Let me get this straight. Their Bill Clinton Assault Weapons Ban that lasted for a decade until its sunset in 2004 didn’t do a damn demonstrable thing for public safety, and the Democrats are introducing it AGAIN?  See this from our friend Dave Workman at the Second Amendment Foundation:

BOHICA – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

Wait. Did I say “Bend Over”?  Nah – to Hell with that.  Stand up and fight.

Time for calm, well-reasoned letters to your Representatives and Senators in Washington.  (Hint: my friends with great experience on The Hill say that short, respectful handwritten letters get much more attention from our elected officials than form letters or emails.  They show that a voter cared enough to sit down and write an opinion.)

We all know why this sort of legislation is BS, but this would be a good place to collect those good reasons to oppose it, so feel free to share here.

When you write to those who represent you in the Nation’s Capitol, you might want to remind them of an on-point meme that’s going around among gun owners:

“We agree with you when you say not to blame all Muslims for the acts of a vicious few…so why would you enact legislation that hurts all us lawful gun owners for the acts of a vicious few criminals?”

As for me…I suddenly feel another AR15 coming on.



  1. We have a Republican house.

    We have a Republican senate.

    We have a new Republican Speaker.

    We have a lame duck president.

    And a nascent election year, where a new potus will be elected.

    Guns of all sorts are selling like mad.

    On and off ammo shortages due to hoarding, new shooter, and the popularity of the shooting sports.

    Concealed carry number skyrocketing.

    We have a new survey showing for the first time, Americans do not favor an AWB.

    And YET, we still have to worry about this crap.

  2. A new AR15 is a GREAT idea; I’m looking to add another to my safe in the next few days as well. Let me suggest that you all consider downgrading the model and/ or features you choose just a bit. Leave off a fancy rail toy or perhaps an overpriced trendy flash suppressor upgrade. Hold back just enough to save $100 or $200 on the purchase.

    Then put that savings in the hands of the Second Amendment Foundation, The NRA, The NRA-ILA, your state’s firearms rights organization or a gun rights organization of your choice.

    In this great country we have maintained our right to arms up to this point in large part because of the great work these organizations have done and continue to do on our behalf. They work selflessly and effectively for your rights and to preserve what defines all of us as Americans. Please think about helping do this crucially important work with a few bucks off your next gun purchase!

  3. I’m already seeing ARs selling big the last 2 weeks. At local gun shows, someone had been doing a sale on for over a month. Two weeks she sold out of the lower priced models she had on sale in about 3 hours. LGS is also showing a lot fewer on the shelf leading me to believe that they’ve been selling a lot as well. Picked up a SIG M400 myself at a show last weekend. Didn’t get it from a dealer/FFL friend but he complimented me on my bargaining as I got it for about $12 over his cost. Going to see how the 1:7 twist works out for me.

  4. Make it an AR10 – something with a bit more “reach out and touch someone” ability than the .223/5.56 NATO. And barrier penetration too …

  5. Ya and Here we go again, Obama is again threatening ‘Executive Action’ to ‘fix the gun problem’.

    Everyone buying another firearm after each lunatic that attacks, and the media tries escalate it as a gun problem, isn’t getting anything changed.

    How about getting together the major pro Gun organizations and leaders (NRA, USCCA, NAGR, Gun Save Lives – the ones I associate with) and put together an organized list of anti-gun comments, and provide good logical rebuttals that pro-gun people can refer to, and use, when the arguments are presented. Publish them across all platforms and have them accessible electronically. Currently none of the pro gun groups are working together, which sometimes looks like they’re duplicating efforts or working against each other. It’s time to educate the pro gun owners in properly – not only defending gun rights, but promoting them, by using prepared unified facts and logic, instead of smart-assed reactions.

    We’ve all heard them before :
    – The Second Ammendment is obsolete . .
    – the last thing I want is a bunch of gun nuts carrying in a (theater, restaurant, school zone, shopping mall, . . . Etc) . .
    – all guns should be banned . .
    -no one needs or should own a (semi-)automatic gun – i.e. ‘assault weapon’, AR15, etc . .
    – the NRA is the problem . .
    -Mass shootings are only increasing in the US
    – no one should be allowed to carry a firearm . .
    – Firearm deaths are increasing . .
    – Removing firearms will reduce crime . .
    – terrorists are being entitled by our lack of gun restrictions . .

    There are hundreds of thousands of gun owners in each state – organize and educate us, so we can work together proactively, and get out of the defensive, reactive mode, every time a shooting occurs, and the anti-gun lobby rears its head out of the sand.

