• When you demo, a box stock gun lets the students know “it ain’t about the gun so much as it’s about the shooter, and it ain’t even about the shooter so much as it’s about consistent application of proven technique.”

  1. Mas, Great Christmas gift suggestion! My son’s holster drawer is not yet as full as mine which contains everything from the leather shoulder rig I bought while on R&R from Vietnam to the more practical modern polymer products. So he will be receiving at least one new one this Christmas. I hope you and yours enjoy the best Christmas ever and a Happy New Year.

  2. I’ve spent my money for Christmas on gunnage this year – a Savage Rascal for my 7-year old twin girls. My wife doesn’t think they’re ready. You put 4 kids, 7 & under in one room, someone’s getting whacked with a light saber. As I told her, I won’t be handing them a brick of .22 and turning them loose on the back 40. They’ll get 1:1 instruction, starting with a printed copy of the 4 Rules.

    I wanted to get them involved with my local club’s Yourh Shoots, but so far they have all conflicted with their dance schedule. Such i life.

  3. For Revolvers, I preferred the old Safari dropped, & Lined Holster’s, with a Thumb Break keeper.

    For 1911’s, & most large Semi-autos, a leather, molded, Lined one, with the Thumb Break Keeper would do as well, at least til the under rail mounted Laser Sights came along.

    After that, I’ve found almost no Holster Maker makes any thing for these sight Auto/Laser sight combination, that works, or that I like!

    I like the hard plastic molded Bunch of Hlster’s even less, as they can’t easily be modified to “Make them Do” either!!


    PS: Any recommendations, Mas?

  4. Stoner Holsters in Middletown is a great company also. They have the Kimber account. Larry and I and many others think Jeff and Jean Stoner is top also.
    So next time to Ohio Mass you and Gail should stop by his shop. Tell him Larry and Bonnie sent you!

  5. Mas, I went to Galco, & wound up at Crimson Trase website, W/ their LS Offerings), & neither one seemed to show Holster’s for my FNH Five Seven (W/ a cylindrical Rail mounted, & push Button in front of trigger guard) , or a Ruger SR40 (CT-201 LS, W/Dual, high mounted Wings, ON/Off), so was hoping you could point me to the exact place to find Holsters for both of them with laser Sights?


    • Paul, your best bet might be to check with local gun shops for a local holstermaker who can tailor a scabbard to your particular guns’ configurations. Most likely, it will be someone who works in Kydex.