Last class of the year…COMPLETE.  Last court appearance of the year…DONE.

There are still deadlines, gun tests, and some demonstrative evidence and such to be recorded, but dammit, this is as close as I get to vacation, and I’m gonna enjoy it.

Christmas is upon us, and whatever your belief system, even secular folks find it to be a landmark on America’s calendar.

This is the Gun Corner of the Backwoods Home blogs.  While I may actually have all the guns I need, I don’t necessarily have all the guns I want, so there is still that element of the Christmas List in abeyance.

Elsewhere in my life, however, I expect I’ll be giving at least one firearm as a present to someone I care about, and I’d really like to give one more.

My significant other, the Evil Princess of Podcasts, Pixels, and Polymer Pistols, has become enamored of the short-lived and now discontinued Glock RTF2 series.  She wasn’t that interested in them when they came out.  However, she “rediscovered” the concept (gill-shaped slide grooves, and a gazillion little prongs sticking out of the grip that just lock the pistol into the firing hand), she decided she had to have one. Or more.


The Evil Princess demands RTF2 gills on a carry-size Glock 19, like these on her competition Glock 17.

There was a full-size Glock 17 9mm in the gun shop where she and I tend to hang out, and I bought it for, uh, “us.”  That was supposed to be our “shared custody” pistol, but after she put Dawson adjustable fiber optic sights on it, it has spent all its time with its female parent. She wanted another one, so I bought her a Glock 23 .40 caliber RTF2 (thanks, Ernie).  But now, not being satisfied with a RoBar Custom Glock 30S .45 apparently, she wants a Glock 19 RTF2 for concealed carry.  (Not the one Glock recently produced as a special run for one distributor with straight slide grasping grooves: she’s gotta have GILL-shaped grooves, or nuthin’.)


After a few months carrying this 11-shot .45 caliber RoBar Custom Glock 30S, a potential gift recipient wants one particular 16-shot 9mm version. San Bernardino and all that may have something to do with it.
The next Glock 19 for the Evil Princess must have gilled slide grooves like those on this G17, and polymids like this all over the RTF2 grip, or she will make a poor old man suffer…and it will be all YOUR fault. (The Dawson sights are up to her.)

So…help a poor old man to make his life happier. If you see a 9mm Glock 19 RTF2 with gilled slide serrations at your local gun shop, let me know and give me a seller contact, preferably in time for Christmas. Sigh…

But, enough about that.  Black Friday, the premier shopping day after Thanksgiving, set a record for firearms purchases that put our anti-gun President’s teeth on edge. (Thank you all for that!)

What guns are you buying for Christmas gifts for folks you care about, and what guns do you want for the Holiday Gift Season yourself?  (Brief but important hint: let the adult recipient decide what gun they want, and get that person a gift certificate at the gun shop, and make sure THEY fill out the 4473 form for it. If you’re buying it for someone too young to buy it from an FFL dealer themselves, make sure possession stays in your household to avoid anti-gun-motivated BS.)


  1. “While I may actually have all the guns I need, I don’t necessarily have all the guns I want,”. My sentiments exactly. When asked why I need so many guns I ask “What’s this need s**t?”. It’s a pleasure of our constitutional system that we can enjoy these fine and wonderful pieces of machinery that go bang.

    I’ve been to two gun shows on the last two weekends and thanks to obamas big mouth guns have been flying out the doors.

    I’d put obama in caps but he doesn’t deserve it.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and Gail. Enjoy your time off and I don’t think testing guns counts as work. More like fun.

  2. I’m done with gun purchases for the year, but I’ll BOLO for the Glock for Evil Princess.

    Merry Christmas to you both.

  3. Well heck, Marc, you’re onto me. What’s that cliche again? Oh, yeah: “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…”

  4. Well, my new gun buying stopped with the FNH 5.7 (.224 Cal.) X 28 mm pistol.

    Now that I’ve outfitted it with a Laser sight, and a Blade Tech Holster, and a 30 round Mag., all this should end my “New Gun” desires, at least until the next one that “I Just gotta have” comes along.

    Good on you though, for satisfying your Evil Princess’ needs, they are much easier to live with afterwards!

  5. Hope you and the EP have a delightful Christmas full of joy and good tidings. I remember a wonderful Christmas 12 years ago with a special someone that left a Glock 19 under the Christmas tree for me. I cherish it to this day.

    Merry Christmas my Friend…..

  6. “Chilling…” or: “I’m Dreaming of a Glock Christmas”, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Apologies to Messrs. Crosby, Berlin and Seinfeld.

    I have always thought that fighter pilots and rock stars had the two best jobs in the world. May have to add a third, what you do Mas.

