1. Still, with a vast pool of candidates with genuine judicial mindset to pick from, surely he could have come up with someone who would at least give straight answers to simple, straightforward questions.

    Liberal, conservative, or none of the above, does anybody ever give straight answers when politics are involved?

  2. Unfortunately, too many people can’t understand the delicate line a Supreme Court nominee must walk. If she comes down specifically on any question at all – any question – she endangers her ability to be an impartial judge on the court when a case is heard. She may fully support the second amendment – or not. In either case, she is wise not to prejudice her ability to hear each case on its merits when the time comes.

    Please stop this knee-jerk response and consider the difficult circumstance she is in. By the way, every other Supreme Court nominee (Republican or Democrat) has done essentially the same thing because they have to!

  3. Bitterbob Says:

    July 18th, 2009 at 10:19 pm
    Yes, Sotomayor is a disaster. But could she possibly be worse than Souter?

    We will soon find out.


  4. Bitterbob,

    Sorry about forgetting to put quotation marks around what you wrote.

    This country is getting closer and closer to it’s end I fear. Soon, unless the people have an “awakening” we will be just like any other has-been of a country, and socialist to boot.

    Independence and the will to strive for better is being taken from us as I type.


  5. What has been circling around my mind lately is the possibility of BHO trying to “pack” the court ala FDR. I wouldn’t put it past this Chicago thug to try any method at all to get his way. While he has the dominance in the Congress he might get away with it….

  6. Does anyone really believe a person can be impartial?
    You are a product of your enviornment, you develop your own opinions and to some exstent your genetics affect how you think or act. A citizen must look at the life a nominee has lived, what they have said sometimes many times in the past, how they have ruled on specific cases. Sotomayor is a perfect fit in the Obama machine, she is racist, and believes she can legislate from the bench. Gushing praise from the Democrats and half hearted questioning from Republicans can never cause her to express how she really feels on important issues. The MOB rules!

  7. Honestly…

    I think either way we’re guaranteed to get an anti-gunner from the Administration. And the Republicans really don’t have the strength to prevent all his nominees.

    While I don’t like Sotomayor. I think we could do a lot lot worse. I think we’re getting a rather stupid (for a SCOTUS judge) candidate mainly to pander to the hispanic/female unspoken requirement.

    While I think she will always vote against us, I do not think she’ll be able to provide strong rational arguments in opposition. So I want her to be confirmed. Because I fear if she is not confirmed, than our next candidate will be much much stronger.

  8. This is outrageous, all of you republicans out there that think that Sotomayor is a bad pick are typical of mindless right wing drones that are just a step away from the 1950’s southerners that still would love to use the “N” word to describe African Americans. I am a gun owner and glad of it, and beleive stoutly in the second ammendment and all it’s provisions, but as a liberal, I beleive in government helping people. Massad, I would think that with your education level, you might be a bit more enlightened, but obviously your not. In terms of your knowledge and skill regarding weapons and the use of them, my hat is off to you, your one of the best. Your politics however are ignorant at best, and your ability for critical thinking is somewhat impaired. You seem to have an “us or them” mindset and can’t co-mingle with democratic principles that made this country great. I wonder what your thoughts are on universal health care. I hope you don’t tote your gun to town hall meetings, and paint a Hitler moustache on Barak Obama.

  9. Hi, Michael. Good to have you here. Divergent opinions are always welcome in this space.

    A few points to correct, though…

    If you’re including me in “all of you republicans,” you’re mistaken. I’m an Independent.

    Like you, I don’t apply the “N-word” to African-Americans. I believe in the government helping people, too. That’s why it alarmed me to see my government put on the Supreme Court someone who clearly doesn’t believe in people’s rights to self-defense. I believe equal rights to self protection ARE part of what you call “democratic principles that made this country great.”

    As to your last sentence, I don’t paint Hitler moustaches or “Joker” makeup on pictures of our duly elected President. And yes, I have carried my gun to town hall meetings, sometimes while in uniform serving the police department of the town in question.

    I look forward to hearing back from you, Michael.

    Yours for reasoned discourse,

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