1. Her home state governor should immediately issue an executive order of clemency or pardon (or whatever they have) to make sure she suffers no legal detriment as a result of the NY plea.

  2. Just finished emailing my two senators. I have Emailed them before about this but didn’t think it would hurt to send them another. I have’t traveled out of the south for 30 years. It would be nice if I did to know that I could carry concealed legally.

  3. Best way for gun owners to say what they think of New York City and Bloomberg: BOYCOTT tourism and conventions there!

  4. I am a retired police officer of 25 years and I love the shooting sorts, collecting fine guns, very pro guns for the average citizens, I also love training them for self protection…..

    I ran into a friend of mine who retired from NYPD down here in Florida and he is also a gun enthusiast he teaches concealed weapon permit classes and special classes for woman. He told me recently NYPD arrested a retired NYPD officer carry concealed in the City of New York under HR218 perfectly legal per Mayor Bloomberg. I think this anti gun approach he has taken is only going to make the city worse. The criminals and thugs in NYC will always have guns and mayors and laws will not stop them. They were shooting and killing cops with strict GUN BANS when I was a little boy living there in the early 60’s before my parents had the sense to move south where the woods and peace and quiet were.

  5. I thought you might like to see what my senator thinks of the second amendment. I am getting tired of trying to create a dialogue with the left. It’s like trying to communicate with the blind by miming.
    Keep up the good work.

    I believe in the Second Amendment. These artifical barriers to a ‘right’ is tandamount to other ‘rights’ giving women the right to vote in local elections only or states deciding if slavery should be allowed.
    Please rethink your position.

    Chuck Conrad

    — On Tue, 3/20/12, Sherrod Brown wrote:

    From: Sherrod Brown
    Subject: Reply from Senator Sherrod Brown
    Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 6:15 PM

    Dear Mr. Conrad:

    Thank you for sharing your views regarding concealed firearms.

    For the most part, gun control laws are established at the state level. I think this is appropriate, and would be concerned by national legislation on concealed weapons that preempted state laws and created a national standard that might not meet the needs of local communities. Law enforcement organizations have spoken out against creating national concealed weapons laws that could increase the dangers our police officers face every day. I will work to promote common sense gun safety laws that provide balanced and effective protection for our homes and communities while protecting our constitutional rights.

    If any bills on concealed carry laws are considered in the Senate, I will keep your views in mind. Thank you again for getting in touch with me.


    Sherrod Brown
    United States Senator

  6. Mas:

    Recently in Florida where I live, there was a fatal shooting involving a white man who claimed he was in fear for his safety and a teenaged black victim who was unarmed, but alledgedly battered the shooter. Can you look into this situation and give us the lowdown, since you have many connections in law enforcement across the nation? After I resigned from my second and last LEO position, my former co-workers avoid me like the plague, so I can’t get any information from them. Maybe this could be your blog’s next subject.

    There is a call by black leaders in Florida to reverse the state’s Stand Your Ground law, which would not only affect citizens carrying concealed, but even homeowners trying to protect their property. Obviously the race card is being played again, but I and other Floridians would like to know the facts of this case without having to rely on the liberal media’s racist propaganda. Thanks.


  7. The 360 degree circle.
    Looking back in History, our people when to war with England, because that Government was going to take Firearms away from our people. Our founding-Fathers added the 2nd Amendment to our Rights, because they knew first-hand what Government would do to its people and the kind of government we would “End-Up with without it. Fast forward to 2012 and look what we have because “WE” have been sleeping at the switch (and the voting-box too). We have the government telling US “What kind of guns we can buy, how many we can own, “AND When & Where we can carry them (IF you can even carry at all) Politician’s will tell you “Anything that you want to hear, but you would be a wise person to start voting on their past record, on where they stand on Gun Rights. Try to get other “Non Shooting People” that you know involved in the Fight on Gun Rights. The more the better! Emailing the politicians works, but better still (at least in the past) print out your letters and mail it to them, the old fashion way. But let them know that they WILL be accountable for their transgressions on our gun rights. Over the years, one of the excuses that the Far-Left politicians will tell their people is our “Law enforcement organizations” is against this OR that gun law(meaning the Far-Left police chief wants No-One to have a gun) . Let that elected person know that they work for you, AND Not the police chief. You letters to the middle of the road Politian WILL carry more weight if you include in your letter that you ARE organizing the people in Your neighborhood To Vote them Out of office, If they vote against the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity, OR Vote FOR THEM If they vote for the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity law.
    Good Luck to all, AND Write & mail them Hard-Copy letters.

