1. All this being said, and seeing what seems to be coming… what is a time table for this loss of our rights? I assume most items would be grandfathered in and I want to make some purchases before hand. This involves budgeting and takes time to save up a couple thousand… Worst case scenario, how fast can we start to loss rights that we currently have, 6 monthes after swearing in? 30 days?

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  2. Mas I am plum tuckered out from yelling at the TV during these debates and countless campaign stops of McCain and Palin. NOT ONCE have they uttered the word “gun”. Bill Clinton says the pro gun community took the election away from Al Gore. Remember Kerry and the goose hunting? What more would you want as evidence that it would be wise to raise the issue? I just don’t get it.

    Obama is a disaster for America waiting to happen. But it does look like he will be sworn in on January 20, 2009.

    My biggest fear is that by the summer of 2009 Israel will realize that they are in big time trouble with Iran on the edge of developing nukes, Pakistan with nukes ready to fall apart, Afghanistan to be abandoned by BHO as a terrorist haven (this is the latest policy speculation about how BHO will handle it) and Obama not their strongest supporter. As Lyndon Johnson once said … they “are not afraid to use what they carry on their hip” and will launch a strike that will set the mid-east on fire. Obama will be watching from the sidelines.

  3. (cross-posted to Pro-Gun progressive a few weeks ago, but still relevant, in my opinion)

    Obama’s not stupid. A gun ban would be political suicide in this climate. My guess is that he’ll try to do what it is he’s been doing on the campaign trail regarding guns: as little as possible, while paying lip service and not getting into any details when pressed. I’m pretty sure he’s hoping he can avoid having to deal with the issue, which is fine with me as we’re currently winning all over the place without any executive support these days.

  4. Just now see your blog. I’m a big fan, “Gravest Extreme” is an important book. Thanks.

    RE Heath, I’m thinking grandfathering is likely but not certain. I’d expect an assult weapon ban first, then “common sense” stuff like high taxes, limits on ammo, purchases, then number of posessed guns; we’ll be nibbled apart until he can get some supreme court appointments. He may also hide behind the UN wanting more small arms restrictions.

    My greatest worry is that O will be viewed the way FDR was-someone who’s actions bury us economically, but due to the mood of the time he gets credit for guiding us through the mess of his own creation. I think at least part of this market contraction is anticipation of his policies. With U.S. corporate tax rates 2nd highest in the world, he’s talking about increasing them, and doubling capital gains taxes. I think people are pulling out, the closer we come to the end of the year.

  5. Nathaniel and others

    What I fear is that B-rock is a man of his word with conviction! That he is going to push what he says and has said. In other words do what many of our team leaders have not done… move the party platform forward aggresivly with little or no compromise!

    We have had this happen here in Iowa, a certain state senator, has pushed his liberal agenda with conviction and just not listened to the conservative wing, quenching all other matters he does not feel strongly about. While I strongly disagree with his ideas/beliefs I do admire the testicular fortitude that he has in this endevor, even possiable risking his reelection, though as we know the incumbant usually has a strong advantage.

    Why dont our guys do this? ACCOUNTABILITY is needed, maybe you have heard the term RINO (republican in name only). Mas has started the score card for our team, J Macain seems to not be putting many points up. I am sick of the best offense being a good defense when it comes to gun rights! Football analogy… Shawn Alexander was just signed by the Redskins as a 2nd or 3rd string RB, they dont start him cause he doesnt get much done these days even if there “could” be a spark from time to time, he was great at one time. Is McCain our starter?

    Sorry to vent, I should give more respect in the house of one who is admired as much as Mas is. I am just a bit frustrated. Thanks.

  6. As a liberal gun owner, I fully intend to support Obama this election. While he is not a “true” gun supporter, I don’t think he will take our guns away. At best he will probably inconvenience our next few gun purchases with longer background checks. And I agree with with what Nathaniel said.

    On the other hand, the NRA seems mum on the threats posed by “one of the premier flag carriers for the enemies of the Second Amendment” John McCain if he gets elected.

  7. Danny: Making such simplistic statements such as “I don’t think he will take our guns away”when referring to Obama is naive and uninformed on the subject. He will probably not try to ban every single type of firearm(although I think he’d probably like to),but reactivation of the ridiculous assault weapons ban with even stricter limitations as well as a ban on high capacity magazines,you betcha.To call John McCain one of the “premier flag carriers for the enemies of the second amendment”is beyond my comprehension. The NRA and other gun right advocacy groups don’t agree with John McCain on many issues 100% of the time,but just about every pro-gun group is backing McCain because the alternative,Barack Obama,is unthinkable.

