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  1. I can offer my back yard for burial of decent guns, but I can’t fully guarantee that i won’t dig them up myself. 😉

    Just wanted to wish you and Gail a Very Merry Christmas Mas. (or should that be ChristMas?)


  2. Mas,

    There are various contermeasures that could be used for hiding/disguising buried guns from a metal detector. However, an experienced operator and/or high quality system would pick them up. If the metal detector rings, start to dig. It also wouldn’t work with ground penetrating radar that would likely be used by authorities.

    Burying guns/ammunition is a decent way to store them long term if you don’t need to access them rapidly, nobody else knows where they are and you don’t have to move or evacuate rapidly. I can think of many places that burying firearms or ammuniton wouldn’t be the greatest idea. Places with high water tables, unstable soil, thin soil etc might not be the best. Hiding weapons within ceilings, walls, floors etc of a building might be better, but again quality metal dectors/radar might make it pointless.

    That said, most of the caches discovered during the current war have been because of someone revealing it, or the ground disturbance/subsidence making it stand out to searchers.

    I’d suggest placing a cache at a location not immediately associated with yourself. Public places would be dicey, but the old family homestead, hunting retreat/fishing camp, etc. Maybe in an old travel trailer parked somewhere safe but not on premises etc…

    Sorry for the long post, but it is an intriguing topic.

  3. I have bought a few rifles listed in the news paper over the last decade or so. Specifically because there weren’t required to be transfered through a FFL since they were rifles. Have always paid cash when buying ammo for them as well. I think one day we will experience a gun turn in / confiscation. Hopefully it’s still a long time off.

    Yes, I began to think this way once the initial “non” registration NICS checks were required, guess I’m not a very trusting soul.

  4. Mr. Ayoob,
    A countermeasure to use if you anticipate people looking for a buried gun is to bury some useless junk, such as old car parts, in the area. You could also place the container in such a way that it appears to be part of another structure, such as a septic line. if the metal detector only beeps at a certain place in the yard, or the ground penetrating radar only shows a single cylinder, they know where to dig. But if the metal detector beeps everywhere and the ground penetrating radar shows objects everywhere, who can say whether that cylindrical thing is a gun case or just another peice of trash?

  5. Mr. Ayoob,

    I live in Canada. Many years ago we also thought that the time to bury our “tools” was a long way off. Today I am not so sure. We have already had weapons confiscated, with more expected in the future. It is never too early to be prepared!

  6. Unfortunately all “legal” guns purchased these days have a paper trail. A hypothetical rogue government has unlimited resources to track you down. It doesn’t need to find your weapon. A Stalin type tyrant will not think it is cute to hear from folks “Umm…can’t think where I last placed my gun…I must have lost it”. Such a government will deal with cute answers in ways that will make you wish you never buried your gun in the first place. Our current system of checks should prevent this from happening though as all States would have a say in an attempt to repeal the 2nd amendment. Lots of Dems own guns too.

  7. There are plenty of instances where firearm transfers between individuals are completely legal, and thus interrupt the “paper trail”. Do your homework to be certain you are aware of the pertinent regulations. This is not a blanket, one-size-fits-all situation.

  8. In Oregon we can legally sell any firearm to another Oregon resident
    without any paper work. I have a paper trail that says I sold all my guns!

  9. Northern Wi. is full of old logging camps,CCC. camps and
    Abandoned farms.Metal detectors might have a real problem
    in this area.I have one[metal detector] use it a lot and find ton’s of junk.

  10. Reading the old post and realizing that they may indeed be coming for guns. In some states anyway… Really need to plan now.

  11. when you bury it cover it or wrap it with asbestos sheets, if you can get any. metal detectors wont pick it up

  12. the reason to go underground is not just because of the us government may be accused falsely by a ex wife ..ex girlfriend of something you didn’t may have a protection order placed against you based on a false complaint ..perhaps someone took a swing at you and you hit him in self defense!! ALL of these scenarios are possible (the false restraining order happened to a friend of mine) and depending on your local/state laws can lead to state/local police confiscating your guns & ammo !! it may not be the feds you have to worry about. PS.. here in C.T. many gun owners are not complying with C.T.s new draconian gun laws for hi-cap mags & bushmaster type rifles they believe C.T. will use the list in the future for banning & confiscating thier guns/mags.