Glock 26 in Precision IWB

So there I was, teaching a class of 42 shooters with almost 20 training staff.  I can about guarantee you that in a class like that, you’re going to find someone whose holster is simply unsafe, and a few or more than a few whose holsters are suboptimal.  Ya can’t carry a giant box of loaner holsters for every possible handgun, particularly when you’re flying, like I was since the class was in Northern California.

Enter the Precision Holster Company.  The guys who run it are graduates who were kind enough to come and assist as range safety officers.  And, kinder still, they set up a small tent on the range to display and sell their wares.

Full size, full weight 1911 .45 carried comfortably in Precision IWB (inside waistband) holster.

Talk about service and convenience.

I taught the class with one of their inside the waistband holsters for my .45.  It fit perfectly. These
guys do good work, whether your carry preference is appendix, cross draw, or strong side hip.  You can order the degree of tilt you prefer, with or without sweat guard, left hand or right, etc.

Good people, good work, good product.  Thanks, Precision Holster!






The California class was a good one!



  1. Those are awesome holsters, best I’ve seen since Crossbreed and what service, huh, who have thunk it?! Looks like quite the class there Sir, good turnout!

    P.S- sorry all, have been having keyboard issues tonight and do hope some gibberish characters did not end up as a post! It seemed to be writing nothing so I typed some randomness, found a bug on my end and fixed it.Hopefully I didn’t make a mess!

    Best to all

  2. Spenser, I’ll be giving that holster company a try, maybe very soon. I’ll be starting work in Texas. Mas, I’d really enjoy one of your classes as well.

  3. Nice article was going to say something about California but then I caught myself.. Look like nice holsters. Maybe one of the answers too the customer that is looking for a training program. Should there be a standard for gear your going to train with and I believe it would make it easier for the organization that is sponsoring the class to ask the question of the participants. Have yet to go to a class where they have asked about what gear used. Just a thought.

  4. Mas, this question will prove what a sheltered life I lead. I can’t understand how a class that big can be assembled in California. I was under the impression California was nearly as bad as NJ when it came to folks even being able to carry their legally-owned firearms outside their homes let alone do something as batcrap crazy as take one of the best training courses ever – at a location that ISN’T their home. How is this possible, Mas?

  5. I’m curious what factors, in a class, you consider in determining whether a holster is or isn’t safe. Thanks.

  6. Don, California has a very strong gun culture. The shooters just don’t have a majority in Sacramento. In the northern part of the state, several sheriffs have a Shall Issue policy on concealed carry. My classes in California have always been full, going back to the 1980s.

    Tommy, I get concerned about holsters that don’t allow a full grasp at the beginning of the draw, hybrid designs whose sweat shield folds over the mouth of the holster and complicates reholstering, narrow safety straps tht can find their way into trigger guards…that sort of thing.

  7. Friends, an important side-note: A very wise, experienced, and authoritative source has recently told me that computer security does not protect you if you are considered to have observed “criminal websites.” Under new international Web supervision, I do not imagine that a whole lot of surveillance breaks will be given to “suspects,” even and especially to those who aren’t fully aware of what can be considered criminal, which appears to go far beyond how many well-meaning people might think. One example might be studying videos of FGM, no matter how moral or ethical one’s motives may be. I am only advocating here that the First Amendment take precedence in the USA. I look at the history of thought control, and how unending the battle against it must be. Take care.

  8. I found myself wondering how it came to be that His Majesty, the Governor, allowed so many people in Kalifornistan to have guns.

  9. Mas, I simply must get better at rechecking this blog. I never questioned the fervor of the California gun culture – and – I know you, of all dedicated trainers, will find a way to train them. No, my doubt arises from their ability to exercise their freedoms IN such a restrictive atmosphere. It doesn’t matter HOW fervent one is – if you can’t get the proper gear or licenses, how can you git ‘er done? Just a matter of “stuff,” izzaall.

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