Let us have a word with your inner semanticist.

Courtesy of friend and blog reader Steve Denney.


  1. Maybe just me, but I quit about halfway thru the list. On the other hand, a horse walked into a bar. Bartender said “hey buddy, why the long face?”

  2. Mas, your friend Steve Denny’s verbiage was impressive; however, I’ve found no dents or other impressions on my brain or outer body!

  3. Gosh. I thought this was a parody about all the people testifying or asking questiond at the Impeachment hearings.

    • You must have a hell of a time getting through TV commercials, eh? 🙂

      I don’t know who the worst offenders of the language are — local newscasters or actors in commercials.

  4. Awesome, thanks for the laugh – but as Jo Ann said, it will probably be lost on the young. My grandmother-in-law was a very nice lady who lived to 96, and she was full of malaprops . My favorite was she was always taking out the ‘refuge’

  5. You’ll have to dumb the above down a little for this dyslexic, illiterate left-handed Australian 😉

    Of cause you heard about the dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac – stayed up all night wondering if dog was real.

  6. Very funny! I got maybe 2/3 of them. I should probably brush up on my grammar.
    3 German soldiers walked into a BAR.

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