Reading matter is always a good gift, and today you can give audio books for those in your life who don’t have time to sit down and turn pages.

In Atlanta recently I got to meet novelist Liz Lazarus.  I had read one of her mysteries and now have all three under my belt, the latest on audio.  The Evil Princess and I spend so much time on the road that audio books have been a blessing for us.

Each of Ms. Lazarus’ novels focus on a strong woman who takes control of the serious problems that life brings her.  Sometimes with feminine wiles, sometimes with a judiciously applied Ruger in her hand, but always with common sense.

Liz manages willing suspension of disbelief by picking the brains of SMEs from veteran detectives to gun experts to make sure she gets the details right.

If my lovely bride and I are any indication, the Lazarus novels appeal to both genders, and to anyone with a sense of self-sufficiency. (If the person you buy gift books for lacks that latter quality, perhaps Liz’ writing will inspire some.)

They come from Mitchell Cove Publishing, and you can order in time for Christmas from  The titles are “Free of Malice,” “Plea for Justice,” and “Shades of Silence.”

(Some of you will appreciate the name she gives to her characters. E.P.)


  1. Great advice, Mas. I’m glad books, and even newspapers, are still around. I guess they are dinosaurs, but after all, sharks, alligators, coelacanths, tortoises, and a few other dinosaurs, are still around. Maybe if Americans read more books, they wouldn’t be so stupid.

  2. I’m usually the only one in the pub/cafe/canteen not glued to their phone. I’ve discovered an alternative to the I-pod, I-pad, I-phone; the B-ook. It’s a laptop where the screens don’t change images. But there are hundreds of pages. It doesn’t need charging or plugging in, or batteries. You can use the screens to start a fire, blot up spills, padding. You can drop it on the floor and it doesn’t break.
    What will they think of next?

  3. Audiobooks have become my favorite medium, even when home. My son Phillip is following in my footsteps with this, as well as MAG. Thanks for a great Christmas gift idea for him. I am hoping your Audiobook “Deadly Force” will be out in time. What a great way for us both to review what you have taught us. I’ll check out the books by Liz Lazarus on Audible

    • David Rodgers,

      “Audiobooks have become my favorite medium, even when home.” So, you are sitting at home, listening to a recorded voice tell you information, like a story.

      Before there was cuneiform, papyrus scrolls, or even any type of writing, people sat around the fire and recited stories, information and legends to each other. Then writing was developed, and men wrote books by hand. The Chinese invented mechanical printing in the 800s, then Johannes Gutenberg invented a printer about 1436. Since then books have been printed by machines.

      Now we have come full circle. You are sitting at home, listening to a recorded voice recite to you, just like people did before the invention of writing. I’m sure that when books were invented, people claimed they were anti-social, if someone was reading that book by himself.

      There is nothing new under the sun. All the raw materials we use today were put inside this earth when it was created. Men simply manipulate what they find in the ground.

  4. Mas modestly failed to mention that his own book, “DEADLY FORCE 2nd Edition” is being released December 13, 2022, so everyone who wants one should be able to receive a copy before Christmas. I have already ordered myself a copy & it’s supposed to be shipped to me in a few more days. The first edition of “Deadly Force” is the best book I have ever read on the subject & the 2nd edition will contain a lot of new material which will make it even better. I also plan to give a few more copies to family & friends as Christmas presents. So that’s my Christmas gift suggestion.


  5. Mas,
    Well you just made my birthday week – having my books reviewed by my idol!
    Was such a pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife. I’m eager to listen to DEADLY FORCE 2nd Edition – Trammel said you were one of the best readers he’s ever had in the studio. No surprise there.
    All my best,

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