  8. Tom, I don’t know any more about the Zimmerman>Martin shooting than what has appeared in the press. Right now, we just don’t have enough details to go beyond speculation. Hopefully, that will change soon when the matter goes before the grand jury.


    So would adherence to “shall not be infringed”.

    At what point in time will we return to the law of the Constitution?


  10. A second bill has been introduced in the Senate by Thune and Vitter with 29 co-sponsers. It address the constitutional carry states. Just an FYI…I ain’t gonna take sides in the NRA/GOA fighting…this should prove interesting to see how they both progress during this session of Congress prior to the election in November.

  11. Unfortunately, my senators are Stabenow and Levin. Both of them are enemies of the Constitution. Michigan is a “shall issue” state, though. Plus, there aren’t a bunch of state legislators proposing a bunch of stupidity like microstamping or outlawing lead ammunition. God Bless Michigan! Pure Michigan.

  12. Hmm. I wonder if I’ll be able to convince Senator Schumer to vote for this bill. I used to have hopes that Gillibrand would be at least moderate in regards to gun rights, but she seems to take her orders from Schumer and not from the people of New York.

  13. Amazing the politicians can’t protect us and for the last ten years the Police Departments struggle due to cut backs. So if the local towns do not want lift the hiring freeze on LEO’s then I suggest that we should demand from our government that the Concealed Carry Reciprocity law be passed. Just once would I like our politicians listen to their consituents. Every year we lose a little more of our freedom.


    So would adherence to “shall not be infringed”.

    At what point in time will we return to the law of the Constitution? ”

    Bravo, Mike- BRAVO!

    This is exactly the problem with a significant amount of our anti-freedom members of government and citizenry. A “recognition problem” as it were, in regard to our rights as ENUMERATED in the Constitution. Some can be cured via reason and education…but the rest will just have to be out-voted. I continue to pray for the day when we reach this outcome.

  15. Hey Mas. Unrelated to the article, but what are your thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case thus far?

    Looks to me like the shooter was a racist cop wannabe. Going off one of your old talks on use of deadly force, the shooter had the disparity of force clearly on his side and it seems that he instigated the conflict in the first place.

    The police conduct seems awfully fishy, as well. Steering witnesses, not checking for intoxicants, not making an arrest. A big mess all around.

  16. I got the same lame excuses from Sherrod Brown as Chuck Conrad and wrote back “Senator Brown, I was under the impression that The Bill of Rights, which this concerns, already preempted state laws and created a national standard.”

  17. Despite the sketchy details on George Zimmerman in Florida, it seems evident that at minimium, he should be sentenced to attend MAG-20/Classroom – Armed Citizens’ Rules of Engagement.

  18. Im in Ohio and plan to travel to Tennessee in a few weeks. The site you have recommended will be very much needed, although I know Tennessee has reciprocity with Ohio, its better safe that sorry. My wife and I both carry and my children all travel with us, so safey is the utmost concern at all times. This includes being safe from the government and legislation that does more harm than good in my humble opinion.

  19. Sorry Mas.

    I believe reciprocity is a matter best left to the states and this is nothing more than an over-reaching federal intrusion upon our daily lives. While I think this would be a great bill to support from a practical standpoint I find that it goes against my deeply held beliefs regarding what domain the federal government has over us free citizens.

    If I were to support this bill but cry foul at all the other bills that mandate the states do the fed’s bidding I would be nothing but a hypocrite.

  20. I beleive, we all must have rights to carry gun and the consealed carry must be accepted in all states. if one state has investigated an applicant and given him/her the rights to carry consealed, then all states must accept it. the current state of reciprocity is hurting Amricans and is causing problems. it must be fixed where we can carry across states.