1. Tim Baer wrote:
    “I hope, if I ever get in a violent predicament, somebody nearby notices and has a carry permit (though unlikely in NY).”

    Sir, why do you seem to expect others to protect you, when you do not take steps to do so yourself?

    Does the fable of Ants and Grasshoppers ring any bells?

  2. Read the article and I gotta say, he sounded like he wanted to get a rise out of people. Ugh. I don’t carry out of my house- it’s illegal. Simple. If my local law enforcement agency were inclined to issue CCWs, I’d apply. I’m a teacher and the law would still keep me from bringing a firearm near school. I live in one of the biggest cities in the U.S., in a pretty average area- never had a problem. I read some of these stories and…well, the odds are the odds. Carrying without a permit is a felony.
    I keep a loaded gun handy in the house, though. My home, my wife, my dog. I don’t want them messed with.

  3. Read carefully between the lines On Wyoming’s new proposed “Constitutional Carry” Law:
    What they seemingly give with one hand, they take with the other.
    If you’re a person who needs to carry in self-defense, now all’s a dedicated enemy need do is wait for the day you go to a party, go fishing & have a few beers, eat at a restaurant or go to a bar.
    And that’s whether you carry concealed OR open!
    And this, too, only covers about 3/4 of the cowboys in this state.
    Again, as with past Concealed Carry laws they’re just certain targeting individual(s) like myself.
    What was that about the Constitutions they were saying?
    “Say, fishing buddy, could you hold my gun while a have a third beer?”
    Now besides “Designated drivers,” we’ll have to have “Designated gun guards.”

  4. Whether or not someone carries should be totally their choice. Just because a person recognizes that everyone should have the choice, does not mean that they must choose to carry. I don’t want someone else to tell me I MUST carry any more than I want someone else dictating to me that I CANNOT carry. Both defeat the purpose and meaning of CHOICE.

    That being said, I believe anyone who chooses to conceal and carry guns is obligated to do so responsibly–including being adequately trained both mentally and physically to handle their weapon and the potential repercussions should they use it to defend themselves.

  5. Mr. Ayoob,
    Just a quick question, if you have a chance to answer. Are your classes at LFI or Schools that teach its courses,recognized by any police departments, or any sections of the Federal Govt.?I was very interested in applying in my area when and if they should come around.