.’ You’ve got those, too.”

“So,” I grumbled, “I’ll ask the barber to trim my geezer ear hairs, OK?”

“And,” she went on blithely, “it’s got a black tipped, stubby tail. Don’t me that’s not like you.”

“Well, I’m not gonna ask the barber to shave my butt!”

Since there ain’t no livestock or edible pets here, I’ve got no problem with the bobcat. I think it’s kinda cool to have him here. And if he goes off his own way, I suppose we’ll just have to consider him the missing lynx.

I just wish my sweetie would get over her new habit of calling me Rufus.


  1. Bobcat could become a good friend if you grow a garden. A family of hawks has kept my garden pretty much varmint-free!

    Of course, extra attention needs to be paid when the grandkids or other children are around (think I read something you wrote about being a grandfather?).

    Oh, and if I were your barber – I think I’d be relieved 🙂

  2. This is indeed funny!! Kinda sounds like a conversation that “might” happen between Sparky and Ruby!!!

  3. Wildcats are so beautiful…

    BTW, Mr. Ayoob, I was reading your combat handgun training and was in one of the chapters on safety. And I realized there was a gap of knowledge. I was reading on how not to eject a bad round into your hand. And I thought to myself, okay, what do I do next? How do I dispose of a bad round?

    Please consider adding this to your next version of the book. Thank you!

    – Jason