Anyone who thinks all cops are anti-gun needs to talk to real street cops.  One such voice is one of my favorite blogs, Second City Cop out of Chicago.  In the excerpt below, they expose yet another example of the “guns for we, but not for thee” of those of the gun prohibitionists:

Dangerous Hypocrite
Get a load of this ignoramus:

“A gun control activist in Chicago got a gun and justified it by saying her community is too dangerous to live in without one.

The activist–Camiella Williams–got a concealed carry permit too.

According to NPR, Williams grew up living on Chicago’s South Side and was personally impacted by violence at age nine, when she was hit in the head with a brick. She became involved in gang activity, acquired a gun at age 12, and lived violently until she had a son at age 18. At that point she decided to make a change; she moved away from the South Side, got a GED and a college education, and began lobbying the state for Illinois for more gun control.

She also traveled to Washington DC to press members of Congress to pass more gun laws.

And Williams continues to lobby, yet NPR’s Chip Mitchell reports that Williams has two thing most people would not expect a gun control proponent to possess–a gun and a concealed carry permit. Moreover, Williams makes clear she is ready to use her gun if she has too.”

She said, “I mean I just know that I would probably retaliate.”

“Retaliate.” There’s a problem waiting to happen. The purpose of Concealed Carry is self-defense, not “retaliation.” In fact, “retaliation” is a huge no-no in Concealed Carry classes – the threat ends, so does the justification for using the gun. In other words:

  •  Self defense = defense of self

Someone might want to head this one off before it becomes fodder for her fellow travelers.


  1. A gun control advocate with a poor understanding of how use of force, and gun laws work? Gee, who could have guessed that?

  2. Gets hit in the head with a brick, then campaigns for gun control.

    I guess the connection is obvious to someone…

    Meanwhile, building supply stores sell unlicensed bricks to anyone, with no paperwork or even identification! And then there’s the “ghost brick” problem of bricks without serial numbers and Federal registration or an equivalent of Form 4473. Something must be done!

  3. “She became involved in gang activity, acquired a gun at age 12, and lived violently until she had a son at age 18. At that point she decided to make a change;”

    The age old argument, “Nature or Nurture”. I, personally believe both play a role in how folks live out their lives. What drives their actions and reactions. I’m sure Ms. Williams early experiences with gang life, where “retaliation” motivates much of the violence, instilled in her a belief this was/is a good reason to own a gun and also a legitimate use of a gun.

    It also makes her status as a minority “who made it” useful for some with goals.

    I fear that the left’s new interest in purchasing weapons (Ms. Williams is not the first, anti-fa and others like the New Black Panthers have spoke of this) will result in some deadly confrontations, fueling new calls for total bans on personal ownership.

    “Activists” like Ms. Williams have sponsors who help insure they get “Press” like “NPR”. With sponsors come handlers. Handlers and sponsors have agendas and goals. These goals are seldom in the average American’s best interest, it’s always for the furtherance of socialism. Socialism seldom fails to end in totalitarianism. Ms. Williams is but a pawn.

  4. I wonder what her fellow gun prohibitionists think of her. I’m sure most of them cannot relate to her, because they have always lived in low-crime neighborhoods. She does not have the wealth to live in a comfortable bubble.

    Here in New Jersey, there is a town 20 miles west of New York City. I will not name it. A retired cop told me that in one recent month, twelve cars were stolen from this town. Five of those cars had the KEYS IN THE IGNITION when they were stolen.

    The people of this town are wealthy, and they feel very safe. Usually they are safe, but it just shows us how wealth and luxury create a bubble which can be popped easily at any time. Our world is not a safe place. The strongest man can be killed by microscopic germs.

  5. I seem to recall long ago, that strident anti-gunners Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda managed to have guns (carry permits too?) in Kalifornia. When someone outed her, her response was about what one would expect, it translated to “Only the correct people should have guns>”

  6. As Jeff Cooper observed, years ago, firearms (weapons in general) are the tools of power. The ultimate goal of the American Left is to disarm the general public thereby making them (wait for it!) “powerless”.

    Naturally, the American Left reserves the right to keep weapons for themselves, their bodyguards and any government agency which they can control. This will make them “powerful”.

    When the American Left is “Powerful” and the American citizens (soon to be subjects) are “powerless”, then the Left will have made a MAJOR step toward building their leftist utopia (which will actually be dystopian for anyone who is not a member of the leftist elite).

    I am afraid that it is really is as simple as that. Therefore, what appears to be “hypocrisy” to a non-leftist is, in fact, an inherent part of the Leftist plan.

    I agree with Dennis that Ms. Williams is but a pawn. One of the Left’s “Useful Idiots”.

  7. Give that person a break!

    She was struck in the head with a brick as a child and that obviously caused massive brain trauma which resulted in her becoming a fool. Everyone knows that evil assault brick was at fault for making her mentally deficient.

    But not to worry. I’m in the process of patenting a Smart Brick which can only be used by a certified brick layer and it will be microstamped also, to prevent unauthorized people from using these deadly weapons. Now, if only we can persuade lawmakers to eliminate those dangerous brick show loopholes.

  8. Is it just me or does her freely acknowledged involvement in gang activity and “acquiring” a gun at the age of 12 not rise to the level of felony to prevent her from being legally able to acquire a gun and permit now?

  9. long time ago at a Gunsite class, some Fremont FD guys told me that compatriots fr LAPD were called to Hanoi Jane’s home for minor incident and found closet full of guns. Obviously, some are indeed more equal than others.
    But retaliation?