    While I have absolutely no problem with so called ” arsenals”, I certainly hope that many of those Black Friday buyers were first time firearm buyers. Current firearm owners buying their first pistol or modern sporting rifle would be good as well.

    Merry Christmas to Mas, EP and fellow commenters.

    P.S. Google Calendar on my Nexus does not recognize Christmas as a holiday, oddly that same Google Calendar does recognize the day after Christmas. As they say, “What’s up with that”?

  7. No more gun buying for me for a while, but something you said reminded me of something I’ve said about “secular folks”.

    The way I see it, if someone is so (pick your own derisive term) that the mere mention of “Christmas” or “Merry Christmas” offends them, then they can can go to work on December 25th without any overtime pay like some of us are fortunate to receive. They can pay for parking in municipalities too, since most do not charge for such on “holidays”. In other words, screw ’em if they can’t take a joke!

    Merry Christmas, all…or whatever Holiday you celebrate to light your Season this time of year.

  8. I have to agree with Marc.

    The one segment of the American economy that, without dispute, our current POTUS has “stimulated” has been the firearms industry.

    Maybe Smith & Wesson and Ruger should get together and present President Obama with a nice “Thank You” gift when he (finally) leaves office.

    Given his political views, I suppose that a sample of their products would be in poor taste. Instead, maybe they could supply him with a nice gold-colored SUV?

    Just make sure that the members of the left-wing Press are all present for the presentation! 🙂

  9. I picked up a nice little Glock 19 in flat dark earth as a Christmas present to myself. Had to search far and wide for it as all of them disappeared in a matter of days both online, and locally. I’m sure our “King” had something to do with causing that.

  10. Don’t forget to add training (like a mag 40 class you’ll never regret it) or a safe for your new goodies to your Christmas list.
    Mas and Gail very merry Christmas from upstate NY

  11. Mas, I am glad you mentioned about filling out the form 4473. Even if buying a firearm for your son or daughter for Christmas and even if they can legally own it, you have committed perjury! SCOTUS has already decided this. I believe that a cop had used his police discount to purchase a handgun for a friend and the friend payed the cop with a check and put firearm purchase in the memo line.

  12. A Henry American Beauty (.22LR) for my wife and a matching Golden Boy for myself. I have a Coonan .45 on order for late Spring, and a Henry Big Boy in .44M on my wish list.

  13. “…the Evil Princess of Podcasts, Pixels, and Polymer Pistols…” Great alliteration! I love it! Supposedly the pen is mightier than the sword, but in America, we can have both.

    No guns for me this Christmas. Gotta save for ammo.

    Most think of Christmas as a Christian holiday, but some very religious Christians don’t celebrate it, because it is not in the Bible. Christ was not born on December 25th. Nevertheless, it is a great holiday for all. I think those who would do away with Christmas would change their minds when they realize how much our economy depends on all the crazy spending that goes on during this time of year. At least we have the choice to celebrate or not celebrate, thanks to the Founding Fathers and our veterans.

  14. My family has a major problem; we have no cash for new guns! (Not that I’m sure I wish to give the State my fingerprints now to exercise a RIGHT!) I would love a G-26, but I’m trying to help my youngest part out an 80% AR, with the Dark Times we see in the future. (Well have to go to Va. To buy “standard cap” mags, fer Gawds sake…..)

  15. I’ll be happy enough to have the new private range open up near me after several years of the public range having been closed. Have enough firearms.

    BTW, some of us who don’t celebrate Christmas volunteer on that day.

  16. I hadn’t planned on buying a gun, honestly. Just stopped at a new to me pawn shop. Lovely S&W M&P Model 10, K Frame, Series 5. Named her Sweet Pea.

    Merry Christmas to you & Evil Princess!

  17. I’d like to thank everyone who posts here (even Dave the liberal one) because you all have broadened my vision of not just the “gun culture” (would someone PLEASE come up with a better term?), but society as well. Reading the posts here reminds me of American Handgunner, which in my opinion, is THE BEST gun mag in existence. Thanks, everyone – and I would like to echo the holiday greetings of all here – I do have a fav, but it’s MY fav – not up to me to make it YOUR fav.

    Oh, right, Christmas wishes. I returned from the range a couple hours ago – sending another batch of .45 ACP lead downrange from what has been, at least so far (right around 500 rounds)- a flawless Sig P320 compact. Please forgive me for a bit of a plug here – I would like to recommend you check the P320’s out. They have THE best OEM trigger I have ever felt. My beautiful bride let it slip that she bought me a Wilderness “Frequent Flyer” Instructor’s belt. Folks, this is how you can tell you’re getting older – a belt gets you excited. Now, since I am the only gunner in this household, that is the only “news.”

