BOOBY, AND SCOOBY, AND… — 21 Comments

  1. it has been said that Booby’s was one of her favorite hangouts

    Do they brag about it, like they’re proud of her?

  2. It’s worth noting that when Clinton was looking for a pop culture reference, she came up with a cartoon FROM THE SIXTIES, and even then, she didn’t get it right (the van was the Mystery Machine.)

    Why? Because when Scooby Doo came out in the late 60s SHE WAS ALREADY TOO OLD FOR CARTOONS!

  3. No question, Hilary would be a far worse Anti-Everything that Conservative American’s Believe in, Cherish, and hold dear to their hearts, including the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law, except maybe Martial Law, that is.

    She will do anything in the name of the “Children”, while flaunting her femininity as a shield to protect her from criticism, in her quest to “Change” America into her vision of a “Village”, with superior equality for all Minorities, Gays, Lesbians, Trans-genders, and other Perverts, so long as they are reliable Democratic Party Voters!

  4. Thanks for pointing out the irony. I also noted that Scooby’s intellectually challenged partner was named Shaggy. Perhaps in this case the moniker for Scooby’s partner (in crime) might be “Shady”? I am sure those many deeper thinkers here can do better.

  5. Why were you in niles???? I live the town east and would love to have met you… I read your articles, watch all your videos….. I would have been soooo honored to have met you. ?.. will you be back and when????

  6. Bob, this time of year generally finds me in Chicagoland for the annual conference of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association.

  7. Did you order the delicious chicken wings at Booby’s, and did they serve only the left ones? The most popular menu item there is Hillary Soup. It’s a brew from her personal recipe containing wing of bat, eye of newt and many other tasty ingredients boiled slowly in a big bubbling cauldron. It’s really yummy!

    The more tyrannical a person’s mindset is, the more they want to restrict the availability of things which could be used to challenge their absolute power.

  8. Thanks for the visual, Mas. I think I threw up in my mouth a little…

    The Mystery, Inc. gang always pulled the mask off the villain in the end, and if that’s Hillary’s mask, I do *not* want to see what’s under it. Oh, dear…was that being too sexist of me to point out her unfortunate physiognomy?

    OK, how’s this instead: Not only do I not want a President who is against everything I believe in but I will be hard pressed to not wear earplugs for 4 years if a woman who sounds like my ex-wife ends up in that office!

    PS As a total yet topical aside and for a few laughs, go find a video of “Bravo Dooby Doo” wherein the Mystery Machine pulls over to offer Johnny Bravo a lift…

  9. Somebodies has to say it and since I’m too old to e PC, I will, you’re all thinking it anyway. Leave Booby’s out of it—– The real boob is in the scoob (y)..

  10. In retrospect on Sunday, I,being busy with the MAG20 CLASSROOM, didn’t realize until I was home that it was 19apr. A national holiday or should be. The real beginning of our nation, the talk was over and the war was starter. Condition black, if you will.
    God save the Republic.

  11. In 1994 the NY Times apparently reported that Hillary had asked a Marine Corps recruiter in 1975 about joining the USMC. If only she been accepted for boot camp, Quantico officer training, or both! She could have learned to enjoy firing a lot of ordnance as a Woman Marine. She could also have learned firsthand about the utility of “Portable Wars” in supporting U.S. security overseas. She is the only budding candidate that I know of other than the celebrated Jim Webb (former Marine, etc…) who has personally shown the slightest personal bent towards military service. IF Fate lands her the top job, I hope she (1) CAN help but cause trouble (seriously, this may not be possible?), (2) See how very important are the 2nd Amendment and the recent surge in citizens’ self-defense competence, and (3) not be a stooge. I am not saying that I would necessarily vote for her, or that she is the best candidate. I do appreciate her will to serve, though. May God save the women, and yours truly, too, after this blog. Thanks.

  12. Its also worth noting that in the new book on the whitehouse that chelsea clinton back then told a friend on the phone that she had to get off the phone the “pigs” were here. That “pig” being a secret service agent. When asked why she called a man sworn to protect her life a pig, she replied “that’s what my mom and dad call you”….

    and this is who is running for commander in chief today…

  13. Those liberals who voted our current President into two terms are poised out there to vote for Hillary she will be a shoe in unless we get our act together and stand very united at the polls.

    Let’s not forget what Bill Clinton did during his time in office attacking the 2nd amendment and imposing Assault Weapon Bans, Magazine restriction…

  14. Two-gun Steve, I too think military experience is important, but morality, ethics, and truthfulness trumps all in my book. Someone who will tell the folks the truth, even if it’s not what we want to hear. So far I’ve not seen any candidate, Democrat or Republican, that I would trust my grandchildren’s future to. Hillary Clinton is a lot of things (mostly bad IMHO), truthful she’s not.

    Hillary, not unlike most politicians, is a chameleon, trying to convince any audience she is one of them.

    I pray for a leader that loves this country more than their own desire for power and to enrich themselves. Sadly, I’m afraid we are in for a long wait.

  15. @Phelps, You’re never too old for cartoons. Just watch them with your kids, grandkids, etc. I’m waiting for Clinton to state her position on firearms if she is elected. Not that it would be true, but it would give us a standard of comparison with her past actions. On the positive side, our local newspaper printed an editorial by a female columnist who stated flatly that she was being badgered by other women as to whether or not we were ready for a female president (implying Clinton) and how could women not vote for her. The rest of the column was a scathing criticism of Clinton and those who would support her only because she is female. I seem to remember Ronald Reagan saying the he was sure the USA would have a woman president and added that she would be a Republican. Its going to be an interesting campaign.

  16. As I see it, or problem is two fold:
    First we have Republicans who are going to tear each other apart in the primary and Hillary is elected.

    Second, Hillary, as President, will name very liberal judges to the bench and the conservative Republicans in the Senate won’t have the muscle and cojones to stop her.

  17. If the Democrats are running Hillary Clinton, why don’t the Republicans run Sarah Palin?

  18. Mrs. Clinton, quite possibly the most anti-gun Presidential candidate in memory…

    I don’t see how she could be more anti-gun than Obama, who was a board member of the gun-prohibitionist Joyce Foundation for eight years.

    Or John Kerry, rated F from the NRA. Or Dennis Kucinich, who had a lifetime rating of 0% from the NRA in 2004. “Reverend” Al Sharpton has no voting record, but can anyone doubt his anti-gun extremism?

  19. Stick with the Clinton’s anti-gun record Mas. The whole “attached to the ultra-wealthy thing” can easily be leveled at any politician that runs for national office.
    The amount of Super-PAC money will astound us in 2016 and it will be both parties using it, even pro-gunners.

  20. I think it’s likely that anyone the Democrats nominate will be the most anti-gun candidate in history.