  10. She MUST have some “gunneggshuns” to get her Mother May I Card in Chicago. Even though it has been made “legal its still well nigh impossible, except……..

    Likely her pals and cohorts are ignorant of her two prizes. She’d likely rather have it that way.

    This write up sort of makes me wonder what ELSE she does out of “retaliation”. Perhaps her entire anti-gun “stance” is in retaliation for the bad stuff she endured during her gangland days. But hey, maybe she forgets something… it was HER choice to get involved with the gang world, and it was HER choice to come up with that baby.

  11. Gang affiliation? Violent past? Retaliatory attitude?
    I can’t think of anyone more qualified to be issued a gun permit in the murder capital of the USA.

  12. And the nominees for the Leona Helmsley Double Standard Award are …Carmiella Williams, Jane Fonda, Carl Rowan, and Dianne Feinstein.

  13. If the diabolical California senator Diane Feinstein was much younger and a lot more attractive, she would be using her concealed carry license to pack a .44 Magnum like Inspector Harry Callahan of the SFPD instead of her puny .38 Special. But since she’s just an ugly old hag which no male with any decent taste in women would want to touch, that little revolver would serve her evil purposes just fine.

  14. Camiella demonstrates the character of a candidate for the “Inner Party Members Only” meeting room you see in the film “1984.”: Hate, hate, hate, hate! Let’s go out & retaliate!

  15. Had the thought right after I hit the Submit button and had other stuff to do, but: You can take the subject out of the gang, but you can’t take the gang out of the subject.

    OK, some can, but they develop a really powerful drive to do so.

  16. Isn’t Chicago a “may issue” state? If I had the record that she had, and posted publicly that I was going to use my gun to “retaliate”, I would never be issued a permit.

    What am I missing?

  17. Tom606:

    Her carry piece was a .357 Mag. Long ago, she turned in a .38spl to the city cops as some sort of PR bull. Turned out to not actually be hers, but came from the cops. She’s a lying liar who lies. In other words, she’s a politician.

  18. I found another Western Diamondback hunting along the house tonight towards the walled dog yard. This rattler looked about 3 feet long when crawling stretched out. I used my 7 1/2-inch-barreled .45 Colt Ruger Blackhawk with CCI snakeshot. Naturally the snake went into a strike posture just before I was within my preferred shooting range. So I took a first shot that was a little far and got to put in a closer second one with satisfactory comfort, getting a pellet in right about the medulla oblongata. A very effective hit. This particular snake seemed cagier and a little more aggressive than most, and I feel very fortunate that I saw it before it saw me. I will snake-proof the dog yard gate shortly. Won’t likely save me from snakebite, but could save the dogs.

  19. Two-gun Steve,

    Curious. Did it ever rattle? Our Eastern Rattlesnakes very seldom rattle anymore, even when they go into strike mode.

  20. Dennis: this one was very big and mature, and seemed to want to get away from even the low beam from my Surefire flashlight. Every time I moved toward the snake, though, it moved toward me. I kind of herded it along with the flashlight from a distance. I probably didn’t give it much of a chance to shake rattles, although it had eight or nine of them. It acted like it had confidence in its fighting ability and seemed mostly interested in being ready to strike, rather than to just shake its tail. I have been saved maybe a half dozen times by hearing different rattlers here central in Arizona. I have also run across a couple of other rattlesnakes that didn’t rattle, but fortunately saw them in time. When possible I use a walking stick to vibrate the ground ahead. Recently a green-and-cream King Snake (not a Mohave rattler) actually coiled and “rattled” at me.

  21. Dennis: Las Vegas Mandalay grass-roots witnesses reporting multiple shooters. Cellphone video shows a possible searchlight and/or strobe at lower levels providing illumination for the shooters?

    • Time and investigation will fill in the blanks. This attack was well thought out. Next to impossible to return effective fire from the ground. Substantial time elapsing before room can be identified and breached. Tightly packed humanity with limited escape routes and/or cover. Full auto weaponry. Like I’ve said, one of the scenarios that gives me nightmares.

      The media, as usual, is waiting breathlessly for an indication of ideology or motive. Is it possible that this guy is just one of those who walks among us, who was just unable to cope with life anymore and snapped? Just because he took the time to plan his carnage doesn’t negate this possibility.

  22. Mas is on record saying that he doesn’t think that the shooter had a full auto but perhaps a trigger activator of some kind.

    I doubt that this will bring any kind of new gun control, but any one want to take bets on whether it kills the efforts to legalize suppressors and to mandate nationwide CCL reciprocity planned for later this year?

    • Liberal Dave, no bets, but….., I do believe the suppressor issue is the most likely casualty. Too many politicians, from both sides of the aisle, depend on Hollywood for their firearms knowledge. Suppressors are usually used by the bad guys in these depictions. If nation-wide recognition of CCL dies, I blame that on establishment Republican leaders McConnell and Ryan. The bill has had sufficient backing (co-sponsors)to have passed months ago. They hesitate to bring it to a vote, the question is why.

  23. Mas, what’s going on with BWH? I can’t get to any of the seven articles you posted on 10/2/17 (the “Why we use expanding bullets…” series). I keep getting this “Offer/Page expired” BS. Expired in a day?

    • And the new comment format that allows threading is great, but the indented replies really need to be indented more than one character width. It’s not clear that they’re indented at all.

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