    MAS – how do we get this going and get out of the reactive mode ? We do not need to be on the defensive, but do need to stop the anti-2A democrats, Bloomberg, and the other utopia believers before they get reelected again, or pass additional laws that will make all of us felons for not ‘turning them in’.

    If Obama and Bloomberg can hold a strategy session to organize against us, why can’t our organizations’ leaders hold a strategy session to organize us against them ?

    And why we’re at it, why aren’t owners of ‘gun free zone’ businesses, theaters, malls, churches, school districts, etc being held liable for the safety of their patrons ?

  6. The reason why liberals advise us to not blame all Moslems for the evil deeds of a few is because Islam is a religion of peace, whereas ALL owners of guns and especially members of the NRA are diabolically murderous fiends looking for any excuse to mow down innocent folks.

    The way to combat terrorists in America using our Second Admendment rights to purchase firearms for their vile intentions is to buy more powerful guns and train ourselves to be better markspersons, and demand our rights to have those weapons available for immediate use everywhere other than restricted areas like prisons and nuclear power plants.

    By the way, I think all courthouses should have lock boxes where visitors, especially jurors, can secure their guns so they are not unarmed when they arrive at or leave the premises. Jurors often have to stay until late at night and courthouses are almost always in the downtown areas where its very dangerous when the sun goes down. I addition, friends of the criminal defendants and other bad guys hang around the courts and know who the jurors are and know they are totally weaponless and easy prey when they leave the building and often have to walk a distance to their cars. Judges, employees, and police usually have secure parking, or can get escorts to their vehicles, so they seldom give a hoot about vulnerable jurors who can’t even carry pepper spray or a knife into the court building.

  7. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

    OK, I will launch yet another polite message to my reps hoping that they will do more than reply via robot-mail. There are so many dispersed reports of guns saving lives or preventing crime escalation. We need to find a way to get these consolidated and in front of both decision makers and gun-grabbers. If they subscribe to the theory that a lie, told often enough, will be assumed to be true then the same should apply to the truth.

  8. PDG–
    Go to saf.org and drill down in the menu to Gun Rights Policy Conference. This year the Conference was in Phoenix. Last year it was Chicago. Next year it will be Sept. 23-25 Tampa, FL. The movers and shakers in the pro-gun movement attend. I went to the 2014 conference in Chicago.It is well worth the time. Mas was the best speaker and there is a list of speeches that can be downloaded from the same site. Mas’ speech is titled Targeting Gun Free Zones. Listen to the speeches and it will give you the flavor of the conference.
    I would imagine that Mas will be at the Tampa Coference if his schedule permits. Also attendance is free, which is always welcome.

  9. Mas: While “writing to your Representative” always sounds like a good idea, we are just kidding ourselves if our Rep is Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, etc. They could care less about pro-gun letters. In fact, at this point, the vast majority of Representatives are Pro or Anti already and letters will make little difference.
    What we need to do is, as PDG says above, educate the PEOPLE so that they elect Reps that will look at the gun issue with facts and not emotion. How? I’m working on it but don’t hold your breathe….

  10. As for getting the word out, here’s an idea which requires two photos, but no words. Imagine a billboard with two photos on it. On the left we see that photo of the black clad ISIS jihadists on the beach, with their knives in their hands. Kneeling in front of them are victims with orange jump suits on. On the right we see a photo of an American family, seated comfortably with their guns, smiling.

    It would be nice to see many of these billboards across the country. Remember, two photos, but no text is necessary.

  11. The assault weapon ban did nothing, but that’s not important to the liberals. Rush Limbaugh has been saying for years, liberals don’t care about results, it’s the intention that counts. They pass meaningless legislation like this and congratulate each other on how much they care. Then they use it in campaign ads that other liberals see and everyone shouts, “Hurrah!”

    While the criminals, who don’t care about laws in the first place, go about their business and law abiding citizens are put in danger.

    Explain to me again why you voted for Obozo and his cadre of socialists?

  12. I like that idea but I do think we need a bit of text (WE get it but others my not quite understand. How about under the left photo: Defenseless, helpless victims” and under the right one: “Armed, safe and secure.”?

  13. Everyone – when you contact your legislators, do NOT use email. HANDWRITE your letters – I used to work in govt. and I know what gets attention – please trust me on this! GET BUSY!

  14. Randy – PRoI

    Thanks. Will check SAF out. Will also look into Tampa’16 as we’re headed that way. (We have had enough of the PRoI)

    Still need to get someone with ‘clout’ to organize the 2A organizations into one massive populous and educate everyone to turn this defense into an offense.

    MAS ?

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