Our friend Dave Workman, now blogging from a new source, compares the Republican and Democrat platforms on guns.

One is reminded of the quote attributed to Ronald Reagan: “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.


  1. The political party platforms show a very clear distinction. One party supports liberty, the other desires tyranny.

    Quite frankly, it couldn’t be any clearer.

  2. Having, for a number of years now, considered myself a “Strict Constitutionist”, I certainly favor the Republican Platform, presuming that they will actually live up to supporting what they claim they will, AFTER the Election.

    If Hillary, and the ACORN Democratic “VOTE FRAUD” organizations, don’t simply “OUT VOTE” the the Republicans, AGAIN?


  3. I’d vote for anyone that would hold bad cops accountable for their actions and ban police unions.

  4. This Democratic Party platform gets worse than the last. It sure makes it clear how they feel about their ‘subjects’.

  5. Steve,
    Johnson’s position is he is open to debate on gun controls, But he doesn’t differ too much from Hilliary on immigration issues ,opposes any wall on the border, and (let’s be totally honest )could not beat Hillary Clinton
    A vote for any other than Trump Is a vote for the Democratic Party and liberal Supreme Court choices that would be diasterous for all honest law abiding Americans!
    God bless America

  6. Matt Hansen,

    I’m having trouble remembering an incident where a “bad cop” has not been “held accountable”. I have seen numerous cases of cops wrongfully accused by the media and and bigoted anti-cop activist, only to be vindicated after the actual facts are made public, following intense, unbiased, and scrupulous investigation, much to the outrage of some folks who would have lynched the innocent. I don’t recall a single incident where a demonstrably guilty officer was not held accountable.

    Since you seem to see yourself as a warrior for equal application of justice, what would your punishment recommendation be for for the bigoted prosecutor in Baltimore, who has wrongfully accused, prosecuted and essentially ruined the lives of six innocent citizens (yes, cops are citizens too, not disposable pawns in a liberal purge of the opposition), with a case built on emotion and hate, not facts and equal application of the law? Do you think that the vilification of Officer Wilson, who was demonstrably innocent of the accusations and falsehoods put forth, again, by the media and bigoted activists, was an atrocity, or was he just another disposable pawn in the crusade to hold innocent people accountable for perceived sins committed by generations long dead and gone?

    Please, help my memory. Point out those cases where police officers were not held accountable for actual, not perceived, misdeeds. Please, don’t use those that were exonerated by due process of the law, only to be declared guilty, in the minds of some, whose emotions refuse to allow facts to interfere with their hateful bigotry.

  7. The POT party? Seriously? The basics here are simple, anything that is not a vote for Trump is a vote for more gun control! Sit down and and look at the Electorial College map. The states that have big urban centers are screwing us. Cross refferance that to the states that are broke and the states that are not freedom oriented. See the over lap?
    Donald Trump I do not know, but Mike Pence I do know! I’ve known him for about 20 years, and have even been an extra I his commercials. Mike has no problem hanging out with the guys at the gun show!

  8. There very well may be a time when a third party or protest vote is understandable and possibly justifiable, this is clearly “not” that time. Any pro-firearm conservative that votes third party aids in Hillary’s achievement of the Whitehouse where her first order of business will be the replacement of Justice Scalia. Our side would likely never win another Second Amendment case at the US Supreme Court level.

  9. Peter Schiff said Donald Trump may be a good President, or he may be a bad President. We know Hillary would be a bad President.

  10. I wish the Supreme Court, would uphold the Constitution, despite who’s in office.

    Now, as far as, candidates go I would support Ted Cruz.

    On gun rights. Either party may force gun registration. And, in the next election cycle, we’ll have confiscation.

    As a student, said to me years ago. Living, in Alabama. Why do we need a hunting rifle that can hold more than 5 rounds? We’re talking bolt action rifles.

    It to me, isn’t about the rifle, or it’s capacity. What we have can be systematically taken away from us.

  11. Well said Dennis. For too long LEO’s have been tarred and feathered by the press before the facts have been laid out. It really pains me to see that Chiefs and other higher ups are throwing Officers under the bus based solely on public perception and what the press decides to put out there instead of relying on facts.

    There was a time that Chiefs had their Officers backs. I fear those days are long gone all in the name of all this politically correct crap. I’m sure there are a few out here that do go to bat for their Officers but it seems that they are few and far between.

    Makes me wonder, who in their right mind would sign up to do this job in this day and age. For those of you that are LEO’s that follow Mas in this blog you have my utmost respect. Stay safe out there and thank you for all you do.

  12. Trump is a schmuck. He is also the lesser evil, and now the only game in town.

    And, with Trump, Congress could assert its rightful authority as a co-equal branch of government. If Trump tries to abuse his power, and rule by executive orders, both Republicans and Democrats would not be afraid to oppose him. Any opposition to Hillary will be labeled “sexist,” so Congress will roll over and play dead for her, just as they usually have for Obama. The Woman Card is just as effective (and as dishonest) as the Race Card.

    And, like Dennis and Linda, I’m fed up with the media’s slanting the news and cherry-picking facts. One guy got shot “over a broken tail light” and another got shot “for selling CD’s.” Except, in each case, it turned out that the “victim” was apparently reaching for a gun when he was shot. And the “unarmed bridegroom” was trying to run over cops with his SUV. And the “gentle giant” viciously attacked a cop, who was forced to shoot him in self-defense. These inaccuracies happen too often to be coincidence or even just carelessness. The MSM have become nothing but cheerleaders for the Democratic Party and the BLM (Bullying Lynch Mob) movement.