    Obama says he’s for “reasonable gun regulations”.If you look at what he & other’s in the anti-gun movement call reasonable,you’ll see that there is very little reason involved in there ideology.The anti-gun crowd simply does not understand guns(nor care to),their role in self-defense,or your right to personal self-defense.They come from the naive perspective that the less guns we have in the world,the better. I & people like Mas live in the real world,where bad things sometime happen to good people & sometimes(a lot of times)the Police arrive too late to be of any positive intervention in preventing a violent crime & it’s up to you to protect yourself & your family.

  8. The problem is that McCain’s lying even more often, and about issues that most of us find equally important.

    For example, I don’t think our military should torture folks, and I believe in Habeas Corpus, for example. McCain’s been a POW… and voted *for* “enhanced interrogation”. He still claims to be against torture, but his voting record says something else.

    That said, had been really good this election; Obama slid about ten untruths by in the last debate. McCain? 17.

  9. The value system of the majority in this country has been changing since the founding. Pick a vector: integrity, honesty, courage, respect, etc., and the majority moves to choose the low road. Heck, self defense or putting food on the table are not viewed universally today as fundamental human rights in this country. Why then would any one need a firearm unless for criminal activity? It is not about the lies/distortions of Obama or McCain, Republicans or Democrats. The majority is speaking loudly and wants more Government security at the expense of individual liberty. This is represented clearly at the voting booth; look at both houses and the mindset of the Supremes.

    There are hold outs as there must be. The traditional values crowd, which includes me. A minority voice, which grows weaker with time as more power is transferred from the individual to the collective. The minority and majority spar with words in a civil forum, on and on, until the flash point, whatever that means. Then there is a reset. History is clear.

    It is more fundamental than the 2nd Amendment. Choose who you want for President; it matters at the margin. I hope we can clean our house and reaffirm our values before one of our world partners does it for us.

  10. Carl Jr.
    “The majority is speaking loudly and wants more Government security at the expense of individual liberty. This is represented clearly at the voting booth”

    Majority? No sir! 99 times out of 100, The corporate owned mass media reports on school shootings, mall shooting, a crazed gunman or any other gory story that is shocking, scary and gets ratings. When was the last time you heard a story about some one defending people or stopping a crime with a gun? When was the last time you saw a story about some one defending themselves against a criminal or wild animal with a gun? Not often. Why? Because it does not get ratings and does not help their gun control politician friends. It’s not just guns, it’s terrorism, global warming, cancer causing agents, you name! if it will frighten you, it will be on the news and will be used to sway your thoughts! I know this cause I worked in TV news for 25 years… I have seen it with my own eyes.

    The only majority is the ratio of Anti-gun/scary VS. Pro-gun/empowering stories that are released for politicians to preach from the podium and to fuel fears of naïve people who are more interested in American idol than their rights. What usually happens is you get a guy running for an office and his policies are all in line with what you agree with, except one or two issues (let’s say taxes and gun control). That’s when you vote for the “lesser of two Evils” and those issues gain strength by default of voting for the “Less of two Evils”. It’s a world of “Spin” and I’m getting dizzy… Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!!

  11. Brogan, great note. I’m in your camp. However, it seems that you disagree with my statement that the majority of Americans continues to vote for bigger government. Our government, at all levels, is not shrinking and elections are largely determined by a majority vote. If the majority of voting Americans wanted smaller government, they would support leadership to bring this about. Lone-wolf Ron Paul has supporters, but we are a vocal minority. Perhaps I should rephrase it, the majority of today’s American voters want more government control, not less. Proof is in the pudding.

    Regarding the “corporate owned mass media,” they primarily produce what the majority of their customers want. As you know better than me, they use formal and informal rating systems to guide them. Secondarily, they use their constitutionally-protected position for propaganda and social engineering purposes, and that is despicably human. The stories that we see/hear in the media are there, primarily, because most consumers want them. Fortunately, for now, we still have a choice not to read the NY Times and we can still turn off CNN. I think you will find that the media of 1808 and 2008 are guided by different customer values and customers pay the bills. The values of the majority have shifted.

    I am afraid that the “naive people” that you mention are indeed the majority in this country, and they are voting to exchange liberty for spoon feeding at an awesome pace. As much as you and I want to believe to the contrary, we are minority voices and our group is getting smaller.

    Brogan, thanks for the great note. Mas, great Blog!

  12. Do not be fooled by Obama. If he is elected and has a majority in the House and Senate, he will push for more stupid gun control.

    There has never been a gun control law that has saved one life.

  13. Carl Jr.,

    Thanks for the kind words. I agree and disagree with the “Americans vote for bigger government” thing. I agree that is the end result, but I disagree that they are doing it intentionally. I believe that after the media manipulation, the weeding out of other “undesirable” candidates who don’t tow a Party line or policy and finally the choices they eventually allow us to have, leave us with the choice of “Two Evils” that in one way or another are supporting big government. If your only choice is between two candidates that support big government of course Americans will continue to vote for big government. What other choice do they have?