    Everyone – please – do all you can to keep yourselves safe as we approach another new year in the USA, the best country on earth. Memorize Condition Yellow and live it – it can save your life.

  18. Best of luck in finding said Glock of interest, Mas!

    Now, Let us all not forget what may be the most important piece that must be present in any Firearms system – ammunition! Don’t let your gun(s) go hungry this Christmas.

    May God bless you all,

    Merry Christmas!

  19. One of the most critical elements in a successful relationship is for both parties to agree on what is singularly most important. It is obvious that the two of you have reached that agreement.

  20. A couple of weeks ago, I found a Springfield M1A SOCOM at a gun show and bought it, that’s my Christmas present for myself. Partner and I don’t usually swap presents. She’s hard to buy for and I’m impossible if it isn’t guns or ammo.

    BTW Mas, I just finished Jim Fleming’s “Aftermath” after you recently recommended it. Please tell him that every penny he spent on a proofreader was wasted, he should sue to get his money back.

  21. Mas, for some reason I don’t think the Princess is all that evil. In fact, it appears she’s anything but evil.

    Thanks to an unfired “Mas Ayoob Signature Series” Sabre Defence AR, like congress, my fiscal year 2015 budget got outta’ hand quick and went all haywire on me. Although it’s not the higher end “bells & whistles” model, it is one sweet AR.

    So, thanks for all you do and enjoy your holidays and year-end down time. And quit callin’ that gal evil before she turns you into a frog or something.

  22. I really could use a Glock 26…maybe next year. All my gun friends got extended mags for their Glocks as well as ammo aplenty. Hope someone close gives me the same.

  23. Hi Mass,
    I bought a  19 Gen 4. I also picked up those phantom mag extensions +3. For an 18 +1 round carry gun. I have a 30 S, and a 26. All have front night sights, and I put a TLR 4 on the 19 for the bedside. I have carried for 45 years religiously. I also carry a PM9 with a 7 round mag in my front pocket, sometimes an XDS 45 instead. But I always have 2 spare mags for my pocket gun, and 1 for my main gun, “I figure 37 is enough. I must now get a holster to house the G19 with the TLR4. I had holsters for my 19 and 30S from my 30 and my 23 which I had for over 2 decades. Honestly I tried the PPQ and Just went back to the good old Glock,, I guess I am too old to change.
    I stopped competitive shooting around 65 yrs of age, Perhaps Lasix is the answer but I have heard some horror stories even from well-known doctors. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas, to you and your€s, from a loyal fan,
    George Bill

  24. While there are firearms that I would like to buy as a gift to myself for Christmas, I’ll guess I will pass for now. I have other demands for my funds at the moment.

    Instead, I amuse myself by trying to keep up with the left’s clueless discussions about how to curb “gun violence”.

    If it was not such a serious matter, it would make one smile and then shake one’s head at how truly clueless the left is about firearms. Even when a reporter honestly tries to learn something about firearms and then tries to relay it to his readers, his ignorance is still so apparent.

    Consider this story for example:

    Isn’t it almost laughable? Especially when he explains how much more deadly a semi-auto pistol is than a revolver? Like a lot of clueless folk, he thinks that the speed at which you can shoot is the most important factor. The concept that “you can’t miss fast enough to win” is clearly incomprehensible to the author.

    Besides which, he would not think that revolvers are so slow if he ever saw Jerry Miculek use one!

    Yet, these ignorant people think themselves qualified to make laws and policies regarding firearms. It sends chills up one’s spine.

  25. Mas,

    Picked up a Taurus 6″ .357 that was on super sale on Black Friday (I put my flag out for this great National Day). Didn’t need it, but it was too cheap to pass up ($370). I once had a S&W snubby .357, but that was too much from too little.

    Also got a Maverick 88 (20-ga.) for under $200 from same source earlier in the year. Came with youth (short) stock, which I actually prefer (and adapter in case you don’t). Add in a 18.5″ bbl direct from Mossberg ($70 or so) and I have a wonderful, mild-recoiling home defense shotgun. I would prefer the tang safety of the 500, but it is not worth the extra cost, in my opinion.

    Not sure if this is Golden Age, but I will Take Every Advantage.

    Exercise your freedoms while you still are granted them.

    Thanks for all you have done in the name of the Second Amendment for so long. I am still learning from your old books and writings.

    Merry Christmas.

  26. One thing to add: Santa just bought me a set of TRUGLO TFX PROS for my P320 – getting them put on tomorrow. I am a very thankful guy.

    Stay safe, everyone!

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