  13. I have two friends who are well above average in their levels of intelligence.
    Both are avid shooters and gun owners.
    One is also an enthusiastic hunter and outdoorsman.
    One is a retired Army colonel.
    As a coincidence, both are catholic and adhere to most things advocated by their religion (read between the lines a bit there).

    However both are staunch Democrats.
    The colonel was married (she is now deceased) to a woman who was an ultra hard core liberal democrat in your face feminist (a truly abrasive and annoying women) who proudly displayed the photos taken of her with Bill Clinton at both his inaugurations. Around her I had my jaws clenched so hard my teeth hurt. She was able, somehow, to ignore or be blissfully unaware of his history as a rapist and serial sexual predator (Apparently these people realize that in order to further the agenda, a few of their sisters must be, from time to time, sacrificed for the needs of the men who are willing to assist the cause. No other explanation is possible).

    For the life of me I cannot understand how they can live with the dichotomy.
    For the most part we don’t discuss politics, there is enough we do agree on.

    However the colonel and I do take occasional jabs at one another and I enjoy slipping the occasional burr under his saddle.

    An amusing anecdote that just occurred to me:

    One night after dinner with the colonel and his leftist wife she, who was well aware of my political leanings, presented me with coffee in a mug that was a souvenir of the presidential campaign of Bob Kerry, the former Democrat Governor and Senator from Nebraska.

    She said, in a very snarky tone of voice, “I thought you’d enjoy your coffee more in THIS mug.”

    Oh joy, I thought.

    “Well yes,” I said. “He’s one of my favorite Democrats.”

    A look of suspicion crossed her face as she sensed she’d been had.

    I explained, “Bob Kerry was working as a pharmacist in Sioux City, Iowa during the Vietnam war when he heard the bugle call. He quit his job, volunteered for the Navy, volunteered for special forces, volunteered for BUDs/SEAL training and managed to graduate. An accomplishment achieved by very few.

    During his service he was grievously wounded having his lower leg nearly blown off. Using a boot lace he tied a tourniquet around his leg and remained behind calling in artillery fire that allowed his team to escape before allowing himself to be extracted. For this he was awarded the Medal of Honor” (which he at first tried to refuse, the award being made by President Nixon. I imagine some Senior Chief took Kerry, who was an officer, aside and explained to him in words effectively used by Senior Chiefs everywhere that one DOES NOT refuse his Commander in Chief).

    My parting shot was the best. Remember, this was shortly after Kerry had been defeated by Clinton in the primary.

    I told her, “in addition to all that, Vanity Fair just did an interview with Kerry where he is quoted as saying, ‘Bill Clinton is the best liar I have ever met.’ (this is the truth. In reply, the next time Clinton ran into Kerry, Clinton said to Kerry, as reported by witnesses, “F**k you Bob”) Yep, Bob Kerry is one of my favorite Democrats.”

    The steam shot out of her ears.

  14. tc said, “And, like Dennis and Linda, I’m fed up with the media’s slanting the news and cherry-picking facts. One guy got shot ‘over a broken tail light’ and another got shot ‘for selling CD’s.'” You know, tc, I must have missed that. Can you give a couple of links to mainstream media stories which said those things? They must exist, since you’ve quoted exact language.

    Just as a test, I did a Google search on (Philando Castile being the person who was shot.) and worked my way through the first five pages of results. I also checked the two pages of results in Google News. There was not one single hit where a mainstream media outlet said that. The only one which even came close was a Fox radio piece which asked the question “Was This Man Killed Over A Broken Tail-Light?” in the headline. And there were some reader comments which said it, a letter to the editor, and some clearly-left-wing and radical left wing sites which came close to saying it, but mainstream media sources? None.

    So I must have missed something, tc, if it was such a theme in the mainstream media for you to become “fed up” over it I would have thought that I would have dozens of mainstream media stories which said that in just the first couple of pages of results. Like I say, I must have just missed them. Can you give me links to a few?

  15. Oops. The system ate my Google search terms because I put angle brackets around them. The terms were: “over a broken tail light” Castile

    And wait! There’s more! I tried searching again, this time spelling it “taillight” rather than “tail light” and I _did_ find two references from arguably mainstream sources in the same number of search results: One a story from a TV station in San Antonio, Texas:


    and one in an editorial in the Scranton Times-Tribune:


    Were those the two the ones which caused you to become fed up?

  16. CNN was showing Castile’s grieving mother making statements about how African-Americans were being “hunted” by police, and the governor publicly saying that the decedent was not given first aid, and that he would not have been shot if he were white. They later briefly interviewed the police chief who tried to rebut the statements, but by then the damage was done. First impressions are hard to erase, especially in the age of TMI. I believe much of the media did give the impression that the shootings of Castile and Sterling were completely unprovoked. When I first heard of the “unarmed bridegroom” being shot, it sounded like another Amadou Diallo. Newsweek said that police “thought he had a gun.” The MSM don’t have to literally state that someone was shot over a minor traffic violation or whatever; they know how to play up or play down what fits the narrative. Journalists, like lawyers and politicians, are adept at making the truth lie for them.

  17. Admittedly, I should not have put quotation marks around the parts about the broken tail light or selling CD’s, as they were not direct quotes.

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